September 30, 2014


Since our move our dynamic has been out of whack. It's not that I've been a complete and utter brat or that He is allowing the leash to go way too slack. It's simply just the living situation and the fact that I am still healing from having those four teeth removed. (Side note on that. The stitches finally fully dissolved. My gums are still pretty sensitive though.)

Master and I had a discussion about it last night. Unfortunately we can't really do much about it at this point in time but it felt good, for both of us, to at least talk about it and make sure that we're on the same page still. He also wanted to let me know that it is not me and that it is not anything I am doing wrong. It's simply the situation we are currently in. Also, He knows that I prefer that structure and He wanted to make sure that I was still doing okay. It may sound odd, or maybe it doesn't, but it does seem to help me manage my bipolar disorder. But I am still okay. I think it's because I know that it isn't because I'm trying to get away with murder and it is also not because He is allowing me to run free.

Last night He fucked me really hard. He was going to allow me to cum but I wanted to be used. It made me feel more docile. He made sure to twist me into a pretzel a few times before pinning me down, forcing my legs where He wanted them, and then fucking me hard to the point where I actually started having cramps.

Afterward we curled up and fell asleep.

We don't smoke inside anymore. We now smoke cigarettes outside. But it has been rather chilly today so instead of standing outside we went out into the garage. It isn't heated and it doesn't have electricity but it acts as a wind block. While we were out there Master very suddenly bent me over to the point where I had to lean on the riding lawn mower of all things. He then lifted up my hoodie, pulled down my sweat pants until they were around my ankles, and started fingering me. My legs and ass were immediately cold and His fingers, while still warmish, felt freezing when they entered me.

When He was done He told me to pull up my pants and smacked my ass. After I did that we started walking back to the house. He stopped me and wiped His fingers across my neck.

September 28, 2014


Today has just been one of those days where nothing is going right. Neither Master or myself slept well last night. As a result we both woke up cranky. We weren't biting each other's heads off or anything. Just cranky.

We had plans to go see my dad today. My brother originally wanted to come with but when I got a hold of my dad he picked a time where my brother was still at work. *shrugs* That is, once I actually got a response from my father. I had sent him a text and I saw him post on a social network site for about three hours without responding to my message. So I sent a follow-up. Finally he responded.

Anyway, once we got over there I was immediately annoyed because this woman who was supposed to go home about oh.. three or four months ago is still there.

It's a long story.

Master and I left there in a pretty shitty mood. Before my dad's high school reunion a while back he was in a long distance relationship with a woman further south. He had been saying for years how he wants to move to a hotter state because his back can't handle our winters anymore. So the original plan was for him to move down there to be with her after my grandfather passed away. At that time Master and I would take over my father's house.

He had asked us not once, not twice, but three times. And after we confirmed that we agreed to it all three times he double checked for the fourth time. It was a when not an if. He had also said that regardless of what happens between him and this woman he still wants to move out of state so we figured we had an in regardless.

But today my dad, in a round about way, basically tells us that he will be staying in Wisconsin and this bitch that was supposed to go back to Arizona the Monday following their high school reunion is now permanently living with my father. They plan on going back down to Arizona to pick up more of her belongings and then coming back up.

I asked my dad if that meant she was getting a divorce. (Yes, she's married.) He told me no because it was a common law marriage. Well, that's not what either of them had told us when she first got up there. In fact, she brought up how she hated her wedding ceremony because it didn't turn out the way she wanted.

So basically... my father was holding a very large carrot in front of our faces with a when not an if and he just took it away because this bitch doesn't want to go home and they are deciding to play house and she wants to stay in Wisconsin.

September 26, 2014

Dentist Update

Yesterday was the dentist appointment. I took the anti-anxiety medication about a hour before the appointment. It didn't make me loopy of anything like that. It mainly just made it so I wasn't crying and ready to throw up. Yes, that's how upset I get about dentists. But this time I just have this anxiety pressure in my chest. I was able to keep it under control.

Master took me there and the people were really nice. I totally forgot my ear buds. I really was planning on cranking up some music on my phone through the ear buds but of course I forgot them. Well, it's better than forgetting something more important...

I got eight shots of Novocaine. By the time he was done I couldn't even feel my nose. I prefer that though. I didn't feel a thing. I didn't even really feel any pressure. And he wasn't kidding when he said that the Novocaine was the longest part of it all. That was mainly because he double checked, did another shot or two, and then gave that time to set in.

But the dentist was so nice and so was his dental assistant. He told me whenever he was going to do something. He told me how well I was handling it. All I can say is that I was completely relaxed the whole time. Once the shots were done with the time flew by. They took all four teeth out and put in stitches.

I don't have to take any antibiotics. They did give me a prescription pain reliever. They gave me Percocet.

After we got home from the appointment and getting the prescription filled I pretty much immediately went back to sleep. I made sure to take a Percocet before the Novocaine wore off. I also put ice on my face. Oddly enough once I did feel the pain it was more the places where the Novocaine was put in rather than where the teeth were pulled out.

