December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

And here it is, New Years Eve. Really it doesn't feel any different to me than any other day. All I know is that the year I have to write is changing and that I have off of work tomorrow.

Yes, milestones happened this past year as they do any year. But I count those as they happen, rather than doing a tally at the end of the year. I also do not make resolutions. If I want to make a change, whatever it may be, I do not need to wait for the year to end and for another to begin to make said change.

I'm still not feeling well. This morning was rough as hell. It wasn't until about 1pm that I started to feel better. But I made it through the work day and the drive home honestly wasn't that bad. Actually the roads to and from work were pretty open. There wasn't a lot of traffic at all.

Master and I are looking at a quiet evening at home. He's not feeling well either. I think what I have is a head cold, which will hopefully begin to taper off relatively soon. I think Master's is mainly sinuses due to the temperature changes. We're both popping sinus/cold medication like they are pez candy. Hopefully tomorrow we'll both be feeling a lot better.

Since we were supposed to have had two raptures, a zombie apocalypse, and the world was supposed to end I'd say that 2012 was a bit of a let down. It's kind of like when 2000 hit and there was no Y2K. *laughs*

December 30, 2012


Last night I started feeling a lot worse than I had earlier that day. Night time always seems to make me feel worse. I ended up soaking in the tub for a while and then watching a movie with Master during which I passed out on the couch. A hour after waking up I soaked in the tub again. I did that mainly for the hot water to help clear out my sinuses.

I was up and down most of the night, finally going to the actual bedroom around 5:15am. I woke up at 8am coughing due to bad sinus drainage. Each time I tried to fall back asleep another coughing fit would hit and finally I decided that rather than lay there trying to drift back off to sleep and possibly waking up Master I would go to the living room instead.

That actually seemed to help because I could prop my head up more and was able to get a few more hours of sleep. I think I woke up and and off before finally actually waking up fully at 1pm.

After a couple of hours I decided to go to Walgreens and get some more sinus medication and picked up some cold pills as well. I don't really know if it is just sinuses or a cold so I figured that I might as well buy the cold medication.

I absolutely hate feeling like this, especially on the weekends. I mean, at least on the weekends I can laze about and sleep on and off which helps make me feel better but honestly I'd rather be sick and go to work than be like this on a weekend. Why? Because it seems like an utter waste of a weekend.

I had wanted to kind of wanted a kinky weekend and just have a good time in general. Well, when You can't really breathe right and have random coughing fits having sex just doesn't sound like a good idea, at least not the kinky kind. But since my body keeps shutting itself down we haven't had sex at all. Son of a bitch.

I know I said that I'd rather be at work when I'm sick but I also do not look forward to going to work tomorrow. It's going to suck.

December 29, 2012

Sock Monkey!

Still not feeling that great today. Still sinuses but it's making me cough a lot. Ew. Needless to say I've been popping sinus pills all day. It helps for the most part. I can breathe anyway.

But I still wanted to get some errands done. So while Master was in the shower I did a couple of errands and managed to find a new calendar that was only $2. I always wait until the last minute to buy a new one because I don't think I should have to pay $15 for something that is going to hang on my wall that I will be using to check off the dates so I know that I took my medications.

Well, as the afternoon went on my mother and I were talking on the phone and I had mentioned the fact that I had bought a calendar for only $2. She asked me to please go back to that store and pick up a couple for her as all the stores down by her are either out or are still at almost full price. So I told her I would do so later on today.

Master and I were already planning on going out to dinner and the store is right down the block. So before we went to the restaurant I stopped there again and nabbed two more calendars. As I was walking back up to the register to check out I saw something in the "impulse buy" end cap. I hate to say it but this time it actually worked on me. They had Maxx the Sock Monkey key chains for $1.50. I think sock monkeys are cute and I love stuffed animals anyway. I haven't added any to the collection lately because all they do is sit there on the headboard. But I figured, hey why the hell not. Plus Master is always telling me that I need to actually spend money on myself for a change. So I did. I spent $1.50 on myself and now I have a pink sock monkey key chain. It's huge for a key chain. My keys will never be lost again! I typically do not like the color pink at all but on this sock monkey key chain I think it looks cute.

When Master saw it He kind of shook His head and chuckled a little bit.

Dinner was a good time. We sat and talked while we ate. It was still snowing a little bit and it wasn't quite evening. So it was a laid back early dinner that included no holiday music. We were happy.

Now that we're home for the night there isn't a lot going on. I'm just trying to ignore that itchy feeling in the back of my throat and in my ears. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

December 28, 2012

Damn Sinuses

This morning when I woke up I didn't feel all that bad. I had a little bit of a headache and I felt a little congested due to my sinuses. Other than that I was fine. But then a hour into work I feel like hell.

I honestly don't think I have a cold or anything along those lines. I don't feel like death warmed over. I'm stuffed up and I ache. I'm not aching because of the chills or anything but I have been coughing quite a bit and even dry heaved a few times trying to get this crap out of my throat and yeah.. that made my back and shoulders hurt like a mother fucker.

But now I'm home and I don't have to worry about going anywhere tomorrow. It's kind of weird knowing it's Friday since I only worked three days this week, not that I'm complaining mind you. I actually had to remind myself on my way home from work that I don't have to go back tomorrow.

Tonight I think I'll mainly be lazing about on the couch and waiting for the sinus medication to kick in all the way. I took a few not that long ago and they are working but haven't fully kicked in yet. Although I do feel kind of fuzzy in the head right now. As in my mind keeps blanking out and drifting off. Fun.

December 27, 2012

Join the Age of Technology!

I have to make fun of my parents for a moment.

My mom, my brother, and I share a cell phone plan as it's cheaper for everyone involved. I remember when we first signed up we were talking about how many text messages we would need as a limit. My mom huffed about it. She didn't text at the time. But eventually she decided to try it.

I'll never forget the first time I got a text from my mom. I was at home and my text message alert went off. I picked it up and it said it was from Mom. I laughed my ass off because her text message said: "There I did it. Happy now?"

I called her and made fun of her a bit. But since then she texts like crazy. She's the one that decided to bump up the plan's text limit to unlimited text messages. Oh, and she sends picture messages too now. That was a few years ago.

My dad never had a cell phone until recently. But when his last girlfriend moved out he decided that having a prepaid cell phone was cheaper than having a house phone. So he got one. I had sent him a couple of very quick text messages in the past to let him know we're on our way or something but typically I only call him. And when I have sent him a text in the past he never responded and just either called me or waited for me to call him.

Guess what happened today! I've been doing that online auction thing for my dad and he'll call me up with shipping numbers after he ships an item. Today, he sent me a text saying he shipped two items and would call me later. I couldn't stop laughing when I read it. No, the text itself is not funny but my father texting is.

My dad is more of a caveman than my Husband is. My dad really has no idea what he's doing with a computer unless it's for store inventory or something like that. But you try getting him to send an e-mail or surf the web and he gets frustrated rather easily. He doesn't own a computer actually. When he did and I tried to show him a few things he decided he didn't like doing it and so never tried it again.

Now he is texting!

*rubs hands together like a villain in a cartoon TV show*

Oh and to add a cherry to the top of that sundae my mother called me all excited because she figured out how to put pictures onto a CD from her computer.

*wipes tear from eye*

I'm so proud of them.

December 26, 2012

Summary of Today

Last night I had to at least try to go to bed on time. It was difficult to be perfectly honest with you. Master was sweet about it though. He knows I have a really hard time going to sleep the night before work when I've had an extended time off of work. Anything past two days and it messes with me for some reason. So He told me to get ready for bed. He fixed the bed while I got my cell phone plugged in for charging and my alarm clock set. I can never seem to fix the bed correctly, so He does it mostly.

He laid in bed next to me and held me for a little while before kissing me on my forehead and saying good night. I love it when He tucks me in like that. It helps me relax and settle in. It still took me a little while to actually drift off to sleep but it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

I went to work a half hour early. It was quiet as hell! A lot of the office had taken today off to get one more day off for the holiday season. I'm out of vacation time until March otherwise I probably would have done the same damn thing. But oddly enough, when the office is quiet like it was today I get more work done.

It's not like I'm one of the people standing up and talking for an hour at a time but I don't have as many distractions when the office is like that. I was able to get all of my work caught up from the holiday break. Oh! And I found out that after I left at 9:30am last Friday due to the power being out and upper management letting me cut out early since I was only there until noon anyway, the power came back on a hour later. I lucked out on that.

