March 20, 2009

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Whats your thoughts on a 24/7 D/s couple having children?
My thoughts are pretty simple on this matter. I look at it like I would any other couple (gay, straight, whatever). As long as they are good parents and want children, go for it. As long as they are not physically or mentally abusive towards the child(ren) then I have absolutely no problem with it.

I do have to say however, that I am against trying to teach the child(ren) that the D/s or M/s lifestyle is the path that they should choose. I look at that very much like I do religion. It is a personal choice, and one that should be left up to the child once they are older. Offering it as an option if the child is curious and they are old enough and mature enough (because let's remember, those are two vastly different things) to speak about such things, sure. That's one thing. But shoving it down their throat and threatening that if they do not follow the path or paths that you and your partner do, that they are wrong and will not be welcome.. well then.. fuck you very much. I've seen it happen in regards to religion with my friends when I was growing up. And I've seen posts on message boards stating that they are raising their children this way (meaning within the lifestyle), I can't say that I agree with that. But hey, that's me.

I know you like horror movies, and was wondering if you saw/liked the original and remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (I LOVED both!)
As surprising as this may seem, I have honestly never seen the full movie of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I have seen bits and pieces of it, but never the whole thing from start to finish. So I don't honestly have an opinion on it.

As far as the remake goes, I've only ever seen the previews.

You regularly mention picking up food, or going out to eat — what do you like to eat?
I am a very picky eater. I'll make a list of the main foods that I like. :-)

  1. Hamburgers

  2. Fries

  3. Mozzarella sticks

  4. Polish Sausage

  5. Italian Sausage

  6. Brats

  7. Buffalo burgers

  8. Tacos

  9. Nachos

  10. Pizza (Meat lovers preferably)

  11. Chips

  12. French toast

  13. Scrambled eggs

  14. Bacon

  15. Some fruit and not a lot of vegetables. (Really the only vegetable I like is corn.)

  16. Grilled cheese

  17. Peanut butter and grape jelly open face sandwich on white bread (Man that sounds really good right now, but I don't have any bread. Damn.)

Well I think you get the idea. *laughs* Like I said, I'm a very picky eater. I like basic food, you know, nothing to fancy or anything. So if we go out to eat it's normally just a regular every day restaurant or a bar and grill. I would feel very out of place at an actual "fancy" restaurant and I probably wouldn't eat very much at all. In fact that happened not that long ago when we went to a "traditional" Italian restaurant. I ordered an appetizer, and that was it. And I didn't really want to even eat that. Part of the reason I am such a picky eater is because I have a very sensitive stomach. So anything with a lot of spices, and my tummy is mad at me for a very long time.

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