December 31, 2009

Ringing In The New Year

Well it looks like this will be my last blog post of 2009.

It's kinda weird to think about it that way. It's not like I'm about to blog about anything profound or deep. It's just my daily blog post like any other day. But it's also a closing on another year, another chapter.

Although honestly this past year has felt more like a novel rather than a chapter. Master and I have been through a lot this past year. But we have our health and we have one another.

We've had our ups and our downs. The roller coaster ride included finances, emotions, family, friends, our own personal struggles, as well as the struggles we've gone through as a couple.

Thinking back over the year, 2009 was very difficult. It was better than 2008 but still very much a fight to keep clawing our way back to the top whenever we were knocked down.

We have handled most of it very well, in my opinion. But there are things that I did and said, that I regret. But those regrets are few and our love has always brought us through and made us stronger.

2010 is a mere few hours away from beginning. And I hope that it is more calm and productive than the past couple of years have been.

I worked today, but got out almost an hour early, which was nice. Master and I are staying home tonight, just the two of us. I'm enjoying it so far, and am sure that the rest of the night will be very relaxing and a lot of fun. Just me and my Hubby.

I'm really glad that it's just us tonight. I've been so tired this past week after getting home from work that we haven't had a lot of quality time together. I've pretty much just been zombafied and not wanting to move due to stiffness and pain in my joints.

Although we are mainly doing what we'd normally be doing.. such as watching stuff on the Xbox 360, and dicking around on the computer, it is still just very nice. I'm tired, but not to the point that I want to just curl up and pass out.


On that note I do believe I will cut the post here.

Happy New Year dear readers! May 2010 bring you all happiness.

December 30, 2009

Ink... I Want It!

I could go on about how rough work has been this past week, and how I'm sure tomorrow at work will be rough as well.

I could also go on about how tired and sore I have been. Or how I had the sinus headache from hell this morning.

But I don't want to.

I want to talk about tattoos and how much I miss getting inked!

We've been watching LA Ink, and now we have Miami Ink in queue on Netflix. And I miss it so much! I also talked about tattoos with my coworkers that are in my carpool. One of them has two tattoos, and the other has virgin skin but is interested in getting ink.

I miss sitting in the chair and feeling that familiar buzz gliding across my skin leaving it's mark. I miss the smell of the cleaning solution. I miss watching Master as He gets ink done and locking eyes with Him.

Romantic. Well, for us.

Master has a few pieces He wants to get done. And there are (at least) two more that I want done.

One of them I know exactly what I want. I have the picture saved to the computer. I just have to change the colors on it, that's all. The other one? I have an idea of what I want, but nothing concrete. So that one will have to wait.

It's been somewhere around 3 or 4 years since I've last had a tattoo gun touch my skin. *pouts* I'm hoping that will be remedied sooner rather than later.

And watching these shows are not helping at all! It makes me want to just go hog-wild and get all sorts of tattoos done. But, part of me knows (the responsible part of me) that I can't do that. I have a full time job that I know for a fact would frown upon my having tattoos all over the place. And unfortunately, you can't always live life the way that you want because you have to be responsible. For instance I would love to get my eyebrow pierced, but my job has a "no piercings that are visible" policy.

Now I could get it done and have plastic put in, but I don't know if I want to do that or not. I'd have to talk to HR about it to see if that would be acceptable. Then once it's healed I could put different ones in on the weekends and what not.

When I first met Master I had my eyebrow pierced. He didn't really like it at first, but it grew on Him. I took it out and let it close up because I got a regular job. Now I miss it.

Getting my nipples and VCH done kind have made that longing all the more apparent.

December 29, 2009

Busy Damn Day

Today was a busy, busy day.

Last night Master and I had curled up with one another. I had said that I was tired, and so Master said it was probably best that I just sleep then.. ya know, rather than have sex.

I asked if He was mad, that I wanted to sleep. He tightened His grip on me as we cuddled and said, "No. Quality cuddle time with Kitten? Of course I'm not mad."


I love Him.

This morning I woke up and got ready for work. The person in our carpool that normally drives, had taken the day off. So I was driving myself and the other person today.

I went out to the car and let it warm up, and I have to say I so did not miss having to scrape frost off of car windows at 6:30 in the morning. Really, really did not miss that at all.

So finally the car was ready to go, and I called my coworker to let him know I was on my way. I found a really easy way to his house. He was already standing outside when I got there. We talked a little bit on our way to work. It was so nice being able to smoke on the way to work. The person who normally drives doesn't smoke, and there for does not allow smoking in her car. Which sucks.

My work day was crazy busy. I was slammed the entire fucking day. I have this feeling that tomorrow isn't going to be much better. It's only a four day work week so people are trying to get their stuff knocked out, and while I understand that... it still sucks ass.

Finally it was time to go home. My coworker and I got in my car and I dropped him off.

Master had called me earlier in the day and said that He had forgotten to pick up a few things yesterday. So after I dropped off my coworker, I went to the store and picked up those few minor things before going home and being able to relax.

I still was home by like 5:45pm, but it just feels like it's been an extremely long day.

Tomorrow we are getting the first disc of Season 3 of The Tudors! I'm so excited! I can't wait to watch it.

Master and I decided we didn't want to give Rome a try right now, although that might change later on. Right now we're both really into The Tudors, and are focusing on that.

We've also been watching LA Ink. And after that we're also going to watch Miami Ink (which I prefer). But watching these types of shows make me want to get more ink ssooo badly!

So yeah. That's pretty much all that's going on right now.

December 28, 2009


This is gonna sound stupid. But I already know this, so it's okay.

For the past few weeks, we've been allowed to wear jeans to work, as well as casual tops like t-shirts and what not if we wanted to. And it's been great! Business casual clothing isn't uncomfortable or anything, I just prefer jeans to khakis.

Well today the company announced that they have decided to change our dress code. Now, we can wear casual clothes (jeans, t-shirts, etc..) whenever we want!

We were all so excited we stood up when the announcement was made did high fives over the cubicle walls. Then I started cracking up and said, "We get excited over the weirdest shit." And everyone nodded and laughed along with me. Or they were laughing at me, but either way it was funny.

So yeah. Now all those business casual clothes I have in the closet? Don't need them as often. I'll need them for like.. funerals or something along those lines and that's about it. But I still love all the tops Master bought me for work! I'll be wearing those regardless. It's mainly the pants I don't really need.

Now, I need more jeans. Which figures, cause I can't afford them right now. But oh well, I'll make the pairs I have work for now. :-)

It was difficult getting up this morning for work. But I made it through the day.

Tomorrow my usual ride won't be going to work. She needs to take her car in because the heater isn't working. We all froze on the drive to work and the drive home.

So I'll be taking the car tomorrow. That is unless the weather looks shitty. Then Master wants me to wake Him up and have Him take me and the other person in the carpool to work and then He would pick us up.