On my way home I had a couple of errands to run. I had to pick up rabbit food. They were out of what we normally get them so I had to buy something else that is more expensive and doesn't have as much in the bag but they needed food, so there isn't much I could do about it.

After that I went to the grocery store and got soda. I also bought a bottle of Gentleman Jack by Jack Daniels. Master is a Jack guy when He does choose to drink and I know that Gentleman Jack is a top shelf version of their general whiskey so I thought He would like to try it. He's never had it before and it was on sale and I had a gift card for the grocery store anyway so why the hell not.

Once I was done there I got McDonald's for dinner and came home. Master loves the Gentleman Jack! Yay! *smiles*

Now I just have to go take my shower and Master said He'll give me a backrub after that since I'm all tense due to the weather. Damn cold weather makes my muscles ache and I'm not even 30 yet! (Close.. but not yet... I still have 3 months of being in my 20's.)

December 25, 2012

It's Over

Master and I had mailed out our Christmas cards late this year. I popped them into the mail this past Saturday so I assumed that they would get to people late, probably either Wednesday or Thursday. But lo and behold people were contacting us saying thank you for the cards yesterday. Awesome. And Master's niece and nephew got their gift card as well.

Yesterday was also the day to go down to His mother's. It went better than expected. It wasn't great and it wasn't horrible. It was somewhere in the middle of the road I'd say. But Master didn't get sick from the food, which I was honestly worried about, and they made me something separate to eat. I think we got home before 8pm. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Today was the day to see my family. Again, it didn't go great and it didn't go horrible. It also was about middle the road. I was a little worried because my dad was coming over to my mother's house so we could all spend the holiday together and so he could see my nephews as they were only with my brother for a short period of time today. As a result it was just easier for everyone to see them at my mother's house since my brother lives with her.

I was worried because they have been divorced since I was 17 and the marriage ended badly since my father cheated on her with the woman he ended up leaving her for. They had been together for 25 years. So my mom still has a lot of baggage from that, understandably, and sometimes my dad doesn't know when to shut his mouth. I love them both very much but I get a little antsy when they are in the same room as one another for an extended period of time.

But honestly my dad behaved himself the whole time and my mother only took one of two jabs that my dad completely ignored. So, that went better than expected.

My grandfather showed up. He is looking okay but you can tell his memory is going more and more as time goes on and not at a slow rate anymore. He showed up, gave everyone gift cards and all of a sudden hopped out of his car and said that he had to go home. He didn't really give anyone time to hug him and say goodbye properly. He just stood in the kitchen, waved, said Merry Christmas and left. That was just kind of awkward for everybody.

My brother had to leave at 12:30pm to take his two boys back to their mother's house so we all said goodbye to them. At that point Master and I agreed that we should get going also. My dad also left when we did. My mother seemed a little surprised and a little grateful that we were leaving that soon. Surprised because normally we'll stay for more than two hours but grateful because her place was literally filled with people all morning.

We hugged my mom and her husband goodbye and then walked out with my dad. He was going over to his brother's house and Master and I just headed home so I gave him a hug and we went on our way.

Since getting home around 1:30pm we have pretty much chilled all day. Master is currently downloading some games to His Xbox 360 so I figured I might as well knock out my post. It's not even 4:30pm and normally I wait until the end of the day to do that but I have to work tomorrow and I want as little to do this evening as possible.

December 23, 2012

Picture Perfect

Master plans on taking pictures later. After my shower and the dog and rabbits are settled He wants me to put on a particular lingerie outfit so He can take pictures of me in it. We haven't done any pictures lately and I know how much He enjoys it. I do too, most of the time. *laughs*

He also eventually wants to take pictures of Him fucking my ass. I asked Him how we're going to do that since lube is involved. His answer was very simple. I would lube both of us up and He would simply handle the camera. That way His hands stay lube free. That's fine. I have absolutely no problem lubing both of us up but... I'm not sure how I'm going to get His cock in. Right now I pretty much rely on Him lining things up and pushing forward. If I need Him to He'll stop and hold still until I relax more. Once that is all said and done and I'm more relaxed fine. But I'm not sure how I'll be able to do all that by myself.

For me the easiest position is doggy style with me bowed down in front of Him. That's pretty much what we've stuck to since we're still trying to get me fully relaxed a little more quickly. He also wants me to eventually ride Him while He's in my ass. That sounds fun too but going to take some practice and for me to relax just a tad bit more.

I'm making a lot of progress with anal but I'm not quite there all the way just yet.

So I don't know how the whole taking pictures during anal sex is going to work. We definitely do not want to fuck up the camera by accidentally getting lube all over it, but I'm not sure how all of it is going to work without Master using His hands at all. *shrugs* We'll have to figure it out because Master really wants those pictures and to be perfectly honest I would like them too so I can see what it looks like when He takes my ass. I think it would be pretty hot to see.

I love the pictures we have of Him fucking me while I'm on all fours so I'm sure that ones of Him taking my ass from that angle would be even hotter.

December 22, 2012

Dinner and a Porno

This morning Master woke me up by flipping me onto my stomach and fucking me. After He came He told me it was time to get out of bed. *laughs* After some lazy morning time I ran a couple of errands.

We had been talking about having an early dinner out, just the two of us, for a while now. We had done it not that long ago but honestly the holiday music made it kind of feel rushed. I know that may sound weird but neither of us can really stand holiday music and as a result end up rushing through stores and all that during this time of year.

So after everything was taken care of at home and the dog had been fed we went out to dinner. As we were getting ready I made the following comment regarding the evening ahead of us: "So we'll go out to dinner, come home, chill, watch porn, and relax." Master started chuckling. I stopped, looked at Him, and said, "I'm a weird wife aren't I?" His answer of course was yes, yes I am.

But apparently me saying we should watch porn later made a thought run through His mind. He suggested we should go to the porn store after dinner. Hell yes!

We went out to dinner and had a really good time goofing around and talking over dinner. It was very relaxing. There was no holiday music and because we had decided to aim for an early dinner the place wasn't overly crowed yet. As we were getting ready to leave it was starting to get packed so I'm glad we went when we did. Master had a double tall Jack & Coke so I drove us to the porn store. No, He wasn't drunk after that but He was buzzed and a double tall is more than either of us are comfortable with Him having and getting behind the wheel. I'm not saying He wouldn't be able to do so safely, but in the event that we got pulled over He'd get a DUI. Fuck that noise.

We went to the porn store and looked all over the place. There was nothing in the lingerie section that really caught our eye and if it did it was priced higher than what we were willing to pay for that particular item. So off to the DVD section! We did find one porno that looks rather promising and bought it.

Once we got home we started to get undressed. It's a little too chilly to be fully naked around the house so I've taken to wearing one of His jean button down shirts that I love. He had stripped down to His t-shirt and His boxer briefs. (By the way, boxer briefs are sexy to me and I have no idea why.)

I had to take all of my clothes off so I could put the jean shirt on. He was already in the kitchen as I grabbed said shirt and I asked Him if He would please get me a soda. He grabs a soda for each of us and hands me mine and then I look up at Him and He's got this evil grin painted on His face. Oh hell. And He's holding His soda sideways. Shit.

I know exactly what He's about to do and yes, I playfully tried to get away. He managed to put it on my tit and fucking hell was that cold. This only made me want to get away more. Keep in mind this is still all very playful on both of our parts. Eventually He got me by my hair and pretty much got me in the perfect position to place that damn soda can right against my pussy. Ack! He held it there for a little while and then He heard me wince. Unknowingly He had yanked my head a little too much at some point and I had a muscle spasm in my neck. So He put the soda down and stood behind me to work on my neck a little bit until the spasm relaxed.

The way we were both standing my ass was brushing against the crotch of His boxer briefs. I don't know why but just that sensation got me wet so I pushed back a little bit. He leaned forward and I could feel Him growing hard. My neck had settled down and so He let stopped working on it and pressed against me a little more. I continued to push back so He pulled His dick out and started rubbing it against my pussy. I stood on my tip toes and bent forward so I could lean down and balance myself with the couch cushions. I could hear Him quickly taking His shirt off and I saw Him drop His boxer briefs completely. He very, very quickly slid His cock into me.

He's 6'4 and I'm 5'1 so it's a little difficult for us to fuck while we're both standing up. But since I was on my tip toes He was able to hold onto my hips and bend His knees enough to fuck me. He bounced me off His cock for a while before pulling out, slapping me on the ass and telling me that was enough foreplay and to get my ass to the bedroom.