I had to prop myself up as much as I could and pretty much slept 90% of the day and night from that point on. Once six hours passed by I took another Percocet and went right back to sleep. Sleep promotes healing so I slept as much as possible.

When I woke up this morning I was hardly in any pain at all. I simply took a couple of aspirin and that's all I've taken all day. It's not very painful. My face isn't nearly as swollen as it was yesterday. I'm not as tired as I was yesterday either. I am glad that I slept as much as I did though. I honestly don't think I would be feeling as good as I am today if I hadn't crashed most of the day yesterday.

Now I just have to get through the rest of this healing process which isn't very long time... Four to five days to fully heal basically. My gums will still be tender and all that but they should pretty much be healed. I can't wait for that. 

September 24, 2014


Today our dog had his last dose of eye drops! Hooray!!! We gave him some treats to celebrate. *smiles* He was getting rather difficult and grumpy these past few days when we gave it to him. I couldn't say that I would be any different. After all he has been having some kind of eye medication, either the ointment or the drops, for almost a month now. I'm sure he was more than sick and tired of dealing with it. I know that I would be. I'm just thankful that he is done with all of his medication now and we don't have to take him back. It is as healed as it's going to be and honestly he doesn't even seem to notice it. The only time I really notice it is when the light hits his eye just right because the scratch/scar is rather visible when it is like that.

Tomorrow is my dentist appointment to get those four teeth pulled. I have been trying to keep myself calm about it all day. I think for how scared I actually am of dentists I'm doing rather well. Yes, I'm still scared and yes I'm worried about it but not as bad as it could be.

I'm just really glad that my shrink agreed to prescribe me some anti-anxiety medication. I talked to the pharmacist and he told me to take it about a hour before my appointment. My appointment is at 7:45am. As a result I'm going to take it around 6am. I want to pad that time line a little bit. I know it's not going to wear off in a short period of time. Valium is made to last a while. I know it won't wear off within a three hour time frame. And honestly the dentist told me that the longest part of the procedure will be doing the Novocaine because he's going to make triple sure I am fully numb. If that's true or not I have no idea. *shrugs*

I just know that I'm going to dress comfortably and taking my phone to see if I could listen to music while he is doing it. I just want something blaring in my ears. I'm going to ask if it's okay first though. Once we get home I'm probably going to prop myself up on the bed and try to stay as comfortable as possible.

I know that I am probably making a bigger deal out of this than I need to. But, like I said, I am scared of dentists and I truly believe I am handling this better than I normally would. Especially with everything else that has happened in the past month.

Speaking of doctor appointments, I have to go see my shrink on 10th of October. I need to do my twice a year check in as well as get a refill prescription. He won't do it unless I come in once every six months. I understand that. After all, there are so many people who abuse and/or misuse prescription medications.

September 22, 2014

Waste Of Time

Well, that was a huge waste of time. We had been waiting for my great aunt to get into town and basically bring the wrath of god down on my father's head. She got into town on Friday but no one had heard from her. Then on Saturday we were waiting to hear from her but nothing. Sunday rolls around and finally she stops by. We all met up at my mother's house.

We sat around and made small talk for a little while. It had been years since I've seen her. I haven't seen her since before Master and I got married and we've been married for seven years now. And her daughter who came with her, I haven't seen her since I was a pre-teen.

Anyway, finally we started talking about Grandpa, her brother. Once that was done we started talking abut my father. She pretty much just sat there and nodded her head and made little shocked noises every now and then.

She hadn't seen my father yet and she didn't plan on even talking to him. That is not what she had told my uncle. Apparently somewhere along the line between her leaving California and getting here she decided that it wasn't worth while and that she would just visit instead. I'm glad that she got to see her brother but I'm pretty pissed off about her not talking to my father and actually not seeming to care any longer about what he is doing or how we are affected by it.

She did inform us that she is not coming back for Grandpa's wake and that in fact she won't be coming to Wisconsin again. This was basically a goodbye tour. I'm upset that she isn't coming to Grandpa's wake. He didn't really have a lot of family left outside of those of us that are here and that's her brother. She should be there. But nope. She has decided not to show up. That is her choice. She'll have to live with it.

After she left we were all in disbelief and pissed off. Not only because of what she wasn't doing but because everyone had put their entire weekend on hold for her... all for nothing basically.

Even though it is only 24 hours later I am trying to just brush it off. I've been pissed off and upset enough lately. I don't need to add her to that list. I'm just trying to focus on what is going on now and on what I can actually do something about rather than on things that have my hands tied.

I have a dentist appointment on Thursday. I'm getting four teeth pulled. I'm not looking forward to it at all. In fact dentists scare the living hell out of me due to past experiences. But this has to be done and there is no way to get out of it. It probably could have waited a little while longer but I might as well get it done and over with while I can. Plus, the more I would have pushed it off the worse the anxiety would be as it would have a longer period of time to build up.

September 20, 2014

Hurry Up & Wait

If you read this post you know that we have all been waiting in anticipation of my great aunt's arrival. She got into town late afternoon yesterday. As far as we knew she was going to talk to my father today and then do the rounds after that.