For some stupid reason I'm a little nervous about driving tomorrow. I'm good at driving, but I always feel a bit uncomfortable driving with someone in the car that I don't know really well. I have absolutely no idea why. But the other person in the carpool is a nice guy. All he does on the drive to work is talk about work or his fiance. So it's no biggie.

So I'll have to pick him up on the way to work, and take him home before I can go home and relax.

I told Master that if I was able to, I would've taken off tomorrow cause to make life simple (and to be lazy). But I don't have enough personal time left, and it won't be renewed until the end of March.

But I only have three more days of work and then it's a three day weekend! Whoo-hoo!

December 27, 2009


I don't wanna go to work tomorrow! *whines*

With all the visiting of family we did this is the only day that I got to stay home out of my four day weekend. And even then I had to make a run out of the house. Blah. Although Master was sweet about it. He made me a deal. (We do that sometimes.)

He said that if I went to the three stores that needed to be hit today, by myself cause He didn't want to leave the house, than tomorrow while I was at work He would take out the garbage, do the dishes, and do the grocery shopping.

Not... have... to ... do... dishes?



I hate doing dishes.

Hate. It.

Plus all three stores were within 5 minutes of the apartment, and I only had to grab a couple things at each store. So all told, I think I was out of the house for 20 minutes. So fair trade in my book.

Plus He woke me up by fucking me this morning, so I was in a good mood anyway.

Seriously though, these past four days of being off of work have been great. I spent time with family. Master and I got a lot of time together, and I've been able to sleep past 6:20am. Although, per usual, I will have a hell of a time getting up tomorrow morning.

But it's only a four day work week due to New Year's Day. So rock on.

Master has been calling me over to Him these past few days just to kneel in front of Him, lean on His recliner, and get pets from Him. It's been really nice. I love it when He does such things.

December 26, 2009

Holidays Are Over


All that is left is New Year's Day. And that to me is just an extra day off of work. I have no idea what we are doing for New Year's Eve. We'll most likely stay home. Usually we have BC over, but I don't know if he'll come up or not. Probably not since this is the first year he's had a girlfriend in the entire time I've known him. So he'll probably be spending it with her.

Today Master and I slept in until almost 2pm. We had stayed up very late last night.

After we got up we relaxed in the living room for a while, and then headed down to my dad's house. We just went down to hang out, but ended up staying for a good four hours. But the weather was getting worse, so we decided to head out. Thankfully Master is a good driver. I think we saw at least 6 cars in ditches on the way to my father's house.

We went out for dinner, using some of our Christmas money to do so. We had a great time talking and all that. Once we got home Master took the dog out and had me move the dog's water and food bowls back into the kitchen. (Ghost has to be put in the bedroom whenever we leave because other wise he just runs around the apartment barking at things, and/or jumping up on the sliding glass doors scaring the hell out of our neighbors, even though all he'd probably do is try and lick them to death.)

Well for some stupid reason as I was walking to the bedroom to get the dog's stuff, I suddenly started saying "dun da dun... dun dun dun..." in a kind of super hero music sing song voice. No reason why. Master was like, "What the fuck is wrong with you?" To which I had no reply, and immediatley went into a giggle fit that didn't stop for a good 15 minutes.

Shortly there after Master had me take my bath and put on some lingerie. Now we're just going to spend the rest of the evening relaxing and being with one another. There is only one day left in my four day weekend and I plan on enjoying it as much as possible.

December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Today was a busy day.

I had set the alarm to make sure we got up on time. After we had gotten ready we headed out. First we hit the gas station and then headed down to my mother's. My brother was there already. It was very informal. We sat down in the living room, exchanged presents, and just talked for a couple of hours. My brother is currently unemployed, but he still got us a card which was very nice of him. My mother and her husband gave us a toaster.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts.

My brother couldn't remember how to get out to our grandfather's house. He's never driven out there by himself before. So we all left at the same time and he followed us out.

We were the first to arrive at Grandpa's house. We sat in the living room and relaxed for a bit. Then my father and his girlfriend showed up. I was honestly surprised that she hadn't brought her sons with her, but was silently thankful for that fact.

We had dinner around 4pm. The food was really good. And then we exchanged gifts. My dad didn't get us anything. He said he was broke. But I mean... we didn't even get a card, and you can buy a box of 16 at the dollar store. (I know because that's exactly what I did.)

My grandfather handed out "goody bags" and cards with cash in them. The goody bags had home made fudge, cookies, rice krispie treats, and trail mix. Yummy. Master got my trail mix though. *giggles*

Master and I left shortly there after. It was going on 6pm and I wanted to get home. My grandpa was in good spirits, but my dad was just kind of... depressing to be around today. He was walking around like someone had shot his dog or something. I don't know if it's because he said he couldn't afford anything, or something else. According to his girlfriend he's been acting like this for a while now.

Oddly enough it reminds me of the time right before we found out that he was cheating on my mother back when I was 16. Funny that. Then again my father is an odd character. He won't tell you what's going on. He'll bitch, but he won't get into in depth conversations or tell you anything relating to his emotions unless that emotion happens to be pissed off.

So another Christmas is over and done with.

December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Today I slept in until 10am. I'm honestly surprised I woke up that early. Then again last night I ended up passing out on the floor again. I don't know why I'm so tired lately. The weather maybe? *shrugs*

So anyway, Master and I get up and take our time getting ready for the day. I ran to the gas station, and then we cleaned out the rabbit cages.

We noticed that there was freezing rain coming down, so we headed out a little early to my mother-in-law's. Master's family has always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve.

So we make a stop at Baker's Square and pick up a french silk pie, like she had asked us to. We then had a nice leisurely drive on the county roads down to her condo.

Surprisingly tonight went well. Normally His mother will bring something, anything, up to piss one or both of us off, without really trying. But tonight everything was pleasant. We exchanged gifts (we got cash), ate dinner, and then something unexpected.

You see His mother has always had a thing against video games. She believes them to be a waste of time, and has been telling Master to "grow up" since He owns an Xbox 360 Elite.

Well apparently they had just purchased a Wii. Master and I were both very surprised by this. She says it's because of all the exercise related things you can do on it.

So we ended up playing around on that for a while. I kicked butt on the wave riding thingy. And I got my tail handed to me on bowling, twice. But honestly, it was kind of fun.

Although with normal games, I couldn't see playing with that kind of system. The little games we were playing were fun, but I could see tiring of them rather quickly. So I don't think, for us, that it would be worth the money to buy one.

Anyway, that was.. surreal. Playing video games at my mother-in-law's house.

We headed out shortly there after and came home. We got comfortable, got a good buzz going, and watched 1,000 Ways to Die. I love that show! They finally loaded new episodes onto the Xbox marketplace! Whoo-hoo!

Now Master is playing Soul Calibur 4 and I'm just enjoying being able to stay up past 11pm on a Thursday night.