Once there He fucked me into several more orgasms the last of which triggered Him into His own. After I cleaned Him off and He had scented me we were just laying next to one another and He had His arm across my stomach. We both admitted how great it feels when He fucks me and we're both standing up. It's partially due to our size difference. It's just a whole different angle and feeling for both of us. We both know that it's a lot easier when I'm wearing heels so I said, "I'll just wear heels tomorrow then."

He laughed and nodded. It's been a really long time since we fucked that way to completion. And can I just say how much I love spontaneous sex? Oh my gods it's fucking hot.

Sex is always hot but when it's not something where you're feeling frisky and decide to go to the bedroom and it's just boom out of nowhere you both just want it right then in there.... *purrs*

After we actually felt like moving again we went into the living room and started playing a video game together. We coaxed each other on and did some trash talking. It was a lot of fun. And a little later on tonight we'll pop that porno in and see if it's worth a damn.

Best. Saturday. Ever.

December 21, 2012

Early Release

Today was actually a pretty damn good day. It didn't really start off that way. It started off with me going to scrap off the car and realizing that my car doors didn't want to open. Fuck me running. So I just continued to try. It took a really good couple of yanks before it finally opened. I was pulling so hard that when it did finally open I almost fell on my ass. So I finally get the car warmed up and scrapped off. After that the day went just fine.

I picked up the guy in my carpool and we headed to work. The roads were nice and clear and the ride to work was smooth. Well, that is until I got off the interstate and onto the main road that I have to take to get to my job. Three stop and go light sets were out. Of course each and everyone one of them were at major intersections that are always busy as hell in the morning. Surprisingly there were no cops trying to direct traffic so it was basically a four way stop all the way around. It took an extra 20 minutes to get to work. It's a good thing I had left early as I was still able to make it to work on time.

So I walk into the building only to find out that the power was out. Literally 98% of my job involves my work computer. I had gotten there about 7:50am. So I figure the power will come back eventually and I started doing my paper filing, which took a whopping 10 minutes to do. After that I had absolutely nothing to do as I couldn't turn on my computer.

The rest of the office was of course in the same boat. But today was the day I was supposed to get out at noon anyway so I figured if nothing else it'd be four hours of sitting around and talking with coworkers. Then the upper management all meet up and made a decision. At 9:30am they told everyone that had a half day, such as myself, could leave. Rock on!

So the guy in the carpool and I book before they can change their minds. I dropped him off and then decided to start my errands right away. I hit the bank, went shopping for the rest of the holiday presents (yes I know.. last minute shopper..) and some holiday cards. I dropped off everything at home really quick and then went to the pharmacy to get my prescription, stamps and oddly enough a new winter hat for myself. My old one was finally starting to get thin.

Even though my oil change appointment wasn't until 1pm they were able to squeeze me in at 11:30am. That took about a half hour. And then off to the pet store to get rabbit litter and dog treats.

I was finally able to go home for about a total of 25 minutes. Master and I had promised my father that we would come down for a visit and since I had gotten my entire weekend worth of errands done in a matter of a few hours I figured we might as well leave right away. It was a good visit and we ended up watching a movie while were down there.

I drove us home.. well... for part of it anyway. My shoulders had already been bothering me but that's nothing unusual. Then out of no where I got these jolts of electric pain shooting up from the middle of my back all the way up to my neck. It was a very odd sensation and not a good one in the least bit. Master told me to pull over into the next business parking lot and He would take over, which is exactly what I did. It took some coaxing as I was being stubborn but I knew that if I continued to push it would only get worse and I would have a pissed off Husband on my hands.

Master got us home after we picked up some take out dinner. Now I'm going to go take my bath and Master said He will work on my back shortly after I'm done.

December 20, 2012

Hello Old Man Winter

Everyone, including myself, has been talking about how light of a winter we're having so far. After all we've been all the way up into the high 50's and it's December for crying out loud.

Well today Old Man Winter poked his head out of the clouds and waved hello. It wasn't as bad as they were predicting, well at least not in our immediate area. Ya see the winter storm "Draco" came through. Honestly I still find it kind of hard to believe that they are now naming winter storms. They were predicting a hell of a lot of snow and bad driving conditions for rush hour traffic. Guess what time I hit the road? Yep. Rush hour. I knew this when I got up this morning so I was a little anxious about it all day.

About mid day I pretty much stopped worrying about it. It was raining all day long. I do mean all day. But then about 3pm the rain rapidly turned into snow. Big fat fluffy snowflakes. And the snow was not fucking around.

The only problem with my working 45 minutes away from home is that I can't base the weather in one place as to how it's going to be in the other. Mainly because my home is damn near right off the lake. My work is 45 minutes northwest of where I live. As a result the weather can be drastically different.

So when I told Master at 3pm that it was starting to snow He told me it was still only raining at home.

Then it came time for me to drive home. It was really, really slow going and a little nerve wracking at points. I'm not kidding you when I say I was doing 25mph on the interstate where the speed limit is 65mph. I'm a very cautious driver when it comes to bad weather. It sucks in the sense that it takes a lot longer but it's great in the sense that I'm still breathing when I finally put the car into park.

So there I am, going 25mph and just focusing on staying calm. I did manage to do that. It's a good thing I'm medicated though, I don't know if I would have handled it as well without it. Yay for bipolar medication!

Once I got closer to home the weather really lightened up and I was able to go at a more normal speed. I was still cautious though and took my time. No use in fully relaxing and then ending up in a wreck simply because I got comfortable since I was closer to home.

The person I drive back and forth to work in our little carpool actually thanked me when I pulled up to his house. We were about 25 minutes later than usual but he thanked me for getting him home safe and said, "Great driving dude!" (No that wasn't sarcasm on his part.)

He lives about five minutes away from where I live but I had to stop at the gas station, which added a little bit more time before I finally pulled in.

They say that the storm is supposed to completely stop by 3am, which is about three hours before I get up in the morning so that should give the plows and all that time to get the roads clear. Although Master and I just looked out the window and it's pretty much over already. But like I said, I don't know what it's like out by my job. However, the storm is moving east, which means that it should be over out there before it's done here at home.

I'm still going to wake up a little earlier than usual tomorrow just in case.

December 19, 2012

Plain As Day

I know that most people who know me in my day to day living, such as coworkers, family members, friends who aren't in the know, etc. wouldn't think of me as someone who would submit to anyone.

I have no problem voicing my opinion or cussing someone out or just having an attitude in general. I can be queen bitch if I really want to. I'm kind of out there in general. I'm odd. It suits me. I can blend in and fade into the background like I'm wearing camouflage or I can be right there in your face. It all depends on the situation and how I'm feeling at the time.

But none of that really matters. No matter how you know me, who you know me through or how we met, I feel safe in saying that 98% of people wouldn't believe it if I told them that I submit to my Husband.

If you know what to look for you'll see that I am constantly submitting to Him and His will. I'll fetch, I'll ask Him randomly if there is something I can do for Him. If He asks/tells me to do something I do it automatically without question. It's the way I move around Him, the way I talk to Him, the eye contact. It's all right there, plain as day.

Most people don't look for it or don't know what to look for. There have been times where people have commented on how good of a wife I am. Always making sure my Man has what He needs, things like that. But it goes beyond that and to me it's fairly obvious. Then again, it would be. Yes, I'm trying my best to be as good of a wife as I can be, but there is a deeper level that people just see right through.

It's not a bad thing. And I do tone it down a bit when we're around people. Sometimes I slip up. Other times I don't even realize I'm doing it until someone looks at me kind of funny.

Here's a good example. If it's at all possible I walk on His left side a step of two behind Him. If I am forced to walk on His right side I feel weird, uncomfortable and just generally feel like I am in trouble. Walking on His right side is actually a punishment.

It's not if it's something where traffic or whatever forces me to do so, but if I am actually in trouble He will tell me to walk on His right side. I hate it. I feel antsy and I actually look down a little bit more even when I know I am not in trouble and I'm only doing it because I absolutely have to.

So why is this a good example? His mother made a comment on it. We went out to dinner for something. I think it was my birthday. We were walking out of the restaurant and to our car, they were parked right next to us. I automatically fell into place even though I would have to go to the right side of the car to get in. I forgot what she said exactly but she brought up the fact that she noticed I do that a lot. At first I didn't even realize what she was referring to. When it clicked I was quick to brush it off and say something along the lines of I didn't even realize it. I didn't elaborate any further and she just kind of raised her eyebrow and then let it go.