As a result Master, my mother, and I have been sitting on pins and needles all day waiting on an update. I bring my mother into this because my great aunt wanted to speak with her separately, after she spoke with my father but before she visited with the rest of the family. But nothing. Eventually my mother contacted my uncle, who put all of this into motion, to see what was going on.

We didn't know it but my uncle had been working since 4am and wouldn't get off of work until 10pm. Poor guy. He hadn't heard from my great aunt either which is understandable since he had been working since four in the morning.

Now we continue to wait. My uncle's best guess was that my great aunt visited my grandfather, her little brother, in the nursing home today and was too overwhelmed to want to do anything else today. I would completely understand that. It is hard on all of us but I have a feeling it is worse for her since that is her younger sibling.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more news as to what she spoke to my father about as well as what she wants to say to the rest of us. I haven't seen her in a long time. I'm looking forward to it. Her and her daughter are leaving Monday morning so tomorrow is really the only time she would be able to do any of this. Well, unless she decides to extend her stay but I'm honestly hoping that doesn't have to happen.

I'm not exactly nervous about any of this as it is all out of my hands and my great aunt has final say on everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. I guess I would just say that I am anxious. I want it to be done and over with. Not because I want her to go home but because I just want to know what is going on and what the aftermath is going to be. I don't know how much she is going to lay into my father but I have a feeling it's going to be pretty bad. By aftermath I am referring to how my father is going to react to it and how he'll be afterwards.

But since it didn't happen today it's going to make me feel even more anxious tomorrow. Ugh.

September 18, 2014

Missing Pictures

I was out and about today running some errands. Master had stayed home. Almost the minute I got home He asked me where the pictures on my blog were. I was confused at first. He pulled up my blog and showed me that the link to the page where I have pictures of myself had vanished. I honestly hadn't realized since I really only pay attention to the posts I'm making. You would think I would notice something like that though.

I don't know how long it hadn't been there. Master suggested that maybe it was blogger fucking up. *shrugs* I told Him that since I have to do a post today anyway I would look into it.

I just got out of the shower and Master was about to hop in to take His when He reminded me about it. He said He was disappointed when He went to look at it because He wanted to look at some nudie pics of me. I laughed. "Master You have a ton of them on the computer."

"I didn't feel like digging through the computer to get to them."

Honestly, there isn't a lot of digging, but basically He wanted instant gratification. *smirks*

Before I started typing up the post I looked into it. The page of the blog that has my pictures on it still was listed on the pages screen, however the link to it was not on the navigation bar on the blog itself. I have no idea how long it hadn't been showing and I'm not sure why it wasn't showing up.

I then pulled up the URL for that page and added it to the navigation on the blog itself. I tested it and it works just fine. There aren't as many pictures on there as I remembered but then again it has been quite some time since I had looked. Actually I couldn't tell you the last time I looked at it which is fairly obvious since I didn't even realize the page link was missing to begin with. Hm. Well, at least it is working now. I'll have to keep an eye on it and if it happens again I'll contact blogger and see what is going on. I have the blog marked as adult so that shouldn't be an issue.

Hopefully Master will be pleased that it is showing up and working again.

September 16, 2014

Mutt Update

This is an update on our mutt. As you may remember a cat had scratched his eye on August 29th. Well, he had his original vet appointment that I described in the original post which was on August 30th. Then six days later, which was September 5th, we had to take him in for a follow-up. At that point they told us that he no longer needed to wear the "cone of shame" but we had to continue to give him the eye ointment until his next follow-up visit which was ten days later. That vet visit was yesterday.

Since we moved the vet is now a little under a hour away. But that is with good traffic. Otherwise it would be a lot longer. We didn't put his eye ointment in yesterday because we didn't want it to interfere with them checking his eye.

We got there early so they put us in one of the rooms and we waited for the vet to come in. She was on her lunch break but surprisingly walked into the room about ten minutes later, which was still before our actual scheduled appointment time.

As usual they had to bring in another vet because our dog is so happy, hyper, and strong that it's hard to get him to sit still long enough to do what the vet needs to do. I wasn't of much use. But literally one vet was helping Master hold him down while the other vet one checked his eye. The cataract is still there but we already knew that wasn't going away. However, all of the cloudiness is gone from his eye. There is no longer a risk of the eye rupturing or the eye getting infected thank gods.

His vision is a tad bit better. His pupil is dilating as it should be and he is moving his eye in order to follow movement. He is seeing a touch more than shadows and movement. There is really no real way of telling exactly how much he is seeing but at least we know that he is seeing enough. I think that has more to do with the cloudiness being completely gone from his eye honestly. Well that and the additional ten days of healing time.

They did a tear test to make sure that his eye is hydrating itself enough as the eye ointment can cause it to dry out sometimes. That test turned out fine. They told us that we no longer have to do the eye ointment but that now we have to give him eye drops 3 times a day for the next ten days. (There are a lot of tens going on here...)