Hopefully Christmas day goes as smoothly as today did.

December 23, 2009


It's the four day weekend!

Last night I was exhausted, mentally, so while Master watched Saturday Night Live episodes, I fell asleep on the floor. He woke me up when He was ready to go to bed. Thankfully I had preset the alarm, so all I had to do was curl up to Master and pass the hell out. *laughs*

Our living room was freezing when I got up this morning. I quickly took a peek outside, and saw that it wasn't snowing. So I took my time getting ready, knowing that my ride wouldn't be early today.

Surprisingly Master got up shortly after I did and came into the living room, had a cigarette, and then kissed me and went back to bed.

The ride to work was fine. But work itself was boring as hell! I mean yes, okay I understand that we get a four day weekend. But when 85 % of the company is standing around talking because they have nothing else to do, you would think they would send us home early. But no. We got out at our normal time.

Which sucked, because about a half hour before I got out of work it was snowing rather heavily. It was all fluffy snow, but it was coming down at a decent rate. This made the ride home long, and a bit dangerous. We almost ended up hitting a guard rail getting onto the interstate because the car fishtailed and we weren't even going 20 mph. But we made it home safe and sound. Master called me when we were about 5 minutes from the apartment wondering where I was and if I was okay.

It had just been a long drive. We took it slow and steady.

After I got home I took care of the dog and have been relaxing ever since. We watched the first two episodes of Rome. It's okay. I prefer The Tudors. Maybe it's because it is so early in the season but it just seemed so.... dry. I don't know how else to describe it.

Plus one of the things I love about The Tudors is the way it's filmed. I don't know what it is they are doing, but the way the show looks is just... stunning. Not so much with Rome.

I don't know if we'll continue watching it or not.

Tomorrow we are going to my mother-in-law's house for dinner. Joy. Hopefully we won't be there to late.

Normally she'll tell us to show up right before dinner, like she is this time. She wants us to show up at 5pm. She says dinner will be ready shortly there after. But normally when she says that shortly there after turns into two to three hours later. Who knows. Maybe this time it will be different.

December 22, 2009


Well, it snowed today. I had no idea it was supposed to snow. Then again it may help if ya know.. I actually paid attention to the weather channel or something along those lines.

It didn't seem that bad when I looked out the window after I had finished getting ready for work.

But thanks to the city not knowing well enough to plow early, the drive to work sucked ass. I wasn't late or anything, thankfully. But it still sucked.

My supervisor held a very brief meeting for the department today. He handed us our bonus checks (rock on) and thanked us all for all of our dedication and hard work. He also had gotten each of us a decent sized box of chocolates. I brought them home with me so Master can help me eat them. I share, because I love Him. And also because I really don't want to be a pig and eat the whole box of chocolates myself. But mostly, it's due to love.

The drive home wasn't much better. It was bumper to bumper traffic most of the way, due to accidents and people forgetting how to drive apparently.

But I made it home safe and sound, so that's all that really matters.

I feel tired tonight. It was a boring and somewhat easy day at work, but it ticked by slowly. So I guess that has something to do with it. But thankfully tomorrow is technically my Friday since after tomorrow I'll have four days off of work.

So not a lot going on in my gray matter tonight. I feel just kind of ... lazy. And happy to be home with my Husband.

December 21, 2009

Cum.. The After Dinner Snack

Last night when Master and I retired to the bedroom I wasn't tired at all. Thanks to all that sleep I caught up on my body clock was set back to my being a night owl. That's not a good thing when you work a first shift job.

So when we got to the bedroom Master made sure to wear me out. ;-)

I fell asleep shortly after I had my head on the pillow, and Master's arm around me.

It was still hell dragging myself out of bed at 6:20 this morning. But I managed. In fact for some reason when the alarm went off Master started to get up as well. I looked at Him kind of oddly and said, "You don't have to go anywhere love. Go back to sleep."

His head turned towards me, and I could tell He wasn't awake at all. He just nodded His head, said "Love you," and went back to sleep.

Work for the first few hours was extremely busy. But after that I was bored out of my mind. So I was very happy to be home this evening.

Shortly after I got home I ran back out to the gas station to pick up a few things, and by the time I got back Master had finished making dinner. So we ate and watched the last episode of Ghost Adventures. It's a good show! It's a lot better than Ghost Hunters or Ghost Hunters International.

I took my bath about an hour later, and when I came out I had on a nightie and a silky black robe. Master, for whatever reason, was dressed.

I knelt in front of Him and started kissing Him and pulling His shirt off of His shoulders. When we stopped kissing I said, "Naked Daddy?" He chuckled, got up, and took off His clothes.

I love seeing Him naked.Yummy.

He sat back down in His recliner, and I again knelt in front of Him and started kissing Him and nipping His neck and shoulders. He felt up my ass and played with my pussy a bit while I snaked my arm in between us and stroked His already stiff cock.

Then, suddenly, I turned my hip in such a way that caused His fingers to break contact with my pussy. He turned His head to see what I was about. I kissed Him once more before letting go of His dick, placing my hand on His chest and pushing Him back into His recliner. (He had been leaning forward.) He didn't have much time to react, because He had landed in such a way that His legs were wide apart, and His arms were resting on the arms of the chair.

I dipped my head down and took His cock into my mouth all the way to the base in the blink of an eye. His surprised moan turned me on to no end. I continued to suck His dick, but my damn hair kept getting in the way. So I kept my head still, gathered my hair into a ponytail using my hands, and then tapped His wrist with my free hand, while shaking my hair with the hand that held that up. He got the idea and gathered my hair into His hands and fucked my mouth.

Towards the end of the blowjob, as my head was angled just right, I knew He was getting close so I looked up. It is honestly the first time I can remember in a long time that I have watched His facial expression as He shot His load down my throat. It was very erotic.

I massaged the underside of His dick with my tongue as His orgasm continued.

Once He was spent, I knelt back, allowing His cock to slip from my mouth and smiled at Him. I then thanked Him and He strained to focus His eyes and said, "Um. You're welcome?"


As you can tell, I'm sure, from the above events Master is allowing me to be a bit more aggressive lately. I am enjoying it greatly. And it seems that He is as well.

December 20, 2009

Tomorrow Is Going To Kick My Tail

Yep. It totally is.

I slept in until almost 2pm again today. But then again Master and I hadn't gone to bed until almost 5am, and just because we had gone to bed doesn't mean we went to sleep right away. ;-) So who knows what time I actually fell asleep.

So getting up at 6:15am tomorrow morning, is going to be a pain in the ass because I know I'm not going to bed early tonight. But at least that will force my body clock to try and reset itself. I just have a feeling that caffeine is going to be my friend.

Today I got the last two gift cards that I needed to pick up. So finally all of our Christmas shopping is done! We honestly didn't spend a lot of money on gifts this year, at all, but we still went a bit over budget due to our tight finances right now. But oh well.