Even though all of the normal things I do to show my submission to Him in daily life has literally become second nature, it still effects me. If I am unable to do something that I would normally do for Him I get twitchy. The walking on His left side thing is a good example of that. If He pulls me up to Him or wants to hold my hand or put His arm around me I feel great. I smile and all that. When that happens it doesn't make me feel any different. If anything it makes me feel like I'm being a very good girl and He is recognizing that. But you put me on His right side a pace or two behind Him and I feel anxious. Weird isn't it?

December 18, 2012

Tease and Threaten

There are certain things you can do to keep your relationship healthy. One of those things is to flirt with one another. I know, in the beginning of a relationship it's easy. You do it all the time. But as your relationship gets some years under it's belt that whole flirting with one another thing tends to fall to the side if not disappear all together.

You get complacent. You get comfortable. You figure, hell... they are still here so why should I bother trying? But honestly, in my opinion, that's when you start taking advantage of your relationship.

I wouldn't really say that Master and I go out of our way to make sure we still flirt with one another. I also wouldn't say that it's something we have to really try to do. It comes naturally to us, to this day. We like to let the other one know that yes, we still do find one another highly attractive, that we still love one another very much, and that yes... we still want to fuck each other's brains out.

Actions speak louder than words, this is true. But sometimes words can heighten the anticipation of said actions. It's a wonderful feeling, to both give and receive.

Master and I have an odd way of flirting. We'll tease. Both of us will tease one another. I am in no way, shape or form a cock tease. But we both tease one another by hinting at things we want to do to each other when we know we have to wait for it.

One thing that Master does that I flat out know I could never get away with is that He'll threaten me. This is different from teasing. It's not a threat of punishment or to let me know that I'm in trouble.

This is the kind of threat that lets me know He is in a rather sadistic mood and in the mind frame of wanting to hurt me or push me beyond my limits/comfort zone. This is the kind of flirting that not only turns me on, like the teasing does, but it makes me squirm in a very delicious way. Sometimes it'll even give me goosebumps just thinking about it.

I strongly feel that as a result of our teasing, threats, and groping that we do our relationship stays fresh. It makes sure that we both know how we still love stimulating one another in more than one way. It also makes our sex lives more enjoyable because we're not just doing the actions. We're talking about it and we're flirting with one another.

Have you ever heard of the saying that if you have trouble in the bedroom it will follow you down the hall? And of course the reverse is just as true. So imagine if you put more effort into your relationship either inside the bedroom or out of it, those good things and good feelings will also follow you down the hall.

That's how I see it anyway, as does Master. And it seems to be working out just fine for us.

December 16, 2012

Good Posture

Master and I stayed up late last night talking and watching porn. Of course, as it reached almost 4am we decided it was time to call it a night. The porn went off and we slipped into bed.

He molested my tits before eating me out. When I got off from that my back arched and I clawed at the sheets. Master didn't give me time to get my panting under control before He shoved His thick cock into me. I actually lost count of how many times He allowed me to cum last night. I remember the rough breathing in my ear, the growls that rumbled out of His throat, the delicious sensations of His balls slapping my clit piercing.

I remember Him complimenting me on my posture. At one point He had me on all fours with His hand gripping my hair. I arched my back, raised my hips, tilted my head back and propped up my shoulders as high as I could while supporting almost all of my upper body only by my finger tips.

He taught me to do that. The first time He ever had me do that it was difficult to stay put given the fact that He's slamming His cock into me while expecting me to keep perfect form, even with Him gripping my hair.

It took quite some time before I could hold myself that way for an extended period of time and not lose balance. As I said it's not that easy to do given He's bouncing me off His cock at whatever pace and ferocity He chooses at any given time. And you better believe He enjoys changing that up while He has me like that. Keeping me on my toes so to speak, or finger tips as it were.

So when I did it last night and held it almost perfectly, I was so happy to hear Him compliment me on my posture. I felt a rush of pride when those words reached my ears.

December 15, 2012

Date Day

Master and I had a date day of sorts today. It was really, really nice. We haven't gone on a date of any kind in a really long time. Our usual date used to be dinner and a movie. But these days the only time we actually go to a sit down restaurant is with family and there are absolutely no movies that have been out lately that we want to see in a theater. They are all movies we are more than willing to wait to see until they come out on DVD or are available for streaming on Netflix.

But we had a little extra cash this week than usual and so we decided to at least go out together and have a good time.

We don't do the normal present exchange for the holidays. We've done it in the past a few times but normally we'll just go out or we'll go to a store together and each pick out something we like. We don't do the whole "Your money" and "my money" type thing. It's all lumped together.

Today we did both.

First we went to a used book store that we honestly used to love going to. I know most people wouldn't think of going to a used book store as a date but we love just hanging out and having a good time. And for us, that includes going to a book store of some kind.

We had been disappointed in this used book store lately but we decided to give it another shot. Yeah... we're probably going to stop going there. They had absolutely nothing that we wanted and trust me, for us that's damn near unheard of in a bookstore.The customer service in that place has taken a nose dive too.

We were both disappointed when we left. So we decided to go to Barnes & Noble. It was right across the street after all, even though it's a serious pain in the ass to get across said street. But we were determined to get books damn it!

Side note: I did look into e-readers and decided it's not really for me. I'm a gadget girl and all that. I love me some tech toys. But books are really the only thing that I am really having a hard time letting go of. Especially with how I'm on a computer for 8+ hours a day at work and yes, I spend time on the computer at home reading blogs and all that. So for reading.. I'm going to stick to regular books for as long as I can. There is just something comforting about holding a book and using a bookmark and all that. I'm weird.

We went inside Barnes and Noble and they were pretty busy given it's the holiday season. But actually it made me happy to see that people besides Master and I still enjoying reading for the sake of reading and also think of books as good gifts. That trend unfortunately seems to be dying.

Master and I are going up and down the rows, showing each other books we come across to see if the other wants it. At one point I went a couple of rows down because I was looking for one particular author and Master wasn't done looking in the row we had been in.

I was slightly bent offer looking at the middle shelf when Master sneaked into the row and grabbed my ass. I jumped a little and started laughing. He was grinning and pulled me in for a quick hug. We did end up finding something for each of us. He got three paperback books that are a trilogy. He has only even read the first two books in the trilogy and we had sold those books a couple of years ago. He was very happy to have found all three.

I got a book by Neil Gaiman that I've never read before. It's called "Stardust". Master has read it before and didn't really like it but thought I would. He did warn me that it's not the normal Gaiman book. It's more fairy tale like than his usual writing. But He thought I might like it anyway as I do enjoy those kind of books from time to time. I also wanted a new bookmark. My old one was getting pretty ratty. Of course the bookmarks were right next to the check out line. So Master stood in the long line while I sprinted off to look at the bookmarks. I got an "Initial It" book mark. It has the initial of our last name as the top charm on a rope like bookmark. The charm at the bottom is a little red heart. It's perfect and I love it!

We were both really happy when we walked out of the store. Afterward we went out to dinner at a sit down restaurant, just the two of us. The one and only down side is that they were playing nothing but holiday music. I never really understood the point of a restaurant playing music anyway. After all most people talk while they eat, but whatever. We didn't let it ruin anything. We enjoyed our dinner and then headed home.

I know a lot of people wouldn't consider that a date day but we do. We both really enjoyed it. We need to do stuff like that more often honestly.

Also, Master did something really sweet that made a lot of people look at us funny. It was raining outside all day and we don't own umbrellas. But I'm a foot and three inches shorter than Him and He wears a leather trench coat. So He would have me walk right next to Him and use that side of His trench coat almost as a wing to keep me dry by holding it open and above my head. I found it incredibly sweet and yes, we did get some stares but we've never cared about that before and we're not about to start now.

All that's missing so far is great sex. I'm sure we'll take care of that part later on tonight.

December 13, 2012

Read Any Good Books Lately?

One of my favorite things to do is to sit down with a book and get lost in it. The only problem is that I've ready all of the books we have a thousand times, if not more. Some of my favorite books we don't own anymore and honestly I don't think it'd be worth it to buy them again because I'd probably read it once and not touch it for a few years.

