March 28, 2009

Men's Belts

Buying men's belts is a new experience for me. I have never before in my life had to do this. But let me start from the beginning.

First, I got up at 8am. I was planning on sleeping in more than that, but my body got me up and Master was already awake. So I go down and get an oil change for the car. When I get home I go into the other room to call my mom while Master watches a show on the computer that I really don't care for. Well all of a sudden He's digging in the dresser and the closet. He's looking for an older belt of His. So I get off the phone after He finds it.

See, this is what happened. Master's kind of in between belt sizes right now. So He had been putting new holes into His belt using a small screwdriver. Well, apparently those holes ripped and so He was looking for His old belt to replace it. Guess what. The old belt didn't fit either.We've known He's needed a new belt for a while but Master does not like clothes shopping unless it is for me. He really doesn't mind it if the clothes are for me. But for Him? Forget about it. Unless it's a t-shirt He can cut the sleeves off of and it has a wicked design on it, He procrastinates until He absolutely has to go buy something to replace it.

So now, because He also needs new jeans because they damn near fall off of Him without the belt, He sends me off to go buy Him a new belt. He is very particular about His jeans, and the only kind He likes is bought online, not in a store.

So like a good little slave girl I go fetch.

So I go down to a store and I have His old belt with me to kind of compare the new one to. I find a watch for myself, which I needed anyway. I also found two belts that I thought would work. Done deal, right? So I go home and Master tries it on. One, it is to short. It was a 44 when He wanted a 46. Well I bought the damn thing because it was a 44/46. So I thought, "Hey. He's in between sizes right now anyway. This will work." Yeah. Um no.

So I head back out and say fuck it. We may not have a Harley, but I'm going to the Harley Davidson store because well... some bikers are walking brick walls like Master. So they would probably have the larger belt sizes. And I am correct. Now one thing Master made sure to tell me was that He wanted at least one extra hole punched into the belt. Well, they don't do hole punching at the store. But I buy the belt anyway. I call Master because He's at home and I'm out fetching again, and He tells me to go to the hobby store down the street and pick up a leather hole punch. So I go, and their parking lot sucks. I almost get hit three times because of this. Fuckers. And guess what. They don't have a fucking hole punch. So I call Master back and He tells me to go to the leather store where we got my leather chaps. I have no idea how to get there. He tries giving me the directions, but can't remember what intersection I need to turn at. So I call the store. She gives me very, very bad directions. She tells me to go north, when I should have been going south. And I don't fucking realize this until I'm damn near in downtown. (Way, way out of the way.) So I'm frustrated and starting to get pissed off. And when that happens I cry sometimes. So I call Master back and He tells me to just go to a different store that is on the way home and see if they have a hole puncher and apologizes about what a mess this errand is turning into.

Well on my way back home (please remember I don't know the city that well, so I just followed the road I had taken so I can get back to an intersection that is familiar to me) I find the damn leather store. I go in there and they punch a hole in the belt for me. On the way home all I can think to myself is, "This had better fucking work, because now.. if this doesn't fit... I can't take it back to the store because a hole is in it, and this belt was over $50."

So I get home and Master tries it on. It fits! But guess what. Apparently men's belt sizes differ depending on who makes it. Why do I say that? Well His old belt was a 46 and He had to punch two extra holes into it. The new $50 belt? Also a size 46 and guess what... it didn't need the extra hole punched in it. :-|

Oh well. He has a new belt and He's happy. I apologized for being cranky on the phone and He said He understood. He took me out to dinner, and then we came home and watched a movie. During the movie He gave me a full body massage. :-D Happy Kitten.

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