February 28, 2009

The Transformation Is Complete

Yes, I'm afraid it's true. *hands head in shame* The transformation into a geek is complete.

First, He encouraged me to learn more about computers. Now? I know more than He does. And I'm not saying that as a slam, He'll tell you that Himself. Then He has me start reading comic books, and I like some of them.

After that came the whole Star Wars fascination. Not to mention the Mandalorian fascination.

I already liked playing video games, I'm just very particular about what video games I play. But I always used Master's XBOX Live account. Tonight He downloaded a game that we both enjoyed playing, and it had an option for multi-player. And it just had me as "Player 2". Out of no where Master was like, "Hey you could always create your own account."

And so, I did. *gasp* I now have an XBOX Live account with my own user name and everything! *dun dun dun*

However, I will not have an XBOX Live Gold account. I only have the one free month of Gold membership, and then it's off to the Silver membership for me. No way are we going to pay that extra amount per year. Why? I just don't play often enough. There is no point to it. But now, at least, He won't have to worry about the games I like playing showing up on His gamer tag and embarrassing Him. *giggles* You know, like Tetris and Uno. :-|

And I got to create my own avatar for my XBOX Live account. She rocks. :-D

Today was pretty normal. I got up at 6am and went to work. I got out of work, came home, relaxed for a little while and then headed out and got us dinner. We ate dinner, watched Matrix, and then I took my bath. Master's rib is really bothering Him tonight. :-(

I think it's partially because we had sex last night. Really great sex mind you, but that couldn't have helped the situation. Master's defense is that He didn't use His upper body a lot, because I was on all fours. But it still makes me wonder if that didn't irritate it more. He says it was worth it though. Sweet of Him to say, and kinda hot too, but I worry about Him. I don't want His rib getting anymore irritated than it already is.

February 27, 2009


After reading the posts over the past month, I have decided to name February "The Mundane Month". *nods*

There hasn't been a lot going on. Our work schedules and the fact that we both have to be up for 85% of the day makes us very tired by the time we get home and relax.

I mean there is Master, who gets up normally at 7am. He doesn't know what time He is going to get home and doesn't know what time He has to be into work the next day until the night before. He goes to work, does a shit load of physical labor, and then comes home. He usually has about two to three hours of "down time" before He has to hop back into the car and pick me up from work.

Me? I get up normally at 7am to get ready for work. B picks me up and takes me to work and then I get to work about three hours early. Sometimes I can do overtime, other times I can't so I sit in a break room and try to think of things to do to kill time until I start my regular shift. I get out of work at 7pm, Master picks me up and we go home. We eat dinner, maybe watch a movie, I take my bath, and then we go to bed. By the time we go to bed we're normally to tired to have sex so we just curl up and go to sleep. And now Master has bruised ribs so sex is some what out of the question since sometimes it hurts Him just to laugh. Not to mention the fact that while He is at work He's irritating His ribs by all the physical labor He is doing.

No, I'm not complaining about the lack of sex. I'm really not. Yes, I have a high sex drive. But lately I've been so damn tired that sex isn't even on my mind. This bothers me. I love my Master very much and I love the physical pleasure that we give one another. So yeah, it bothers me but it's not His fault and it's not my fault. It's all circumstance, so how can I complain?

On top of that our friend B, who has been doing us the favor of taking me into work 4 out of 5 days a week since November is starting to not be able to take me every single day. Granted, it isn't that often, but he has doctor appointments, dentist appointments, etc. So then Master and I have to juggle. I am still grateful to B for what he has been doing, but with the not knowing sometimes when he can and can not take me in, and getting to work three hours early, is really starting to wear my nerves thin. Plus it's not easy on Master to have to work all day and then drive a half hour to come get me.

Unfortunately, we can't afford for me to be a stay at home slave. I would love that, actually. But it just isn't feasable with just Master's income. Just like it wasn't feasable when Master was unemployed and we were living on just my income. I mean, we made it obviously. We still have a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs but damn was it tough.