I need something new. But that brings up another problem. I don't want to spend money on a book and then not like it. Then I'd be stuck with a book I didn't like and a receipt I'll get pissed about. We have a library close to home but it's only open when I'm at work. Perhaps I'll check it out on one of my upcoming half day Fridays. I don't know.

I just don't know which aisle I'd wander down though. I have a feeling they won't have the kind of books I'd want to read. It's a rather small library. But who knows. I could get lucky.

So I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone have any suggestions for good books? I'm open to pretty much any genre (except for non-fiction).

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

After all, it's winter, even if it doesn't feel like it just yet. But winter is one of the best times of the year to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, propped up on pillows and reading a book while sipping coffee. I miss doing that. 

December 12, 2012

Calm Before The Storm

This month is flying by. So did November. I'm enjoying the extra time with family but I'll also be glad when things settle down a bit, after the holiday season is over.

This weekend is friends and family free though. At least as far as I know. It's Wednesday after all so you would think that I would know by now. The only thing I can think of is a last minute sprint down to my dad's house due to the online stuff. But I doubt it.

So this weekend I plan on doing nothing but relaxing with my Husband. After all Christmas is less than two weeks away at this point. I might as well gather my strength while I can. *laughs*

The holidays don't mean anything to me aside from the tradition of seeing my family and enjoying exchanging presents with them. Master and I are not Christian and so the holiday itself holds no religious/spiritual meaning to us.

Tonight I am enjoying the quiet.

I know next week when the paycheck hits we'll be doing a mad dash of last minute gifts. Seeing what we can afford, who gets what, etc. Thankfully it'll also be my half day, so that'll make things easier instead of having to cram it into a Saturday when the stores are going to be even more packed. I have a feeling gift cards are going to be popular when we go shopping.

December 11, 2012

Such Sweet Suffering

We had watched a new porn over the past weekend. As we watched it I realized something about myself.

I don't like "normal" porn. I find it boring actually. This particular porno was not run of the mill one hole one position type porno or anything. It was just the fact that the girls either had too much say in things or they were enjoying themselves far too much.

I prefer some suffering on the women's part. I like seeing that they are not comfortable or that they are surprised by something that is being done. I like seeing that they are unsure if they are enjoying it or not. I like to see them taken down a peg.

That is why I enjoy the Fuck Doll series by Redlight District so much. We used to have more of them but eventually the dvd would get scratched or it would start to malfunction for some other stupid reason and we'd have to throw it out.

I can't find a lot of them anymore. We have two of them currently. I like it because the girls are taken down a peg. Some more than others of course.

I talked to Master about this and He said that maybe it is because I am seeing myself in their place. After all I'm a slave and a masochist. But I don't look at it that way. I never watch it and go, "I wish I were suffering like that." or "I wish Master would do that to me."

It's just the joy of seeing them taken off their high horses. They all start off as trying to be cute and sexy or perhaps even bad asses and in charge in the beginning. Then you cut to the end of the scene and yeah they are smiling but the make-up is running and they have spit and cum all over their face. The smile is covering up all of the painful and degrading things they did during the scene itself.

I like that. I really do. It surprised me at first but ya know, a thought passed my mind. I'm submissive yes, but only to one person. If another Master or Mistress were to walk up to me and start barking orders they would be quick to find out that I'm not one to bite my tongue or to simply obey because they say they are dominant. Oh no. Not me.

There have been times when Master has allowed such things and then yes, I of course obey. But I'm not obeying the person speaking the words at that time. I'm obeying Master as He is the one allowing it.

Aside from my interactions with Master I am not a submissive person. I'm actually a rather in your face person. I'm not an uber bitch or anything like that. I speak my mind and I don't care if anyone agrees with me. I'm not quiet and meek.

Maybe that is why I like seeing girls taken down a peg or too like I do in porn. Only one person can knock me down a peg like that. One. Those girls? Who ever has the check in hand. *smirks*

Maybe I do have a sadistic side to me.

December 10, 2012

Suck Me Beautiful

*Ten bonus points if you get the title reference.*

You know, I have this thing called an oral fixation. Master loves it. The down side is that I can't always get a dose of what I need. I can't always suck His cock. Why? I have TMJ. I hate it. Master understands and doesn't push it all the time because of how painful it can be. The other down side is that I get cold sores sometimes. And You definitely do not want to be sucking cock while you have a cold sore. Very, very bad idea.

So anyway, about two weeks ago I had a cold sore. It seemed that as soon as that one was healed I got another. Fucking hell. So that took a while to finally heal all the way.

Once that was all done my jaw started aching thanks to the weather changes.

But yesterday, finally, everything was just fine. More than fine actually. And as a result I asked Master if I could suck His cock to completion. He of course had no problem with it at all. We went into the bedroom and He sat on the bed with His back against the wall. I laid down in front of Him. It's the easiest way for both of us to be comfortable.

He gathered my hair up in His hand. It's one of my favorite parts of sucking His cock like that. Just the fact that my hair is wrapped around His hand and He can either choose to allow me to move how I want to or at a moment's notice force me to move my head a different way or to change my pace. It's wonderful.

I took my time at first, enjoying the sensation of His cock growing fat in my mouth. The way it feels when it pushes against my tongue even as I slide my tongue around doing my very best to make Him even harder.

He allowed me to move on my own for a time before taking charge. I know that when He does that, takes charge like that, it isn't because I'm doing anything wrong. I know exactly how to suck His cock. Years of practice after all. It's simply because He wants to. He wants to be in charge at that moment and He knows I get off on it as well.

Again I am allowed to go at my own pace. One thing I do that I knows He greatly enjoys is where I don't move my head at all. I just slide my mouth down to almost the very root of His cock and then I move my tongue in circles along the underside of His dick. Circles up, circles down, repeatedly changing the speed and pressure.

It didn't take long after that before He took charge again in just enough time to force my head down even more while He coated my throat with His cum.

He was extremely sensitive afterward so I was gentle when I slowly raised my head and felt His cock slip out of my mouth. However, I couldn't quite help myself. I just had to add a few more licks which caused Him to gasp. I love that sound.

December 9, 2012

Beat The Odds

Last night Master and I were sitting up rather late just talking. I love it when we do that. It's not very often. We both have to be in a rather chatty mood to talk for a few hours without any electronics on what so ever.

But last night we were talking about how in some ways the beginning of our relationship seems so long ago. And in other ways it feels like it's only been a couple of years.

It feels like it was ages ago simply because we know one another so well. It goes beyond the whole finishing each other sentences thing. We are more than used to each other's habits, good or bad, and responses to things.

On the flip side of that coin it doesn't feel long at all because of how much we don't want to be apart. Most couples that we know that have been together for more than two or three years can't wait for alone time. We both look forward to when we are home by ourselves. That is important to both of us.

But we're quickly approaching the ten year mark of our relationship. How crazy is that? Our "regular" anniversary is the same date as our wedding anniversary. So, when we reach the ten year mark we will also reach the six year mark for our marriage.

To be honest when we first started dating some people didn't think it would last. Partially because of our age difference and partially because of the small amount of distance between us before we started living together. It was a 45 minute drive from His place to mine. That is not a long distance relationship by any means but for some reason people took that in as a factor of what they thought the longevity of our relationship would be.

Two and a half years later we moved in together and people said it wouldn't last long after that. I don't know if they thought we would fight constantly or what.

Two years after that we got married. Again, some people didn't think it would last and we would soon be in divorce court.

Now look at us. We're coming up on a decade of being together and six years of having rings on our fingers.

I just never understood why certain people didn't think we would last. It's odd. Especially when other people were saying how we're the ones who would make it. They call us a "power couple".

*shrugs* It doesn't matter either way. We're together and we're both happy as can be. I think I look back at those kind of thoughts and words because it makes me smirk.

December 8, 2012

I Need A Nerd Fix!

I haven't really had any ideas for posts lately. I still don't, to be perfectly honest. I'm sorry if my blog has been kind of boring lately. There just isn't a lot going on aside from the mundane shit.

Although I do get to nerd out a little tomorrow! It's sad how happy I get about that. *laughs*

We went down to my dad's today to take pictures of more of his band memorabilia.  I'm still helping my dad sell things on eBay. Master takes the pictures and then I post them on eBay for him. I know it has nothing to do with coding but I still get to nerd out a bit by researching the item a bit and then posting it! It's sad that I see that as a nerd fix.

I don't want to change anything else about my blog. I don't know why this damn nerd itch has hit me again. It's been down for so long. It popping up now just doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but hey... it happens.

