November 30, 2009

Mondays. Blah.

Master and I got up at 6am today. Getting up a half hour earlier than I used to wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. At least today it wasn't. I'm sure that will change.

We both got ready for work. We're pretty quiet people first thing in the morning when it's that early. But we talked a little bit and I got a hug before He headed off to work.

Today was my first day as part of that new carpool. We got to work in plenty of time, which was great. I don't really know the other two people in this carpool, aside from our minimal interactions at work. But they are both very nice people, and I think this will work out just fine.

Work was hectic. Everyone was getting things settled in and trying to catch up from the four day weekend. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Once I got home, Master and I relaxed. It looked like He really enjoyed being able to come home from work and stay home, rather than having to go back out about a half hour later to pick me up. I'm not blaming Him for it. I totally understand. Poor guy is stiff and sore from work. :-(

Me? I'm just kind of blah and a bit stiff in the shoulders. I think tonight shall be a night of just relaxing and not really doing much. That sounds like a plan.

I don't really have a lot to say (type?) this evening. So I shall leave it here.

November 29, 2009


The four day weekend is ending! *sobs* But in all honesty, it was a great four day weekend.

Last night Master and I fucked again. Rock the fuck on. *smirks*

This morning we made sure to set an alarm to make sure we'd get up at a half way decent hour, so that we would be able to sleep tonight. So we got up, Master took His shower, we cleaned the rabbit cages and then went to the store to get Master some new ear plugs for work.

We came home for about an hour after that. Then it was right back out the door. We went to His mother's first. We caught up with them, and she gave me a necklace that she had made. I normally don't wear necklaces, cause well.. ya know... I have a collar around my neck. But this one is really pretty. I'll probably wear it some what frequently.

When we left there we went to Burger King and grabbed a quick dinner, and then headed to my father's house.

We had a blast there. We were all joking around and having a good time. Normally we stay until about 10pm, but tonight we knew that we both have to get up at 6am (which is a form of cruel and unusual punishment). So we headed out at about 7:30pm. When we got home I took my shower and now Master and I are relaxing.

Before I go to bed tonight, however, I have to get all my work stuff together. I kinda sorta forgot about it these past four days. Now I have to make sure it's all together again. I could do that in the morning, but I'd probably forget something since my brain doesn't really start to function until at least 8am on a weekday. Noon on weekends, for those of you who were wondering.

November 28, 2009


Okay... so you all know that I normally loathe clothes shopping.

But when I went looking for new heels, I got an e-mail from a store saying that they were having a sale between today and tomorrow (or is that yesterday and today, seeing that it's currently 2:21am?) for buy one get one 50% off. It's a clothing store, not just shoes. But I figured what the hell.

So as I'm browsing the site I suddenly remember that I need new tops to wear to work. I also need new pants as well, but I never buy pants online. Those are one thing that I absolutely must try on before buying to make sure they are extremely comfortable.

And what do you know? I found five tops that I really liked, and a pair of new heels that when I showed it to Master He was like, "Yeah. Those will do just fine." *giggles*

And here I thought replacing my favorite pair of heels was going to be difficult! Seriously my old pair of heels (the black ones that zip up the back, that I wear in like.. most of the pictures Master takes of me.. oh forget it... this pair...) were my favorites! If we went out, those were what I wore most of the time. And they were Master's favorites as well!

But when I stumbled upon these beauties I had to have them! Had to! So I did some shopping. Granted it was online, but hey.. it still counts!

Now in all honesty I spent quite a bit more (all told.. including the tops) than I normally do when I go clothes shopping. So when Master offered to pay for it all, I thanked Him and then said, "Ya know Master if You want to consider this my Christmas present, that would be fine!"

Yeah. That didn't work.

He said no that it would not be my Christmas present. I'm still wracking my brain on what to get Him. But I will figure it out! He says He wants a new video game, but all of the ones He wants don't come out until next year. I'm not going to get Him a reserve for His Christmas present. That just seems rude. Or maybe... I won't just get Him that. Hey.....

Day With Master

Holy hell a post with sex and some kink in it! *giggles*

Last night after my bath Master had me put on my newest outfit. It is a body stocking, sort of... I'm not really sure how to describe it, but I'm sure Master will take pictures of me in it eventually.

Along with the outfit I also tossed on my 5 inch heels. Ya know, the heels that I don't wear out of the apartment anymore because they are dying... yeah. Those. *sobs* So now I'm looking for a new pair of heels as I write this blog post. The problem is so many fucking boots and heels are platforms and Master hates platforms. (Ring.. ring... the 70's are calling...)

And if I'm going to buy new heels they have to be extremely sexy.

But enough about footwear for the moment.

Master stared at me most of the night as we watched movies and talked. When we went to bed (with our new bedding set) I was a bit more aggressive than usual, and it seemed to turn Master on a bit. ;-) While we were kissing as He pushed into me, He slipped His tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it. He loves that. And I really enjoy doing that. Sounds weird though doesn't it? Sucking on someone's tongue? But it's erotic.

The sex was incredible. First He had me on my back, and did all sorts of naughty fun things, before having me get on all fours and fucked me hard while I reached back and played with His balls.

As soon as we were done I got undressed, He laid down and announced that He was ready to sleep now, which I couldn't help but giggle at.

So we curled up and fell asleep.

My sex drive has been down lately, mainly because we really haven't had a lot of time and/or energy for sex lately. So it's like my sex drive went into hibernation. But it's back!

Today I had to wear what I call my comfy clothes, because I was doing our laundry. My comfy clothes consist of gray cloth athletic pants, and a gray long sleeved shirt. Not very sexy, but it gets the job done. And doing our laundry takes forever because it takes about three spins in the dryer, per load, for the clothes to actually come out ya know... dry.

But during one of my trips from our apartment to the basement, Master was standing up and stretching. I walked up to Him, hugged Him, and kissed His chest. He hugged me back and then snaked His hands down my back, under my pants, and onto my ass while He looked down at me with this smirk on His face asking me how I had slept last night. I laughed and told Him I had slept just fine. He said that He had slept deeply as well. We kissed a couple of times and then He smacked me on the ass, and let me pass so I could go check on the laundry.

When the laundry was finally done and put away, Master and I were sitting in the living room. I was still in my comfy clothes because I wasn't sure what we were doing for dinner, and if I would have to leave the apartment. But Master had other plans. He called me over to Him, and then kissed me and ordered me to the bedroom.

I took off my pants, and He helped me out of my shirt as He stood behind me. Once I was nude He played with my tits before quickly spinning me around so that I was facing Him and then literally pushing me back onto the bed. I teasingly told Him that that was very rude.

"Oh really?" was His reply.

He crawled onto the bed as well, forced my legs apart, and shoved His cock into me with no warning or real "warm up". As He did so He growled into my ear, "Pushing you onto the bed wasn't rude, forcing you open might be, however."

The tone He said this in made me gush, which made shoving the last inch or two of His cock into me much easier. *smirks*

He pinned me down to the bed by my wrists, and had His way with me. Again, amazing sex.

The rest of the day has been spent being lazy, watching stuff on His Xbox 360. and just cracking jokes and having fun with one another.

November 27, 2009

New Bedding!

Today after Master and I got up we relaxed for a little while and then started our errands for the day.

First we dropped off our rent check. Then we headed to a local store. Originally we were going in there to buy rabbit food and rabbit litter, which we did. But while we were in there I remembered that Master had been talking about getting a new pillow, and I had asked Him if we could get new bedding soon. So we did that as well.

I love bed in a bag. It is the easiest way to buy bedding, seriously. Master prefers darker bedding, so I found one that was gray and black.

After that we went to the cell phone store and Master got a new phone and has a cell phone again! Yay! Although admittedly I'm a little jealous. He has talk, text, and mobile web! :-( No fair!

Ya see, I'm on my mother's cell phone plan and I'm locked into that until about May of next year. And I can't text or have mobile web. Just plain old phone calls. And I am such a gadget geek that it's not even funny. But once my contract under my mother's cell phone plan is up, I'm switching over to Master's. And I'll get a new phone at that time.

Once we got home we took the garbage out, I talked to my mom for a little while, and I put the new bedding on the bed. It feels really soft and oh so comfortable. Yay! I love new bedding. I have no idea why. Also I put all of Master's old contacts into His new phone.

We went out to dinner tonight, and had a good time. We watched a movie called Stan Helsing. Normally I like parody movies, but dear gods this thing sucked. It was really just horrible jokes with tits and ass thrown in. Horrible movie.

Now I'm off to go take my bath and get dressed up for Master.

November 26, 2009

It's Turkey Day. Yay or Something.

Master and I didn't get out of bed until about noon. Once we were awake He took His shower, and I knelt outside the bathroom door. After that I made Him coffee and we relaxed a bit.

Master doesn't enjoy the holidays. He doesn't like driving to everyone's house and having to make the rounds. He says He likes my family, but that He just never understood the point of it. His family never made a big deal out of Thanksgiving, and honestly neither did mine.