The eye drops are basically to wash out any eye ointment that may be lingering in there as well as an anti-inflammatory to help with the last stage of the healing process. I do have to say that the eye drops are so much easier than the eye ointment. With the eye ointment you had to hold his eye open long enough to squeeze this gel like substance across his eye. With the eye drops we only have to keep his eye open long enough to put one drop in. It's a much quicker and easier process, which makes everybody happy. That includes the mutt.

The vet did say that we did not have to bring him in for another follow-up. Hooray!

September 14, 2014

Shit Got Real

As of today it's been one full week since we moved. Honestly, things are going more smoothly than we originally anticipated. Tomorrow is our dog's follow-up vet visit. This will be his second follow-up since his eye was scratched. He has been on an eye ointment that has four antibiotics in it since that day. We are hoping that today will be the last day he has to have it. No one enjoys it. The dog hates it, which I don't blame him, and Master and I hate giving it to him.

Since we moved the vet clinic we use is now a little over a hour away. Once the follow-up appointment is done we will be finding a vet down here. But I want him to continue going to this vet until he no longer needs checkups on his eye. Hopefully that will be tomorrow. The reason why Master and I want to wait until afterwards is because they are the vet that started treating him for the scratch and we worried that a different vet taking over before the final follow-up that something would be lost in translation from one vet clinic to another.

Aside from that, some serious shit is about to go down on my father's side of the family. If you've been reading here for a while you already know that my grandfather is in a nursing home and has been since late March/early April. Since then my dad has pretty much been taking care of everything. I thought everything was okay except for a few things that I didn't agree with. But then as time went on I started to notice more and more that I didn't agree with. It's not about how Grandpa is being taken care of. He is very well taken care of at the nursing home he is in.

However the situation with the house was becoming more and more upsetting. But then my uncle, which is my father's brother, starting telling us some things that we didn't know about. Such as my father using some of my grandfather's money to live off of. My father has financial power of attorney. That money is not there for him to spend on anything aside from my grandfather's care.

Last night we found out that basically my uncle had had enough. He called my great aunt. She is my grandfather's older sister. She is six years older than my grandfather but is in pretty good health aside from being almost completely deaf in both ears. She is the eldest in the family. Literally. She is the oldest living relative I have and she is 81.

Anyway, my uncle told her everything. Every tiny detail. He broke down crying and told her everything that he has been wanting to pour out to someone on but knew that none of us could do anything about. Well, my great aunt said, "I want to talk to (insert my father's name here)"

At first I think my uncle misunderstood because he told her that he wasn't with him right now. Well... it's going a bit farther than a phone call. You see my great aunt lives in California. She had said that she was going to stay out of everything until Grandpa had passed. We live in Wisconsin. What is happening is that my great aunt is flying to Oklahoma to pick up her daughter. From there her daughter will be driving her here to Wisconsin.

She is bringing her daughter as back up basically in case my father decides to be incredibly stupid and try yelling at my great aunt. Her daughter will get up in my dad's face without flinching. But before she goes to see my dad she will visit her baby brother, my grandfather.

But like I said, she wasn't going to come to Wisconsin until after my grandfather passed so that she could attend the wake. So you know shit got real if she is coming all the way from California just to talk to my father. She is not happy.

On a good note I'll get to see her. I haven't seen her in a very long time. She will get here Friday. My father doesn't even know she is coming and no one is going to tell him. It's going to be one hell of a surprise.

September 12, 2014

Step By Step

There is a lot going on right now. We are pretty much settled in where we are at. It's actually more cozy than we thought it would be. A bit cramped but nothing that is too unpleasant or annoying. We can work around it.

I went to an oral surgeon today. I need some front teeth pulled. This was my consolation. My mother had referred me to this guy because his "beside manner" is incredible and he is amazing at what he does. I trust my mother, so I of course went. He said that getting those teeth pulled will require cutting into my gums just because of how they are. I pretty much knew that already. But I was also planning on being knocked the hell out. I have had very bad experiences with dentists before that have basically made me terrified of them. That is another reason why I went to this guy. If I hadn't been referred there I would have never gone because I would have known nothing about him.

I can't be knocked out. I was pretty upset when I found that out. Apparently because of my bipolar medication the anesthesia would be highly unpredictable. He did not feel comfortable in putting me under due to the fact that a lot could go wrong. This includes my throat decided to close and completely shut off my air way. I understand that but I was still upset since they are front teeth and I already have that anxiety about dentists.

He advised me to contact my shrink and explain the situation to see if he could recommend something for me to take right before the appointment to basically make it so I won't care what is going on because I'm just that out of it. They will of course still be giving me Novocain locals.

I called my shrink as soon as I got home. After I explained the situation he told me that he will phone in a prescription to a local pharmacist. He told me that I could call his receptionist on Monday and leave the phone number/address with her of the pharmacy I would like it sent to. At least I know that he is willing to do it. I was worried he wouldn't because I haven't seen him in about six months. But he understood the bind we are in and told me that he would like to see me in two months.

Once I have said prescription in hand I can go ahead and make the oral surgery appointment. The dental office said that it wouldn't take long to get me in once I call to set it up. It's normally within a week of the phone call.

