March 7, 2009

Cuff Question

How’s that eternity cuff/bracelet working out for you? Comfy? I’ve always wondered about those.
I was a little worried when we first got it because as He was putting it on my wrist I thought I had gotten it too small, but thankfully it fits perfectly.

It took a little getting used to, but it is very comfortable. I barely notice it anymore, just like my collar. It basically feels like it has no weight to it at all once you have been wearing it for a while. The only time I notice it now is when it gets cold, like when I'm outside for a while, and it slips back down to a part of my arm that hasn't been exposed to the weather. Then I'm like, "Why is my arm cold? Oh yeah. Duh."

I highly recommend it. It is very durable, it "fits in well", and is light weight. By fitting in well I mean, just like my Eternity collar, I can wear it in an office environment and no one mentions it. If anything they compliment me on my "new age" jewelry. *laughs*

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