It was always just a day that you stopped by and saw your family members and then ate dinner. That was it. Quite honestly Master and I go through this every holiday. He doesn't want to go, and I sit there and try to explain why I do go. It's not necessarily that I want to go. Although I do enjoy visiting with my mom and then my dad. And I know that it's a lot going to both houses, and then sometimes a third house depending on if my grandfather wants to go to my dad's or have everyone come out to his place. It's more of a thing where I would feel really weird if I didn't make the rounds on Thanksgiving and then of course Christmas. It's what we've always done, and both sides of the family (my mother's and my father's) that are local or that I even interact with, regardless if they are local or not, are dwindling.

And it sucks, cause really nothing different happens on Thanksgiving then it would any other family visit. And today made that very, very apparent.

Around 1:30pm I got dressed and headed out, by myself. Master stayed home. I admittedly wasn't happy about it but whatever. He didn't want to go. He wanted to stay home, so that's what He did.

First I went to my mother's. Her husband asked me all sorts of annoying questions. I stayed about an hour. My mother said she understood, because I was already dreading going to my dad's house, I already had a headache, and a 45 minute drive home.

So then I go to my dad's house. I walk in and his girlfriend, DW, is sitting in the living room as is my grandfather. DW's two sons are in their bedrooms, my brother isn't there, and neither is my uncle. So I sit down and I notice that the main bedroom door is shut, so I figure my dad is in there. I talk for a few minutes and then ask, "Where's Dad?"

Apparently he had to work, and wouldn't be getting out of work for five hours. Okay. So I came over here to visit with my dad's girlfriend and my grandfather? Joy. My grandfather is 70 and I think is going a bit senile in all seriousness. I still love him, but um... he says some really offensive things sometimes. Today was no exception.

DW and my dad also have two birds. Two very loud and annoying birds. So it didn't take long for my headache to become a full on migraine. So I told them that I wasn't feeling well, and showed myself out the door.

On the drive home my migraine became worse. It got to the point that it was causing piercing pain in my eyes, and had completely wrapped my head. I could feel my pulse in both temples and the back of my head was throbbing. So I laid down and Master and I talked.

Even though I wish He would have been there with me today, I didn't let it affect my mood. I apologized in advance for any tone or "pissed off type" movements I may make, and explained that I had one hell of a migraine. He's seen me with very bad migraines before, and said He understood. I wanted to explain to Him that my mood was due to my migraine, and not anything else because I didn't want anything being misread.

I love my Husband. And I know He likes my family, and my family likes Him. But when it comes to Thanksgiving or Christmas it can be like pulling teeth to get Him to "make the rounds" with me. It's been like that for as long as we've been together, and I don't see it changing. But He did promise that come Christmas, He'd go visit everyone with me.

Since I've been home, we've watched a couple of movies, and I took my bath. He was also kind enough to work on my neck, which helped release some of the pressure in my head. I've taken about three Tylenol since I've been home and finally it is dying down.

November 25, 2009

Four Day Weekend!!!!

This morning was the last day that BC would take me to work. So the entire ride there I was bugging him about how he better not fall off of the face of the Earth just because we weren't carpooling anymore. *laughs* I told him we should get together sometime and hang out, ya know.. outside of his truck. He agreed and I gave him a hug before heading into work.

Today was busy, busy, busy at work. That is until we were told we could leave at noon. But those four hours of work were pretty hectic.

So I left at noon, and took the bus home.

Once I got home I got undressed and had one killer headache. So I laid down for a little bit with the lights off and drifted off for about 20 minutes. It didn't help much, unfortunately.

Master got home shortly after 3:30pm. I'm sure He was glad that He saw that I was already home so He wouldn't have to turn around and come pick me up from work.. *giggles*

Although shortly after He sat down He looked down at His hand and realized that His wedding ring was missing. He started looking around the living room and asked me to go out to the car and look inside His work gloves. I did, and thankfully it was inside one of the fingers of the glove. *deep sigh of relief*

Master had taken the tylenol to work with Him so He could take some on His lunch break. So I was grateful to find the bottle of tylenol in His lunch tote. I immediatley took one, although the headache isn't fully gone yet. It's like my head hates me today.

Also, I had taken a nice chunk out of my pinkie at work today. It's not like it's to the point where I can see bone or anything, but it fucking hurts! Every time it brushes up against something I wince. So I put a band-aid on it. (A batman band-aid! *nananananana band-aid!*) It's a little bit of cushion between the piece of skin that is missing and whatever the hell it rubs up against.

Tomorrow Master and I are sleeping in, and then going to my mother's. After that, we are going to my dad's, where we will have to deal with my grandfather.

I love my grandfather. I do. But he's 70 years old and basically doesn't give a shit what people think of what he says. And he loves telling anyone who is around who owes him money, and how much he's done for everyone, and so on and so forth.

Like I said. I love the old man, but it gets old after a time hearing that stuff. And then he likes to talk shit about my mother as well, even though she was part of his family for 25 years.

But who knows. Maybe tomorrow will be different. I haven't seen him since last Christmas. Things might have changed. It's just whether it was changes for the better or the worse that remains to be seen.

November 24, 2009

No Snappy Title

Yes. I am getting lazy with the titles of my posts recently. I honestly just haven't been able to come up with anything. *shrugs* Maybe it's because lately I've mainly been talking about work and miscellaneous things going on in our lives.

It seems whenever kink or hot sex is involved (or both) it is easier to come up with a title.

And I'm not complaining mind you. Master and I have both been exhausted once we get home from work lately. Normally my job isn't so tiring but all last week, and so far this week, it has been mentally draining. So I'm exhausted by the time I clock out and head home.

Master's job is very physically demanding and He has not had enough time at said job to get used to it yet. So again, He is exhausted once He gets home.

Apparently tomorrow I have the possibility of getting out of work early. So I may be taking the bus home. If I do that would be wonderful. I'd be able to kick off my four day weekend a little early and have more time with Master.

Here's hoping!!

Aside from work and Master and I relaxing when we get home, there isn't a lot going on. We go to work, we come home, we eat dinner, maybe watch a movie, and then just spend the rest of the night trying to relax and enjoy our time with one another.

So there isn't a lot to report here on the blog. I feel like I'm boring you all to death. *laughs*

But hopefully with this four day weekend coming up Master and I will have the time and energy to do some naughty things to one another. ;-)

November 23, 2009

Monday Down...

.. tomorrow and Wednesday to go.

Last night Master and I retired to the bedroom, where we had great sex. We then promptly curled up and fell the hell asleep. This morning He got up and went to work, waking me long enough to say goodbye. When the alarm went off the second time, it was my turn to drag myself from the warmth and comfort of our bed.

I got ready for work, and BC picked me up shortly there after.

Work today was extremely busy. And apparently it was for Master as well. We told one another how our days had gone when He picked me up from work and we were gladly on our way home.

Once home Master took His shower, and we had received Identity from Netflix, so we tried to watch it. Sadly, the disc was cracked so it wouldn't play. :-( I reported the problem to Netflix and they are sending us another copy of the movie. I love Identity. It's a very interesting twist and turn type movie. In fact when I was in college, I did a report on the movie for my Psychology class. I got an A+ on it.

Man do I miss college sometimes. I sometimes miss the homework! *gasp* But I really have no need to go back at this point. I have a good job, that I enjoy. Maybe later on down the road.

So instead we watched Underworld. Yesterday, while Master and I were out running errands, we had picked up the entire Underworld movie collection.

Now Master and I just have to get through tomorrow and Wednesday and we can kick off our four day weekend. The only downside is that on Thursday we have to make the rounds to our family members.

I don't mind seeing my family members, I really don't. But all of them that are somewhat local in the same day? Yeah. Tiring. And we don't know if we are going to go see His mother or not.

He had called her on Saturday, and she never returned our call. She's probably pissy that we haven't come down to see her fiance, KB, yet. But um.. hello! That's why we were calling on Saturday, to set up a time to come down! Master even stated that in His voice mail message. So I don't know what her damage is.

But tonight my left leg and hip are bothering me. Master's back is bothering Him. So we're taking it easy, watching movies, and that sort of thing, while making one another laugh, to let off the stresses of our work days.

Oh the laughs that we have had over the years. :-) That sarcastic caveman of mine can still have me laughing until my sides hurt. It's one of the reasons why I love Him so much.

November 22, 2009

Errands Day

Last night SS ended up calling us because her friends had stood her up. So she was pissed and wanted to vent. She invited us out, and so we met her at a bar. SS and Master each had about two drinks. I stuck with one, because I didn't really feel like drinking anyway. From there we went to grab a bite to eat. It was a good evening once SS calmed down.

When we got home Master and I got undressed, and then went to bed.

This morning I slept in until about 11:30am. Master had been awake already for a little while. I made Him coffee and then He took His shower. Shortly there after we headed out. We got the car an oil change and got a brake light replaced on it. We also bought a couple of DVDs, a hat and new gloves for me (I already had new gloves but they weren't thick enough, so I got another new pair), and Master got a new watch. On the way home we picked up dog food and treats.

Once home, Master replaced a burnt out light bulb, I took the dog out, and we sat down, ate dinner and watched one of the movies.

Thankfully this upcoming week is only a three day work week, due to Thanksgiving. But for me, I really don't know what the hell is going to be going on at work. It could be extremely busy, or dreadfully slow. So needless to say I can't wait for Wednesday evening to be here.