The other day I suggested to Master that He start up a blog again. He used to have one that was much like mine, just from His point of view.

Why did I suggest it? Well, I thought He may like to start that up again. Not necessarily about our lifestyle, but just in general. I know He loves to write so I thought that would be a quick and easy way for Him to do so about absolutely anything He wanted.

The flip side of that? I would get to code more! He would pick out the theme obviously, but He'd allow me to mess around with it.

He didn't really indicate how He felt about it one way or the other. *shrugs*

December 6, 2012

Painful Day

It's amazing how something so minor can cause a flare up of my fibromyalgia this badly. Yesterday I fell like an idiot. It honestly wasn't even that bad. Most people would just say ow, maybe be sore for a little bit and that would be that.

Oh no, not me. No.. my body likes to make the pain last. And it's not even the fun kind of pain!

Yesterday my neck was absolutely killing me, all the way up to the base of my skull. Master was kind enough to work on it for me. It felt a hell of a lot better and by the time I went to bed last night I felt fine physically.

Then this morning rears it's head and my shoulders and upper arms are in a lot of pain. I could barely put my arm in my jacket without wincing. Add to that I had an extremely busy day at work which involved quite a bit more lifting and carrying than usual and it did not help one little bit.

When I got home Master saw the look on my face when I was carefully sliding my jacket off. He said that He would work on my shoulders later and hopefully that'll help my upper arms as well.

I'm three months shy of being 30 and I feel like this. The pain, and how long it lasts when it flares up, is just getting worse it seems as I get older. I shudder to think what it will feel like when I'm 40.

Yes, I know I could go to a doctor and all that jazz. I used to do that. I went for years. All they did was dope me up. They eventually stopped my physical therapy because no matter what it would always go back to the way that it was. They thought it was a waste of time. They were right to a degree. I mean after all I would only get half a day of feeling fine before my muscles would go back to the consistent levels of pain that they are always in.

I don't even feel the constant low levels of pain anymore normally. The only time it even really effects me is when I have my flare ups, like now. But even with that I do all my normal stuff. It'll just be worse if I don't.

I'm so glad that I have Master to take care of me. He'll wash my hair if my shoulders get so bad that I almost can't stand to lift my hands above my head. He'll work on my neck, my back, my shoulders. Hell there's been times where He even works on my legs. I know I would be in a lot more pain on a daily basis if He didn't help me.

December 5, 2012

Fall Down Go Boom

I am a fucking klutz. No, seriously. This is a fact.

This morning proves it. I woke up at 5am just enough to realize that I had to use the bathroom. Yay for needing to pee an hour before your alarm goes off. Well, our bed is placed in such a way that my side of the bed is against the wall. There is literally no other way to place the bed because of the way our bedroom is shaped. No big deal. Whatever. So when I get out of bed and Master is sleeping next to me I have to scoot to the bottom of the bed and then stand up.

So I do that and start to walk around the bed to get to the bedroom door to head towards the bathroom. Yeah, it didn't go that smoothly.

We have a box fan in our bedroom. Well, it's actually in the shape of a circle and on a small stand so you can direct it anyway you want, but it's at the height of a typical box fan. Normally it's farther back so it's not even an issue. But the other day Master had pulled the fan out into the living room because believe it or not the apartment was actually getting a little warm. The heat in this place is weird.

When He put it back in the bedroom so we can have white noise, since we can't sleep without it, He didn't move it as far back as it normally sits. Since I was more than half asleep I didn't realize this. Also, it was dark as hell.

So what happens? I trip over the fan, my foot got partially stuck in between the fan itself and the stand it's on. I couldn't get my balance and it all happened so quickly. I ended up landing face first into the wall. After I face planted onto the wall I fell all the way down and ended up laying on the floor. I had scraped my elbow and my knee. The thud of my head on the wall was loud as hell to me. I just remember being dazed as hell as it was not a soft landing and I remember Master sitting bolt upright and saying my name over and over again.

I remember saying, "I'm okay," a few times but apparently I didn't do it very loudly because the next thing I know I'm sitting on the floor rubbing my forehead and Master is sitting on the floor right in front of me after turning on the bedroom light so He can see me. He checked me over and once He was sure I was actually
okay He allowed me to continue on my way to the bathroom.

When I very, very carefully got back into bed Master asked one more time if I was okay before we both drifted back off to sleep. At 6am my alarm went off and I felt a bit sore but other than that I felt fine.

As the day wore on though the pain in me neck got worse. I have fibromyalgia so sometimes when I hurt myself like that or something similar happens it amplifies it and it flares up. That's what happened today. It got to a point where I've felt sick to my stomach most of the day.

Master feels bad about the whole fan thing. He moved it up closer to the bed than He thought He did and He apologized quite a few times. It's just an accident. He moved something closer to the bed, I wasn't even half awake and couldn't see where I was going. Oh well.

December 4, 2012

Growing It Long

A few years ago I had cut my hair short because it was so damn hot that summer. And I mean short. I've had long hair all my life. In fact my father refused to allow me to cut it when I was growing up aside from trims. So that summer it went to about chin length. It had been down to the middle of my back. I let it grow out again and the following summer it was cut short once more by Master as it was another blazing hot summer.

After that though I decided I wanted my long hair back. Master missed it too. He didn't mind me in short hair, He thought it was cute and all but He wanted me to grow it back out. And so I did.

It's just now reaching the middle of my back again. And you can tell I'm not used to it being this long anymore. Never mind the fact that aside from those two years it had been long my entire life. What the hell? But I'll lay down on the bed or be sitting a certain way and I'll go to move my head only to realize that I'm resting against my hair and yank... ow!

But I'm glad it's long again and that I'm continuing to grow it longer. I personally think I look better with long hair. I thought I looked cute with short hair too but the novelty of it wore off rather quickly. I had missed my long hair a lot. More than I realized actually.

For a while now Master has also been growing His hair out. He had hair down to the middle of His back when I first met Him. After I proposed to Him He shaved His head and gave me the hair. I know that may sound odd, but He was extremely proud of His hair and honestly we were both flat ass broke at the time so that was His way of showing me His commitment to me and our future together. I had given Him a ring that used to be my father's. (My dad is still alive, he just never wore the ring after high school.)

I still have His hair. It's braided and kept in a safe believe it or not.

That was almost 8 years ago. He kept the bald look for quite some time. Then He grew it out and kept it in a buzz cut for a long time. Now He has decided that He wants it long again. It's getting there. The top part of His hair is now past His ears and keeps getting in His eyes.

The reason why this post idea popped into my head was because we were talking about how long His hair was getting last night and that's when it hit me that it's been almost 8 years since His hair was down to the middle of His back. It seemed like a shorter amount of time. I remember sitting on the bed and brushing and braiding His hair like it was yesterday.

One day it'll get that long again and I hope He still lets me braid it and brush it out. I loved playing with His hair like that. 

December 2, 2012

I Needed That

Master and I were sitting in the living room today and we had literally just finished talking about how blah I've been due to stress and what not. He told me to kneel at His feet and give Him a hug. So I knelt in front of His chair and did exactly that. The hugging led to a kiss, the kissing led to more kissing and before you know it we're in the bedroom. We were both feeling frisky and we hadn't fucked in a while.

I laid on my side facing Him. He swept my hair back from my neck and started chewing on it. He held me in place as He bit, nipped, and licked my neck. I immediately went into my sub space. It was long before He rolled me onto my back while simultaneously rolled on top of me. My flesh was still locked in between His teeth. He slide one arm under me and grabbed the back of my neck. He slid down just enough to start nipping and sucking my nipples. He then took His free hand and grabbed the front of my neck.

I literally could not move. Here I am, flat on my back with His hands literally wrapping around my throat from both directions while He's laying on top of me with my breast in His mouth. I didn't want to move, it all felt so damn good. But to me, it makes it even hotter to know that I couldn't move even if I wanted to.

After thoroughly abusing my tits with His teeth He moved off of me and knelt on the bed. I sucked His cock while He held onto my hair. While still holding onto my hair He pulled my head up and told me to turn around on all fours. He never let go of my hair so He got an even better grip since my hair was now twisted around His hand.

He forced me to back up onto His cock. He loves making me do that sometimes. I was already soaking wet. I hadn't even cum yet and my juices were already dripping down His balls. My back was arched and I was using my finger tips to keep my balance since He had my head pulled back so far and He told me to get used to that position since He'll be putting me in it the next time His dick is up my ass.

