March 20, 2009

Crying Question

Has master ever hurt you unintentionally? I know during sex seeing you in tears turns him on so to speak but on regular occasions is he like most men and can’t stand to see his lady cry?
*thinks for a moment* Well if you mean like has He ever hurt me in a way He did not intend to during a punishment or something, then yes. The belt didn't quite land the way He thought it would and He stopped, made sure I was okay, and then proceeded. In regards to outside of something along those lines, then the answer is no. He knows how strong He is and if we're goofing around or something He knows how to handle me.

The only other instances I can really think of is like maybe during a blowjob, my TMJ started to act up and my jaw almost locked on me, but that's not His fault and He stopped and fucked me instead.

In regards to crying, honestly He can make me cry just by using a certain tone of voice that cuts through me. (This is when He is displeased with me.) He will tell me to collect myself, and give me some time to do so and then once I have done so, it's over.

As far as seeing me cry because I'm upset or just really stressed out or pissed off (yes I cry when I'm pissed off), He will hold me and tell me it's all going to be okay. He comforts me.

As far as not being able to watch me cry. He actually hates it. Why? Because I can't talk. When I cry it is like my voice box malfunctions or something. So if He is trying to get to the bottom of something that is bother me, and I'm crying and I can't talk it annoys Him because He is trying to help and I can't get it all out. During those times He will tell me to do my breathing exercises and calm myself. Once I'm calm we will continue talking.

** Just remember that it's March. So it is still Question and Answer Month. If you have any questions, ask away!

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