March 12, 2009

Almost The End Of The Week

Master gave me a call while He was at work to wake me up and tell me to call around to places that may rent out XBOX 360s. His is broken. So we had to ship it off today, so He'll probably be without it for about two weeks.

So I got up, got ready for the day and basically called every game store and every movie rental place I knew of. Guess what. No one rents out systems anymore. I swear I remember a time where basically everyone did it. Apparently people were ripping them off and never returning them. Go figure.

He called again on His lunch break and we talked for a few minutes. He basically just wanted to check in and see how things were going. I told Him about the game systems not being available for rent anymore. And He told me that He doesn't have to work Sunday. Apparently another guy wanted to go on that particular contract, so Master doesn't have to anymore.

Master got out of work an hour earlier than anticipated, so that was nice. He came home and I was kneeling on my slave mat. He got undressed and went directly to the shower. I knelt outside of the shower after I unplugged everything from the XBOX 360.

Once He was done with His shower, He packed it up and put the shipping label on it. Then we both got dressed and headed out. We went to drop off the XBOX 360 first so it could be shipped out. Hopefully it'll be back soon. From there we went to a movie rental store and picked up three movies. We got "Madagascar 2", "Hancock", and "Open Season 2". We made one last quick stop at the gas station and then went home.

We watched all three movies back to back, and some where in there had dinner. He worked on my shoulders a little while, but His rib is still bothering Him. It's better than what it was, but not 100% yet.

Once 11pm rolled around Master wanted to go to bed, but I wasn't tired yet. So I set the alarms for Him, tucked Him in, and now I'm here making this post. It's nearly Friday.

It sounds like He will have a pretty easy day at work tomorrow. Who knows, maybe He'll get out early again.

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