May 31, 2010

Again, Not Much Going On

In fact, today there is less going on than there was yesterday. *laughs*

Last night Master and I had planned on fucking, but we were both still sore from helping BC move and it was just becoming more apparent as the night went on. So sleep it was.

I was up before Master this morning. It appears that He is getting a summer cold. Hopefully it's not strep or anything like that. I'll be keeping an eye on Him the best that I can. Although I am returning to work tomorrow, so I'll have to just keep an eye on Him at night.

The carpool I take to and from work won't be able to take me home tomorrow night, so Master will be picking me up. MZ (the driver of the carpool) got a new (to her) car and needs to get it registered. Of course the DMV was closed today, and will be closed by the time we get out of work tomorrow. So she's leaving work a good two hours early to go get that handled.

It's a bit annoying on the one hand, because she offered to take us home if we left at the same time she did, but I can't really afford the time off work. The plus side is that if we have enough work to do tomorrow, I will probably stay late and get a little bit more time on the paycheck. I don't know how late I would want to stay, but I really don't get a chance to stay late at any other point simply because I've already paid for that week in gas to MZ, so it doesn't make sense to stay late and then have Master come out and get me, effectively paying the gas twice for that trip home.

We need extra funds, so I might start picking up a few hours here and there when and if I can. Hopefully my review will be soon so I can get that small bump in my hourly wages. At this rate I think working overtime when I can at my current job is a damn sight better than picking up a 2nd one. That way I can make my own hours (as far as overtime goes) instead of being at the whim of a second job telling me when I have to be there. The downside is that when we don't have the work to justify the overtime, I won't be able to do it.

Plus Master is putting job applications out like crazy, so hopefully something will come to fruition there soon as well.

May 30, 2010

Sunday's Post

Master and I are both extremely sore today from helping with the move yesterday. Our legs and arms especially. Oh the joy of it all.

Today I got up and took Radar out. I played around on the computer for a little while and then Master got up. We went down to my mother's today and brought Radar with us. Master kept him on the leash for most of it, as we didn't want him getting into things he wasn't supposed to be in or terrorizing my mother's cat.

All things considered I think Radar did very well. All the excitement must have worn him out because he took a long nap once we got home.

Other than that there hasn't been a lot going on today, and I don't have much on my mind besides trying not to make my legs or arms more sore than they already are.

Tomorrow is the last day of my four day weekend, already. :-(

It kind of went fast. Most likely because Saturday we helped move someone, even though we were home by like 1:30pm and today we went to my mother's. So yeah, it was a slightly busy weekend.

Master and I have been watching a lot of Netflix lately. Mainly TV shows like Lost, Reno 911, and Beavis and Butthead. Yeah. I said it. :-p

So really, not much to report.

May 29, 2010

7AM Should Not Exist On Satuday

Master and I knew we should have gone to bed at a half way decent time last night. But, we didn't. We stayed up until about 3am. When the alarm went off at 7am Master was already in the shower.

I got up and started getting ready.

We headed down to BC's house and when we got there there were two other people there helping pack up the U-Haul. They had gotten maybe three boxes in, so it wasn't very far along.

BC has lived in that house for about 22 years. He's 33 years old. The only time he moved away from home was for college. Then he was right back in with his parents. We've given him a lot of shit about that over the years. That's what friends do after all. We pick on each other.

But he is planning on purposing to his girlfriend of a year. HG is a really nice woman, now that I know her a little better. She was stand offish at first. And now that she has a job again (she was unemployed for quite some time unfortunately) they had decided to move out and get their own place.

So we were there to help BC move out. HG had her stuff moved to their new apartment last night. They did not ask for our help in that because she wasn't taking a lot of stuff with her since BC is providing most of the furniture. Much as it was with Master and I. He already had the furniture we needed, so I got rid of mine when I moved up here and only brought a TV and my clothes.

BC, since he had lived there so long, had a lot of stuff he needed moved. About a half hour after we started a good five other people showed up to help. Master and I thought that would make things go faster, but no. Master, BC, and I moved 90 % of everything. Everyone else was more interested in talking and making it look like they were doing something, or taking a break. Taking a break from what I don't know?

There were other women there. I was there lifting heavy shit, constantly moving unless it was something Master and BC had to carry because it was extremely heavy, in which case I just got the hell out of the way. The women were staring at me like I was crazy. Almost like, "The guys can do that..."

Well maybe it's my tomboyish ways turning back up, but when someone is moving, and they have to have the U-Haul back by a certain time, I bust my ass to make sure it gets done as quickly as possible. And if I can safely carry it, even though it may be difficult, I'm gonna fucking do it. Plus BC has been Master's best friend since high school, I'm not going to stress him out by standing there going, "But I might break a nail or my hair might get out of place!"

This attitude can be attributed to growing up with my Dad. Growing up I helped tear down our old garage, build a new one, knock out walls, paint, plaster, put up dry wall, tear out old carpeting, etc and so on. I also helped him put new brakes on his cars, smash out an old windshield, change tires, put in new shocks, the list continues.

And just because I was a girl didn't mean I was immune to helping out. My dad expected me to get in there and get my hands dirty. And so I did.

My tomboyish ways kind of unnerve certain types of guys. But not Master. Master finds it attractive, in it's own way. I mean He still loves when I put on some heels and something slutty, slap some make-up on and look nice for Him... But He also loves the fact that I want to get stuff knocked out when it comes to things like moving, or getting things taken care of. In fact sometimes I'm quicker to hop to it and knock it out than He is.. *laughs* I can't tell you how many times I've heard the words, "I didn't mean right now!" come out of His mouth.


We had gotten to BC's old house at 9am. The U-Haul had to be back by 3pm. HG had to go to their new apartment at 10am because they were having a washer and dryer delivered. So since everyone else was taking their sweet ass time, Master, BC, and I knocked that sucker out. We had the truck at the new apartment and completely unloaded by 11:30am.

When all that was left was the very heavy furniture I felt kind of useless. I hated it. Only Master and BC were moving things anymore, everyone else was sitting upstairs in the new apartment. I was not happy. There was one guy sitting in BC's computer chair which was still on the lawn, having a cigarette. That made me mad. There is Master dripping sweat, busting His ass, and BC who should be able to relax a bit, and this mother fucker who hasn't lifted anything heavier than a small tool box is sitting on his butt. So as soon as he got out of the chair to grab a soda, I lifted that sucker up and took it upstairs. Master was at the top of the stairs, heading back down to grab the last piece of furniture. When He saw me standing there pushing the chair onto the landing He smiled wide and said, "Good move, babe."

That's about as close to a good girl as we get when surrounded by people. I was so happy. And Master seemed proud.

They had gotten food and everything, but we both knew that BC and HG wanted to start getting things settled and enjoy their new home. So shortly after we finished a soda each we gave them hugs and headed out.