The only other thing going on is that on Monday our dog has his follow-up with the vet regarding his eye. We are hoping that this is his last appointment and that he no longer needs to eye ointment. Not only because it's a pain in the ass to give him but because we want to know that he is no longer at risk for infection.

September 10, 2014

Bullshit Train Keeps Rolling

Well, Master and I have been at our new place for a whopping four days now. The bullshit isn't about that. We still have some things to find places for, like our winter jackets and such. Basically things that we don't have an immediate need for. But for being here only four days I would say we have gotten a lot done.

The bullshit train is from my dad and that whole fucked up situation. My grandfather's house had been sold for about four months. Well, as good as sold anyway. The only thing the new people were waiting for was for my dad and uncle to finish cleaning the place up and have the estate sale. The estate sale had been done for a while now. But they then had to move my uncle back into his apartment and do the rest of the cleaning. This is what I mean about my dad procrastinating. Everything takes forever. You would think he would have want it sold, done, and over with as soon as possible since he would then be getting the money from the house being purchased. After all the house is paid off so it is nothing but profit. But oh no, not my dad.

At the last minute yesterday my uncle calls us up and basically said that my dad has been pushing him off for four days about getting the rest of the stuff taken to the dump and so he was wondering if we could come out and help. Well, we had both agreed that if my dad called we would say no but that if my uncle called we would go and help. We were both sore and tired from the move and getting as much as we could get settled. But fine. My uncle asked so off we went. My brother tagged along as well. When we got there my uncle informed us that my dad was coming and that he had one load in the truck already to take it out to the dump. My father hadn't shown up yet so my brother and my uncle took the truck to the dump while Master and I waited for my dad to show up.

What we were originally told was that it was only going to be taking stuff to the dump and then basically keep doing truck loads until it was all done. It honestly didn't look like that much so we figured maybe another two trips.

Then my dad showed up. He was furious. The buyers of the property backed out. These buyers are my dad's next door neighbors and friends. The way they informed him of this was by text that day. They apparently found out that the septic tank would need to be removed and a mound would have to be made due to the township's requirements. My grandpa had never done it because well... he didn't. *shrugs* Anyway, that was going to be an additional $50,000 that the buyers weren't expecting. I can't really blame them for backing out when you are talking about that on top of the $150,000 price tag on the house. You would have thought they would have checked into that at some point in the past four months but apparently not.

The dumbest part of all of this was the fact that because they were friends with my dad, my father gave them a house key and had allowed them to start painting. They had started doing so for the past few days prior to them finding out about the additional cost. They had also told my dad not to worry about getting the rest of the stuff out of the house because they would take care of it. My dad, on a leap of faith because they hadn't even put a down payment on the house, said okay.

Now that they backed out though my dad wanted to go through absolutely everything. Master and I were not pleased at all. We went out there to help load up the truck each time they needed to drive it out to the dump. Instead we got stuck with taking down curtains and clearing out more shit.

Once my uncle and brother got back they said that they wouldn't be able to do anymore trips to the dump because it closes at 3pm. You would think someone would have checked into that before not starting the process until 1:30pm. We basically went out there for one truck load, helping my dad do things we had no intention on doing, and loading the truck again for another trip.

But since my dad took all that other shit out of the house there are at least five more trips to the dump to do and that is before they go through the basement. My dad also started yammering on about how now they need to tear down the patio because the wood is rotten and the people who just backed out of the house had told him not to worry about it. Also, now they would have to repaint everything that the other people had done. And man do they suck at painting. They didn't tape anything off. There is paint dripping down the fire places, all over light fixtures, etc and so on. My dad started talking some bullshit about suing them for the cost of having to repaint. I don't think that would get very far given the fact that he allowed them to do it with no down payment and no written contract. Moron.

As usual after that shit was done they wanted to sit around and talk for a while. But my brother, Master, and I said fuck that noise and left. My uncle also said he may need our help on Thursday (tomorrow). Master and I are pretty undecided on that. We called my uncle but didn't get an answer. If we don't get a reply tonight we will definitely say no. We are sick of this last minute shit. Honestly I think we have done more than our fair share on this shit.

We have gone down there at a moments notice to help, we spent three weeks going down there for two days of the week each time. And there was a point where I actually stayed down here for three nights in order to help with the sale just so it would be less wear and tear on the car. Then we did that yesterday, again at a moments notice.

We shall see how this turns out. Right now we are on the fence about tomorrow. As for the rest of it, I'm pretty sure we're just going to say no. They can do it themselves. It isn't so much my uncle pissing us off it is my dad. This could have all been done and over with four months ago. Now he wants to do all this work to the house because he'll have to put it on the market.

September 8, 2014

Settling In

Well, yesterday was the move and holy hell... It didn't take as long as it could have but everyone was extremely tired and sore afterward. We had to come down to the town we were moving to in order to pick up the u-haul as none of the places up by our old apartment had the 14ft truck we wanted. We made use of the trip though by bringing down the dog and the rabbits in the car and dropping them off with a family member while we did the rest of it all.