We couldn't get Master's cell phone turned back on today because the store was closed. Master says that we can do it tomorrow after He picks me up from work, and I know that the store will still be open at that time, but I also know that whether or not it gets done tomorrow depends on how Master is feeling by that time.

His new job is very physical, and it's all repetitive motions, so I know He is very sore and tired by the time He gets home, let alone by the time He picks me up from work.

But starting on the 30th He won't have to worry about that because I found two people at work to carpool with. This will be cheaper in gas, and also it will be less wear and tear on the vehicle, which is always a good thing.

So yeah, that's our day so far.

I still have to take a bath and relax some more with Master so we can have some down time together. So I'm off!

November 21, 2009

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

Well after Master got home from work we sat in the living room for a little while and chilled. Around 3pm He decided He was very tired and was going to go take a nap. He told me to wake up at 5pm.

So I stayed up and took care of the animals, and did random bullshit to keep myself amused.

And dear gods.... I've forgotten what it's like to have to entertain myself for a couple of hours with no one to talk to but the dog. I played video games, but got bored with it. I browsed the internet, and got bored with that as well. Blah! I was all too happy to wake Him up at 5pm.

I mean normally when we're home together we're each doing our own things, but we talk to one another and crack jokes. And I don't know, it's just different.

After He was awake we ordered pizza for dinner. We've been doing that a lot lately. We haven't really had the energy to go grocery shopping, and tonight we were just being lazy about it. We didn't get His cell phone turned back on because He didn't want to go to the store today.

But tomorrow we have to get an oil change for the car, and then if the cell phone place is open, hopefully get that done as well.

The good thing is that we each only work three days this up coming week. But Thursday we have to do the "family tour".

Ya know, I don't really care that my parents are divorced, but damn would it be easier if they were still married. Then I would only have to go to one house during the holidays.

The Weekend May Begin

Today Master had to get up at 4am. I had set the alarm, and I woke up long enough to make sure that He was awake and out of bed. I then went back to sleep. He woke me up to say goodbye like He does whenever He has to go to work. I kissed Him and He then told me to go back to sleep.

I got up around 10am. I took the dog out and then relaxed in the living room. Master was getting out of work at 11am, so around 10:30am I unlocked the apartment door and just waited for Him.

He walked in and had brought in the mail, so we sorted through that before He told me about His day at work. Now He is watching something on His Xbox 360 and I'm just relaxing.

I should have taken the car in for an oil change today because the place that we normally take it is closed tomorrow. But we talked about it and decided we would just take it to a different place tomorrow. Fine by me!

We might be going to the cell phone store today, to turn Master's cell phone back on. He is thinking about upgrading His phone. But for now Master just wants to relax. I don't blame Him for that, at all.

But I am hoping that we get His cell turned back on today, because I would feel better about Him having a cell phone.

Before He got this job, when we had it turned off, I wasn't to keen on doing so. I feel better knowing that He has one. Especially as we get closer to winter. But we couldn't afford it at the time. So off it went. Now that He is working again, and we can afford it... I just want it back on so I know He has one.

November 20, 2009

My Legs Are Jelly

Seriously. I'm surprised I can walk right now without wincing every step. And no, it's not because of sex. You perverts.

Master and I both went to work today. And for part of my job I run to different levels of the building, four times a day. Today, I had to go to all five floors each of those four times. Normally I will take the elevator at some point. Ya know, because I'm lazy. Well today I couldn't. The elevator was down. So I went up and down five flights of stairs, plus walked all five floors, four times today. So by the end of the day my legs already were bugging me.

Master got out of work at 3:30pm and called me when He got home. He asked me if I could take the bus home. He had pulled something in His back at work and was just beat to hell. I sighed, knowing that my legs were already bothering me. But I knew that Master's back had been bothering Him for about a month now, and with Him not used to the work load at His new job.. it was probably a lot worse.

So I said, "Yes Sir."

And I got my happy tail on the bus after work. The bus was late. Then it stopped at a red light a few stops down for 10 fucking minutes because they were changing out the bus drivers. And there was a drunk guy who was doing chin ups on the bars along the walkway of the bus. Joy.

Then the bus parked five stops away from where I normally get off the bus. So I started walking. And I got hit on by a kid (I say that because he must have been younger than me...) walked up beside me, who had also gotten off the bus and asked if I had a lighter. I let him borrow it, and quickly made it known that I was married. He asked me stuff like how long Master and I had been together.. that sort of thing. I was honest. And he said that was great, but still wanted to give me his number. I declined, and thankfully he was cool about. He didn't freak out or anything. He went his way and I continued walking home. Once I got home Master and I went out for dinner.

He has to work mandatory overtime tomorrow. So He has to get up at 4am. :-( No sex for us tonight.

Then once He gets home I should take the car in for an oil change and we are hoping to get Master's cell phone turned back on if the store is still open.

November 19, 2009

Can't Think of a Title

Work is currently draining my ability to think coherently. So I decided screw tying to think of a title. *laughs*

Work was very, very busy today. There is a lot of hustle and bustle at the office currently. Way to much work. Thankfully my coworker, whom I normally bitch about, is actually doing her job and helping me when I need it. I appreciate it and have been telling her that as well.

I also had to thank her today because sometimes when I get stressed for a prolonged period of time, such as I was at work today, it seems to some how effect my blood sugar.

About two hours before the end of my shift, my blood sugar plummeted. My hands were shaking, my eyes couldn't focus very well, and I had one hell of a headache. I got some coffee, to try and get some sugar in my system. The theory behind that is I take my coffee as so: "I'd like a little coffee with my sugar please."

But that wasn't cutting it. At least not fast enough. My coworker saw my hands shaking when I reached for some paperwork and she asked if I was okay. I told her that I am hypoglycemic and that my blood sugar was really low. I didn't have any change on me for the vending machine. She rummaged around in her desk and pulled out some candy. She handed it to me and said she understood, because her brother is the same way. I thanked her and the candy did the trick.

However, since my job is 95% data entry, and we were very busy today my right hand is hurting me. It feels really tight and my fingers won't stop cracking when I flex them. So I think I will cut this post short and give my hand a rest.

One more thing before I go.

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday.

November 18, 2009

Hump Day

Well it's Wednesday.

I don't really have a lot to blog about right now. Master and I have been getting up in the morning, going to work, and then He picks me up from work after He gets out. We go home, we eat dinner, we watch a movie, and we go to bed.

Master is still trying to get used to His new sleep schedule and being on His feet for 8 hours a day. So He's tired and sore when He gets home.

Me? My job is stressful at the moment. Busy, busy, busy. The whole company is running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It's crazy. But it shouldn't be to much longer before we calm back down and this massive rush of work is done with.

Tonight we watched Iron Man. Once the movie was done, I sat at the foot of His recliner and rested my head against His leg. He played with my hair a bit (which I love) and asked me what was up. I just smiled at Him and said that since He started His new job we hadn't been cuddling a lot lately because this whole week we've both been exhausted. And yes. I realize it's only been two days. But Master and I are highly affectionate with one another, so when we don't cuddle and all that except when we're sleeping, I miss it rather quickly.

He apologized and I told Him not to worry about it because I've been very tired and sore as well. So I completely understand... I just wanted a little bit of attention.

He smiled and scratched me behind my ear. Now Master is playing a video game and trying to get His muscles to relax. I'm just trying to stay awake. Plain and simple.

So where as it is hump day, I doubt that any actual humping is going to occur. Like I said, I understand... Plus I'm sure we'll make up for it this weekend. ;-)

November 17, 2009

Sleep Is Our Friend

Last night Master and I were both extremely tired. I apparently worked a 10.17 hour work day yesterday, according to my time clock at work. No wonder I was exhausted.

But Master and I stayed up until our normal bedtime of 11pm, talking and just enjoying being home with one another. When we went to bed, we quickly passed the hell out.

This morning His alarm went off at 6am. I reset the alarm for myself once I was sure He was awake and out of bed. He woke me up to say goodbye and give me a kiss. I got out of bed at 6:45am. I could have just gotten up when He did, but that extra half hour of sleep or so is important. *nods*

I got up and got ready for work. It was weird having to make sure the dog was put away, that the coffee pot was unplugged and turned off... etc. Master has been home for the past two months, so He did all of those things in the morning. Now that He is on an earlier shift than I am, that's my job. I think I must have checked everything at least three times to make sure it was all squared away before I finally walked out the door.

Today was extremely busy at work for the first four hours or so. Then after that? I was bored to tears.

News on the KB front. (You know, the fiance of my mother-in-law who just had quadruple bypass surgery... yeah that guy.) He came home yesterday.

He can't go back to work for eight more weeks. And since they are not yet married my mother-in-law can't take FMLA. Although they couldn't really afford for her to do that anyway. But really, KB should have someone home with him while he recovers for the next two weeks or so.

But their plan is for her to go to work, come home on her lunch break to check on him, go back to work, and then spend the evening with him. I'm honestly not to sure that's the best idea in the world... but it's not my relationship, not my health, and not my business. So I don't comment on it to them.

I'll be glad when this week, and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week are done. Next week I get a four day weekend and so does Master! Yay!

Again Master is sore, and we are both tired. But soon enough He'll be used to His new job and it'll get easier.