Master and I went home and relaxed. I took a nap, and we have basically sat at home, watching movies and eating ice cream.

May 28, 2010

Friday Off of Work

Master and I slept in. Radar woke me up when he wanted to go outside. He has the oddest way of waking us up. He doesn't jump on the bed or anything. He just sits on the floor next to our bed and stares at us. Apparently staring works. *laughs*

So I took him out and stayed up after that. Master continued to sleep. I waited about an hour and a half, and then decided to climb back into bed with Master and wake Him up by stroking His dick. Thankfully He wasn't laying on His stomach, so the plan worked! I got fucked, and we were both awake after that. *grins*

We woke up a bit and then decided that yes, Radar did in fact need his nails trimmed. So I called a local pet store that has full service grooming. They had just opened a branch closer to our home, so bonus there.

We'd never gotten his nails clipped before so we weren't sure what to expect. He doesn't mind his paws being touched, so we didn't think it would be a big deal. But with a new dog, you never know.

So we watched him through the glass while it was done. The worst thing that happened was he tried to lick the groomer to death. *giggles* So we are very proud of him.

Once we got home we relaxed for a bit and then went out to dinner. When we got home from that Master and I took Radar out on our front porch and brushed him again. He's shedding his winter coat, so we're brushing him about every other day right now.

Tomorrow we have to get up at like 7am so we can go help our friend BC move. Joy and rapture.

Thankfully I can still sleep in Sunday and Monday. Yay!

May 27, 2010

Let The Extended Weekend Begin!

Radar needed to out about 25 minutes before my alarm went off this morning. So I got up early and took him. I of course stayed up after that, since it didn't make sense to lay back down for 10 minutes. So I got ready for work.

Work was a little busy. It seemed everyone needed something, or had questions.

But one really cool thing is that one of my coworkers in a different department nominated me for Employee of the Month. How employee of the month works at my job is that coworkers e-mail HR and tell them who they think should get it and why. HR takes number of recommendations and the reasons as to why into consideration when they decide.

I may not get it, but still.. it's really nice to know that someone thought well enough of my hard work to nominate me for it. They'll announce who did "win" in about a week or so.

I was so happy once I got out of work. I now can start my four day weekend. It's going to be a somewhat busy one. On Saturday we're helping BC and his girlfriend HG move. They are getting their first apartment together. And then on Sunday we are visiting my mom for a while.

Other than that there isn't a lot going on. We need to get Radar's nails trimmed soon. I don't know if it will be this week or not.

May 26, 2010

One More Day

One more day to go and then it's the beginning of my four day weekend. Since I told myself that this past Monday was kind of like my Tuesday, due to the extended weekend, I've been confused on what day it actually is all week.

In fact this morning I woke up thinking it was Friday for some reason. And that doesn't even make sense given that even if I was going by the "day ahead" count down, it would only be Thursday. Stupid brain.

They finally fixed the central air at work today. Thankfully.

And I finally convinced myself to wear a shirt that had short sleeves. Don't get me wrong I've been wearing short sleeved shirts at work for a while, but the sleeves were always long enough to cover my upper arm tattoos.

But I finally got over it. I've always felt weird going to work with my ink showing. Mainly because every previous job I've had they had a strict rule against showing any ink. But this job doesn't care, as long as the tattoos aren't of an offensive nature.

So fuck it. I was hot. Short sleeves it was. And no one said a word. A couple of people did a double take, probably because I've been there a little over a year and have never showed off my ink before.

Master has a job interview tomorrow at 1pm. I wish Him lots of luck! I hope He gets this job. It's good pay, relatively close to home, and He would have weekends off.

So here is hoping our luck is changing.

After I got home from work we went to the vet clinic and got Radar his heart worm medication. Then we did a dry run to the place that Master is having His interview at. We normally do that whenever one of us is going for an interview. If we have the time, we do a dry run so we don't get lost and end up being late for said interview.

Once we got home we ate dinner, played with Radar, and are now relaxing.

May 25, 2010

The Heat Continues

Another hot day. Another day at work with the central air not working. Joy.

I drank lots of water, but again I'm wiped out today. I'm tired, sore, and a little cranky. I'm trying to keep my mood up though. I'm hoping that they have the central air fixed tomorrow.

I had e-mailed my supervisor yesterday asking him if he knew when he was going to be conducting the reviews that are past due. Mine is two months past due. A coworker's of mine is 5 months past due, and MZ (the driver of our carpool) is almost 8 months past due. To me that's unacceptable, but it's not like I can really say that to him.

I was polite in my e-mail when I addressed it.

But come on already. We come to work, we do our jobs, how about a little common courtesy by giving out the reviews at least somewhat on time? Granted they back date our raises, but still. Aside from the raise, I'd like to know how I'm doing so that if I need to improve I can, rather than not finding out about it until 6 months later when it's not really relevant anymore.

I had sent the e-mail at 11am yesterday. I finally got a reply at 9am this morning. Took him long enough, huh?

He said that he has been working on preparing them (maybe if you wouldn't let them all pile up it wouldn't take you so damn long) but since one of the trainers in our department has been out, he hasn't been able to do them since he's been covering her work. (The trainer has been out of the office for a week and a half on vacation. Not 8 months, douche.) But that he is hoping (key word, may be important later) to start getting them done, as in holding the actual review with HR and the employee in question, next week.

Next week he's only in the office for three days. I think about 75% of our department is waiting on their reviews. So I relayed this information to Master later in the day. He asked me when I thought mine might be done. I'm honestly not sure, since I'm pretty sure the supervisor is going to go in order of who has been waiting the longest. I think I'm near the bottom of that list. But lets hope that once he starts doing them, he gets on a roll and knocks them all out in a relatively short about of time.

I'm hoping that mine will be done within the next two weeks.

A few of the people in my department and I decided that the next time they send out the quarterly e-mail asking for our thoughts, and opinions on the supervisors of the company, that we're going to tell HR exactly what we think of our supervisor taking so damn long to do reviews. Again, we all plan on being professional about it. But damn, something needs to be done. And hopefully with enough of us "complaining" about it, action will be taken so maybe our reviews will be done within ya know.. say 30 days of our anniversary dates. It's a nice thought anyway.

Once I got home Master and I ate dinner. And we've been enjoying the evening with one another. Now I'm off to go watch Lost with Master.

May 24, 2010

Warning: Battery Low

Last night, after Master fucked me again (it was, again, that delicious place between pain and pleasure due to my tenderness) our fan in the bedroom broke. One of the blades on it simply broke off while Master was adjusting the direction the fan was pointing in.

Neither of us can sleep (at least not very well) without the sound of a fan going in the background. Thankfully we still had an older fan in the spare bedroom. The motor had died on it a while ago, but we never got around to throwing it out. Master was able to take the blade off of that one and put it on the working fan. Yay! Crisis averted!

After that Masted tucked me in and ordered me to go to sleep. It wasn't much of a problem since I was exhausted by that point.