He allowed me to cum over and over again before letting go of my hair and having me bow down in front of Him. I reached back and fondled His balls as He continued to fuck me. He allowed me to cum one more time before slamming balls deep into me and coating my swollen pussy with His cum.

We collapsed next to one another. We admitted how much we had both needed that. I feel a lot better now. More relaxed. Happier.

Sometimes ya just need to get fucked.

Frustrated Nerd

Okay, well this evening was slightly frustrating. I had tried to alter my blog just a little bit. I wanted to do two things.

1. I wanted to make it so the comments could nest. As in there would be a "reply" button next to a comment so that you could leave a comment directly below it.

2. I wanted to make it so the Blogger "reactions" would show up under each post.

This theme is not a standard option for Blogger. I had to download the template and then upload it to Blogger. Once that was done I could go in and tweak the coding.

I had never messed with those two specific things before. And since it is easy to screw up the whole thing with removing or adding a line of code it kind of ticked me off. Not to mention the fact that when I would preview it prior to saving it it would look fine. Then I would save it and look at the blog normally, and yeah.. not so much.

I went back and just copied my backup HTML/CSS that I had saved but it just wasn't coming out right. I don't know what the fuck happened. So, I had to reupload the original theme template and start over.

When I originally uploaded the theme it was a bit different as Blogger hadn't switched to their new site yet. This time I couldn't move the damn nav bar so if I allowed it, it showed up in the side bar rather than on top. Fuck. So I just removed it entirely and added a "Log In" link so people can log into their Blogger account if they wanted to comment or whatever.

No big deal. Easy side fix.

But I still can't get the nesting comments to work and every time I try to add the reactions it either doesn't work at all, or it doesn't show up correctly. Blah.

I gave up on it for the night. I don't know if I want to dick with it again because I hate having to start from scratch again. Then again that kind of thing gnaws at me so I may continue to try. After all, what's to lose?

Update: Okay, as I'm sure some of you may have noticed I did end up figuring out how to get the reactions to show up! Yay! Now, hopefully they work correctly! I decided to give up on the nesting comments. Also, I made it so the top navigation links aren't stuck in uppercase. Let me know what you guys think!

November 30, 2012

I'm Not A Damsel In Distress

I must look pretty weak to most people. I had two experiences today that brought this to mind. Now, I'm only 5ft1 and about 110lbs. I know I'm petite but I'm stronger than I look. But I'm so used to doing things that when people react to it, I kind of look at them funny.

Example number one: Our dog has a wheat allergy. He cannot eat anything with wheat or grain in it. As a result, buying him dog food can be a little difficult when our normal pet store is out of what we buy him. Wheat and grain free dog food isn't the cheapest thing to buy and on top of that sometimes it'll say grain free but you look at the ingredients and it clearly has wheat listed. So we try very, very hard to just stick to his usual brand of dog food. This also proves to be a little difficult since it is a company that only delivers in the tri-state area. They are not a national brand so a lot of pet stores don't even carry it. There are two that we know of in our area.

The one we normally buy at was completely out until Tuesday. He couldn't wait until Tuesday. So the only other store is a good half hour drive from the house. Thankfully I was at work when I found out the usual store was out because the other place is on my way home.

Well, they didn't have the smaller bag of dog food, so I grabbed the 40lbs bag instead. I didn't grab a cart I just grabbed the bag and walked to the front of the store with it. I put it up on the counter and after I pay the lady asks me if I want a store clerk to help me out to my car. I said no thank you. Her response was, "Are you sure? You're such a tiny thing and that's a big bag of dog food."

I wasn't rude, I politely declined once again but I was thinking to myself, "Lady I just carried this across the store, I think I can make it to my damn car."

Example number two: I also knew we were out of soda. So I stop at the gas station on the way home and grab a 24 pack of soda. I'm standing in line and there is one guy checking out and a guy behind him. The guy directly in front of me tells me I can go ahead of him. He is literally only holding a 20oz soda in his hand. Nothing else. I again politely decline and tell him it's okay. I thanked him anyway.

His response, "You're welcome. I just saw how small you are and there you are holding a 24 pack of soda.."

I was still polite but said, "No worries, I just carried a 40lbs bag of dog food I can handle this." I laughed and his eyes got wide.

"Wow! Really?"

No I totally just made that up to fuck with you.

Again I know I'm petite but for crying out loud... a case of soda? Really?

November 29, 2012

Break Time

Well November is almost over and it was one hell of a busy month. There were good times and some very fucking annoying times but hey, we got through it all. I am taking this weekend off. Errands around town, fine because shit has to get done but I don't want to go all over creation and back.

Next weekend I'll be heading down to my mother's for another visit. We need to get some shopping done together and I get paid next week so it makes sense.

So far this week hasn't been horrible. It hasn't been wonderful either. Actually it's just been kind of a "whatever" type week. I haven't had the energy or enthusiasm to do jack shit. I do what I have to do at work, in other words I do my job, but then when I get home the engine turns off and I'm ready to be a bump on a log.

I know this isn't terribly exciting for Master and I'm honestly not doing it on purpose. I think my mind and body are just telling me to take the down time while I can before the insanity that is the rest of the holiday season ensues.

Once January hits things will calm down and go back to normal. And hopefully I'll have more ideas running through my head than just what is going on in day to day life right now. Like I said the brain stops running the minute I get through the door and while I'm at work it's only humming along enough to get my job done. There are really no other thoughts going on up there. I'm so damn interesting lately aren't I?

November 28, 2012

I Suck At Stalking People

You know that list of blogs I read on the right hand side of the screen? No, down a little bit more. Yes, that one! I will admit that I check some of them more regularly than others. We are all guilty of that! Stop judging me.

But for quite some time now I just haven't had the time to go through and read other blogs. Like the post title says, I suck at stalking people. Stalking takes time that I just don't have lately. Work is cutting into my stalking time!

So anyway, I sat down tonight and decided that I was going to sit the fuck down and stalk, I mean read, the blogs on my blogroll. So I'm clicking through and reading posts when I come to a link that is locked. Huh? Apparently one of them was set to invite only. Okay then.. So I go through my layout and remove that link.

I then proceed my stalking only to find a link that is no longer active. I shit you not it took me right to Go Daddy. Fuck. Deleted that one too. Then come two more that are no longer active! Ack! I honestly have no idea how long those links have been dead. No idea what so fucking ever.

It sucks trying to go to a blog that you enjoy but haven't been able to read in a while only to find that it's no longer there.

Hey, I get it. Sometimes you just want to stop or you don't have the time or you no longer want to share with the world. I totally understand. It's not like I actually get mad about it or anything. I'm not that crazy. But still, it's a bit of a bummer ya know?

I never plan on deleting this blog. It may seem like a chore to do a blog post sometimes but I know I'll always come back to it. But it almost makes me wonder what people would think if they clicked on a link to my blog and magically it was no longer there. I doubt it would really be a big deal to anyone aside from me. But I like to think some people would think it would suck. *laughs*

November 27, 2012

Catching Up To Me

It's kind of funny. Since I found out about my being on the list I haven't really had anything sexual to post about.

Nothing is wrong with Master and I, it's just been the kind of past few days where we're tired or we're sore or just not up for it.

But I suppose when you blog every day you can't post about sex constantly, let alone the dynamic portion of a relationship. It's not all roses and rainbows. There is real life in between the submission and the fucking after all. As unfortunate as that is.

If I could stay home and submit to Him and fuck all day and not have to worry about bills or groceries or any of those other pesky things that reality makes you deal with I'd be a very happy girl.

But money is needed and all that daily crap needs to be taken care of. Actually, the past few nights I've just been rather blah when I get home from work. It's not that I'm not happy to be home, because I really am. I immediately start to relax once I walk in the door.

But that doesn't stop my brain from not wanting to process anything. My brain just wants to be mush until I have to get up in the morning. Weird. I'm not like this normally this early in the week. After all, it's only Tuesday for crying out loud.

I think with how busy we've been during the weekend and then my being busy at work during the week it's all catching up with me. Thankfully, this weekend we don't have a damn thing going on. Not. One. Thing.

November 26, 2012

Sluggish Mind

The problem with not having to set an alarm for four days in a row is that you have a really difficult time going to bed on time. Last night Master allowed me to stay up a little bit but even after I went to bed I just couldn't get comfortable. I think I finally fell asleep and stayed asleep around 2am. The alarm went off and it kind of startled me awake. Fuck.