We picked up the u-haul and then my mother and my brother followed us in my mom's car. Once we got up to where we were moving out from we got the cars parked and the u-haul open. Master and my brother took all of the heavy shit out first so it could all sit at the back of the u-haul. The shitty thing was that two things broke as they were moving them. One was the box spring to our bed. I'm not even close to kidding when I say that as soon as they lifted it two pieces of wood of the outside part of the frame snapped in half. Fuck. The other thing that broke was our computer desk. The top part broke from the bottom of the desk and the wheels broke off of the bottom. That thing was apparently protesting our move. Damn desk. We put it all in the moving truck anyway because well, we would have to figure something out.

After that was all settled we took a short lunch break as it was getting to be about that time. Once we were done eating we started to take all of the rest of it out. All of the electronics went into my mom's car and some more breakable items went in our car.

There was a... commotion... shortly after we were done loading everything and were just about to hop into the separate vehicles when all of a sudden this woman starts storming towards us. What the hell? Apparently she is the mom of one of the kids we had to yell at earlier in the moving process. What happened with her kid was that he was throwing a basketball all around the u-haul and my mom's car. He got the basketball stuck under the u-haul twice. We helped him get it out from under there both times but on the second time, because we had been politely asking him to stop at least five or six times prior to this, my brother told him that if he sees that basketball under the u-haul again the ball will be his. Logical yes? Well this bitch comes out like she's queen shit screaming at us because we made her son cry. So, Master got into a yelling match with her and finally after that was done she walked away and we all got into our cars/u-haul and left.

When we got to our new place we got everything out of both cars and the u-haul. We just kind of put things where they landed for right then because now we were going to use the u-haul to buy a new box spring and frame for our bed. Hey, we paid for the u-haul, we might as well use it as much as we can while we had it.

After that was done we got the bed set up and then Master and my brother took the u-haul back. Since the computer desk had busted and our room has a bar type shelf along the wall we put the computer on that and used the top of the old desk as a book shelf. Yay for re-purposing!

Of course once we had some things figured out in regards to where we wanted them and where the outlets were. We then got all of the electronics set-up and hooked up to the internet.

We were all very tired and very sore afterward. We still are today. Regardless of that fact errands needed to be done. I think I hit about five places today. Once I got back we got some more things settled as far as where we wanted them. There are still bags of clothes and boxes of other stuff that are closed and haven't been opened. However I feel good about how much progress we've made since we are just now hitting the mark of being here for 24 hours.

There isn't really a rush to get everything done right now but I still want to do bit by bit each day so we can relax.

September 6, 2014

Step By Step

Okay, so I lied about yesterday being my last post prior to our move. I had to get up early to take care of the mutt's ointment and Master is currently still sleeping. I don't want to wake Him up as tomorrow is going to be an early and long day. Today is also going to be a somewhat busy day. We haven't done absolutely everything that we need to do for the move. All the main stuff is packed such as clothing, breakables, and things along those lines. But there are still key things that we have to get packed today. And late tonight we have to disconnect all of the electronics. We then have to put the Xbox 360, the DVD player and Master's camera back in their original boxes. We don't have the boxes for the computer or TV so those are going to have to be wrapped in blankets and/or towels for safe transport. We also have to pack away the coffee pot and microwave. The microwave will most likely just be wrapped in a blanket. The coffee pot we will have to wrap the pot itself in newspaper and then transport it that way. There are also a few breakable items on the walls still that we will have to carefully pack. The only reason we haven't done those particular things, minus the items on the wall, is because we are using all of it up to the move itself. You can't exactly pack something you are going to use the day before the move.

Tomorrow the plan is this:
  1. Put the dog and two rabbits in our car. The dog will sit in the front seat and the rabbits will be in the back seat. I will be in the backseat with them. 
  2. Drive down there and drop off the dog and rabbits where we are moving to. A family member will be keeping an eye on them while we are doing everything else. 
  3. Do a conga line of cars to the u-haul place. Master will drive the u-haul, I will follow in our car, and my mother will follow in her car. My brother will be in the car with my mom. 
  4. Come back up here and start loading the u-haul. All of the electronics will be safely put in my mother's car with my brother sitting in the back seat to make sure the TV doesn't bounce around as it will be on the backseat wrapped in a blanket. Our car will have the breakable items in it. And of course the u-haul will have everything else.
  5. Once we are 100% absolutely sure that we have everything out of the apartment we will lock up the apartment and drop off the keys.
  6. We will repeat the conga line down to where we are moving. Once everything is unpacked I will follow Master in our car to the u-haul place so He can drop off the u-haul itself.
  7. He will then hop in our car and we will drive back to where we are moving to. 
  8. After all of that we will start setting things up. 
It doesn't sound all that bad but it's going to be a pain in the ass. I don't think it will take long to get it all in the u-haul and cars. My mother and I can handle all of the small stuff. Master and my brother will handle the big shit. Thankfully we have a sliding glass door that we can take everything out of. That will be a lot easier than having to open the security door and hold it open every single time we take stuff out. 

I'm not looking forward to any of this. I hate moving. To me the worst part is loading and unloading the u-haul. Tearing everything down and packing it and unpacking it also sucks but it isn't on such a strict time limit since we have an appointment time to pick-up the u-haul and have to have it dropped off by a certain time.  I hope I'm right in the fact that it won't take very long. I think as long as we power through it and don't take any long breaks we'll be okay.

