March 15, 2009


I feel guilty as hell.

Last night Master and I didn't get to bed until almost 3am, simply because we stayed up to watch movies and talk. We were enjoying our time together and Master was venting about some things that had happened at His mother's.

So at 6am this morning, I remember the phone ringing and ringing. It would stop and the voice mail would pick it up, and I would look up and there wouldn't be a voice mail so I didn't worry about it. I was figuring that it was some drunk who had a wrong number and just kept trying the wrong number again and again, or something along those lines. So I would lay back down, if it was an emergency someone would have left a voice mail. Well it continued this cycle of ringing, going to voice mail, and then no voice mail message. Finally I got up out of the bed and looked at the caller ID. I didn't recognize the phone number on it, so I figured I would answer the phone, tell the person on the other line that they had the wrong number, and then go back to bed.

But it wasn't that simple. I should have just unplugged the damn thing. It was K, my mother-in-law's boyfriend/Master's coworker. I was about to ask what was so important that he had to keep calling, when He quickly asked, "Is (insert Master's real name here) awake? Can you wake Him up?"

Maybe it was because I was sleepy, but it sounded like there was a sense of urgency in his voice. I thought perhaps something was wrong with Master's mother. If I had been thinking I would have remembered that K was working today and that originally Master was going to go on the job with him, and told K that no, I can't wake Him up because He's sick.. or something like that. But I wasn't thinking so I handed Master the phone and told Him who it was.

Guess what. K wanted Master to come into work. I don't know the details. I don't know if one of the guys didn't show up like they were supposed to or what, but needless to say Master was not happy. He was pissed actually.

Master quickly got ready, came in to the bedroom where I was and kissed me and said goodbye. My poor Husband who only had a total of about three hours of sleep at this point, now had to go into work. We stayed up late because someone else had told Master that they were going on the job, and so K told Master He could stay home.

Master called me around 10am and told me next time not to answer the phone. I apologized, but that doesn't help. He is still stuck at work and I didn't think quick enough to realize who was calling and why they would be calling. At the time of Master calling me He said that supposedly they were about 90% done with the job. Well, it's now almost 1pm and Master is still not home. :-(

And I feel bad because now He's only had one actual day off all week, and He'll probably have to work tomorrow. On top of that we have to be at the airport this afternoon to pick up our friends who are coming back home from a trip. And I remember Master telling K about that at 6 this morning. He said, "I have to pick up my buddy from the airport today."

So depending on when Master actually gets out of work, He may have just enough time to hop in the shower and then head back out the door again.

And yes, I feel guilty about it. But I'm also pissed off at who ever didn't show up for work today. I have a feeling it was the guy who said he wanted to go on that damn job contract. Don't say "Oh but I always do that one!" and bitch about Master getting assigned to it, and then get it reassigned to you and then not fucking show up. Like I said, I don't know all the details but this is what is rolling around in my head. I have a feeling that is what happened.

If it would have just stayed assigned to Master, we wouldn't have stayed up so late and Master wouldn't be working on three hours of sleep right now.

Master told me when He called earlier to not expect Him to be in a good mood due to what happened, and I understood that. I knew He wasn't going to be a very happy Yote today. So me? I'm going to try and stay as docile as possible and not cause any waves. His day has been stressful enough without me adding to it.

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