March 18, 2009

Scenting Questions

You have talked about “scenting” yourself. What does that mean? Why do you do it? I would assume you do this as your Master’s desires…..why does he want/like you to do this?
What scenting myself means is one of two things.

There is scenting myself before sex, such as through out the day. During those times I basically just dip my fingers into my pussy, get my fingers coated, and then wipe my fingers on a scar that is above my left breast. (The scar is something that Master gave me to before we moved in together. I think it was during the second year we were dating, before we were engaged. I don't know if you've seen posts where I am talking about edge play, since we don't do it very much anymore. But He gave me this scar with a knife. It doesn't show up very well in pictures unfortunately.) I also then wipe it over my tits if there is enough there.

Other wise I do it after ever time we have sex. So I dip my fingers into my pussy and collect both my cum as well as His and wipe it on the scar on my chest and over my tits.

As to why I do it, it is because Master wants me to. *smiles* As far as why He wants me to, it is because He has a very sensitive nose, and He greatly enjoys the scent.

And I love it when He grabs my hair and forces my head back while He sniffs my chest. And I also love the shudder, moan/growl, that He does while doing so. ;-)

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