I was able to get Master a Christmas gift though! While we were at a store with SS. We both love the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. He had found a Freddy Kruger that He liked. This one actually. So I asked if He wanted that to be His Christmas present. He said yes, so I bought it for Him. It is currently sitting on top of our entertainment center.

He asked what I wanted. And honestly, all I truly want, that is material in nature... is way to expensive. You know, like a new computer. That sort of thing. So I asked if I could have a full body massage for my Christmas present. He agreed. So I'll be getting a full body massage! Yay!

Today Master and I have spent the day being lazy as hell, and I've enjoyed it greatly.

This weekend went by quick, but then again I've been sleeping most of the day away, so of course it would. Thankfully I only have a three day work week coming up, and then a four day weekend.

December 19, 2009

Sleep Is My Friend Once More

I believe that this past week of insomnia had finally caught up with me last night.

Yesterday, once I got home from work Master and I had some errands to run. I got home a bit later than usual and so I felt rushed. But that always happens when I feel I'm running behind schedule. I feel like I can't do enough to try and get back on track.

Master must have realized this, because He walked up to me as we were about to head out the door and cupped my head to His chest, and caressed my hair as He told me to calm down and relax. He kissed the top of my head before releasing His grip.

Thankfully we were able to buy everything we needed to buy in two short stops. We then came home and relaxed for a few minutes. SS called to say that the guy she wanted us to meet had backed out, but she still wanted to get together. So we met up for dinner, and then she told us that she had to go to a store. So we went with her, after which we all came back to the apartment and joked around until about two in the morning.

We didn't go to bed until about 3:30am. When my head finally hit the pillow I passed out rather quickly.

And in all honesty, I didn't get up and out of bed until 1:30 this afternoon.

It seems my body went into complete shut down mode. I was groggy for a while after that, but I feel a lot better after having gotten so much sleep.

Today Master and I didn't have any errands to run so we went down to my dad's house and chilled there for a little while. When we got home we had dinner and finished out Season 2 of The Tudors.

To watch Season 3 we have to add it to the DVD queue on Netflix. But for now, we're having Season 1 of Rome sent to us, thanks to the suggestion from Subtle.

But honestly I can't wait to watch Season 3 of The Tudors! :-D

So the reason why I did not do a post last night was because we were up so late with SS, having a great time just hanging out.

And in all honesty I don't have a lot to say right now. Hopefully tomorrow I will have more swimming around in my mind.

December 17, 2009

Almost There!

I just have to get through tomorrow and then I can sleep in on Saturday. Thank Gods. I haven't been getting much sleep this past week. I'm suffering from a bit of insomnia. I don't go to bed until later than usual because I'm not tired. And then when I finally do fall asleep, it is in spurts.

Hopefully resting up this weekend will help break that annoying cycle.

Last night our friend SS called. She wants us to meet a potential boyfriend of hers. So we set it up for tomorrow night. Unfortunately I know that when we hang out with SS, it usually runs pretty late and I have a full day of work tomorrow. So I have a feeling I'm going to be a zombie by the time we get home and are alone.

Work today was rather boring. Time dragged, and the work flow was slow as hell. Not that I mind really. But it doesn't help make the day go by any faster when you're only attempting to look like you're doing work, rather than actually doing some.

I have been so sore this past week thanks to the weather being so up and down. My fibromyalgia is kicking my tail. I am trying not to let it get me down though.

Tonight Master and I started Season 2 of The Tudors. I am loving this show! I think that it's quickly becoming my favorite TV show of all time.

Thank Gods for Netflix, or I would have never seen it since Master and I don't have cable or satellite. It's an addicting TV show, that's for sure. I wish I could stay up all night tonight and watch the rest of season 2. But I need to at least be some what functional tomorrow. *laughs*

Master and I have been having a great time lately, just relaxing and being with one another. We have been joking around and being cuddly and playful. It's been wonderful. Although unfortunately Master currently has a cold sore, so He can't use His mouth. :-( I miss kissing my Husband.

Hopefully it will heal quickly!

December 16, 2009

Another Wednesday

Last night Master and I retired to the bedroom. I was sore and tired. I haven't been sleeping well even though the sex has been amazing! It's like I'm afraid I'm going to sleep through my alarm or something because I find myself waking up every hour or so and immediatley staring at the clock. Odd.

So I had asked Master if we could just sleep last night. It's not that I didn't want to make love. It's just that I knew I wouldn't be as energetic about it as I normally am, and that puts a damper on things.

He granted it. I asked if He was mad. He said no. I asked if He was disappointed. He again said no, said that He understood how I was feeling, kissed my forehead for a prolonged period of time and then ordered me to curl up and get some much needed rest.

Work today was long and drawn out. I barely had enough work to get through the day. Although I prefer that to a day where I'm so busy that I don't have enough time to breathe.

Also I think this week, work wise, is taking longer because I know I have a four day weekend next week as well as a three day weekend the week after that. So yeah. Mental self torture and what not.

Today I have been extremely sore. So I'm moving a little slow. My joints are aching and the muscles in my shoulders are like rocks.

Master and I have started a new little routine when I get home from work. We have discovered a TV show called The Tudors, that originally aired on Showtime, which is available through Netflix. They have seasons 1 and 2 currently. So Master and I are making our way through season 1 currently. I am totally addicted to this show, and Master has been kind enough to not watch it without me.

So I get home, and while we eat dinner we watch one episode. Then as soon as that one is done, we start another one. We then take a break and I relax on the computer and take my bath, while Master plays video games. Then right before bed we watch a third episode. Once that is done we turn off the Xbox 360, sit up and talk for a while and then go to the bedroom.

I'm really enjoying this new little ritual.

December 15, 2009

Holidays Are Here

Christmas is next week. Next fucking week.

And while I am no longer a Lutheran, which is what I was raised in case you wanted to know, I still celebrate Christmas to a point. And that point is going to visit my family members, and getting people gifts. That's it.

Then again that's all it really was when I was growing up as well. Although we did go to church on Christmas Eve. (That was the only time we went to church unless it was for a funeral.) And that was only because of my grandmother, my great grandparents, and my great aunt. All of which are no longer on this Earth, I am sad to say.

My immediate family (mother, father, brother) were/are not very religious at all. My mother claims to believe in God and I know she prays. But aside from that.. *shrugs* My father still claims to be a Lutheran although he shows no signs of actually practicing the faith. And my brother, well I do believe he is an atheist.

We're a nice well rounded bunch aren't we?

But for whatever reason, I still treat that day as if it is special. As if I have to get together with my family. And it's more for traditions sake than any other reason. Especially for my grandfather. He is 70 years old and no one knows how much longer he has on this Earth. He wanted to make it to 70, because no other male in his family had done so. He has accomplished that, and he'll tell you flat out that he wants to go be with Grandma now. It's been about 15 years now since she has passed.

