March 18, 2009

Can't Sleep. The Clowns Will Eat Me.

And no, I don't mean that Master got painted up in clown make-up and ate me out. :-| That would be a bit creepy, and one hell of a thing to clean up. (Although I have seen pictures of Him wearing clown make-up because His friend was dragging Him to an ICP concert. Yep. Totally creepy looking. Evil I'd say.)

I just can't sleep, so I thought I'd hop on here and do a post. About what? I have no friggin' idea. Let's find out together, shall we? By the way, I almost typed "Yes we shall", which for whatever reason triggered our president's catch phrase of "Yes we can!". Am I the only one who realizes that our current president shares a catch phrase with Bob the Builder? I can't be damnit, there has to be someone else!

And no, I'm not into politics, and no I'm not saying he's a bad president. I'm just making an observation. A fucked up observation, but it's still an observation. And in case you're wondering, yes I am slap happy and slightly hyper at the moment. Or I'm slowly going insane. Either suits me just fine.

I want it to be Saturday by the way. I want it to be our anniversary damnit. It's not like we have plans or anything, but I want it to be here.

Today shortly before Master got off of work, I put on a fishnet outfit for Him and then tossed clothes on top of it because I knew He was shipping me out the door the minute He got home.

To explain why He was shipping me out I must back track just a little bit. See, our friend who we had taken home from the airport this past Sunday had allowed Master to borrow his XBOX 360. I think I mentioned that the power cable we have doesn't fit with the system we borrowed. If not, now you know.

So anyway, this same friend called and said he had found a used power cable for the regular XBOX 360 for like $40. So he wanted to know if we wanted to pay half, use the cord until Master got His Elite system back, and then when we dropped off the borrowed system, we would also give him the power cord we went half and half on. So I talked to Master about it while He was at work, and he said no, that we weren't going to do that because why would we spend $20 on something we are only going to use for at most a week? Master was not pleased because it made Him feel like our friend was just trying to get a cheap power cord out of the deal. So Master told me to tell our friend that I would just be dropping the system off tonight.

Back to when Master got home. (I know I'm bouncing around a lot. Hopefully I'm making some sense.) Master gave me a hug and immediatley discovered the fishnet outfit under the clothing. So He groped me for a few moments and then swatted my tail so I would get moving. I grabbed the system and the DVDs and headed out the door. First I went to the friend's house and dropped the system off. While I was there we talked for a few moments. Come to find out that he is looking to sell the system. (It seems Master was right, he was just looking for a way to get a cheap power cord so he could have it with the system when he sells it. Ass.)

After that I went to the video store and dropped off the rented movies, and picked up three more. I got Punisher War Zone, Step Brothers, and Sex Drive. (No Sex Drive is not a porno. It is a comedy.) Punisher War Zone sucked ass. Step Brothers is something Master thought I was torturing Him with, but which I found amusing. And we haven't watched Sex Drive yet.

After we were done with the movies Master and I sat up and talked for a little while and then went to the bedroom. He was tired and sore, so He wanted to go to sleep. I was hyper and couldn't sleep. So He gave me permission to go on the computer. I got out of the fishnet outfit I had been wearing and now I'm here babbling on about random stuff. Whoo-hoo! Hopefully tomorrow will be an easy day for Master. I'm also really hoping that He has a three day weekend, because that would rock. He already worked this past Sunday, so He'll have His 40 hours as of tomorrow. Their schedule is Sunday through Saturday. And the head boss is really watching over time and breathing down the supervisor's neck for it. So if Master already has His 40 in as of tomorrow, well.... yeah. So here's hoping!

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