November 16, 2009

Very Proud Of My Hubby

Last night Master and I retired to the bedroom. It was about 11pm and He asked me if I was tired. I said no, and He said "Good", and pulled me close to Him. He claimed me once again, and it was again incredible. *sighs happily*

We then curled up and drifted off to sleep.

Well actually neither of us slept very well. Whenever I know I have to get up earlier than my usual time on a work day, I never sleep well because I'm afraid of sleeping through the alarm clock going off.

And Master didn't sleep well because He knew He had to get up and be off to His first day of work.

He was up before I was, and I got up at 5am. Poor Daddy. :-(

I got dressed for work and I have to say that I am loving my new boots and jacket. Both are very comfortable, and I love the look of them.

We talked for a while before BC picked me up. I wished Him luck on His first day, gave Him a kiss, and headed out the door.

I started work at 6am. And even though Master was only without a job for a little over two months, I got very used to Him calling me throughout the day. I missed hearing from Him. But I was also very glad to know that He was at His new job.

He did call me a little after 3:30pm to let met know He was home from work and that He would be able to pick me up so I didn't have to take the bus.

On the way home He told me all about His day and I couldn't help but feel this smile creep across my face. I am so happy for Him. It sounds like this job is going to work out well for Him, and I am very proud of Him for sticking with it and for continuing to contact the job during the two months that He was waiting for an interview to be scheduled. His persistence paid off, and now He's working there! Yay Master!

Once we got home Master took a shower, as He didn't have time to do that before He picked me up from work. I then took care of the dog, ran down to the store and grabbed some things we needed, and then picked up a pizza for dinner. We need to go grocery shopping and we were both to tired and lazy to do it tonight.

Now we're just relaxing and getting through the evening. It's nice to relax with one another and not have to worry about Him getting a call in the middle of the night to go into work, like at His last job.

So another work day for the both of us tomorrow.

November 15, 2009

Shopping Adventure

Okay, so it really wasn't an adventure per say. But Master and I hardly ever go shopping for clothes/jackets/shoes together.

Normally it's for games, or movies, or electronics.. you know. The fun stuff!

I much prefer shopping for electronics, personally.

But Master needed some new clothes for His job that He starts tomorrow, and I needed a new jacket and new shoes for work. So off to the mall we went.

We hit Sears first and Master found literally everything He needed there. First we found Him a new pair of steel toes. They were a bit pricey, but He wanted a taller pair of steel toes to give Him more ankle support and they look like they can take a beating. So bonus there. He tried on two different pairs, decided which ones He liked more, and that was done.

From there we went over to the men's clothing. He got two new denim shirts. (His job suggested that He wear those unless He would like to buy a uniform through them, which He may do at a later point.) We also had decided that He should get a separate jacket to wear specifically to work and back, since it would most like get extremely dirty. So He found a jacket that He liked. Okay, that was the end of His shopping, well as far as needs went.

So we remain in Sears and go over to the women's shoes. He pointed out one pair, that I kinda liked. I tried them on and noticed that there wasn't a lot of cushion to the sole of the boot. I had started to just say fuck it, and buy the pair anyway because I hate shoe shopping. But Master said that since I walk so much at work, that I should make sure they are comfortable. Yes Master.

So we look around a little bit more and He pointed out another pair. I loved the look of them, and they were very comfy. So we got those.

I also needed a new jacket. My leather jacket, which I love, has rips all over the lining, and also the zipper broke and only works when it wants to. So we went to the jackets section, but I'm very particular about my jackets. I didn't see any I liked. So we left that store.

While we walked around Master ducked into a game store and purchased another game that we both like, so that we can fight each other on it when the mood strikes. That was the only "fun" thing we got today. I'm proud of us.

We hit three different clothing stores, each time I couldn't find a jacket. Blah!

I was about to give up hope, but I knew I needed a new jacket like now. So we stopped at one final clothing store. By this point I was getting a little dizzy cause I needed something to eat. And also as I said I hate clothes shopping, so I was getting annoyed. But thankfully we found a jacket for me! I love it. It's very comfortable. It was more expensive than I normally like, but my jackets normally last me a few years. So I couldn't really complain.

We came home, ate dinner, put everything away and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

We both have to get up before the sun rises tomorrow, but neither of us are tired and it's damn near 10pm. Blah.

But we've been having incredible sex.

Last night Master had me wear one of my new outfits. He had me get out of it and He was all over me. He was biting every inch of skin He could get His teeth on. My back, my throat, my thighs, my tits, my ass... everything. It was very hot.

He was very rough and verbal when He fucked me and I was cum drunk by the time we curled up and fell asleep.

Then this morning He wakes me up by fucking me again. That is so much better than an alarm clock. ;-)

November 14, 2009


Today we went down to my mother's for a little while. I have been spacey all damn day because I took a Benadryl. Non-drowsy my tail. After we went to my mother's we had an early dinner and then went to a store to get rabbit food.

When we got home I ended up falling asleep on my slave mat. I couldn't really wake up very easily. Master would tell me to get up and it was like I was in a haze. So Master suggested that I go take my bath and put on one of my new outfits. While I did that I asked Him to make me some coffee so I could wake up a bit more.

So here I am, clean, in a new outfit, drinking coffee at 9pm.

I like this new outfit. But it made me realize how much I do not like my stomach. I have put on about 10 - 15 lbs in the past year or so, and I don't like it. Master says I look great. That He loves the way I look. But I personally feel that I could stand to lose about... you guessed it... 10 - 15 lbs. It's a small weight loss goal.

But I know that as a body ages, it seems to be harder to get rid of unwanted weight gain. So I figure I'm 26 now, turning 27 in March, I might as well try to get rid of it now, and keep it off. Rather than letting it go and ending up with more weight gain and a lower self-esteem.

For those of you who are wondering.. I'm 5ft1 and around 120 lbs right now. No, that isn't a typo. And please no comments of "Pffftt... 120 lbs. Shut up little girl."

This is about my own self image, which is somewhat fragile at times. I need to stop eating so much junk. I think when we go grocery shopping I'll ask Master if I can buy some healthier snacks for when I'm at work. This will not only help with weight loss, but will also help me feel better all around. Or at least I'm hoping it does.

Now I just have to figure out what kind of healthy snacks would be easy to have at work. Research here I come.

Instead of a bag of chips.. maybe some Sun Chips, which taste really good and are good for you. I'll just have to keep a closer eye on things. I don't want to "let myself go". I want to remain attractive to Master. I know He still finds me attractive. I weighed about as much as I do now when we first met, if not a little bit more.

But I also want to continue feeling good about myself. I would like to get a small exercise routine going as well. That is more for health issues and for helping my fibromyalgia as well. Stretching and things of that nature help control fibromyalgia flair ups. Or at least they do in my case.

So I am going to ask Master to help me with this goal of mine, by helping me eat less healthy foods. Or at least not such big portions of it. And having me keep up on such things.

Before I Forget

This is to make up for my lack of posting yesterday. It was a very long, busy day.

BC picked me up and took me to work. Work was okay, but I found out that due to the move that the company is making in a couple of weeks we are going to be slammed between now and then. Joy. So maybe it's a good thing that BC has to pick me up at 5:15am on Monday. I'll get some extra hours in and be able to at least try and get a head start.

I got out of work at noon. Master picked me up and we were going to meet His dad for lunch at 1pm. Well Master took the scenic route home. That was nice. Sometimes I just enjoy the long way home ya know? We still would have shown up about a half an hour early, so Master asked if I wanted to get some new stockings. I blinked and said, "You want to go to the porn shop before we go have lunch with Your dad?" He shrugged and said, "Why not?"

Okay then. *laughs*

See when I get new stockings they are usually from the local porn shop. So off to the porn shop we go! Well, Master bought me a new pair of thigh high stockings, two new outfits, and a tank top I found in there that I love which reads, "Real women have tattoos." :-D

So we got back in the car after checking out and went to the resturant where we were supposed to meet up.

Well, I got to meet my father-in-law for the first time. And Master got to meet His two younger half-sisters for the first time. I got a nice big hug right away and he said that he was glad to finally meet me. My father-in-law is taller than Master. And Master is 6ft4.

And with me being only 5ft1 I felt bad that he had to hunch over so far to give me a hug.

So we sat down and had lunch. It was great! We talked and exchanged stories. It was a blast and a half. I really like him. He's a very down to earth guy.

This may sound like a weird way to explain it, but I'm going to try anyway. My mother-in-law when I first met her would say things "behind my back" to Master about how I was so young, and later on down the line I might decide to leave Him because He was "to old" for me. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

So that didn't start us off on the right foot. And also, my mother-in-law is a very.... white collar person. A yuppie if you will. And while there is nothing wrong with that, I've never really been comfortable around yuppies. I don't fit in with them. I have a white collar job, but I always have been and always will be a blue collar girl. Just like Master. He is a very blue collar type person.

I grew up in a blue collar family, on both sides. And it doesn't help that whenever Christmas or my birthday comes around my mother-in-law buys me clothes. Which is nice of her, but she buys me clothes that I would call "work clothes". Ya know, clothes that are appropriate for the office. Which is great! Saves me the trouble of having to buy them. But then she asks me why I never wear them outside of work. And I have tried to explain to her that that isn't my style of dress outside of work. I'm a jeans and a t-shirt kind of gal. And she harps on me about it. And I end up feeling like she is trying to play dress up with a doll and make me into a younger version of herself. (Ew! Bad! No!)