Today was another hot day.

At work the central air stopped operating about half way through the day. Oh joy. They had maintenance people out there shortly there after, but by the time I clocked out about 5 hours later it still wasn't fixed.

I take a carpool to and from work. MZ is the driver. Her car's air conditioning doesn't work, so we drove with all four windows down. Of course stupid me didn't bring a hair tie so my hair was trying to attack me most of the ride home, regardless of my attempts to control it. Note to self: Bring a hair tie with tomorrow!

I got home and enjoyed the air conditioning for about 15 minutes. Pizza Hut had called and given Master a refund for the mix up that I talked about in yesterday's blog post.

Since we didn't want to heat up the apartment by using the stove, I headed back out and got us drive-thru.

I love air conditioning, but I tend to get cold in it. Thankfully Master is allowing me to wear one of His t-shirts so I don't get to cold, but don't get hot again either. I love wearing His t-shirts. They are super comfy and I don't know what it is, but I just enjoy wearing His shirts simply because they are His. I'm weird, I know.

I'm tired, simply because of the heat. My work day was pretty easy, but the heat just zapped all of my strength. This is why I prefer the Fall. It's not too cold, it's not too hot and I can be comfortable.

So now we are done eating dinner, I've taken my bath, and now my blog post is finished. It's just now 9pm. I'm glad I got everything out of the way, so now I have a couple hours of down time before I have to go to bed.

May 23, 2010

Humidity Sucks

It's humid as hell today. Like to the point that it makes it difficult to breathe outside. Blah.

Master and I had gone to bed in the whee hours of the morning and fucked before passing out.

Today Master and I relaxed for the most part, just trying to stay cool. We also had to call Pizza Hut. We had ordered pizza from there a little while ago, and today when I logged in to check on the bank account, it said we were off from my records. I figured I had just missed a receipt somewhere, so I started going through everything and found out that Pizza Hut had over charged us by about $17.

So I called them. I know it's not a lot of money, but there is no way I'm paying $35 for a pizza.

I asked to speak to a manager. I was very polite to both the person who answered the phone and the manager once she was put on. But the store manager said I had to speak to the general manager. Excuse me? You're the store manager, and you can't help me? The fuck? She was bitchy towards me. She seemed annoyed that I was bothering her. So I asked how I would go about getting a hold of the general manager. She said that the GM would be in tomorrow after 4:30pm.

Well I figured this lady was just blowing me off so I called the corporate number to see if they would be of any assistance. Again, this lady tried to get me off the phone as quickly as possible. She said the only thing she could do was file a report, which would be sent to the store we had ordered it from. I had already told her that I didn't feel like they were really worried about helping me, and she said that was all she could do and that I should be getting a call in three business days. Three business days? Say what?!

Again like I said $17 isn't a lot of money, but for fuck's sake.

So Master said that once I get home from work tomorrow instead of calling and them possibly telling me the GM isn't there or whatever, we're just going to drive down there.

We've had problems with our local Pizza Hut before. Cold food. Two hour wait for delivery. Shitty customer service. This is just kind of the last straw. Little Cesar's can have our business from now on, when we want pizza that isn't frozen. They don't deliver but they are literally three blocks from our house.

We've been watching Lost most of the day. The show is some what addicting.

After dinner I knelt at Master's feet and cuddled with Him. I sucked His dick for a while and then asked if we could fuck. He readily agreed, and so we went into the bedroom. I was used, and it hurt. I didn't realize how tender I was from last night, but holy hell.

Tender in a "Please stop.. wait.. no... keep going... ow! Stop! Oh. My. Gods.  OW! Stop!"

Okay, so I didn't say any of that out loud. It was all in my head. It hurt in that I want Him to stop, but then again I don't sort of way.

I wasn't allowed to cum, since I was being used, but either way when Master dipped His fingers down there after, it was like Niagara Falls between my thighs. *giggles*

May 22, 2010

Ah, Saturday. How I Missed You!

Last night I didn't do my daily post because I had passed out on the couch at 9pm. Master woke me up to go take care of the rabbits while He took Radar outside. I was shaky while I was taking care of the rabbits so I laid back down on the couch and immediatley passed out again.

Sometime between then and this morning I had moved to the bedroom.

So yeah. I slept a lot. Apparently my body decided now that I'm on the mend from my cold I should restore my reserves, or something.

I woke up this morning around 8:30am. I took the dog out and then Master headed back to bed cause He still isn't feeling the greatest.

So Radar and I had some "Mommy and puppy" time, which was nice. :-) I took him outside to play for a little while and then cuddled with him on the couch. Then Radar decided to take a power nap.

Master woke up a few hours later. We noticed that Radar was getting a bald spot under his collar. We thing it is because it's a no slip collar, and he loves to run to the end of his leash and quickly jump around in a playful manner. There for it rubbed some of the fur off.

So we quickly took it off of him, returned it to the store, and got him a normal collar.

We know he doesn't have fleas, and he doesn't have mange. (If he had mange it would be in more than just his collar area, and it's not red or flaky. In fact his skin isn't irritated at all.) So it is either because he is shedding, or because of the collar. Since it was under the collar, the natural assumption would be... the collar.

We went down to my dad's house. His new girlfriend and her eldest daughter are living there now. Oh. My. Gods. That daughter (she's 23) is annoying as hell. She just would not shut the fuck up. She kept butting into our conversations with shit that was totally unrelated to what the rest of us were talking about. And Dad's girlfriend was just... odd. She didn't seem comfortable with us being there.

Hopefully this awkwardness goes away the more she gets to know us. But that kid of hers? Yeah. Probably not going to like her.

Now that we're home we are just relaxing. Master is watching Season 2 of Lost and Radar is being a goofy puppy.

May 20, 2010

Sharing Is Not Always Caring

You know that head cold I have?

Well since Master has a blood disorder that effects His immune system I've been cutting back on the hugs and haven't been kissing Him at all. I haven't even really been cuddling with Him when we sleep at night. It's been torture!

However, I have still passed my head cold onto Him. :-( I feel bad.

Hopefully we both get over this quickly.

I went back to work today. I am feeling better. My head feels fine, but now it feels like I have a weight on my chest all the time. I did get dizzy a few times at work, but I just sat still, closed my eyes, breathed deeply and it passed relatively quickly.

I just have to get through tomorrow and I'll have the weekend to recoup.

I miss all the affection though. It sucks when I'm sick. I am afraid to get to close to Master, at least for an extended period of time. When He's sick, and I'm not, it doesn't matter.  I don't get sick very often. Normally my immune system is extremely strong. So I cuddle with Him (if He doesn't have a high fever, cause at that point He doesn't want to be touched) and He gets ultra cuddly when He's sick.

But even though I have passed the head cold onto Him, I'm still sick... so I'm still trying to not kiss Him, etc. I don't want to make His head cold worse or anything along those lines.

