March 11, 2009

After Sex Glow

I have another question from a comment for March Question and Answer Month, but right now I'm some what loopy, so I'll be doing that post later. :-) I want to give a coherent answer. *laughs*

Right now, I'm experiencing an after sex glow. So yeah. I'm a bit out of it, to say the least. I'm surprised I can type right now, but some how I'm managing.

Before bed, Master and I had watched a movie. Once my bath was done we really couldn't think of anything else to do, so we just sat and talked. We used to do that a lot, like every other night. Now? Not so much. It seems we're both tired, or sore, or just cranky. So it was really nice to just sit there, with no distractions (like the TV, or the computer, or a video game) and just talk. I didn't realize how much I had missed that. We did that for about an hour and a half.

We then went to the bedroom. Master burnt His upper lip so no kissing or other fun stuff that involves His mouth. :-(

You know, you don't really realize how much fun your Husband's mouth is until He can't use it. And you also don't realize just how much you kiss one another until you can't do it. I love kissing Him. And if it's more than just a peck or a quick "love ya hunny" kiss, it is one of the quickest ways to get me to melt. His tongue sliding in and dancing around mine. Sometimes He'll kiss me in such a way that I literally can not breathe, or I am forced to inhale His breath as He is exhaling. *longing sigh*

But tonight He played with my tits for a while and then carressed my neck in such a way that it left me wondering if He was going to remain gentle or suddenly squeeze and become rough. He kept the touches, for the most part, gentle and they almost felt like He was resisting the urge to just get a tight grip on my neck and push down. That is an amazing feeling, never knowing what He is going to do, or wondering why He seems to be resisting.

He then positioned Himself between my legs and entered me. He allowed me to cum several times before putting me on all fours and resting His head on my back. I also love that feeling. It is like He is surrounding me so I have no where to go, because of the way He locks His arms in between my legs as He thrusts His pelvis forward, but He is also being gentle by snuggling His head against my back and shoulders. It is that lovely mix of Domination and love that really gets to me.

Soon though He had straightened Himself so that He was kneeling behind me, gripped my thighs and bounced me off His cock until He ordered me to cum with Him. As He was filling me with His cum, I reached in between my legs and massaged His balls, causing a smirk to cross my face as He gasped. I may be the slave, but I can still take pleasure in those sort of noises sneaking out of Him. ;-)

Afterward, He laid down and I cleaned Him off and then scented myself. My back then decided to start making itself known so I asked for permission to go into the living room so that I would not be tossing and turning and keeping Him up. He has to go to work tomorrow, so I didn't want Him staying up just because I couldn't get comfortable.

So now here I am, waiting for my back to relax enough so that I can go curl up with my Husband. I thought I would hop on here and make a quick post. I haven't been able to post a lot of smut lately, so I thought I should do so now. :-D

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