Where as for the short period of time that I got to visit with my father-in-law, I could instantly tell that he is also a blue collar individual. So I felt very, very relaxed around him. As if I was talking to my own father. Ya know?

So anywho. We leave and as we're leaving my father-in-law notices that one of Master's half sisters who is all of 12 years old, is taller than me. He starts picking on me about it and I just laugh with him. I'm used to it, and it in good humor. It wasn't like he was pointing and laughing.

We go home for about a half and hour and then go down to my father's house. We had originally planned to do that today, but yesterday afternoon worked better for my dad. So okay. We went down there for a few hours. I hadn't seen my dad in a couple of months, so it felt good to catch up with him.

After that, we came home again and SS calls and says she can't come over until about 11pm. I said that was fine. So she comes over, and we hang out for a bit. We go to a local bar and have a few drinks and talk about this, that and the other. Around 1:30am we come back to our apartment and talk until 3:30am. She decided to head home and get some sleep.

I was somewhat thankful for that. Not because I wasn't having a good time, but because I had been up since 6:30am Friday morning. I was a tired kitten.

So Master and I drag ourselves to the bedroom and go to sleep.

Today we are going down to my mother's house. I'm surprised I got up at 9:30am today, since we went to bed so late. But the phone rang and I noticed Master wasn't in bed anymore, so I couldn't fall back asleep. So here I am typing out this novel of a blog post. *giggles*

I'm sure I'll do another post at some point today. But there you have it. Our fun filled Friday. :-)

November 12, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

Thursdays suck. You're almost to the weekend, but not quite. Blah.

Last night Master and I retired to the bedroom. We were both tired, but I was still horny. We laid down and Master cradled my head in His arm and stroked my hair. He asked if I wanted to sleep. I said, "Well I am tired, but I'm horny too."

He suggested that maybe I should get some sleep because He knew how tired I was and He doesn't want me not getting enough sleep and then end up getting sick or something. I signed and nuzzled His chest and said, "But I want You."

He kissed my forehead and I sighed again and said, "I understand Master."

Ya see, if I get sick.. I then run the high chance of getting Him sick. And since He has an immune disorder, this is not a good thing. I could end up with the sniffles and then give Him whatever I have and from there it could escalate to Him having to go to the emergency room like it did two years ago.

So we curled up and fell asleep.

This morning as soon as BC called me to let me know he was here, I went into the bedroom and woke Master up so He could go to His physical for His upcoming job.

He called me around noon while I was at work. The physical took two hours. They took a urine sample, did a vision test, a hearing test, took a chest x-ray... all sorts of things. But He's a-okay.

He picked me up from work and we went home. We decided to be extremely lazy and ordered pizza for dinner. We watched Ice Harvest, which is a great movie, and relaxed.

We are having lunch with His father tomorrow around 1pm. (So shortly after I get out of work.) I called SS and she said she's not sure whether or not she has a babysitter for her youngest tomorrow or not and her oldest is giving her all kinds of hell. So I told her we'd play it by ear on that front. She said if nothing else maybe we'll hang out around 9 or 10pm because then her oldest will be home to watch the younger one. So I just reassured her that we'd just play it by ear and to not worry about it.

Master's mother called. KB is in a lot of pain but they are talking about sending him home on Monday. That... shocked me, to be perfectly honest. He just had a quadruple bypass surgery yesterday.

She asked if we wanted to come to the hospital to visit tonight. I told her no, because she had just got done telling me that they were moving him to a different room and all that.. so I figured he probably wouldn't want a lot of people around. She said tomorrow, I said we were booked. So then she asked about Saturday. Again. Also booked. And Sunday? We have shopping to do and I really want that day to Master and myself.

I'm not trying to be a bitch but, we have a lot going on this weekend and I personally think it would be best to wait until KB has had some time to rest and recoup a bit before we visit with him. Plus my sinuses have been kicking my butt and I don't want to be kicked out of the room, into the waiting area, because someone (whether it is a nurse, doctor, or my mother-in-law) thinks I have a cold or the flu.

November 11, 2009


It's a good news day!

First, for those of you who are wondering KB came out of his surgery just fine. He was in there from 7am until a little after 1pm. He is currently in ICU. We're not sure when we're going to go visit yet.

Okay. So on to the rest of the good news! You remember that job Master has been after since before He quit His last job? Well He had an interview with them last Thursday. Today the HR lead called Master and offered Him the job!

He has to go in for a physical tomorrow, and as long as that comes back fine (which I don't see a reason why it wouldn't) He starts work on Monday! I am very proud of Him. I think I must of told Him that at least 10 times today.

So yeah. This weekend, we are celebrating with our good friend SS. We already had plans to get together with her on Friday to celebrate Master winning His unemployment hearing. But now we have even more to celebrate!

Okay now that I've shared our good news, on to the boring stuff.. *laughs*

BC picked me up from work today. He seemed rather tired, but at least he's over his cold that I thankfully did not catch from him. We caught up a little bit and I headed into work shortly after he pulled up in front of the building. Work was actually pretty steady today. I'm hoping that tomorrow is an easy day. I'm very sore lately. I have no idea what is setting off my fibromyalgia but it needs to fucking stop already! Damn.

My right shoulder today felt like it was going to start twitching, so I had to sit there and stretch it for a while. That got me a few weird looks.

No one at my job knows I have fibromyalgia. I don't feel it's any of their business. So I just push through when it starts acting up.

After I was done stretching it, it then felt like it was one big rock. Much better. *rolls eyes* But now that I am home, with my wonderful Husband, and have taken a bath.. it feels a bit better.

It's only 9pm but I feel tired for some reason. I slept fine, so I'm not sure why I feel so worn out. But it doesn't matter. No way am I going to bed early unless Master says I have to. I am in a very good mood and want to enjoy it.

November 10, 2009


This post might be a bit short. Today has been a long day.

Master's back was messing with Him last night, so we just curled up and went to sleep. I had a fitful night of sleep. I mean I would only wake up for about five minutes here and there, but it felt like it was always happening. Gah. I hate that. Master apparently did not sleep well either. He said He had originally gotten up at 2am, but then went back to sleep for a while. However, He was awake before I got up when the alarms went off at 7am. Poor Master. :-(

The moment I got up I went into the living room and booted up the computer. While it was booting up I got dressed for work. Once that was done I checked the bank. Master's unemployment started coming in, so now we have some breathing room.

Master took me to work and work was insane. For the first half of the day, I was busy as hell. Then, after my lunch break I was bored out of my skull for a good two hours, before again I got busy. So I feel exhausted.

Master picked me up from work and we opted for fast food for dinner. Yummy. While we ate we watched Army of Darkness. Campy as hell, but a good movie. :-)

After that was done I did finances, and we caught up the one bill that was a month behind. Master also splurged just a little bit by getting another video game. And this weekend Master and I are going shopping. I need new shoes for work, and a new winter jacket.

My current winter jacket, which I've had for about three years now, is dying. *pouts* I love my jacket!!!! But I have to let it go. The zipper is broken to the point that I can't zip it up half the time. And when I can, I have to use a paperclip. Stupid zipper. And also the lining on the inside (the lining that isn't removable.. but that actual lining itself..) is ripped in three different places. So yeah. New jacket.

Also it seems that this weekend is going to be busy. Friday we are probably meeting up with His father. This will be my first time meeting my father-in-law. I'm a bit nervous. He seems to have a similar sense of humor to Master, so I should be fine.

Then we're going out with SS to celebrate Master's victory in the unemployment hearing.

And Saturday I am going down to my mother's for a while. Master isn't sure if He's going with or not. He said He would decide that on Friday.

Oh and then tomorrow we may or may not be going to visit KB. He is having his quadruple bypass surgery tomorrow, and we would like to stop by after I get out of work, but I'm not sure if he'll be up for visitors. So for now we're playing that one by ear.

November 9, 2009

Blindfolded Master

No. Seriously. He was the one blindfolded last night.

See, sometime last week I had mentioned to Master how being blindfolded, for me, heightens my other senses. Like when He growls in my ear or breathes a certain way when I'm blindfolded I gush. And how it is fun to never know quite what is coming next. And I told Him that I was curious about how it would be for Him to be the one that would be blindfolded, and I was also curious as to if it would do anything for me. Odd thoughts for a slave, granted. But Master wants me to be more verbal about these things. So I brought it up.

He said that we would see. He said He had no problem allowing me to do it, but wasn't sure when.

Well last night I brought it up again and Master said He was willing. Goes to show you how much He trusts me. Allowing me to blindfold Him and all. He is a very "in control" type person, but He was willing to let me take the lead on this. Thank You Master.

So we go into the bedroom and Master lays down. I had a nice outfit on, one of my personal favorites. So I was already feeling all kinds of sexy. I hand Him the blindfold, and He puts it on. One of the reasons why I waited until night time to bring up the blindfold idea again was because when I'm wearing it in the dark, versus when it's still light out, it seems much more effective.

So yeah, anyway, He has the blindfold on and He gets comfortable, while laying on His back. I start kissing Him and stroking His cock. He rubs my ass while I'm doing this. But then I moved away and started running my tongue along the underside of His dick.