Radar isn't understanding why Master and I aren't as high energy as we normally are. I mean He knows we're sick and is trying to help in his puppy ways, but he still wants to play and run around and all that. Of course when Master and I are not feeling well we get cranky. So Radar isn't understanding that part.

Here's hoping that tomorrow goes quickly. I'm off to go soak in the tub.

May 19, 2010

Stayed Home

This morning when I got up I was no longer dizzy, but my throat still hurt and rather than my head feeling full (like yesterday) my chest felt like it had a weight on it.

So I called into work and let my carpool know that I wasn't going to work today. I took the dog out and thought about going back to bed, but then Master got up, so I stayed up.

After Master's shower He ran out and got us McDonald's for breakfast. Once I was done eating I laid down on the couch and took a nap.

Most of the day has been spent with me either browsing online just to have something to do, watching Netflix with Master, eating, or sleeping. Lots and lots of naps.

In fact I just got up from my last nap about an hour ago. Master had to wake me out of the nap, so that I would actually sleep tonight.

I can't afford more time off of work, so I'm back to work tomorrow regardless of how I'm feeling. Although despite my efforts to not infect Master, it seems I might have. :-(

I haven't been kissing Him and only giving small hugs. But it seems that was enough. He said His throat hurts and His chest feels congested. I feel bad about it. When I'm sick it's not really that big of a deal. I just need lots of sleep.

Master on the other hand I have to keep a close eye on it in case it escalates into something worse.

I'm just hoping that He either a) isn't sick and it's just sinuses or b) He gets over it quickly.

I also hope that the next two days go by quickly so that it can be the weekend. I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow than I do today, but that might not be the case. So I'm just hoping the day goes quickly since I'll be at work.

I've been taking it extremely easy though. I've only been outside once today and that was to take the dog outside. That was it. The rest of the time Master has handled everything, which I appreciate.

I wish the dress code at work allowed sweat pants and/or bath robes. *laughs* Then I could be comfy as can be.

May 18, 2010

Not Feeling So Hot

Yesterday my throat was a bit sore. Then today I woke up and my head was pounding, so I took a tylenol and went to work.

I was at work for maybe an hour when I realize this wasn't just a headache. My head felt there was cement inside it, I was getting dizzy, and my ears wouldn't stop popping and were ringing on and off.

So I called Master and He said He would come pick me up. I felt like shit.

He picked me up and when I got home I popped two Tylenol cold and sinus pills. I started to feel a little better but still not 100%.

I ended up taking a long nap and Master woke me up so I would at least get some sleep tonight.

I asked Him if He thought I should go to work tomorrow. He simply put it this way:

If I feel up to it, I should go so I don't waste a sick day. If I don't feel up to it, I should stay home and rest.

I understand what He's saying. If I don't have to use the time, and I can power my way through the day I should. On the other hand, I want to stay home just because I hardly ever get sick and being able to stay home and just be comfortable all day is really tempting.

I'll probably just wake up when my alarm goes off, take the dog out, and see how I feel from there. I don't want to go to work and have to ask Master to come pick me up again. That's a waste of gas and just ridiculous. So if I do go to work tomorrow, I'll stay the whole day regardless.

So other than me not feeling well, there isn't a lot to report.

May 17, 2010

Fuck You Monday

Last night was great. Amazing actually. Master came to bed with me and played with me a bit. He then laid on His back and I sucked His cock before climbing on top of Him and riding Him pretty hard. After a few orgasms we switched to the reverse cowgirl. When we do this position I prefer Master to grab my hips and move me. I guess it's just more rough that way. Thankfully He was more than willing to do that. ;-) So we had incredible sex, a cigarette, and then I passed the hell out.

Today though.... Well today sucked.

Work was busy as all hell the entire fucking day. I wore my new sneakers to work. That was a mistake. I have to walk the entire building at least four times, and my feet were killing me. The new shoes were pinching the sides of my feet and were just highly uncomfortable after a short period of time. So fuck that noise.

Once I got home I took them to the store and returned them. The sucky thing is that I had to settle for a pair of sneakers that weren't really my first choice because the pair I actually wanted weren't in my size. And all the other pairs that were my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choice were out of my price range. That sucked.

But the bright side is at least I have new shoes that are comfortable.

When I got back home we ate dinner and watched Freddy vs Jason. Master and I are both really tired today. Just kind of blah, and not feeling all here. I think it's supposed to rain but I'm not sure. Either way, it's odd for both Master and I to be tired like this at the same time.

My feet still hurt from walking in uncomfortable shoes all day. So I'm going to go soak in the tub and read for a little while. I just want to pass out at this point but it's only 9pm. If I go to bed now I'll have overslept by the time I get up in the morning and be even more lethargic tomorrow.

May 16, 2010

Productive Sunday

Last night I had fallen asleep on the couch. All that fresh air and walking around had finally caught up with me. Master woke me up and we went to the bedroom where we curled up and He allowed me to fall back asleep.

We got up this morning around 11am. We went into the living room and Master and I woke up a bit. But the next thing I knew Master had me walk over to Him. I gave Him a hug and then He led me to the bedroom by the neck, where He proceeded to wake me up by fucking me. :-D I love His methods. ;-)

Today has been a great day. Do you ever have one of those days (or weekends in this case) where you feel elated, and can't get enough time with your significant other? It's been that way for me this weekend with my Husband. I mean, I always miss Him when I'm at work, and I always love Him. But sometimes, there are days where it just seems like everything is flowing right and Him and I are on the exact same frequency and everything is just.... wonderful.

I love days like that.

Even though it is Sunday, we were pretty productive today. We took Radar to one of our favorite pet stores. Since we've gotten Radar we haven't had to brush or bathe him. But now that he is starting to shed his undercoat, we decided it was time.

Radar had a blast remarking the car windows Master had just cleaned on Friday. *giggles*

We got a new dog brush, some dog shampoo, and then some wheat free dog treats.

Once we got back home we gave Radar his first bath. We weren't sure how he would react. Some dogs are good about it and others freak out. Master turned on the shower and picked up Radar and put him in the tub. All Radar did was give us this sad puppy dog look the entire time. But he stayed put and let Master move him how He needed him. He was such a good boy! I'm very proud of him.

Soon he was clean. I brought Master the collar and leash. Then I moved the couch and opened up our sliding glass doors so He could take Radar outside immediatley.

Radar shook off twice before we got him outside. *laughs* Once he was out there we brushed him out.

He seemed to enjoy the brushing at least.

Now that he's dry and was pampered with extra cuddles and pets, he is an extremely happy pup. I don't think he really minded the bath, honestly. He likes water, at least when it's raining and what not. But I just don't think he liked the tub since he couldn't really get a grip on it when his feet.

Now he's super soft, and his coat is very shiny. He's a happy clean pup. :-)

Tomorrow it's back to the hum drum work week. Joy.