My grandfather called this evening to make sure Master and I were coming to dinner on Christmas. I promised him that we would. I still have to nail down a time for my mother's house. And this weekend I will be calling my mother-in-law to figure out Christmas Eve. (Master's family always celebrated on Christmas Eve.)

Master and I only have a few gift cards left to buy and our shopping for the holidays is done. Thankfully.

But the main thing I'm looking forward to next week is the four day weekend! Whoo-hoo! Although with all of the family time, I'm sure the first two days of that extended weekend will fly by.

Everyone at work is talking about what they are doing for the holidays, and what they are getting people, etc and so on.

So yes. It really is around the corner.

December 14, 2009

Love, Love, Love

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful. It's to bad that it had to end.

But even though it was a Monday, and it was gloomy out due to overcast skies, fog, and rain I stayed in a very good mood all day long. Nothing could bring me down.

And it's all due to my Husband.

This weekend we were all over each other, cuddling, molesting one another, and just being goofy. It was wonderful!

I have a picture from our wedding, at work. It is a wallet sized one, that I have taped to the side of my monitor. I was glancing at it all day long, smiling to myself. It is one of my favorite pictures of us. We both look extremely happy (because we were/are). It's our first picture as Husband and wife. I love that picture to pieces!

I always know I'm in love with Master. That feeling is always with me. But today that feeling soared within me.

And I'm giddy because of it. Not to mention silly and horny. *nods* It's an interesting mix to say the least.

Master told me that I've been a very good girl lately. *beams* That's also adding to my feeling of overall happiness.

But I can't really keep a coherent thought pattern right now. My mind is all over the place. I'm not the least bit tired, and it's only about 45 minutes before I'm supposed to go to bed. I have a feeling we'll be staying up a bit late tonight. Hyper and in love. It's great.

We've been together for almost 7 years and I still get this way. Ya know most people tell you that as time goes on, you lose that and you end up more in a "comfortable" love, rather than an "intense" love. For me, it's a mixture of both. I am extremely comfortable around and with my mate, but it is also very, very intense at times.

December 13, 2009

"Mein Teil"

As I'm sure some of your remember, I love Rammstein. This particular song is called Mein Teil.


Today was going wonderfully. Was being the key word.

We got up rather late and Master and I relaxed in the living room for a bit. Then He sent me out to the store to pick up razors and Benadryl. I also picked up the rest of the Christmas presents I needed to get. It's not a lot but at least everyone is getting something.

Once I got home I took my bath and put on one of my new outfits, and one of my new pairs of heels. Master took pictures of me in them. The new pictures are at the bottom of my Pics page.

I gave Him a blowjob as soon as He was done with the pictures.

We ate dinner, and I think that's what did me in. Shortly after I was done eating my stomach felt like it was trying to tear it's way out of me. I feel like hell.

So I'm drinking water and just trying to relax. One minute I feel absolutely fine and the next minute I'm having to run to the bathroom. Joy.

I'm hoping that I feel better rather quickly. I have to work tomorrow. Yes, I could call in sick but then I would lose the privilege of getting out at noon every other Friday, and I would have to make up the time at some point during the week because I'm pretty much out of personal time.

Why does this kind of thing always have to happen on a night where I have to work the next day?

December 12, 2009

This Might Be A Long Post...

You have been warned.

I missed yesterday's post because Master and I had gotten home somewhat late and I was feeling extremely lazy. Master was kind enough to let me slide on the post.

Yesterday, after I got out of work Master and I went and had dinner, and then went down to my dad's house for a little bit to visit. As usual we stayed a bit later than we intended. So by the time I got home I was exhausted.

Master and I joked around, talked, and just had a nice relaxing evening from that point. But Master wasn't tired and since it was a Friday night we decided to stay up late.

Yeah. Late turned into "Holy shit I've been awake for more than 20 hours!" *blinks* Once I realized that I turned to Master and said, "I think I'm going to crash soon." He chuckled and said we would go to bed once the SNL episode we were watching was over.

Technically I could have gone to bed right then. I know Master would have allowed it. But I didn't want to go to bed without Him. So I waited, and once He started to turn the TV off, I cleaned up the living room, we headed to bed, curled up and cuddled a bit before going to sleep. I remember Him nuzzling my hair and kissing my cheek quite a few times as we laid there. It was sweet. *aaawww...*

This afternoon I woke up to the sound of Master being in the shower. It was around noon. I had crashed pretty hard. So I got up and checked on Master. He told me to go have a cigarette, wake up, and then run to the gas station. So I did as I was told and then once I was home again I helped Master with the lotion on His tattoos and we relaxed for a bit.

Today was the holiday party at my job. So we went to that. Master got to meet my supervisor and a few of my coworkers that He hears me talk about all the time. They had food available but Master and I really just said hi to a few people, I showed Him around, and then we left. We were there for about 30 minutes all told. It was still cool though, being able to show Master my place of work and all that. But it was crowded and after showing Him around the building I didn't know what else we should/could do. So off we went. We had a late lunch and went home.

Upon arriving home Master and I relaxed for a little bit before He called me over to Him from my slave mat. I happily knelt in front of Him as it is was out of the blue, which hasn't been happening very often.

He told me to turn around so that I was still kneeling but facing away from Him.

I did as I was told and He moved my robe aside. He's been allowing me to wear my robe around the apartment since it's been so cold outside. As it slipped from my shoulders, He moved my hair aside, wrapped one arm around me so that it was cupping my breast and holding me still, and grabbed my arm with His other hand.

I knew what was coming because He was holding me so tightly.

He bit deep into my shoulder and held the muscle in between His teeth for quite some time. We both have a biting fetish. His teeth are very sharp and it hurts like a mother fucker, but I get very aroused by it. He proved this once He was done biting me by slipping His hands in between my thighs and rubbing my dripping wet pussy.

He pressed into me and I could feel His fully erect cock pressing into my back. He then picked me up so I was standing and had me sit on His dick as He sat in His recliner.

I was extremely docile, as biting almost always sends me straight into that mode. He fucked me for a little while before having me stand up again and ordering me to the bedroom. He had me lay on my stomach and suck His cock as He fingered me.

Then He laid on top of me, spread my legs apart with His, pinned my hands behind my back with one hand (I love the fact that He can hold both of my wrists with one hand quite easily) and then put His other hand in between my shoulder blades and fucked me roughly. I was His toy. I was not allowed to have an orgasm but gods was it amazing!

Sometimes I just prefer to be used. I sometimes enjoy the fact that I am just for His pleasure. I often times beg to be used. It's not that I don't enjoy getting off, it's just that being used gets me off mentally... if that makes any sense what so ever.

Once He had filled me with my reward, He laid on top of me and kissed my hair over and over again. It's those little things that He does that are romantic and caring that makes His Domination over me all that more apparent. I enjoy the mix of roughness and loving tenderness.