An idea pops into my head and I ask Him to please just lay still. (I was moving away from Him and didn't want Him thinking I was leaving the room or anything, so I continued to talk to Him. I appreciate it when He does that for me, so I thought it might help Him since He's never been blindfolded before. I don't know if it did or not, but that was my thought process.)

I grab one of my other nighties that is close the the bed. It is silk, and oh so soft and slippery feeling. I gather it up and let it drape over His cock and balls. I then slip my hand inside of it and start moving the fabric along His length. I was going for a sensual and somewhat romantic thing I guess. He seemed to enjoy it, and for some reason it also turned me on.

I then took the fabric away after a while and continued to suck His cock and lick His balls. Then I couldn't stand it anymore. I straddled Him and hovered over Him a bit, kissing Him here and there. I started to rub my pussy, but made sure He could feel that. Basically my hand was not only rubbing my pussy, but the other side of my hand, while doing so, was also brushing against the head of His dick. He moaned, and I grinned.

I took Him inside me and started riding Him. It was amazing. I would look down and I knew He couldn't see me. He had no way to visually predict what I was about to do. And for some reason, that got me off. A lot. I remember sliding the top of my outfit down, and taking His hands in mine, leading them up to my tits. He kneaded them roughly, while I continued to rock against Him.

I came over, and over, and over again. I was louder than I usually am, and I was a bit more verbal than normal as well. As was He, in all honesty.

After about my 7th orgasm, I asked Master if He wanted to pull me by my legs, while I remained on top. He didn't sound to keen on that, so I quickly offered to change positions to reverse cowgirl. That seemed to please Him.

Before I changed positions, I asked if He wanted to take off the blindfold. He said that He did. I don't think it was because He wasn't enjoying it, I honestly think He just wanted to look at me.

So we changed positions and right before He came, I started rubbing the base of His cock as it slipped in and out of me, and came with Him. I enjoy feeling His orgasm both inside me, as well as with my fingers. It's very erotic.

I was high as a kite on endorphins at the end. I scented myself, gently cleaned Him off because He was very sensitive, and then laid next to Him and asked if He had enjoyed it. He said that He did.

I can't really explain why it turned me on so much. Maybe because I had some illusion of control? But I'm not sure that's it? Because I know damn well at any time He could have ripped the blindfold off and grabbed me, or hell He could have kept the blindfold on and grab me and force me to do what He wanted. Also, I was not even remotely bossy. I lead, but I never gave orders or told Him to do something besides "Master, please lay still okay?" That was it.

So I'm not sure what set me off (in a very good way) but gods did I enjoy that.

Perhaps we can think of other things along those lines, that we both might enjoy. :-)

November 8, 2009

Material Things

Something popped into my head just now, as I was watching Judge Judy on You Tube. Weird, I know. So I wanted to just get a blog post done about it.

On Saturday, when we were at my mother-in-law's and hanging out in the garage right before we left, KB had asked Master about the interview that He had on Thursday. So Master was explaining it. Master also explained that He had another company that was possibly interested in setting up and interview for Master.

As soon as that was out of His mouth His mother said something along the lines of, "Well maybe you could get both jobs!"

I looked at her a little weird. I mean, our goal right now is just to get Master employed. So we're taking this a step at a time. She sees this look on my face and she says, "Well if He works two jobs, and you keep working your one job you guys could buy a house in no time!"

I just blinked, and that was about it.

Okay yes, Master and I talk about owning a condo, or a townhouse, or whatever at some point in the future. But with how finances have been, we've been mainly focused on keeping our rent current. Which we are. Above all things, rent is paid in full and on time. We do not want a repeat performance of when we had back rent due and owing. Fuck that.

Also, we are focusing on keeping our bills paid. Again, they are. The phone and internet bill (which is through one company) is one month behind. But that will be rectified once Master's unemployment comes through. And then we will be also setting aside "emergency funds" from the back dated payments of His unemployment. Other than that, all of our bills are current. Which, needless to say is a hell of a lot better than where we were the last time we were skimming by on one paycheck.

So all and all I feel that Master and I are doing well. I'm not thinking about buying a home right now. Plus, to be honest with our credit we'd have to save up a large portion of money as a down payment.

So, what bothers me about her statement?

A few things.

One is that it always seems that no matter how well we're doing, it isn't good enough in her eyes. We should have a house, and two fully paid off cars right now, is the way she comes across when she talks about such things. Well we don't.

We have a two bedroom apartment and one fully paid off car that is in good repair. I'm not trying to live up to her standards. And I'm also not trying to keep up with her.

Sometimes when she talks that way I want to look at her and go, "Well you wouldn't even have your condo, fully paid off, and your $50,000 car, again fully paid off, if it wasn't for your last ex husband cheating on you and deciding he wanted to leave you for this other woman and then feeling guilty about it. Why? Because you got those things as a pay off in the divorce so you wouldn't go after your legal right to half of what his property and business was worth. Which in all honesty was significantly more."

That's the bitch in me coming out.

Second, I am also not a materialistic person.

Would I like to own a home? Yes, I would. I would love to. But that is not my main concern at the moment. It will happen eventually. I like my few creature comforts, and that's about it. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head.

There are other things on my "to do" list, that come way before saving up for a home.

You know, like paying off a loan that we have. (One more year!). Then there is getting a new computer so we have one that we don't have to worry about it dumping out on us.  And probably getting a second car.

And last but not least, I am not the type of person that believes in living to work. I work to live. Simple as that. And why the hell does Master have to work two jobs but I'm okay just working my 9 - 5? What the hell kind of bullshit is that? If we both want to own a home and the only way to do that is to generate as much money as we possibly can, and we are both physically and mentally capable of working... why shouldn't we both be working two jobs?

I would much rather have to save up a little bit longer, and each of us work one job, than one or both of us working two jobs and going, "Hey who are you?" when we happen to pass by one another in the hallway.

Life is short. I want to spend as much time with my Husband as I can. I don't want to look back on my life in say 30 years and go, "Wow. Yes I have nice things, but look at all that time that is gone that we could have had together." Fuck that.

Does that mean I don't sometimes tease myself by looking at condos and town homes? No. I totally do. It's nice to dream every now and again. But that doesn't mean I need it right now. It's a long term goal. One that will eventually be achieved.

One day, hopefully, my mother-in-law will learn that her goals and our goals are two totally different things.

Today Was Nice

Last night Master was still upset about what His mother had said. So we sat in the living room and talked for a while. Then, we went to bed and went to sleep.

Today Master woke me up, and He had already made coffee. So we sat in the living room trying to wake up. I have been horny most of the weekend. So when Master announced that He was going to go take His shower, I looked over and saw that He was standing up, and stretching. And well... His dick was just there, all lonely like.

So I quickly popped up from the computer chair and got on my knees in front of Him. I maneuvered His cock into my mouth and started sucking. He quickly grabbed my hair and from time to time would force me to change my pace. Eventually He allowed me to pull back and said, "So.. you don't want me to take my shower yet?"

I just giggled, grabbed His hand, and led Him back to the bedroom. He wants me to be more aggressive with such things, so I'm trying to do that. He laid down on the bed and started fingering me while He kissed and nuzzled. It then climbed on top of Him but we couldn't get His dick in me. I was really tight and I don't know if the angle was off or what. But we quickly fixed it by Him putting me on all fours and Him forcing Himself inside me.

It was our version of a quickie but dear gods was it amazing!

I cleaned Him off, scented myself, and then Master took His shower. Afterward, we both got dressed and drove off to a local game store. Master traded in a game, and for what He got in trade-in value, He was able to get a game He likes, as well as put down the rest of the trade-in value towards a pre order on a game that comes out in January, which really isn't that far off if you think about it.

When we got home He played His game, and I dicked around for a while. I talked to my mom, and then we watched a movie.

BC isn't able to take me to work for the next two days, so Master is taking me. At least I get a little extra time with Him.

I still need to take my bath tonight, and then relax some more with my Hubby. So I'm off!

November 7, 2009

Drawn Out Saturday

We had to get up by 10am today. I know, that sounds really late. I just hate having to be up by a certain time on the weekends, ya know?

Well the reason we had to be up is because we were going down to His mother's condo to help her fiance take the battery out of their boat. Master had been up since 8:30am, and I got up an hour later. So we didn't really need the alarm.

We went down there and shortly after we got there we all piled into their car and went to where they are storing their boat. Master did all of the heavy lifting, and put the batteries in the trunk of their car. From there they offered to treat us out to lunch. So we had lunch and apparently they had some other errands to run, which Master and I got stuck tagging along on because well... we were in their car. What could we do about it?


So after lunch we stop at a hobby store, and then a pharmacy. The day was actually going decent until we got to the hobby store. KB ran in to grab something and my mother-in-law, Master, and myself stayed in the car. That was the exact time where His mother decided to say something that just set Master right off.

It figures. Every single time we see this woman she has to find something to say or do that pisses off her son. Every. Damn. Time.

So once we got back to their condo we made quick work of saying goodbye and headed out. On the way home Master and I talked and He calmed down a little bit.

Once we got home I called my mom and then Master had me call SS. She couldn't come over tonight but said that next weekend we'd get together. So that's cool. Master and I had dinner and have been watching movies most of the evening.