You know, you don't really realize how difficult it can be when you only have one car and two people working. But thankfully I called the state yesterday and they said we should have our state tax refund "soon". It was held for review, so it didn't come as quickly as it could have. And Master said we could use that money to get a half way decent 2nd car. Yay!

I am also going to be looking for work that is a bit closer to home. Master's job is about 15 minutes from home. Mine is a half hour. The problem is finding a job in this economy that will pay me at least almost as much as my current job. But what we don't spend in gas, will help even that out. Plus this whole having one day off (Friday) work the next day and then have off on Sunday thing is driving me nuts. It makes me feel like I don't really get a day off. Friday Master is normally at work. I do some chores and then Master comes home, we run errands, come home and then I have to get to bed at a decent hour so that I can get up at 6am the next day to go to work. I come home from work and then we usually have more errands to run and then go home and relax. Sundays, if we are lucky, are spent at home together. But lately we have been having a bunch of things to do.

Then we both have to go to sleep at a decent hour on Sunday so that we can both get up at 7am. That is 7am for Master if He is lucky. Sometimes it is at 4:30am.

Yeah I know. Suck it up buttercup, that's life. Welcome to the real world. Etc and so on.

That doesnt' mean that it doesn't drag on you sometimes. For whatever reason, tonight is one of those times. I would like a job that is a bit earlier in the day so that I'm not getting home so late, that is a bit closer to home, and that hopefully will give me two days off in a row.

I'm turning 26 on Wednesday. I told Master that I changed my mind about what I would like for my birthday. I would like to go to a movie. We haven't had a real date in quite some time. I mean yes, we go out to dinner from time to time, but we haven't really had a "date". And I think that would be really nice. :-) I know Master wants to see Watchmen, and that comes out on the 6th. So maybe we could see that.

Just Another Day

Just another Friday. Yay!

Today I was lazy and slept in. I didn't wake up until almost noon when Master called me on His lunch break. Bad Kitten!

He had left me a note on the computer desk, so while I was on the phone with Him I told Him that I had seen His note and I would complete the list before He got home. He had left me a short list of chores to complete. So as soon as I got off the phone with Him I started on it and finished it about a half hour later.

Then I talk to my mother for a while and then just relaxed for a while.

I also ordered His anniversary present today. Yes, it is another piece for His Boba Fett collection. It's this one. He already knows that He's getting it so it doesn't matter that I'm putting a link up.

I ordered it before He knew what it was though. Then after I ordered it I asked if He wanted to know what it was. I can't keep a secret for shit. *laughs* So He shrugged and I just showed Him that exact link. It is a part of a set. The rest of the set is other bounty hunters from the Star Wars universe. And with each new piece of the set that you order, you get a piece of Darth Vader. So then once you have all of the piece you can build Darth Vader, which ends up being the center piece of the collection, and all the bounty hunters surround him. Cool huh?

Although I kind of shot myself in the foot by ordering this. Now He's going to "need" the rest of the collection. *giggles*

I know our anniversary is a whopping 22 days away, but I'd rather that it show up early rather than it not being here on time. Plus my paycheck hit today, so I thought it would be the best time to order it before the money wasn't there.

February 26, 2009

Friends Award

CarrieAnn from A View From The Floor gave me the friends award. Thank you. :-) So now it is my turn to pass it along. I can only pick 8 unfortunately, but I'm sure eventually everyone will get this as we all pass it along.

“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers.”

The Rules to accepting this award: “Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

These are in no particular order.

  1. Vanilla Impared - I've been following her blog for quite some time and I've always greatly enjoyed her blog. Plus, I love her writing and her attitude towards thing.

  2. Searching For Lexa - Great blogger! I love reading her blog and her and I get a long great.

  3. Submissive Reflections - The love this woman has with her husband is amazing.

  4. Danae Whispering - Another great blog!

  5. Mija's Musings - Another blog I've been following for a while.

  6. This Girl's Life - I love this blog.

  7. Once More Please, Master - I love the writing style this woman has.

  8. Longing's End - A wonderful couples blog. I love getting both sides of everything. It's an amazing blog.

If I did repeats I apologize. :-)

February 25, 2009

I'm Boring Lately..