I talked to my mom today. She had to put her dog to sleep. :-( I told her how sorry I was that she had to do that. He was about 12 years old. I hope that he is at peace now, and that he is happy running in a field with all the pups who have came before him.

Unfortunately, my mother talked to her landlord, and her landlord said she can't get another dog until my brother moves out. My brother has my nephews over for a good 8 - 9 hours a day about four days a week. So her landlord feels there are already enough people in the house, and doesn't want my mother adding a dog to it. Um, hello bitch! They had a dog there this entire time, but now because it's not that particular dog, it's not okay? Fuck you lady.

In all honesty I wish my brother would get off his ass and get a fucking job, save up some money, and get the fuck out. He's 25 for crying out loud. I'm 27 and I have to figure out a way to keep on my own. But for some reason he thinks he shouldn't have to. He is enrolled in college, but doesn't start until the fall. And even then, he should be working. I was going to college a while back and I was still living with Master, on our own, and we had to figure things out. It wasn't always easy. Hell, it's still not always easy.

But since I moved out on my own at the ripe old age of 18 I have never moved back in with either of my parents. I have made it work.

I know my mother would take me in if I had no where to go. I know that for a fact. But I would be doing everything I could to get back up on my feet again and get out of her house. Why my brother thinks he's so damn special I don't know. My brother has been living with my mom for 5 months now, since his now ex-girlfriend kicked him out because "he wasn't doing anything with his life". He had no job, and wasn't going to college.

I get that. But then the only reason he enrolled with college was in hopes to get his ex back. They have two kids together (my nephews), and I understand that part. But hell.. that's no reason to stay with someone, or try and get them back when they clearly do not want you. Five months should have shown you that. But she sends him mixed signals and wants to hang out with him without their kids around, when she has nothing better to do.

My mom is without a car. My brother has a car, because my mom helped paid for it to be registered in his name. It was his ex girlfriends. And she is paying all of his bills. Her rent went up because the landlord said that 5 months is not considered temporary. My mom had told her landlord my brother would be there until he was up on his feet. Well, he's not up on his feet, obviously, but the landlord feels she's allowed enough time. So she's jacking the rent by $300.

And what does my brother do? Bitch every time my mom asks to borrow the car. Tells her she should get her own. Oh? And how the fuck is she supposed to save up for a car when she's paying all your fucking bills and now has to pay more money in rent because of you jackass. Not only that but she's putting gas in your car and paying your car insurance, and you're going to bitch about her using your car a couple of times a day, even though she makes sure that you don't have anything planned first?

My brother is way to much like my father. I love my father, and I love my brother but they both do things and act in certain ways that really piss me off. My mom isn't perfect and neither am I. But we don't act like that. We aren't ungrateful.

Master says my mom should kick my brother out on her ass. But she won't do it. My brother has medical problems (seizures, among other things) and so she won't do it. But she did tell my brother that if she can't borrow his car, then she's not putting gas in it, she'll drop his car insurance (it's in her name) and she won't pay his bills anymore. She then told him to get out of her face and that she doesn't want to see him the rest of the day.

This fight occurred today, the day after she had to put her dog to sleep.

My mom had me promise not to bring any of this up to my brother. It'll just make him blow up at her more. I told her I wouldn't, but that if he brought it up, I'd give him both barrels. My brother, after fighting with our mom or dad, will sometimes come to me to try and get me on his side.

But that's not happening. So if he does come to me, I'll let him know exactly what I think of what he's doing and how he's acting. I don't want him to get back together with his ex, but at this point I almost wonder if it wouldn't just be easier for everyone involved.

Wow. This turned into one hell of a rant. Sorry about that. My brother just really pissed me off, and he doesn't even know it.

But honestly, aside from my brother, this weekend has been wonderful. I wish it didn't have to end.

May 15, 2010

Our Day With Master's Daughter

Master and I got up with the alarm this morning. Shortly after we were ready, we headed out the door. We hit the gas station and then headed out. It took a little over an hour to get out to where she is, but it was a really beautiful drive actually. That's the one thing that really sucks about living in the city. The view doesn't change much. More bars, more businesses, more bullshit. But out in the county? Animals, trees, some really beautiful houses... etc.

When we got there we went inside and talked with her adopted father for a while. He's a really nice guy. We also met their dogs and other animals. It's nice to see that they are animal lovers, like Master and I are.

Then Master, myself, and His daughter hopped into the car and we headed down to a wildlife preserve. We all had a great time, and I'm sure she enjoyed it as much as we did.

From there we went to lunch, where I discovered that since I normally don't eat a full lunch.. my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Oh well. At least I ate something. We hit a book store and the mall after that.We bought her a book that she wanted, and Master found a couple of books as well.

We brought her back to our apartment so she could meet Radar. She thinks he's adorable. (Because he is!)

At that point it was about 4:30pm. We had picked her up a little after 10am, so we had basically the entire day with her.

We got her home safe and sound, and talked with her adopted father a little more before leaving.

Master and I both had a great time and it seems that she likes me quite a bit, which is great!

Actually I'm honestly surprised by how well we got a long. But both her and I are coming at this as more of a "Let's be friends!" perspective. So there is none of that weird, you're learning who your bio-dad is and also have to get used to the idea of a woman who is married to him trying to be some type of authority figure.

I so do not want to be any sort of authority figure to her, and neither does Master. Neither of us have that right, and neither of us have that "need". We just want to be her friend and be there for her. Her adoptive parents are the authority figures and we know that. And they are great parents. They really are. Master's daughter has grown up to be quite the young lady! She has a clear plan for her future and has a good head on her shoulders.

May 14, 2010

Not A Bad Friday

Today wasn't that bad at all.

I got up and went to work. By 10am I was hyper as hell. Why you ask? Well Master has had me start taking my vitamins again, which have timed release guarana, for energy in it. Okay so that started it off. But then I also had my new favorite soda! It's Mountain Dew Voltage. It has a hint of blue raspberry in it and I love blue raspberry flavored things. So I tried it a a few days ago and I'm totally addicted to it now. It has ginseng it it. And I had downed it in like an hour. So yeah I was hyper.

Right before I clocked out at noon V (the coworker who is forever leaving work or not coming in) asked me to come to her desk. So I did. She proceeded to tell me that yesterday she was late because she had a job interview somewhere else. She is pretty sure she has the job. (Probably because she lied her ass off.) And she'll know for sure on Monday. If she does have the job she is giving her two weeks notice.

I honestly think the reason she is looking for a different job is because she feels the axe is coming soon due to all of her absences.

So this should prove to be interesting.

Shortly after I got home from work Master and I went outside and cleaned the car. Then I ran down to the store and picked up some new socks and a new pair of sneakers for myself. That took a lot longer than it should have. But I had to rely on the store's shitty customer service since I had found the pair of sneakers I wanted, but couldn't reach the box with the correct size.