So yeah, it was going fine until His mother decided to fuck it up. Although now Master seems to be calm and relaxed.

Oh and another thing I don't get about His mother? She loves giving out relationship advice to me. Funny. Master and I may have our problems from time to time but we always bounce back from them. Always. And it's been damn near seven years. See last night Master was making dinner and we had literally just realized that His mother had called. So He asked me to call her back because He was obviously busy making dinner.

She commented to me today that I shouldn't let Him treat me like I'm His secretary. *insert laughing and snorting noises here*

Then there is her and her fiance. She told me today that right before KB's heart attack they had a fight, like all couples do, and he is much like Master in so far as that if they feel that they are about to say or do something they know they will regret later, they leave and go for a drive or a walk. Smart, in my opinion.

So KB did that. He got in his truck and went for a drive. What does he come back to?

Well, it wasn't a calm fiance sitting there waiting for him to get home so they can talk. (That's what I do. I wait and then when He gets back, we talk.)

No. He came back to all of the doors to the condo being locked and all of his shit thrown into the garage. He had left his house keys in the condo. So he could only get into the garage. He called on the cell phone telling her to unlock the door and she refused for like a good half hour.

Yeah. That's a way to make your man feel wanted. What kind of high school bullshit is that? She's 57 years old for fuck's sake.

Oh. I know. I can get down right childish sometimes, but I have never once packed up my shit, or Master's shit and gone "Fuck you!"

In my mind, if you want to take it to the point that you are packing shit, or throwing it out of the house and then making sure they can't get back in? Yeah. You don't really want that relationship anymore.

I asked her what the fight was about. She said she couldn't remember.

I know some of my posts may sound like the world is crashing around me, when Master and I get into it. But when I post those I'm pretty raw emotionally and I do the post to get my head on straight. Well, as straight as it will get anyway. *laughs*

Perhaps she needs a healthier outlet rather than throwing his shit out.

November 6, 2009

At Least It's Friday

When the alarm went off this morning I had to force myself to get out of bed. It was one of those mornings where you don't immediately wake up once the alarm goes off.


Instead I laid there with my eyes still closed, some where between awake and dreaming. I at some point reached up and shut the alarm off. I continued to lay there trying to pry my eyes open. Eventually my brain kicked into gear and reminded me that I had to go to work. So I kissed Master's forehead, whispered "I love You" and then got out of bed.

I know He was asleep when I said it. But He smiled ever so slightly, which made me smile as well.

I got ready for work and when BC called to let me know he was parked outside, I went out there and he then dropped me off at my job.

Work was boring to the point that I really wasn't sure what to do with myself for most of the day. It sucks being bored at work. But at least I'm getting paid to be bored, right? Right.

Master picked me up from work and on the way home He had me call SS to see if she wanted to come over and hang out. She said that sounded great.

So Master and I picked up some snacks in case she wanted something to munch while we talked or watched movies.

However, when we got home I ended up having to call the cable company because our internet wasn't working. Thankfully they were able to fix it. That only took a half hour, instead of the usual two hours.

We ate dinner and SS called shortly there after to say she would have to cancel our plans. She had found out how her daughter was doing in school and let's just say it's not good. So she had to deal with all that. We said we understood and said that if she wanted to stop by tomorrow, to let us know.

Although we have to go to Master's mother's house because KB wants to take the battery out of their boat and wants Master's help. This is the same guy who is going in for the quadruple bypass surgery next week. Yeah. I have a feeling Master is going to be doing all the work there. Not that I'm saying KB should be doing such things, but they probably should have gotten the battery out long before November. Down side is if I go, then Master and KB will drive off to where the boat is and I'll be stuck at their condo with my mother-in-law answering all of her nosy ass questions.

Master said I can stay home, but I know that if I do not only will Master have to deal with His mother all by Himself, but they'll ask where I am.. why I didn't go.. etc and so on. Plus I don't want to spend a lot of time away from Master. It's the weekend. I want to spend as much time with Him as I possibly can.

So for tonight Master and I are relaxing. He was kind enough to work on my neck, which has been bothering me for the past couple of days.

Thankfully my stomach has settled. All day today they were laying asphalt in a parking lot across the street from where I work. So all I smelled today was fresh asphalt. Yuck. That was enough to make me feel nauseous.

Hopefully SS will want to come over tomorrow evening. It would be nice to hang out with her again. She is the only female I get along with on a consistent basis, and really about the only person outside of my Husband who I want to deal with lately unless it's over the phone.

November 5, 2009

A Boring Thursday

Master was already awake when my alarm went off. So I got some time with Him this morning, which was nice. BC was running a bit late picking me up, but I still made it to work on time.

Work was incredibly boring. Like I haven't been that bored at work in months. I thought the day was never going to end.

Master called me after His interview was done. He thinks it went well, so here is hoping! He also has another possible job interest that may be calling back to schedule an in person interview. So once again, much luck to my Master.

Also Master got a hold of unemployment. They said it could be anywhere between 10 to 14 days before He starts seeing the back pay that is owed to Him. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later, but one way or another we'll get by.

I found out that two people who work at the same place I do actually live in the same part of town that I do. And these two had decided that they were going to carpool to the new location (the move is on November 30th) to save on gas expenses. I asked if I could join their carpool. This is to not only save on gas, but wear and tear on the vehicle. Plus it'll make it easier for Master when He needs the car for work or what not. They said I could be part of the carpool, which rocks! It's gonna cost me $15 a week for gas. And if gas prices go up, then I chip in a bit more. That is way less than I would spend driving myself there and back. The only other "down side" is that on Mondays the girl who is going to be doing the driving, won't be able to drive us all the way home because she has to go to school. But instead she'll drop us off at a sheltered bus stop so we can take the bus home. I'm cool with that. It'll suck a bit in the winter, but it's a small price to pay.

That reminds me. I need to buy a new hat, and new gloves. *makes mental note of that* Maybe a scarf too.

I'm so glad I found people to carpool with. It helps everyone save money, and it also means that I don't have to directly deal with traffic.

So other than that, not a lot to report. My head has been hurting all day. I took an Excedrin and a Tylenol, but it's still not touching it. My head does not like me today apparently.

November 4, 2009

Good News, Bad News, Good News

Today has been a good news, bad news, good news kind of day.

BC picked me up and took me to work. Work was decent today. Although my left hip has been bothering me all day. I'm not sure why, but it is.

Shortly before my lunch break, Master called me. I was so happy to hear from Him, because I had just been thinking about Him. And I told Him that as soon as I picked up the phone. He started laughing. I found that odd at first and then He said, "Guess what I got?"

So I said, "A million dollars?"

"No. What did we do on Monday?"

And I was all, "No way!"

Yep. That's right. The decision from His unemployment hearing came today! Holy shit that was fast. Their previous decision has been reversed! He's now approved to receive unemployment benefits! Whoo-hoo! So now we just wait for the payments to go through. The paperwork says that could take anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks. So who knows. But the important thing is that He won the appeal! I am so proud of Him!

I couldn't stop smiling once I was off the phone with Him.

Then while I was on my lunch break, He called me again. This time it wasn't such good news. KB (my mother-in-law's fiance), had a heart attack a little over a month ago. Today he was going into to have more stints put in place. Well that didn't happen. Apparently they discovered that the stints that were already in place had already closed. So they decided not to put more stints in, and instead have scheduled a quadruple bypass surgery for next week.

Both of my grandfathers have had quadruple bypass surgeries, so I know what to expect. But still. It sucks. I'm sure he'll be fine, but it's going to be a long road to recovery.

Then, later in the afternoon Master calls me once more, again with good news! He has been trying to get in at a particular job since before He left His last one. (So about three months.) He had applied at this place because a good neighbor of ours works there and had suggested it to Him. So He had applied, and until now interviews had been placed on hold because of other things going on with the company. Well today, the HR lead called Him and asked Master to come in for an interview at 9:30am! Whoo-hoo!

Our neighbor has already put in a good word for him. And our neighbor has been working there for over 15 years, so that I'm sure is going to help a lot. The pay would be great, and it's very close to home, which will make juggling the car that much easier. So here is hoping!

I am so happy for my Husband. And I wish Him lots of luck tomorrow at the interview.

So like I said, it's been a good, bad, good news kind of day.

November 3, 2009

Getting Back To Work

Last night Master and I relaxed most of the evening away. Once we got to bed, Master had me go grab a towel so blood wouldn't get all over the bed. (I'm on my period. He was not planning on murdering me or anything.)

So I lay the towel down and lay on it. He kisses me for a while and then asks me if there is anything I want done to me. I lay there, with a blank mind. And then I stammer out, "Uh...."

He laughs and says, "Do you want something done to you or do you just want to be fucked?"

To which I replied something along the lines of, "Not that I can think of?"

And so He says, "You just want to be fucked then?"

"Sure! That sounds good!"


Yeah. Totally blanked. But the sex was awesome.

After I was cleaned up and curled up next to my Hubby, I was a very happy and tired girl.

I got up at 6:45am and got ready for work. BC was a bit late picking me up, but I still made it to work on time. So no biggie there. Work was extremely busy in the morning, and slow as hell in the afternoon.