He eventually rolled off of me and allowed me to slide next to Him and bury my head in His chest as He ran His hand up and down my back a little bit.

We have spent the remainder of the evening watching movies and being randomly affectionate with one another. It's been a great day.

December 10, 2009

Warmth Is A Good Thing

Last night when Master and I retired to the bedroom, we laid down next to one another and cuddled a bit. I was horny. And I knew Master was too, but He also wasn't feeling the greatest.

So I asked Him if He would rather sleep, and He said no.. but that maybe He should. So I laid there for a little while longer, before I decided to try and initiate sex. So I reached in between us and started stroking His cock. I love how His cock feels in my hands. It's so smooth! I love feeling it grow and pulse and sometimes jerk in my hand.

*sighs happily*

He moaned and started rubbing my ass as I continued to stroke Him and nuzzle His face and neck.

Then I asked Him how He wanted me. He said that it was a toss up between me being on all fours or me being on top.

Since I knew He wasn't feeling the greatest, and it had been a while since I'd been on top, I chose that option.

It was great! I felt so much better afterward.

I got undressed, cleaned Him off, scented myself, and curled up to Him and fell fast asleep.

This morning was fucking cold. I didn't want to take off my bath robe. And I debated with myself if wearing a robe to work would be taking casual days too far. I quickly decided that yes it would.

Yesterday Master had mentioned that I had said I would take the pizza boxes out that morning, and I hadn't. I felt bad so before I even got dressed for work I grabbed a garbage bag, shoved the pizza boxes and the empty soda boxes in there and put the bag by the door so I couldn't forget to take it out.

He mentioned that when He called me in the afternoon and said that I had done it just to prove Him wrong, because He had said I would forget again. That made me giggle.

Work dragged today. This whole week has been dragging tail. Once I got home I ate dinner and have been relaxing.

I took a nice hot bath and am now warm and comfy in my robe. Master decided to not have me put on lingerie tonight. He wants me to wait until we do pictures this weekend. :-)

December 9, 2009

More Shopping

Well first off, the snow was not as bad as the weatherman had predicted it to be. Regardless of that fact, the carpool I am a part of left early for work. So I got a little extra time in today.

Once I got home from work Master and I ate dinner, and I dicked around online for a little bit and then went and took my bath.

Master wanted me in something, so I chose my school girl outfit as well as my new heels that I had posted about not that long ago.

Well you may also remember that I had said they were a little big on me, but that they didn't come in half sizes, so oh well. After walking around in them a bit here at home Master commented that they looked bigger than He had originally thought. I agreed that they slid quite a bit when I walked. So I sighed, took them off and put them back in the box.

I had purchased them online, and I didn't really want to deal with the hassle of sending them back for a refund. So Master suggested that I see what time the local store is open, and we could maybe look for replacements.

So I called, and we had about an hour and a half before they closed. So we went out to the store, the heels with us. I returned them and had found a similar pair that I liked, and actually fit! Who knew. The pair that I found that were very similar are this pair. I love them, and am currently wearing them with my school girl outfit, which I promptly put back on once we got home.

So I exchanged the pair I bought online for the pair I linked to above. And while I was checking out the cashier told me that they had a sale going on where you buy one pair of shoes and you get the 2nd pair for $15.

So I looked at Master and He said to go ahead. That is when I found this pair. Awesome!

Upon leaving the store with my two new pairs of heels, I tried to convince Master that this could be my Christmas present. To which He replied, "Yes. To yourself."

Now we're home and we were playing some video games, I begged and scented myself. And now I'm here doing this blog post. However it's already almost 10:30pm so I should get going. I just wanted to share my happiness about my new shoes!

Oh! And Master wanted to do pictures tonight, but I wasn't really feeling up to it. So I'm hoping to do that either Friday or Saturday, depending on what else is going on. So be on the look out for new pics!

December 8, 2009


I received a comment on my "The Cast" page, from Laani. She asked if I had any friends who I was not related to, and did not know through Master.

The short answer is no, I do not.

The long answer, goes as follows:

I had a lot of friends in Elementary School and Jr. High. But when my mom pulled me out of public school at the end of 9th grade and decided to home school me instead, those friends became fewer and fewer. I didn't talk to them that much. They were busy. I was busy. Whatever. So it got down to a handful of people that I was still friends with. Then I lost touch with more of those people. Some of them moved away. The others I don't really remember why I stopped talking to them.

And then it was down to two, both of them females. One I had been friends with for four years at the time. Her and I stopped talking because her boyfriend didn't like me and she decided that if her boyfriend of two months didn't like me, then I wasn't worth hanging out with. (We were like... 18 at the time.)

So then it was down to one. This one, actually met Master. I started dating Master when I was 20. This particular friend I had known since the 6th grade. So needless to say it was my longest lasting friendship. Her and I stopped talking because she started using heavy drugs, and started using me for money and car rides. Then I started to notice small things missing from my apartment after she came over. I had tried to help her, talk her into going to rehab. Something. But as I'm sure most of you know, you can't help someone who doesn't want help.

And so I severed that friendship as well.

So for the past... wow... almost 6 years, it has only been Master, myself, His friends who have adopted me, and both of our families. Then of course there are the people I work with. But I don't really count them. I mean I talk to them, we joke around, I know parts of their lives outside of work as they know parts of mine. But that's where it ends. Once it's time to punch out for the day and I'm at home, there is no communication between us.

When it comes to friendships it's pretty easy for me to sever that connection if you fuck me over. And when I say fuck me over, I usually mean something big. It's not like my friend and I have a fight over something stupid and then I never talk to them again.

I don't give a lot of chances, regardless of how long I've known said person.

And honestly, outside of the people I am friends with through my Husband, I have no need or want to try and form new friendships. I'll talk to people, and joke around. But I'm not going to try and hang out, ya know?

I'm perfectly content just with my Husband and His (our?) small circle of friends. Master pretty much is my social life. Every now and then we'll both get a bug up our ass and want to hang out with our friends a lot. But it's a cycle, and once that cycle dies down.. hanging out with our friends dwindles down with it. But our friends are very much like that as well, so it works out just fine.

December 7, 2009

Caffiene Crash

Yep. Totally starting a caffeine crash right now. Yay me!

So I thought I would do my blog post before I totally shut down.

Master made a comment yesterday about how it seems that I'm getting more bitchy when I'm PMSing/on my period as of late. And I have to agree with Him.

When I first met Him I was 20 years old. PMS?! What the fuck is that? I was care free and like, "Oh wow. My pussy is bleeding again." It wasn't a big deal at all. If there was any side effect what so ever, it was the fact that I was just more horny than usual.

