March 28, 2009

Another Question

Have you ever passed out or fainted during sex or rough play?
First I have to apologize for not answering this earlier. Thank you for reminding me! Also, if anyone else has asked a question that I did not answer, let me know! I probably lost track of it somewhere in the comments. Also, March is almost over.. so if you have any more questions... shoot.

On to the question it self. I have never fainted or passed out during sex or rough play. I have however come really, really close. And that's mainly due to the fact the we do breath play. Basically Master cuts off my air supply, usually with His huge hands. I have gotten to the point where I start to see black dots, or things start to fade in and out. But Master gages this and can tell when it's happening. So He lets up, and I can breath again until He applies pressure once more.

I have never come close to passing out or fainting due to pain or anything of that nature. It's only ever occurred during breath play.

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