March 19, 2009

Insomnia Is Fun

No really it is! You should try it sometime. I'm having a blast sitting in the living room by myself, wishing I was curled up to Master's warmth and sleeping right now. Seriously. Someone stop me from having all this fun. And no, hitting myself in the head until I pass out and stop annoying people with my blog posts is not an option. Master has strictly forbidden me from hitting my head against things. No *headdesk* for me. *pouts*


I just realized that when people aren't posting frequently on their blogs, and I'm suffering from insomnia, I get cranky and say things like, "Write something!" to the monitor. *laughs* Like other bloggers are here just to entertain me when I can't sleep. Yeah. Right. Uh-huh. Can you tell I get slap happy and cranky all at the same time when I can't sleep?

And then here is my tail writing way to much. And then on the days where I can sleep, I go back and forth between writing really in depth posts and doing maybe a paragraph and going "Yep. That counts as a daily post." Cause ya know, I'm required to post at least once a day unless I have permission to skip a day. The only time I really ask for that is if I'm sick or we've just had a really long day and I want to do nothing more than sleep.

Well, apparently Master wants me to suffer through a little bit of stubble for a while. He was sitting in His recliner and looked like if He didn't get to bed soon, that He was just gonna pass out in His chair. But He looks at me and goes, "I want you to grow your landing strip again." I laughed and said, "What brought this on?" and He shrugged and said, "I have no idea. I just want to watch you squirm while it grows in."

(I'm sure when Kaya reads this, if she reads this, she'll be like "Shut up you bitch. It's just a landing strip.") *waves at Kaya*

The one good thing that has come of my week long bout of insomnia is that I'm getting a lot of reading in. Master recently purchased the first three books in the Necroscope series by Brian Lumley. I'm still on the first book, but I'm almost done. Master on the other hand is a speed reader and is almost done with the second book already. Then again, I'm more likely to chill online than to sit down with a book when I'm bored. *slaps wrist* Bad Kitten. Plus I've read them before, and so has He, but they are really good books.

I don't feel as I've written anything really in depth lately. I feel more like I'm just typing whatever the hell comes to mind. But I'm okay with that. For now. Sometimes I do like to just sit down and write a really in depth post, rather than whatever comes to mind at the time. Maybe I can do that tomorrow. Right now I don't think I could stay on subject.

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