March 8, 2009

Show & Tell

How did you discover your exhibitionist self? My Master will love me to get into it… and he tried me a couple of times… but he tells me i have to practice. So, any advise? Thank you.
Well before I met Master I was very shy about my looks. I had a very low self esteem. But once Master started to boost my confidence, I discovered that I really enjoyed being looked at. Now honestly, I don't think I would be such an exhibitionist if I were single, if that makes any sense. But I guess it is because I am Owned, and I am married that it is sort of like, "Look if ya want, but you can't have me." So it is a sort of mix of exhibitionism and a tease in a way? It stirs a certain sort of pride within me, not just for my looks but because I am Master's property. And I see the pride in His eyes when He is showing me off, which stirs that pride in me, as well as a sexual hunger.

My advise is this. Your Master finds you beautiful. Take joy and pride in that. He wants to show you off, he wants others to see what he has, that they can never have, at least not fully. (For instance my Master shares me sometimes, and yes they are "having me" for that very brief period of time, but only because He allows it.) Also think of the control aspect, if control is a turn on for you like it is me. He is taking control of not only me, but in a small way of the other person or people who He is allowing to see me.

Favorite book? movie? music? tv show?
My favorite book is "Sacrament" by Clive Barker. Lord Fox kicks tail! :-D

My favorite movie? Oh hell. *thinks* It's hard to pick just one. Seriously. But if I have to pick just one I would say it would be "Hellraiser".

Music... Hm. Well as far as favorite genre goes, it would be hard rock/heavy mental. My favorite band is WASP.

TV show.. right now it's Solitary 3.0 although that season just ended. Well it just ended for me anyways, we watch it on the internet so I don't know when the season actually ended.

Why didn’t you like Watchmen?
Well, I never read the graphic novel so it wasn't like I was comparing it to that. But I think my problem was that even though the graphic novel for Watchmen was out way before these other things were popular, I couldn't help but go, "Okay then.. this is a fucked up mix of Batman, The Justice League, and Sin City. Yay." I think I may have just been overloaded on comic book movies, ya know? So when I was sitting there watching it, that's all I could compare it to. I couldn't just sit there and enjoy it for what it was, it's own thing. I'm sure Master will want to see it again once it comes out on DVD, and maybe by that point I'll be able to enjoy it for what it is, rather than comparing it to everything else.

I love wearing bangle bracelets that clack together when I move. Will having two of the wrist cuffs do the same thing? I guess that I am also looking for an audible noise to remind me that they are there if that makes any sense?
I only have one on, but I've seen pictures of people wearing two, or three, or more. I would think that as long as you got the correct size(s) it would probably have a similar effect as bangle bracelets. The one I had slides every now and again, like when I move my arm, so I would assume that if you had two or more on, they would "clack" together. :-)

So I’m curious. Your M calls you “Kitten” and I’ve read you doing thing such as “taping paw.” So, my question is this: do you engage in pet play at all? Why yes, why no?
Not really, no. The closest that we get to pet play is the fact that Master has me crawl on my hands and knees, for sexual positions we really enjoy me being on all fours, and I do actually purr. *giggles* Oh, and He gives me pets. In other words, I ask Him to pet me, and He'll run His fingers through my hair or slowly run His hand up and down my back.

But Master and I never really got into the whole having me eat out of a cat food bowl, or drink water that way. Yes, I wear a collar and He used to lead me around on a leash but that was more of a control kink than actual pet play. As for a the whys? We just never got into it, it isn't something that really "does it" for us I guess.

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