Now, as I near the ripe old age of 27 (a little less than three months away) I have noticed that each month I seem much more irritable, and I feel more bloated than usual and all that fun stuff. It's like one minute I'll be fine and happy go lucky. The next minute, something small will happen, something that has happened a million times over the course of our relationship, and I'll have daggers shooting out my eyes and venom dripping from my tongue. It sucks.

I've been apologizing for it, but it doesn't mean that makes up for it. And I know that it's hormones. But sometimes I look at myself and go, "Who the fuck are you?" when I'm on the rag.

So I told Master I want to look into some over the counter medications. I had a bottle of Excedrin Menstrual Complete. I had used it a few months back, to help with the bloating. Today I took the last pill in that bottle and I feel way better! I'm not grumpy or ready to gouge anyone's eyes out at a moment's notice. I don't know if it is truly due to the pill or not, as I'm on my third day of my period. So that may also be affecting it.

But I think I'll look into the over the counter drugs for menstrual health anyway. Any suggestions/tips/hints/advice?

He must love me to put up with me when I'm like this. Poor Master.

But hey! We had amazing sex last night where I ended up in the slave rape position! *creams*

Today I went off to work. Master called me around 2pm to tell me He wasn't feeling well. :-( It's just sinuses, but His sinuses are horrendous!

Today the driver in the carpool I'm in for work had to go to school, so she wasn't able to take us home. So she dropped us off at a bus stop. Thankfully I had already talked to Master and He picked me up, as well as the other person in the car pool who also would have waited for the bus. We dropped him off, and then Master and I went home.

We ate dinner, relaxed, and now I'm just trying to keep my eyes open.

December 6, 2009

Being Goofy

Master and I are two of the biggest goofs, when we're alone. Okay, sometimes we don't have to be alone to be goofy, but it helps. *giggles*

Today we got our grocery shopping done, and also hit Walgreens to pick up a few things. So once our errands were out of the way, we got down to enjoying our day together.

We have been watching funny movies and TV shows. And every now and then today I have just walked up to Master and started cuddling on Him and being goofy. It's made Him laugh and smile and tell me to behave myself once I went a bit far with it. But at least He was telling me to behave with a grin on His face and shaking His head as He chuckled.

I've greatly enjoyed our weekend together.

Tomorrow it's back to work with me.

Master might be going to a local college to ask them some questions. Whether He enrolls or not, I'm not sure. I'm also not sure how that would effect His unemployment benefits, or even if it would. We would have to file for financial aid, so I'm not sure how they factor that in? *shrugs*

Like I said I'm not sure if He's going to enroll or not. I talked to Him about it a bit more today and He said He's seriously leaning towards "Yes".

Either way I'll support His decision, and Him.

December 5, 2009

Joys Of Being Female

Yeah, so I'm sure that you've guessed by the title that if you're a man, you might not want to read this post. *laughs*

Today, while doing stuff around the apartment I realized that I had gotten my period. Joys of joys.

I went into the bathroom and discovered that I only had one tampon left. *sigh* Ya know, you don't think about that kind of stuff for three weeks a month, and then when you need them you're like "Son of a bitch."

So I put on some clothes and headed to the store. Master does not buy tampons. He has never, once, bought me a box of tampons, at least not without me standing right there. Like He'll pay for them, but I don't think He'd want to go to the store alone and have to stare at all those boxes going, "What. The. Fuck. She's gonna shove this up her twat. This is not rocket science. Why are there so many different kinds?!"

And then have to proceed to the checkout counter after giving up and just grabbing whatever box was closest. *laughs* I just, don't see it happening. It's not like He's ever refused to go pick up a box. I've just never asked Him. I've never uttered the words, "Babe while you're at the store could you get us some soda, some paper towels... Oh! And a box of tampons. But the regulars. Not the supers."

Nope. Never happened. I don't know why I haven't asked. It's just not something I've done. Whether He would do it or not if I asked Him to, I have no idea. You would think after being with Him for almost 7 years I would know the answer to that. But it's never come up. I've always either been with Him, or gone myself.

So anyway, I went to the store. And of course while I was there I realized we needed some other things, so I grabbed those as well. When I got home I put everything away and wrapped the Christmas gifts we've already bought.

And while I was doing so I said to Master, "I don't see why we need to pay for those things anyway." And He was like, "Uh... pay for what?"

I seem to be rather random when I'm on my period. It's odd.

So I said, "Tampons. I don't see why we have to pay for tampons."

So He said, "Well someone has to make them and they have to make a profit."

To which I replied, "Yeah but it's not like it's something we can help! We don't have a choice in it. It's just something that happens. I shouldn't have to pay for something I can't control!"

But if the world worked that way, that means you'd never have to pay for medication or health care. Which would be awesome. It's not like you can control it when you're sick or injured. (Okay, maybe sometimes. Like when you do something totally stupid.)

Plus who decided that a piece of cotton (I think it's cotton? Whatever.) in a plastic applicator should cost so damn much, for like... a box of frickin' 20. Which most women would agree sometimes is not enough to get you through you entire period.

And another thing, why is it that some stores put their tampons by the toliet paper... which makes sense to me. And yet other stores, like the one I went to today, puts them next to the baby diapers, condoms, and pregnancy tests.


It's like they are covering all their bases. Having all that stuff in one aisle.

"Got your period? Then don't worry, and breathe a sigh of relief while looking  at the other stuff in the aisle, as you grab the tampons. Didn't get your period? We're gonna freak you out by putting the pregnancy tests right next to baby diapers! And that's also why we put the condoms there, to scare the shit out of teenage boys."

December 4, 2009

Getting The Ball Rolling

Today shortly after Master and I got out of bed, I grabbed the phone and called unemployment. I sat on hold and once someone came on the line I handed the phone to Master. We got the information that we needed. Thankfully the person that we talked to was very helpful.

Once that was done I did some research on colleges for Master. We found one that Master wouldn't mind going to. He hasn't decided if that is the route that He wants to take, or not.

Time will tell.

So other than that, today I got the little Christmas shopping I have mostly done. Just three more very small things to buy and that's it. I know we don't really have the money right now, but I didn't spend that much. And Master and I are thinking that instead of getting one another presents, we would just go out to dinner or something like that.

Once I got back (Master stayed home), we relaxed most of the day and talked about His various options and what steps we would take. Other than that we have been trying to relax and enjoy the extra time together.

My left eye is bothering me tonight. I have an astigmatism in that eye, so I think it's probably eye strain. So I will cut this post a bit short.

December 3, 2009

Calm, Cool, Collected

At least that's what I'm going for. Although that isn't how I was when I first found out.

Wondering what the hell I'm talking about? Read on.

Today was like any other weekday has been. I got up. I went to work. I worked.

Then the last hour of work came around. Master called me when He got out of work like He usually does. He sounded upset. My first thought was that something had happened to one of our animals. Seriously, that was the thought that ran through my head. "Holy shit something is wrong with the dog or one of the rabbits!"

Thankfully that was not the case.