September 5, 2014

Good News & Bad News

Well, today was our dog's follow-up visit. They stained his eye again and said that it looked better than it was when we first brought him in, which is a good thing. He gets to keep his eye, which was basically my biggest fear. He still has vision in that eye in so far as he sees movement and shadows. His pupil is responding to movement and light which is also good. The vet said that this may get better once the cloudiness is gone and even some of that has improved since the original visit which is another good thing. However, the cat scratch has basically cause a cataract in his eye. As a result his vision will never be 100% again. The vet assured me that the cloudiness will go away except for where the cataract is. He no longer needs his anti-inflammatory medication but has to continue with the antibiotic cream for another 10 days. In 10 days we have to bring him in again for another follow-up. The vet did say that the cataract will bother us more, cosmetically, than it will our dog. So where as this is a good news/bad news type situation we are still both highly upset as none of this would have been a factor if the damn cat hadn't done this to begin with. They also said that he no longer needs to wear the cone of shame if he isn't trying to scratch or paw at it anymore, but I am more comfortable with him still wearing it at night as he did try a couple of days ago to scratch at it. So... in 10 days we'll have another update. I made the appointment before we left.

This is our second to last night in this place. Then we will be moving. Sunday is going to be a very long day. We have to get the u-haul, drive that here with our car and my mother's car in tow to transport the more sensitive/fragile things that we don't want in the u-haul. Then we'll all go back to where we are moving in, dropping off everything, and then dropping off the u-haul again. Once that is done we'll have to figure out how to position things and hook everything up which will obviously not all be done in a day.

This has just a shitty situation all the way around. However, due to the move and having to set up everything I don't know when I'll be able to do my next post. I'm not closing the blog or anything. It may just be a while before I can post again due to the move.

September 4, 2014


Yesterday (Wednesday) Master had gone out to help my dad and my uncle do a one final sweep of my Grandpa's house before they finally turn it over to the people who have been waiting to be moving in for a good five months now. I personally think they are damn lucky that the buyers haven't backed out by now. Especially since this isn't due to red tape or anything along those lines. They have only been waiting for my dad and uncle to clear out all of Grandpa's stuff. And as you know, if you've been reading this blog for a while, Master and I have been busting our asses each and every time they need help out there. Every time my dad asked, we were there. Hell one time I stayed down there over night while Master stayed up here so it wouldn't be as much wear and tear on the car and would save on gas money. I did that for three nights.

Guess what, they wanted our help again. But yesterday only Master went. I needed to stay home and keep an eye on the mutt.

While Master was gone I spent some cuddle time with the mutt including giving him a good brushing. He is super soft now. *smiles* Normally Master is the one that brushes the dog because he behaves better for Him during it.

I also got some packing done. It wasn't a whole lot but it was all I could really do without Master since I didn't know how He would want His stuff packed or the general stuff. So instead I packed up all of my clothes except for the ones I'll be wearing over the next few days and the ones that are in the dirty laundry. I also packed away my shoes. I put all of that into plastic garbage bags. It never makes sense to me to put clothing in boxes when I'm moving. It seems like a waste of a box. I used my old suitcase to put all of my lingerie and our sex toys in. I admit that I kind of buried the sex toys at the bottom of the suitcase and put all of the lingerie on top of it. I figured that the old suitcase, rather than a bag, would be better for such things. Mainly because I know for sure it won't tear and out comes my lingerie or our sex toys while someone is carrying it. Talk about awkward.

I was also able to box up my breakables. I had bought mailing tape but I couldn't get the damn thing to unroll, so I used duct tape instead. Fuck it.

When Master got home from helping my dad and uncle He wasn't happy. He was fine with my uncle but my dad and dad's... whatever you want to call her... irritated Him. A few highlights was that the dad's whatever thing was pretty much useless, like always. My dad didn't even ask how our dog was doing even though his animal is the one that injured ours. My uncle asked and my dad was standing there, so my dad did get the update, but apparently didn't have much to say on the matter. My uncle said that he hopes our dog is okay. I appreciate my uncle doing that but I'm honestly surprised that my dad said nothing.

My dad has always loved animals. Maybe not as much as I do, but still. So why the hell he is basically acting as if it didn't happen I don't know. Master said that my dad did seem extremely distracted today, but that's not the point.

Also, the way the whole conga line of cars went today while there were filling a u-haul with as much as they could fit in there was kind of fucked up. Our car ended up staying out at Grandpa's the whole time, which is fine since it meant less in gas from our car. But at the end of it everyone ended up back at my uncle's house and Master stayed with my uncle to help him rearrange some things in his apartment and also to help set up my uncle's bed. He is finally moving back to his place as there is no longer a need for him to live out at Grandpa's house anymore. Grandpa's dog was sent back to the rescue and now everything but junk is out there.