I was planning on staying late today to make up for missing some hours last week due to my not feeling well. But there wasn't enough work left over once the day was done to warrant my staying. So I left on time. Master picked me up from work, and we grabbed a few things that we needed around the apartment. Once we got home we took out the trash, took care of the dog, and then ate dinner. Now? Just relaxing.

Not a lot on my mind really. Just getting through the day to day bullshit, and waiting to hear back from unemployment for Master. The hearing was only yesterday, so I'm not expecting anything until probably next week Monday or Tuesday.

November 2, 2009

How It Went

This morning I got up at 5:45am. Master was already awake and had taken His shower. We both then got dressed and shortly there after headed out the door. We thought the traffic was going to be worse, so we ended up getting to the building where the unemployment hearing was being held, an hour early.

So we sat in the car for about a half hour before then heading up to the third floor. Thankfully someone was there to show us where the waiting area for that particular room was. We sat down and waited. The judge came out exactly at 8am. He asked who we were, then asked if we had seen anyone representing the other party yet. We replied that we had not, so he said we would give them the mandatory 5 minute wait, and then said he would be right back.

Well, the judge gave them a little longer than the five minutes, and still no one had shown up. So we proceeded without them. Master sat up at the table, and I sat behind Him. The judge started asking Him questions, and Master was extremely polite, answering the questions very directly and saying, "Sir". I sat there listening to everything and looking either directly at the judge, or at the back of Master's head.

About 15 minutes into the hearing someone from Master's former employer finally showed up. The judge was not happy. The person that showed up was actually the person that Master had talked to when He quit.

She sat down and the judge made it a point to say that the hearing was already more than half over. The lady said, "Sorry I was at the wrong room. I knew that the date and time had changed but not the room number."

Fucking idiot. That just makes the company look unorganized as hell. I mean they got the exact same letter that we did and it stated in bold the date, time, and room number of the hearing. If we can figure it out, a company should be able to. Plus it takes you more than 20 minutes after the appointed start time to realize this? Damn.

Plus she wasn't dressed for court. I mean, yes it's an unemployment hearing, but it's still court. Master was wearing khakis and a nice polo shirt. Hell, I wasn't even part of the proceedings and I wore khakis, a nice white shirt, with a button up sweater on top of it. The lady who showed up to represent the company? Yeah. She was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. *shakes head*

One thing that most people should know is that even if it isn't a major lawsuit or a criminal matter, if you're going to court for any reason, you show that court and the judge respect by being dressed nicely.

On top of that she was informed that the hearing was being recorded, and instead of answering verbally she would nod or shake her head.

The reasons Master gave for quitting were due to safety concerns. And Master said that He had brought it up to supervisors, prior to quitting. This lady didn't have a damn clue. Most of her answers were, "I don't know," or "I'm not sure."

She didn't even do research prior to this hearing. The judge asked her if after receiving the appeal information if she had talked to any of Master's former supervisors and/or coworkers about if Master had infact brought up anything to them. She didn't talk to anyone. She also didn't bring in any esitmates or bills for repair regarding the trucks! That sort of evidence would have helped her and the company, not that I'm complaining mind you. I'm just shocked.

When she was asked why the accident happened, as far as the company was concerned, she said she thought it was because Master was going to fast for conditions. The judge asked if she had any proof supporting that and she said no. She did hand the judge an accident report from the sheriff that was there that day, but it said nothing about going to fast for conditions. And the sheriff would have put that in there. Not to mention Master would have gotten another ticket besides failure to control the vehicle. He would have gotten another one for going to fast for conditions. (It was raining earlier that day and the pavement was still wet.)

The judge asked if she knew when the brakes had last been checked on the pick-up. Again, her answer was "I don't know."

She kept pointing out that she didn't even know about the accident until the day Master quit, which was three days later. Hello! You're the fucking business operations manager, the 2nd in charge at the office.. you should know this shit.

So yeah. The judge didn't seem pleased with most of what she was saying. Hell she even backed Master's statements up half the time! For instance when the judge asked her what the conversation was like when He resigned from His position she said, "He said it was a sign. That this time it was just property damage, but what happened next time?" (This is referring to the accident.) She proceeded to say, "And I told Him that I understood. That if that was how He felt, then He had to do what He had to do."

I think it went really well. But I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Because if it isn't approved this time, the crush of the disappointment will just be that much worse.

The judge told us right before we left that we should have his decision in about a week. So here is hoping! I asked Master, once we were out of the building, that if I'm at work when He gets the letter, to call me as soon as He gets it.

When we got home Master talked to His mother and then I talked to mine. My mom said she would be very surprised if we didn't get approved for unemployment benefits now. But like I said, I'm trying not to get cocky about this. Okay yes, this lady acted like a ditz in the court room. But that isn't a guarantee. It's in the judge's hands now.

I hope that he sees that Master quit because He didn't feel safe, and that it was a valid concern. That He isn't just some guy who didn't want to work anymore and now wants to get paid for sitting at home. Because that is so far from the truth, it's not even funny.

Once I was off the phone with my mom, Master said we should take a nap. So we curled up on the bed and set the alarm for three hours later, so we wouldn't sleep all day.

The nap was really nice.

When we got up, we pretty much just relaxed. Master was kind enough to work on my back while we watched Netflix.

Now it is back to work with me tomorrow.

November 1, 2009

My Head Hurts

And it has all damn day. Nothing like having your lower back hurting you due to being on your period, and having a headache that won't go the hell away.

Master has had a headache all day as well. Poor Master. :-(

Right now we're both basically just trying to stay awake so we will actually sleep tonight. I slept well last night, but due to the headache, I'm tired. But we have to get up early in the morning so we can go to the unemployment hearing.

Master has all of His papers together. I got new driving directions, since the last ones I wrote down won't work due to construction.

So other than the unemployment hearing in the morning, we don't have anything planned tomorrow. I took the day off of work, so that I can go with Him to the hearing. But I'm sure we'll find something to do to amuse ourselves.

I'm really hoping the hearing goes well. I'm a bit nervous about it. I'm also hoping that after the hearing we receive the decision rather quickly. And hopefully, the decision will be in our favor.

Any thoughts, prayers, or good luck would be appreciated. Thank you.

Had a Great Halloween

I know, I know. I didn't do a post last night. But that was because we had company over.

Master and I were trying to think of something to do that wouldn't cost a lot of money. Or preferably, any money at all. My dad had invited us down but we didn't have the gas money to go down there. (He lives 45 minutes away.)

So Master was on a social network website and noticed that one of our good friends was also bored and looking for something to do. So He told me to call SS.

Thankfully she answered her phone and said that she would love to come over and visit with us! Yay! She said she would come over around 7pm. That left us with about 6 hours to kill.

So at one point while Master was playing a video game, I crawled over to Him and started sucking His dick. He put down His game controller, and swept my hair up and wrapped it around His hand. He's thoughtful like that. Apparently it was the kind of blow job that leaves Him trying to focus His eyes and He can't really walk in a straight line for a good half hour after. *giggles*

Once He had recovered, we then went grocery shopping. Yay for getting a weeks worth of groceries for $30. Rock on.

When we got home we started cleaning the apartment. Master was nice enough to clean the bathroom sink and pick up the dog fur that forever is accumulating around the apartment because our dog, Ghost, never stops shedding. Meanwhile I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen counter.

Then we basically just relaxed until SS came over. Once she got here we just sat around the apartment talking. She then mentioned that she was hungry. I said I could toss a frozen pizza in, but she didn't really feel like pizza. She then offered to treat us out to dinner, which was very sweet of her. I think we must have asked her like five times if she was sure. She assured us that it's something she wanted to do, because we had treated her out last time. So we all went to dinner and had a blast.

When we got back to the apartment, around 10pm or so, we lined up some movies on Netflix. We talked for a bit longer before starting up a movie I hadn't seen since I was in Jr. High (or middle school as it's called now).

The very first Faces of Death movie from 1978. Oh man. There was some gross shit in that movie. And it was a lot longer than I remembered.

So after that one was done we watched a movie none of us had seen before called Death of a Ghost Hunter. The description made it seem like it was going to suck, but we decided to give it a try. Um. Yeah. Can we say fucked up? It wasn't scary in the traditional sense of horror movies. It was more of a creep factor. Like the kind of thing that makes you want to shake yourself because you think something is either on you, or touching you. I really liked it.

By the time that movie was over it was 2am. So I went around the apartment changing all the clocks back one hour. So then it was 1am, once again. (Gotta love daylight savings time.)

We sat around talking about all sorts of things until the clock read 3am. At that point SS decided it was time to go home. She said if she had any nightmares she was going to call me. *laughs* No phone calls, so apparently she was to tired to have a nightmare by the time she got home.

Master still seems amazed at how well SS and I get along. She's a great friend and is a lot of fun to hang out with. We said we'd have to get together more often. :-)

Shortly after she left Master decided that He was ready to pass out as well. So we went to the bedroom, curled up, and drifted off to sleep.

Today I have to get new directions for us to go to the unemployment hearing tomorrow. The original directions I had will no longer work because one of the off ramps is going to be closed tomorrow. Those bastards.

Other than that? Not a lot going on. But I'm having a great weekend! Even though I started my period and my lower back is killing me.