And I know this. And I also apologize.

The way the past few weeks have gone Master and I haven't had a lot of sleep. There for, we havn't had a lot of energy.

This week isn't shaping up to be any better. And of course tomorrow our friend B has to go into work early, so he has to pick me up early and take me to work before he goes in. *sigh* Also, he told me today that he has another dentist appointment some time in March, he just isn't sure what day. So I might have to try and juggle that. Hopefully it is on a day I have off, or on a Saturday where I have the car so I can take myself to work. I can hope, right? Damn we need a second car. As soon as we get our state taxes back I'm car hunting.

Ya know I remember being a night owl at some point. I remember not going to bed until about 2 or 3 in the morning because shit, I didn't have to get up early. (This of course was back when I worked 2nd shift, which I don't miss.) Master was right there with me. See what day shift does to a person? *laughs* It is now a whopping 10pm and I'm tired as hell.

Although this morning my poor Husband had a huge coughing fit at 4:30am. He was trying to suppress His coughing because of His bruised rib, so I woke up cause of His coughing and the bed moving from Him trying to suppress the coughing. He apologized to me when we actually got up at 7am but I told Him that of course it wasn't His fault. His cold is gone but His sinuses are now kicking His tail. Figures doesn't it?

So yeah. Sleep and cuddle time is all I can really think about lately.

My birthday is next week. Master called me before I started work this morning and told me that if I didn't tell Him what the fuck I wanted for my birthday I was going to be sleeping on the couch for a week.

Ya see, He's been asking me and asking me what I want and I kept saying, "Nothing baby." Cause, I really don't. A second car would be nice, and I almost said that but...

1) I know that He would have said that's not a birthday present.


2) We don't have the money right now.

So I called Him back later on and told Him that I would really like something to add to my tiger collection. It's still some what small and I love it. :-) So I'm not in trouble. Yay! Then of course in a few weeks is our anniversary. I wonder if I can just say another item for my tiger collection.

Yeah. Probably not. I'll think of something though, before Master has to shake me and go, "Damnit woman just fucking tell me what you want!" *giggles*

February 24, 2009

Sleep Is Good

Sleep is a very good thing, however right now Master and I aren't getting a lot of it.

Last night we had both been up for way to damn long, so when we went to bed we had just enough energy to curl up, kiss one another good night, and then pass out.

This morning we got up at 6:30am and got ready for work. Master dropped me off at work and then went to His job. I had an earlier shift today so I only had to make it to 5:30pm. But we had plans after. So we went down to my dad's and hung out there for a while.

From there we came home and ate dinner. It is now a little after 10pm and we both have to get up tomorrow at 7am.

On top of being tired, we're also very sore. Master slipped on a ladder at work and bruised His rib. And I must be sleeping funky, when I am sleeping, cause my shoulders and neck are bothering me. We're quite the pair aren't we? *laughs*

Ugh I can barely make sense of the words I'm typing at this point.

I am so catching up on sleep come Friday.

February 23, 2009

4:30 AM Is Some Bullshit


No, I didn't have to be up to go to work by 4:30 am. But Master did. :-(

He got up and I got up long enough to change the alarms to when I needed it. I had to get up at 7am.

Master got ready for His day at work and gave me a kiss before heading out the door. I was half awake during this time. I do remember hearing Master telling our dog, Ghost, to behave himself while He was gone. The dog, apparently, had other plans.

I tried to drift back off to sleep for a couple of hours but the dog would not shut up. Every single noise apparently was a huge deal and set off some invisible alarm in his big doggie brain.

I tried everything  I could think of to get him to calm down. I got him to hop up onto the bed with me and told him it was okay, that Master would be back later. He calmed down just long enough for me to almost be back to sleep, and then he started up again. So then I got him in the bedroom and shut the bedroom door, thinking if he isn't by the main door he might chill the fuck out. Nope.

So I gave up and got up. By this time it was a whopping 6:30am.

B picked me up and took me to work. I went into a break room and just basically just sat there. Master called me before I started my job at 10:30am.