Before my dad left to go return the u-haul he told my uncle and Master that he would drop off the u-haul and then come back with his car to pick up some folding tables that they had brought back to my uncle's house for my dad to take home. So Master stayed at my uncle's and waited. He waited about a hour and a half and they had done the bed and the rearranging in about a half hour. But they waited, and waited, and waited. My dad still hadn't shown up. Finally my uncle calls my dad's cell. No answer. He kind of figured that is what would happen since for whatever reason my dad always leaves his cell at home and treats it like a house phone. My uncle then called the bitch that has been at my dad's house since their class reunion about a month ago. No answer. What the hell? Apparently they waited a little while longer and then tried calling my dad again. He picked up the phone.

He had already swung by and picked up the tables from the truck my uncle was driving which was sitting at my uncle's apartment. But he never called or knocked on his door to let either of them know that he had done so. How nice of him. I guess he apologized but it is still a dick move. Master could have been home a hour and a half sooner. My uncle took Master back out to Grandpa's house so He could hop in our car and come home.

After Master relayed all of this to me I pretty much just said that unless my uncle is the one asking for our help with anything else out at the house, we're done helping. This is ridiculous and to just be that thoughtless to people who have been bending over backwards for you pisses me off.

Our dog has his follow-up visit tomorrow (Friday). Both Master and I are nervous about it. We are truly hoping that it is good news.

However, later on today (Thursday) we need to get as much packing done as possible. (I say later on today because I'm doing this post at 3:15am.) I would like to get enough done so that all we have to do is unplug the electronics and pack those up late Saturday night. Whether or not that happens I'm not sure. I would like to so that we have a lot less to do on Saturday as Sunday is going to be hectic as hell. And also so we don't have to do much tomorrow (Friday) after the mutt's vet visit.

*Small Update*

Apparently I didn't have to worry about the packing. Master's stuff had already been packed. All He has left is His clothes and those are easy enough to toss into a bag on Saturday. So, the rest of it just has to wait until Saturday night because that's when we'll be disconnecting all of the electronics. I guess I didn't realize exactly how little was left. All I had to do was tape up one box and then put two things in one of the totes that don't have a lid. Oh well. At least it's done.

September 2, 2014

Too Much

Today is my grandfather's 75th birthday. The birthday that the doctors have been saying he wouldn't reach. They have been saying that for four months. Well, as of 3:43am he is still alive. Honestly everyone is confused as to how the hell he is still here. Apparently even the doctors don't understand. And if doctors don't understand how, there is no way we'll be able to.

Aside from that this week has been extremely stressful. Master and I are of course worried about our mutt. We won't have any sort of update until Friday. It's now Tuesday. I wish we could have answers now, but if we took him in before Friday we wouldn't be able to receive a full update as he wouldn't have had enough time on the medication. If it was possible and made sense I would move the appointment up, but it doesn't so we wait.

We have been giving him his medication as directed. The antibiotics are are real big pain to get done since it has to go in his eye and is an ointment rather than eye drops. But we do the best we can and honestly the dog is getting a little better about it. I can't blame him for being a pain when it's time to do it though. I can barely handle putting eye drops in my own eyes on the few occasions when I've had to. I know I'd be much worse about an ointment.

He is still eating, drinking, and using the bathroom normally. He still wants pets and cuddle time. He is still sleeping quite a bit but that is to be expected. His eye is still cloudy but at this point I don't know if it's 100% because of the scratch, if it's part of the healing process, or if it's because of the ointment as it is rather thick. Like I said, we won't have any answers until Friday.

He was really, really good about me putting on the new "cone of shame" last night. He still bumps into things and what not but that's to be expected. I can't say I would be too graceful with a cone around my head. But it is necessary. Thankfully he only needs it when he is left alone, which means while we are sleeping. He hasn't been left alone as in both of us left the apartment at the same time. We don't feel comfortable with that. So it only goes on at night while we are both sleeping. However, I have still been sleeping in the living room rather than in bed with Master. It's not because I don't want to be in bed with my Master. I obviously do. I love sleeping next to Him. However, right now I think it is best if I sleep in the living room where the dog is so I can hear what he is doing... just in case. Yes, I am a huge worrier. But I always have been.

Also, the move is this week. We'll be moving either Saturday or Sunday. We haven't completely figured that out because we don't know which day we can get help. Master and I can do a lot of it on our own but there are some key items that He will need help moving. It's not that I won't help Him with them it's just the pure and simple fact that they are too heavy for me to handle. Our original plan was Sunday but today Master said that if we can get the help we need on Saturday He would prefer that day. I'll find out tomorrow whether or not that is feasible.

We are starting to pack a bit more. I got enough boxes and we have two suitcases and three totes. Two of the totes don't have lids but that's not a big deal. We just won't put anything breakable in them. However today (Tuesday) I won't be home most of the day due to my having to handle some things where we will be moving to. Then on Wednesday my father needs Master's help with finally clearing out Grandpa's house. This honestly should have been done months and months ago but hey... There is nothing I could have done to speed it up.

Since I won't be home tomorrow Master will be here with the mutt and on Wednesday He'll be gone and I'll be with the mutt.

*sigh* Isn't this week done yet?