So I got up and got ready for the work day. I've been sluggish most of the day. It doesn't seem to matter how much caffeine I consume, I'm still sluggish.

I was a bit swamped today but this morning I had decided that I wasn't going to get stressed out today. And I didn't. I stayed calm and just did what I could do. I got most of it done and tomorrow shouldn't be as bad so it doesn't really matter.

Aside from work today there isn't a lot going on and there isn't much on my mind. As I said, I'm groggy and kind of sluggish. My mind is just ticking by slowly. I type rather quickly and when I look at the clock and then look back at what I've typed out I'm surprised there is so little there. *sigh*

November 25, 2012


Last night after I made the little icon for the 2012 Sex Blogger badge I got this little itch for coding. I have absolutely no idea why since that was not coding at all except for when I replaced the image code. *shrugs*

So what happened? I all of a sudden went on a kick about finding a new template for my blog. I love this one, I really do, which makes me wonder why the hell I thought it would be a good idea to search for a new on in the first place. So I searched, and searched, and searched some more.

Most of the ones I found I just absolutely hated upon sight. Others I loved certain things about them but hated other parts. Then of course there were the ones I found "okay" and some others that I really, really liked but weren't the right colors or layout. Yes, I'm fucking picky! I know. *laughs*

I do not have the coding capabilities to make a really kick ass theme. I just don't. I'm willing to admit this. Plus I don't really have the time/energy to make a complete from scratch rocking template. Ugh. Just no.

So then I go back to my blog after searching for a few hours last night and then a couple of hours again today and I'm looking at it. Then I realize that ya know what? This one fits me. It's the perfect color combination for me and I just... well I've grown attached to it as odd as that may sound.

I've changed templates in the past (some of my long time readers may even remember some of the old ones) and I would get an itch or find some kind of flaw that took me a long time to see or maybe I even just grew tired of it. This one? The itch is kind of there, there are no flaws, and I'm not tired of it.

So why put myself through the hassle and frustration when I honestly love this one and am just trying to feed a small desire to code? Hell, if anything I could just tweak a few lines of code on this.

That's the other thing I thought about. I could totally change the color scheme. Rather than blue/aqua have red or purple. But I don't think it would look right. At least I can't picture it wen I look at the blog as it is now.

But the more I look at this one the more I realize I love it just the way it is. What do you guys/gals think?

November 24, 2012

I Made The List

I recently received an e-mail from a fellow blogger, Kira. She let me know about something that I had absolutely no clue about. It was surprising to say the least. I made the Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2012 list! This is a list that is posted on Between My Sheets.

I was so pleased and shocked to be honest with you! I am truly honored to have made it onto the list. I'm number 55! I made sure to nab the little badge as I am proud of it, even if I didn't know about it! The website says that I may create my own badge so I took the liberty of creating my own graphic, but I left every other piece of coding the same!

I'm not sure how my blog got nominated or how they are judged but it's so nice to know that someone noticed my blog and finds it that enjoyable!

If you enjoy my blog I want to thank you for reading my words and thoughts here. If you nominated me, thank you very much for feeling that I deserved it!

I know it's not all sex, sex, sex but I am glad that regardless of the boring posts every now and then that you stifle the yawning long enough to get to a post you do like. *winks*

So again, thank you Kira for letting me know about this! And thank you to all of my readers!

November 23, 2012

Down Time

We were supposed to go to my dad's and then BC's place tonight. We were going to visit with my dad just to visit and then afterward we were going to swing by BC's place to pick up some venison steaks that he offered to Master. I will not be eating them. I don't know why but the thought of eating a deer does not appeal to me. But when we called BC to see what time would be okay to stop by it ended up being quite a bit later than we originally thought and we wanted to be home by then.

I was the one that called BC after Master told me to and so I was acting as an in-between on that. So BC would tell me something and I'd run it past Master and then back to BC. Have I mentioned that Master hates talking on the phone?

So eventually it was decided that BC will be dropping them off on Sunday. I don't know if he plans on hanging out or not. It's not like I wouldn't like to see him but I was looking forward to two days with just Master and I. For the past month we have been running around and doing everything with everyone basically. Not a lot of down time on the weekends for just the two of us. It's not that I don't enjoy the time with one another it's just that knowing I had a four day weekend this week and that Thursday and Friday would be with family I thought that Master and I would have Saturday and Sunday completely to ourselves.

Oh well. Like I said I don't even know if BC is staying for a visit or if he's dropping off and running. Either way though. Although knowing BC he'll probably sit for a bit. I don't really remember a time he's just dropped something off and ran out right away. He'll normally stay for about a half hour or so, sometimes longer.

But we don't have any plans next weekend that I know of, so maybe that'll be two days straight with no physical contact with anyone else. The phone is one thing ya know?

November 22, 2012


Today was a very odd day. It wasn't really odd until we got to His mother's house but I'll get to that in a minute.

Master and I relaxed until we had to leave a little before 2pm. We then headed down to my mother's. We mainly just sat around and talked about various things. It was relaxed and my mother had to get up and check on her turkey once or twice. But other than that it was just sitting in the living room and talking. Nice, relaxed, and simple.

We were there four about 2 1/2 hours before we had to head out to my mother-in-law's house. This is where it got odd. Her husband has always been really excited when we walk in the door. Hugs and hi how are ya type thing. Well this time, yeah... not so much. His son and his son's wife were down and I understand he doesn't get to see them much but we were pretty much ignored by him the entire time we were there. That made it a little uncomfortable. We ate and talked but there was one thing that both Master and I noticed that made the evening even more uncomfortable.

His son's wife was checking out my Husband every chance she thought she could get away with it. She would be staring at Him and then shoot me dirty looks. When she noticed that Master looked in her direction she would quickly turn her head in hopes that He didn't notice that she had been staring. All this was going on with her husband sitting right there, completely oblivious to it.

Now, normally I am an extremely territorial person. I fully admit this and I know a lot of people don't think it's a very slave like thing to do. But ya know what? I don't give a fuck. He's mine. Master knows I think this way and fully encourages it. He has gone so far as to say that He is mine just as much as I am His. He's the boss, but He's still my "property" if you will. He's my territory. End of story.

But since we were at His mother's house and this is His mother's husband's son's wife (follow me on that one?) I wasn't really sure how to react without causing a bunch of shit to go down and making the night even more uncomforable. As I said Master noticed her doing all of this too and as a result ignored her unless He absolutely had to acknowledge her presence.

But see, that's part of the problem. When we sat down to eat dinner Master and I sat at the dining room table which is butted up right next to the living room. My mother-in-law and her husband were in their own recliners. The son was on the couch. So what does this bitch do? She purposely moves to go behind Master's chair so that He has a reason to look at her and get out of her way. She inches past Him and sits right next to Him. She even moved her chair closer to Him. She threw dagger eyes in my direction. Master turned His back to her and talked to me and His mom the entire time.

Her husband didn't say a damn thing. He just sat there eating and watching TV.

After dinner she didn't go around the table, yet again, and instead asked Master to move so she could move past Him. Eventually she sat next to her husband on the couch but continued to stare at Master and laugh at everything He said and then roll her eyes if He talked about me at all.

They decided they wanted to go Black Friday shopping early since some of the stores were doing it tonight in the hopes that the crowds wouldn't be so bad tomorrow. They left before we did and so when they said goodbye the son said goodbye to both of us. What does this snotty little bitch do? Turns to Master and says, "It was really nice seeing you. I hope to see you again soon. Happy Thanksgiving!" and doesn't say a damn thing to me and doesn't even acknowledge my presence.

I fully admit that it took a lot of will power to sit there while all of this was going on instead of having my normal reaction of calling the bitch out on it. But, as I said, we are at His mother's house and I knew that if I reacted she would be the innocent victim and I would look like a crazy bitch who was just out to get her for no reason what so ever. She's a drama queen and a half and has her husband and her husband's father wrapped around her finger. Master also had no idea how to react. So, we just let it be.

After they left His mother and the two of us sat and talked for a little while and had dessert. Ya see, her husband had gone with them and she was horrified at the fact that they had left because she felt it was incredibly rude. She didn't even know they were going to be doing this until right before dinner. She told us that if she had known she would have planned things differently.

We stayed for about another half hour and then eventually headed home. We talked about everything on the ride home and we both vented about that little twat waffle.