Today dragged. Badly.

And I don't know what the hell it was, but I was emotional today. I didn't break down and cry but it was like my emotions were thin and spread out. Like I was going to snap and either tell someone to fuck off or I was going to just start crying at any minute. I have absolutely no idea why.

There were some situations at work that didn't help the situation. But nothing that was out of the ordinary really. Just added stress.

I also got out of work late today. Joy.

When Master picked me up I was so happy to see Him. I told Him all about my day and He told me about His. The package we were waiting on had arrived today. So He has another piece for His Boba Fett collection, and I have another stuffed animal for my tiger collection (and he's so cute!!!).

We had dinner and Master must have known I was having a bad day because He bought me my favorite candy bar.

We watched a movie while we ate dinner. It is now 9:41pm. Master and I have to get up at 6:45am tomorrow. This is gonna be a fun fucking week.

February 22, 2009

It's Over So Quickly

The weekends fly by all too quickly.

And this week isn't building up to be all that grand. Tuesday is the day my usual ride to work can't take me in. I did find someone to switch with so I will have an earlier shift that day. However, since Master never knows the hours He is working until the night before, we have no idea how we're working it yet.

Master and I plan on looking for a 2nd car soon. He hasn't made up His mind as to if He wants to look into that car my mother told us about. Not that we really have the extra money laying around right now anyhow. But we'll figure it out.

And so, even though part of me would love to get a self hosted blog, I was thinking to myself... I'm really not going to do anything different with it than what I do here. And I already pay for the domain name and for the customizable CSS. So really, what is the difference? Why spend the extra money each month (even though it really wouldn't be all that much) if we don't have to? So I'm here to stay. :-)

There are better things we can do with that money.

Although I am thinking about asking the head of my department if there is a schedule available that is four 10 hour days, rather than five 8 hour days. I'll shoot off an e-mail tomorrow and inquire about it.

My birthday is coming up. Master keeps asking me what I want, and I honestly keep saying nothing. There isn't a lot of things that I want. I mean I collect tigers, so something for that would be nice. But other than that? *shrugs* Not much. Most of the things I "want" are things that are more for the both of us. Like the 2nd car. I think it'll be easier on both of us schedule wise once we have two cars again.

And then a couple of short weeks after my birthday is our anniversary. And it's basically the same wants. Although I would love a night just the two of us without having to worry about anything else. Going back to Sybaris would have been great too, but we don't have the money for that. Perhaps next year.

February 21, 2009

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I am driving myself crazy. Seriously. Bat shit fucking psycho, to be exact.

Do you remember when my site was down for a short period of time before I contacted Word Press and got it all straightened out? Well, when that happened I freaked out. I didn't want to have to move my blog to another free service.

So during the whole what? Five hours or so that my site was down Master and I talked about it and He told me I could look into hosting my blog. So of course I did research, etc and so on and I found the place I was going to host it. It was pretty inexpensive and what not. And I thought it was going to be so cool cause I could pick any theme I wanted, etc and so on. You get the idea.

Then, my blog here came back up. Yay!

So I stopped looking into what I would need to run my own. One thing I knew for sure was that I was going to use the Word Press software. I love Word Press.

Now? I keep flipping back and forth. Do I want to host? Or do I want to stay here at Word Press.com?

I asked Master what I should do and He said it was entirely up to me. And I still don't know which way I want to jump. There seems to be a lot of benefits to having my own site, but seriously... do I need to do that? Or should I still with the mostly free service here and just keep paying for the customizable CSS and domain name each year? *sigh*

Any suggestions?

February 20, 2009

Couples Meme

Yay! Another one. I saw this at Once More Please, Master. Basically it asks questions about you and your significant other. So here goes.

1. Who eats more?

Master does. Then again I'm a petite thing and He is a walking brick wall. It takes more to fuel Him.

2. Who said "I love you" first?

That would be me, well at least in those actual words. He sent me our song over the internet which was basically His way of saying it at the time. But I said the actual words first.

3. Who is the morning person?

*laughs* Neither of us. We both hate mornings.

4. Who sings better?

Master. Paws down.

