March 22, 2009

More Answers... Again

Did you see/like the original Halloween and H20? I also loved these.
I've seen all of the Halloween movies that had to do with Michael Myers. (In other words I did not see Halloween 3.) That includes that Halloween remake that Rob Zombie did.

Master is not a big Halloween fan, so I haven't seen these movies in quite some time. But I found them interesting. I mean yeah, it's just some big guy who can't seem to stay dead going around and killing people, but *shrugs* it kills an afternoon, ya know? I do have to admit that they always seem to find a way to bring the fucker back. For instance, in H20, it turns out she didn't really cut off Micheal's head... it was an ambulance driver or some shit like that. Ugh. They should have ended it right there. When I saw that ending I was like "Finally! They killed him off for good." Yeah, er, no. Jaime Lee Curtis' character was the one who started it, she should have been the one to kill the son of a bitch.

I didn't care for the remake. But that's just me. Master liked it, He thought it made more sense than the original movies.

I'm more into the Hellraiser series, and the Nightmare on Elm Street series than any other horror movie franchise.

How do you handle it when you and your Master fight? I am newer to this kind of relationship and it seems like arguing has kind of changed, I am not sure what I can and can’t say. We have tried to keep any arguments we do have separate but it does seem to spill over when I am mad at Him for something, like I bite my tongue. Does this make any sense at all and if it does do you find it is a problem for you as well?
Please keep in mind that Master and I have been together for quite some time now. So we've had years of experience of learning how to deal with such things. And trust me, it took us a while to get to this point.

Honestly, Master and I don't fight all that often. Normally we just wait until we are both calm and can sit down and talk logically. Also this keeps my emotions (which can be like a fucking tornado, believe me) from getting in the way when I am trying to remain as respectful as possible. And it also keeps Him from screaming at me. We both have bad tempers. Or I should say we can have bad tempers. We both have short fuses, and of course after all of these years, we know exactly how to light that fuse. Why? Because as you get to know someone, you also get to know what their "buttons" are. Ya know?

In the beginning, especially when we first moved in with one another, we would do that (sometimes without realizing we were doing it) and then one or both of us would storm off and then eventually we would get over it and just talk. Now? We take time out from one another when things start to get heated. Master might go for a drive, or I might go into the bedroom. Anything so that we can cool down. Then He'll come home, or I'll go back into the living room, and we would just say "Okay, we're calm. Now let's talk about this."

Honestly, in regards to D/s or M/s relationship fights.. they don't seem all that different than vanilla relationships. It all depends on how you, as a couple, decide to handle it.

And yes, I am His slave and I am supposed to be respectful to Him.. does that mean He never pisses me off? Um, no. No it does not. He still pisses me off, just like I'm sure I piss Him off sometimes. But it's all in how you handle it. You can blow up and say things you may regret later, or you can go calm down and then sit down and talk about it when your emotions won't run your mouth. Although in the end, what He decides is what He decides, whether I agree with it or not.

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