However, I was not even remotely considering what had actually happened.

Master was fired from His job today.

Let that sink in a minute.


This is the job that He had been after for over two months, since before He quit His last job. The one that went through all the trouble of sending Him to a clinic for a drug test and a full body physical. They then hired Him. For three fucking weeks. He was at that job for three weeks, and today, at the end of the day, His supervisor fired Him.

Master had been going to work each day, on time, never taking long breaks or leaving early. He was scheduled to work 8 hours of overtime this upcoming Saturday. He went above and beyond His job duties. He never talked back, He kept His mouth shut and did what He was told to do, and then some.

But the supervisor walked up to Him, and told Him that he didn't think Master was a good fit for the company. *blinks*

We don't understand. Now some of you may be sitting there after reading the paragraph where I describe what Master was doing two paragraphs above this one and going, "Well yeah, no shit. That's what you're supposed to do."

Which it is. You're right. But I went through the trouble of writing that out because we have no idea why He was fired besides the fact that the supervisor said Master wasn't a good fit. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

So. Yeah.

After we got off the phone I sat there for a moment stunned. Then I started crying. But it was the type of crying where you know you're in public and you don't want people to notice you're crying.

Well my coworker did notice, and she pulled me into the bathroom and I broke down. I told her Master was just fired, and that we had spent over $100 on clothes specifically for that job because it was required. Then we had just spent over $100 on work clothes for me. And Christmas is coming up. And we don't know what the unemployment situation will be now, or how long it will take for Him to find another job.

Basically I just was rambling. She gave me a hug, and for as much as I complain about her, she is a nice woman. She told me that everything was going to be okay. She said she would pray for us. And I know she is very much a believer in her religion, and so I took that to heart and thanked her. It isn't my religion, but the thought is appreciated none the less.

I calmed myself down and went back to my desk. I then went into my supervisor's office and said that I was sorry it was such short notice, but I had just gotten some bad news and I was wondering if I could cancel having off on New Year's Eve, and have off tomorrow instead. He said that would be fine and said that if something was up at home I should take care of that. He even went so far as to say that he appreciated the fact that I was canceling my other day off, instead of calling in sick.

Why did I want tomorrow off? Well, there is a lot of shit we have to handle, and I can't do it from work. We have to get a hold of unemployment and sort all that shit out. We have to figure out a new budget. We have to figure out a plan of action. Master is now debating whether He should enroll in college. Part of the problem with the job market is that they either want a college degree (which Master currently doesn not have) or at least two years experience in the given field, if not more.

Master is more of a jack of all trades, so He doesn't really have a defined skill set. He is a quick learner, but when applying for jobs they don't really take that into account. They want a degree, or they want experience. Most of Master's experience is in customer service (retail) which doesn't pay very well and want teenagers usually, and general labor. Which again the market isn't looking to hot on that front either.

So I'm sure we'll also be looking into His options as far as college goes as well.

Now pretty much everything but the unemployment thing could have waited until the weekend. But once I got a hold of myself, I basically let instinct take over and it was telling me to start hammering this shit out now.

Thankfully we still have some money set aside for emergencies. But I'm hoping we don't have to touch it.

Once I got home from work I told Master I took the day off tomorrow, and explained why. He said He agreed with my decision. I'm still getting paid for that day, so no loss there.

We hugged one another and we talked. We ate dinner, and now we're just letting all of this sink in a bit more. But I have a grip on myself and I'm pretty calm right now.

So back to the drawing board.

December 2, 2009

My New Clothes Are Here!

When Master and I got up this morning I checked the tracking number I received for those clothes and heels I bought online. It was in our area, so I figured that they would be here today. So that was on my mind throughout the work day. :-)

While I was at work Master called me to let me know that He has mandatory overtime on Saturday. :-( It's good for the paycheck but it makes for a weird Saturday. When Master has to work Saturdays at His new job it's from 5am to 11am. So He'll come home, be super tired, relax for a while and then take like a two hour nap. At least that's what happened two weeks ago. I can't blame Him and I'm not mad about it, but it's just weird.

Work was okay for me. I realized how the small things at work can amuse me to no end. Ya see, I was sharing a printer with a coworker this entire time. And since a lot of what I do is print, it made it somewhat aggravating because she'd be in the middle of printing and I would have to wait, or she would hit print when I would and it would make the printer fuck up. Ugh. It was annoying. Well today I got my very own printer! I was so happy when they set it up! I was thanking the IT guy, because it had literally just arrived and he was going to wait until tomorrow, but I was kinda sorta but not really pestering him about it. *laughs* He's a good sport.

My coworker complained because my printer was newer than hers. She wanted the new one and have me take the old one. To which the IT guy replied, "I'm not disconnecting your printer, to hook it up to her computer, just so you can have a newer one." *evil laugh*

So I'll be printing to my heart's content tomorrow!

It's a sad, sad thing to get so excited over. But meh.

Once I got home Master and I ate dinner. My new clothes had in fact shown up! They were outside the apartment building when Master came home. It's a damn good thing no one else took it! I would have been pissed.

So first I tried on the heels. *duh* They look fucking hot! They are a little big, but that's okay. Because they didn't come in half sizes, and a whole size smaller would have killed my feet.

Then I carefully put those away and Master commented how He wanted to see my new shirts on me. So as I took each new shirt out (five in total) I opened it up, put it on, asked what Master thought, went to hang it up, and then took out the next one. It was a little fashion show, only I was just wearing the shirt. No other clothing. So it was a pants-less fashion show. *laughs*

Now Master and I are relaxing and enjoying spending what little time together we have each night after work.

December 1, 2009

It's December Already

Seriously, where the hell did 2009 go? For a while it seemed like it wouldn't end, like in a bad way. But now? Now I'm going to have to remind myself that in about 30 days I'm going to have to start writing 2010, or '10 for short. That just looks weird doesn't it? Yes. Yes it does.

And it's December, which means that every fucking store or restaurant you go into is playing Christmas music. That is if they didn't start playing it in October. You know, the asshole stores.

Not to mention everyone being cranky because they are racking up credit card bills buying crap that people are going to say they love but then shove away in a closet, or stand in line to return the next day if you were nice enough to give them a gift receipt.

Master and I decided already that we are only buying gifts for a very select few this year. We're getting back on our feet, and there is no reason to slip again because we felt like we had to buy stuff for everyone we know.

But enough about that.

Master had a really rough day at work today. Me? Mine was just kind of long and annoying. Nothing really major going on there.

When I got home we watched Terminator Salvation (I don't really care for the movie, but I still watched it) and ate dinner. I took my bath and put on an outfit for Master.

He's worn out and just kind of here. I'm somewhere between "Is it time for bed yet?" and "I just want to be lazy right now." It's a fine line, trust me.

But tomorrow is hump day, so at least that much. Although I wish I was typing that tomorrow was Friday. Because that would rock.