Finally I had what I wanted and I went home. Master and I played with Radar a bit and then went out to dinner. We had a good time and once we got home we started watching Heroes. But I was nodding off on the couch. I was crashing from being so energetic earlier in the day. Master allowed me to take a two hour nap in our bed. Once I got up I woke up a bit and got the directions for tomorrow.

We are picking up His daughter, and have never been out there before.

I'm a bit nervous about meeting her. I want her to like me. So yeah, I'm nervous.

Now I'm going to go take the dog out, go take my bath, and hopefully my stomach will settle a bit.

May 13, 2010

Pressure Headaches Suck

All day today I have been battling a pressure headache. It made work a bit difficult since all I do is basically stare at paper and a computer monitor all day. But eh, that's my job. And I actually enjoy my job.

It's just that on days like today, when my head is trying to explode, that it kind of sucks. I took tylenol, I took sinus meds, I took a menstrual pill.. nothing seems to be getting rid of it. It's taking the edge off, but other than that... eh. It's still hanging in there.

When I got home from work Master told me that He's been dealing with one all day as well.

It rained a little bit this morning, but the rest of the day it's just been extremely cloudy and windy from time to time.

I wish it would storm and get it over with already!

May 12, 2010

Weird Dreams

I don't dream very much. Or at least, if I do I don't remember it when I wake up. Although Master has told me that I talk in my sleep, so who the hell knows.

But the past two nights I've had very, very weird dreams. Like I have no idea what is triggering them.

They both involve Master and me. That's it. No one else.

I can't really get a sense of where we are in either dream.

Perhaps if I type them out this will make more sense. (Or you will all think I'm insane and end up trying to convince Master that I should be in a hug me jacket. If that's the case, you guys suck... lol)

Dream 1:

I had this dream Monday night. Monday night Master had fucked me good and hard, and then went back into the living room after tucking me in.

Okay, so the dream goes something like this.

I'm in lingerie. It's a sheer baby doll, black of course. I have on my collar and cuff as always. I'm kneeling on the bed and Master is standing in front of me. The weird this is He won't let me look up. So the only view I have is of His chest and down. He's not physically holding me in place. And He never said I couldn't look up. I just some how know, in the dream, that I am not supposed to look Him in the face.

This is weird, because Master usually insists that I look Him in the eye. When I do have my eyes down towards the ground, He only allows it for a moment and then has me look up at Him.

But as I said in the dream I know I'm not supposed to look up at Him. So for the entire dream I don't see His face.

But I have a perfect view of His cock. His nice, thick cock. It's at full attention and I can see it visibly bobbing He is so hard. His hands are at His side and I haven't touched Him. I'm basically kneeling there studying His dick. Not a bad thing at all if I do say so myself. ;-) But another odd thing is in this dream Master has a "man bush". Why is that odd? Well, Master keeps Himself shaved. And I personally don't like pubic hair on men or women. But hey, it's Master. I love His cock no matter what. And for some reason in the dream I don't find the fact that He has pubic hair odd at all.

I can't for the life of me remember what color His pubes were in the dream. I've never seen His pubic hair. He's been shaved since the first time we fucked. So, yeah. No fucking clue.

All of a sudden, with no verbal or physical cue on Master's part, I somehow know that I'm supposed to start sucking His dick now. So I lean my head forward and open my mouth. His dick slips into my mouth and I suck His dick for what seems like hours in the dream. My jaw doesn't get tired, my neck doesn't hurt, nothing. I'm just some kind of uber dick sucking machiene in the dream.

And when He finally cums, it's like a firehouse going off. I don't spill a drop, but it just keeps coming and coming and coming. Again no noise from Master at all. In fact the whole dream is like a silent movie.

I honestly think the only reason the flow of sperm stopped is because my alarm went off and woke me up.

Dream 2:

This one happened last night. I went to bed by myself last night as Master was not feeling the greatest.

In this dream it starts off with Master kneeling between my legs, which are of course spread wide. The lights are off but I can see Him perfectly. I can see all of Him except for His face. His face is pitch black. All I can see is the outline of His head. (Weird how in both dreams I can't see His face.)

He has His cock in His hand and is thrusting it into me. Once He's firmly in place His moves His hand and holds Himself above me. He's extremely rough and I'm of course loving it.

I grab His wrist gently, and pull it towards my throat. (I do this sometimes when I want Him to choke me during sex. Sometimes He goes with it, other times He's gently remove my hand from His wrist.)

He allows it, the gets a firm grip on my throat, slowly applying pressure. As I'm getting closer to the point where I feel like I'm going to black out Master starts to thrust more wildly. He's getting close to cumming. His grip tightens more and He orders me to open my mouth.

This order confuses me as He's in such a position that it doesn't seem likely that He's going to pull out and have me swallow His cum. He can see the confusion on my face. He simply says, "Now!" and I do as I'm told.

As He fills my pussy with His cum, I see a movement on His arm. My eyebrows knit together and I stare at His arm. Something isn't right.

The spider tattoo on His forearm is moving. It's moving towards His wrist. I can't scream. I have no air to scream. Then again I wasn't sure if screaming would be a good idea anyway. The tattoo spider keeps moving, onto His hand, down His fingers and onto my throat. Keep in mind it isn't actually off of His skin. It's not like the tattoo turned into a real spider. No, it was just the tattoo, keeping shape, moving down onto my throat, off of His body. It makes it's way up my throat, over my chin, and then to my lips. I think about closing my mouth. I look up. I still can't see His face, but I know that He doesn't want me to close it. So I keep my mouth open. The tattoo is just about to go over my lower lip when I wake up with a start.

Once I was awake I looked over and Master was sleeping soundly next to me. This is going to sound stupid but I checked His arm and His spider tattoo was firmly in place. (Duh.)

This isn't the first time I've had dreams where tattoos move. Sometimes mine do in my dreams. This is however the first time I've had a dream where a tattoo has transferred from one person's body to another.

Pretty fucked up huh?

May 11, 2010

Tuesday's Post

I can't really think of a better title, so there ya go.

I went to bed a little late last night because I got caught up in an episode of Heroes. Damn that show for being addicting! *shakes fist* But Master watches it while I'm at work too, so I come back home and I have no idea what's going on sometimes because so much happened in one episode. Master does His best to catch me up though.

I'm on the rag again. Stupid monthly visitor bullshit.

V wasn't at work again today. Who's surprised? No one? That's what I thought. I'm just glad that I got switched to checks again. It's less stressful when she's not there. However I am trying to help when I can in catching us up on invoices.

One day she'll get what's coming to her.

I do have to say that I'm glad I'm not the one missing 6 days of work in one pay period. I wouldn't be able to pay any of my bills.