5. Who's older?

Master is, by almost 8 years.

6. Who's smarter?

It depends on the subject. I'd say we're equal in intelligence, it's just that He knows more about certain subjects than I do and vice versa.

7. Who's temper is worse?

Um, I'd say Master's.

8. Who does the laundry?

I do.

9. Who does the dishes?

I do.

10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?


11. Who's feet are bigger?


12. Who's hair is longer?

These days? Mine. His used to be longer than mine though.

13. Who's better with the computer?

I am, usually.

14. Do you have pets?

Yes. One dog and three rabbits.

15. Who pays the bills?

Well, that depends on what you mean by that. We both use our paychecks to pay the bills, but I'm the one that actually sits down and sorts it out and makes sure the bills get paid.

16. Who cooks dinner?

Unless it is something extremely simple (like a frozen pizza) Master does.

17. Who drives when you are together?

Master does. He hates, and I mean hates, playing passenger.

18. Who pays when you go out to dinner?

Master does.

19. Who's the most stubborn?

Master is. *nods* If we were really, truly, at odds about something... He would totally win the whole "wait the other person out" game.

20. Who is the first one to admit when they are wrong?

We both do it. So I can't really say if it is Master or myself.

21. Who's family do you see more?

That depends. Sometimes it is Master's, and sometimes it is mine.

22. Who named your pet?

Well, I didn't know Master when He got Ghost. So of course He named the dog. Master named two of our rabbits (Thomas and Brighteyes) and I named the other rabbit (Hazel).

23. Who kissed who first?

Ya know, I don't really remember. I think He started to move in and then I met Him half way.

24. Who asked who out?

Well ya see *smirks* we both kind of came to the idea of going out for dinner, but it wasn't supposed to be an actual date. I'm the one that brought up sex though!

25. Who's more sensitive?

I am.

26. Who's taller?

Master is. He's 6ft4 and I'm 5ft1.

27. Who has more friends?

Master does. When I moved up here I wasn't in contact with any of my old friends for various reasons. So I was adopted into His circle.

28. Who has more siblings?

Master does.

Does This Make Me Weird?

I'm just curious.

Last night, before we started playing that word game Master and I were watching a movie. It is called "My Best Friend's Girl" with Dane Cook and Jason Biggs.

If you havn't seen it I'll just give you a short rundown. Basically it is about this guy (Dane Cook) who is hired by other men (like Jason Biggs) to take their exes out on dates and be basically the biggest asshole he can possibly be so that they will run screaming back to their the guy who hired him.

Through out the movie, he is also an asshole to chicks he wants to fuck.

I'll stop there so I don't spoil anything for anyone in case they want to see it.

So anyways, it shows that some chicks like the assholes and some don't. And of course I'm sitting there going, "I must be one of the chicks who likes the assholes." But not in the way you think.

See, I love my Master dearly. And He isn't an asshole to me. But I love seeing Him ragging on other people. You know, like when we're hanging out with friends and we're joking around. Some of the things Master says a lot of people would sit there and go, "Wow. That guy is an asshole." Me? I laugh and I find it hilarious. Now trust me, our friends do it right back. It's just how we all are.

So I told Master that I must love assholes. He laughed and said, "Are you calling me one?" I just nodded my head that yes, yes I was. He laughed and knew exactly what I meant.

I don't think I'm getting my point across really. Then again my sinuses are killing me and the sinus medication hasn't quite kicked in yet, so I'm fuzzy headed.

So I'll stop here. But as far as the movie goes? Fucking hilarious.

Find Out

Okay, so I've seen this on a few blogs now. Basically they ask that you answer this in their comments section so they can learn more about you. Well, I found it easier to just do it here. Plus it kills time.

1. Can you cook?

Not really. I can bake though! Thankfully Master can cook, and He enjoys doing it.

2. What was your dream growing up?

Now, when you say dream, do you mean like... a realistic one? And also, which part of my "growing up" are you inquiring about? At one point I wanted to be a dancer (as in the tango or the salsa).

3. What talent do you wish you had?

I wish I was better at website design. I'm okay at it, but I wish I was better.

