March 10, 2009

Work Related Question

Here is another question from March Question and Answer Month. :-) Don't forget that this goes all month long, and you can ask as many questions as you like! Also, if you've ever wanted to ask my Master something, He is also doing it. You can find His blog here.

I know you would not want to be specific about employers etc but could you tell me the type of job you just left and the new one you are about to start?
I am going to be fairly vague in this answer, so I do apologize for that.

In regards to the type of work I just left, I was a call center rep. No, I wasn't one of those annoying people calling you in the middle of dinner or at 8am on a weekend. *laughs* I was one of the people that you call for assistance. I would rather not say what kind of assistance, but I'll tell you that it dealt with very sensitive information. So all day long it was people calling me, and my trying to help them as best as I could.

As far as my new job goes, I am going to be in accounts payable. :-)

That was the only new question I had, so now on to the rest of the post.

Today Master called me a little after 9am to make sure I was awake because there were some things He wanted me to do today. He wanted me to take all the trash out and also call His mother.

I had a few other things that I had to attend to as well, so it was a good thing He called to wake me up.

I called His mother first. We are going over to her place this Saturday for dinner and to celebrate my birthday as well as my new job. I don't know if we're also celebrating our up coming anniversary or not. *shrugs* It took a while to get a hold of her, but eventually she called me back and we made plans from there.

Then I took the trash out. After that, it was back to the phones. I called the state taxes again, because we still don't have our refund. It's taking fucking forever because it was selected for review. The guy told me that if it isn't here within two weeks, to go ahead and call back. I got transferred back to their automated system three fucking times before I got that damn answer. *sigh*

Then I called my former retirement plan. I regret signing up for that, beings that I lost quite a bit of the money I put into it. Fucking stocks. They told me I could roll it over into my new one, at my new job. But I'm not signing up for it at my new job. So they told me I could have the funds sent to me. So I asked them to send me the forms. Oh no, we can't do that yet because my former job hasn't sent in the paper work saying I no longer work there. Fuck me. So they told me to call back later in the week and go from there.

Believe it or not all of this took me almost right up until the time Master got home from work. He was sore and tired, but we needed dog food. Master didn't want to go anywhere so I hopped in the car and went to get it. Only one store around here sells the type of dog food Ghost can eat, and of course it is on the other side of town. If we feed Ghost anything else his skin starts to flake and his stomach gets upset.

From there, I came home and we ate dinner. We watched a movie, "Midnight Meat Train", which is a film adaptation of a short story by Clive Barker. I like the story more. Figures doesn't it?

We also watched some Rodney Carrington skits. He is going to be in town soon, and he's hilarious. Unfortunately we can't go, but at least we can find him on the internet. I took my bath and put on a cup less dress.

I don't know why, but I feel so damn tired today. I didn't do anything really physical. It must be the weather. I just feel like I have no energy. Blah.

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