This Saturday we are picking up Master's daughter and taking her out for a while. It'll be my first time around her in about a year. The last time Master met with her I wasn't able to go because I had to be at work. Hopefully she'll like me. The one time I did meet her, it was at a restaurant. It was Master's first time seeing her since she was born. And there was her adopted parents, her adopted little sister, Master, myself, my mother-in-law, and my mother-in-law's now husband. So I didn't really talk to her much. There was a lot going on. Plus I had purposefully tried to stay in the shadows. She wasn't there to meet me after all. She was there to meet Master and His mother. I was there more or less just so Master knew that I was in fact there. Moral support basically.

I admit I'm a bit nervous. But I'm sure everything will go fine.

May 10, 2010

Another Week Begins

Last night we did end up going to bed on time. Master was not feeling well and wanted to rest. I think His insomnia must be starting to go away, and His body is starting to crash a little from lack of sleep. That process always sucks. I've been there more times than I care to count, honestly.

I went to work and it honestly was a pretty good day at work. It was busy as hell but it made the day go by quickly at least.

Master picked me up from down town and told me how His 2nd interview went today. He was technically interviewed three times. He was interviewed by the supervisor of the department, then by HR, and then by the store manager.

Hopefully that's a good sign and they'll offer Him the job soon.

Once we got home we took care of the animals, took out trash, ate dinner, I took my bath, and then watched some more Heroes.

I can't believe it's almost 10:30pm already. Tonight has gone by rather quickly. Hopefully that's how the rest of the week will go. At least at work. I'd rather the nights go slower so I have more time with Master and Radar. But beggars can't be choosers, right? Right.

May 9, 2010

This Weekend Went By Fast!

Like.... really, really fast! It's a little after 9pm! And it's Sunday! Blarg.

I'm hoping that Master won't make me go to bed at my normal bedtime of 11pm tonight. I don't want the weekend to be over already! *sobs*

Last night Master fucked me before we went to bed. *grins* Yay!

This morning I got up and Master took His shower and sent me out for coffee.

When I got back we just relaxed and played with the pup until we had to leave.

We went down to my mother's and visited for a couple of hours. We had a good time, and my mother enjoyed her card and gift! I had gotten her a wooden statue of a robin, that I found very cute! My mom loves birds, and collects things relating to them, so I knew she would get a kick out of it.

From there we went to my mother-in-law's house. We had dinner and saw her and her new husband's wedding photos. It was our first time seeing they got married. She also enjoyed her card and gift. Master got her a glass egg with an interesting design inside of it. Again, it's something she collects, so we knew she'd like it.

We didn't stay very late there, because we wanted some down time, and Radar had been in his crate for a while by that point.

Now we're home and watching episodes of Heroes on Netflix. Well Master is watching it and I'm catching parts of it when I look away from the computer. It seems some what interesting from what I'm catching of it though.

I'm not really ready for another work week to begin. But only a couple more weeks before I get a four day weekend! Whoo-hoo!

May 8, 2010

I Love Saturdays!

Today we were supposed to go down to my dad's. But I've had a headache since I got up this morning, so eventually I just called and left my dad a voice mail saying that we'd have to reschedule. I honestly felt bad about it, because I haven't seen my dad in a couple of months. But it's better than driving 45 minutes, getting there, the headache turning into a migraine, and having to leave shortly there after. That would have sucked.

I had gotten up at 9am. That kind of surprised me. Normally I sleep later on the weekends. But there I was up and awake. All the animals were still sleeping and Master had gone to bed later than I did last night (and I stayed up until about 2am) so He stayed in bed.

Well, that is until the place He interviewed at last Thursday called! I answered the phone and once I realized who it was, I ran to the bedroom and woke Master. While He was on the phone I grabbed Him a piece of paper and a pen. I'm a damn good secretary damnit! They scheduled a 2nd interview for the actual store that He'd be working at. It's on Monday! So here is hoping that He gets it! That would be awesome!

Master was awake after that. He seems excited, and I'm excited for Him!

But even with the constant pressure headache I've had a pretty good day. Master and I did some minor grocery shopping, picked up something for each of our mothers since we'll be doing the rounds tomorrow, and then spent the rest of the day watching movies and playing with Radar.

Speaking of which, I have new photos of our pup! Yay!

[gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="ID"]

That last one is a picture I took right before he sneezed. I find it hilarious.

Now Radar is finally tired and Master and I are just relaxing. On top of my headache, which is thankfully starting to get better, my shoulders are hurting. So I'm going to have to find a book to read while I soak in a nice hot bath tonight!

May 7, 2010

Finally, It's Over!

Finally the week of hell is over. My body is sore and stiff. Part of it is stress related, part of it is me pushing myself so hard at work, and the other part is the weather which can't seem to make up it's damn mind. One day is 80+ degrees, the next it's raining and cold. Fun.

Today was a slow one at work. Slow as in time went slowly. I still busted my ass.

Once I got home from work Master and I ate dinner and then picked up rabbit food and soda. The rabbit food is for the rabbits, the soda is for us. Obviously. ;-)

When we were finally able to relax at home Master and I watched a movie and I just got done taking my bath. I haven't had much energy to play with Radar lately, and I feel bad about that. But when my shoulders feel like they have rocks inside them, I don't have much motivation to do anything aside from the bare essentials.

And this weekend is going to be busy as hell. However, I hope to still recuperate enough to get back to my old self again, rather than this spazzed out shell that I currently feel like.

Hopefully my posts will also get more interesting.

My body is telling me I should sleep. But my mind is like "No! It's now the weekend! Relax and just chill!"

To which of course my body is replying with, "Sleeping is the ultimate form of relaxation!"

I'd normally be going to bed in about 15 minutes, during the work week. And it's like my body doesn't quite want to let go of that sleep schedule just yet. But I know that I don't have to set an alarm in the morning, so I'd rather stay up a bit and get more time in with Master. Even in this zombafied state.

May 6, 2010

Good News of a Sort

Today when I got to work V was actually there. Shortly after I clocked in I e-mailed my supervisor and asked him if he would switch me back to checks.

Well about 10 minutes later he sent our department an e-mail stating that we were having a meeting. So we all go to the meeting and he announces that he is putting me back on checks and V back on invoices. This made me very happy! Now whenever V takes off, it doesn't directly effect me and my workload. Shortly after the meeting V left again to go back to the doctor. She fed me some line about her possibly having an ulcer. My mom has ulcers. You don't get basically four days off of work for that. V also took tomorrow off, so make that damn near five whole days off.

Thanks to the rest of my department, and a girl from a different department we still got all of the checks cut for the vendors. Now my trainer said that if I have time, to please work on the backlog of invoices in between checks. Of course I said no problem.

I am a team player when it comes to my job, but with the shit V has been pulling it was getting a bit much.

And I have no idea why she isn't fired yet. It seems like every time she goes over her personal time, she is suddenly sick all of the time and goes to the doctor non stop as an excuse, in hopes (I'm assuming) that she won't get fired because it's medical.

But the rumor is (as no one can of course confirm it) that they are looking for a replacement still. Here's hoping. I also hope V comes in over the weekend to catch up on the invoices. That would be nice.

I am not mistreated by my job. A lot of the stress comes from myself. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do everything at work so it's done and we're caught up. My supervisor and trainer are a bit more laid back on it unless things get too out of hand and then they have us step it up a notch or two.

But if V would get her shit together, it would be great!

May 5, 2010


Today at work V did not come in, again. For those of you playing at home, this makes the third day in a row.

One of her work buddies that she actually talks to outside of work told me that V was in the hospital for the past two days for dehydration. The fuck? How is it that you're held in the hospital for two days for dehydration?! The only people I've heard of doing that are celebs. *shakes head*

Anyway, it seems like every time she takes more than a day off there is some medical reason behind it, but not always the paper work to back it.


I talked to my trainer today and she told me that if V actually fucking comes to work tomorrow I should just forget entering the invoices I have, cut the checks for the vendors, and then focus on entering the back log of invoices thanks to V's absence. That actually helps relieve some of the stress.

Although honestly with all of my work piling up around me while I do V's job I started to feel extremely overwhelmed and was about ready to cry. Thankfully since I detest crying in front of people that aren't my Husband, I was able to hold it back.

I don't just cry when I'm sad or upset. I cry when I'm frustrated and/or pissed off. This time it was frustration.

But then one of my coworkers came up to me and said, "Thanks for all of your hard work. You're doing a great job!"

The work I do directly effects her ability to be productive. So that really meant a lot to me. That made me feel ten times better. I'm still hoping that V gets replaced soon, of course. And honestly even if she is there for a while longer I hope my supervisor switches me back to checks ASAP rather than invoices. That way if she takes a day off, it doesn't affect me.

I have been extremely stressed out this entire week, and it's catching up with me. I feel dead on my feet one minute and then wound up the next. Like ready to scream and/or burst type wound up. This is what happens when I get stressed out for an extended period of time. I just start cycling in between those two extremes until I finally crash and burn. My job may not sound stressful, but believe me it can be.

Master had a job interview today. It sounds like it went well, so here's hoping! He is having lunch with His father tomorrow. I wish I could go too! But unfortunately since it's lunch rather than dinner I will be at work. I understand that His dad has a time schedule to keep to (he's retired but has two underage kids at home) so these things can't always be planned so that I can go too.

I really enjoy spending time with His dad. He's a pretty cool guy. Maybe next time.

May 4, 2010

Not A Lot To Talk About

I mean honestly, there isn't. It's hot outside. Blah. That makes Master and I both pretty damn lethargic. Radar is not picking up on that, and wants to play!!!!! But we keep trying to get him to calm down so he doesn't end up over heated and sick. Sick puppies are no fun.

V didn't show up for work again today. Although according to one of the IT guys they are currently seeking a replacement. Well, what he actually said was that they are interviewing for a replacement. I don't know if they have held actual interviews yet or not though. He said it seems like they don't want to cut her loose until they have someone else lined up due to how busy our department is. *shrugs* I just hope they find someone soon!

So my work is now behind two days. Joy and rapture. I talked to my trainer about getting switched back to doing V's job, rather than the one I am currently supposed to do. She said our supervisor wants to make the switch, but before he does that he always holds a meeting with our department, why I don't know. And well ya know, V actually has to be at work in order to hold the damn meeting.

So again my day was pretty stressful. Oh well. I'm a bit worn out mentally from it and so I am not the life of the party right now. In fact I'm just kind of here.

Although I have been spending the evening flirting with Master. ;-) That's always fun.

May 3, 2010

Catch Up

I didn't do my post last night because Master said I didn't have to. :-p

Yesterday we had taken a chew toy back to the store, because Radar had destroyed it in under a day, and it was supposedly for powerful chewers. We exchanged it for a different chew toy, and this one seems to take the punishment Radar gives out a bit better.

Later on that night we all (Master, myself, and Radar) went down to BC's house. We hung out with him and his girlfriend outside, around a fire. It was really relaxing and we all had a great time! All we did was talk. Although we honestly talked about animals almost the entire time because BC and his girlfriend hadn't met Radar before.

The time went by rather quickly, so we didn't get home until about 10pm. So I was no where near tired when my normal bedtime of 11pm rolled around. Master allowed me to stay up past by bedtime. He did send me off to bed at midnight though. But an hour is an hour damnit!

I couldn't fall asleep right away, but eventually I did drift off.

My alarm went off this morning and I got ready for work, took Radar outside, and then waited outside for MZ to pick me up. Thanks to the traffic on the interstate that is forever under construction we were almost late to work. Thankfully I still clocked in about two minutes before my start time. But only because I ran across the parking lot and turned on my computer before even setting down my purse.

Once I was finally punched in, and had taken off my jacket, that's when I realized that V wasn't at work today. Again. Not a happy Kitten.

So guess who had to sacrifice her own work to do V's? Yep. Me.

I was a bit pissed at all of this. No matter how hard I try to stay ahead on my work, it seems just as I've finally caught up completely, that's when V takes a day off. Bitch.

So since I keep track of this, (seriously, I write it all down on a calendar) I went back over the past two months to see how much time she has actually gone over her approved personal time. You want to know the exact amount? I was shocked when I realized it to be honest.

50 fucking hours. That's right. She has taken off 50 hours total in two months. All of that is after she used up her 5 vacation days and 6 personal days since August of last year.

So I am still wondering how the fuck she still has a job.

I felt really frustrated most of the day. I saw my own work pile up on me, on top of what was left over from last week. Mean while I can't touch any of it because I'm busy keeping up with her incoming work. So tomorrow, if the cunt actually shows up and/or doesn't get fired the minute she walks in the door, I'll be busy as hell and be cussing her out in my head the entire fucking time.

I did however say something to my trainer. She was at my desk seeing how I was holding up and I looked her dead in the eye and said, "I really wish V would stop taking time off. Especially since it's all unapproved and unplanned. It's all last minute which makes me scramble."

She smiled at me, said "I know."

I asked what the smile was about and she said, "I'm not saying anything..."

It looked like she knew something I didn't, but maybe that's just wishful thinking.

May 1, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Master and I had stayed up some what late last night and promptly passed out one we went to bed.

We didn't get up until about noon today. *gasp* Master had of course gotten up sooner to take Radar outside, but had gone back for some more sleep.

After we got up, I took Radar outside and then we just relaxed and enjoyed the day together.

We were going to take Radar for a walk, but then it started raining. So yeah, that was a no go.

Master had me dress up for Him, and we are currently just doing our own things. He's watching Doctor Who (the newer series) and I'm just dicking around online.

I have a headache, again, due to the weather. Fun, fun, fun.

My brain has been pretty empty today. The past few weeks at work have been pretty stressful, so I'm just enjoying my "duh" state of being.