4. Favorite place?

Master's lap.

5. Favorite vegetable?


6. What was the last book you read?

Haunted Wisconsin

7. What zodiac sign are you ?


8. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings?

I have 10 tattoos. Both of my ears are pierced twice. All my other piercings that I used to have are gone. (I used to have my eyebrow, my belly button, and my nipples pierced.)

9. Worst Habit?

Smoking I guess.

10. Do we know each other outside of blogging?

Probably not.

11. What is your favorite sport?

I don't like sports.

12. Negative or Optimistic attitude?

It depends on the day.

13. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?

I have no idea.

14. Worst thing to ever happen to you?

A bus accident.

15. Tell me one weird fact about you:

I can't cross my eyes.

16. Do you have any pets?

One dog and 3 rabbits.

17. Do you know how to do the macarena?

No. Thank Gods.

18. What time is it where you are now?

12:09 pm

19. Do you think clowns are cute or scary?

Depends on the clown.

20. If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?

My feet.

21. Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?

Depends on how much I like you.

22. What color eyes do you have?


23. Ever been arrested?


24. Favorite fictional character of all time?

Lord Fox.

25. If you won $10,000 dollars today, what would you do with it?

Hand it to Master.

26. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?


27. What’s your favorite hangout?

Our bedroom.

28. Do you believe in ghosts?


29. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Have sex.

30. Do you swear a lot?

Fuck yes.

31. Biggest pet peeve?


32. In one word, how would you describe yourself?


33. Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same for you?

I just did. :-D

February 19, 2009

Is It Just Me..

Is it just me or am I mainly talking about work and miscellaneous shit lately?

Yeah. I think I am. *shurgs* At least you all got a picture post earlier this week right? *laughs*

Well I made it through today, and now for my three day weekend. Yay!

Work wasn't that bad today actually. We weren't nearly as busy as we have been. And I got to break out of my normal routine at work today by helping new employees learn the ropes so to speak. So that was fun.

And so because I was helping new employees I ended up taking my lunch late (I have a set lunch time), which just made the day seem to go by a little faster.

So Master picked me up from work and I told Him that we have to figure out a new way to juggle how I'm getting to and from work on Tuesday, cause B can't take me to work. So we'll figure that out somehow.

We might have a lead on a car. It's nothing fancy, but my mom knows a guy who is trying to get rid of his car. It has quite a few miles on it and I would not pay his asking price... but ... he told my mom, "Have them test drive it and make me an offer"... So it sounds like he just wants it off his hands in a way. It may be worth looking into.

We don't need a fancy car. We just need a car that can get one of us to work and back safely and not die on us in six months. We already have a reliable car. So what we need is a car that will go from point a to point b and last at least a year. The car we currently have will be the main car, the one we end up getting will just be a "to and from work" car.

Here's hoping we can get a 2nd car sooner rather than later.

Also, Master taught me a new game! :-D

It's a word game. One of my favorite kinds of games.

I guess it normally is a drinking game, but since I don't drink often (and neither does Master) we just decided to do it for fun.

Master called it "Battle Star". What you do is the first person says the name of a famous person or character. Then the next person takes the first letter of that character's last name and has to think of a new person/character with a first name that begins in said letter.

I don't know how well I'm explaining it, so I'll use visual aids to help me.

So let's say the first person says, "Darth Vader".

Okay. So now you take the first letter of the last name. In this case that would be "V". Now you have to think of a famous person or character who's name begins with "V".

So the second person would say, "Vincent Price."

So the first person would respond with, "Paula Abdul".

Second person: "Adam West".

First person: "Wesley Snipes".

Second person: "Steve Tyler".

Etc and so on. Wow, I was about to keep going. *laughs* It is a lot of fun! Basically you have 20 seconds to think of your response and if you miss or repeat someone already mentioned you take a shot and the process starts all over again.

And like I said we don't really drink that much, so we weren't following that particular rule. Anyone wanna play? *grins*

February 18, 2009

Still Kicking

Yep. I'm still kicking. I think I'm finally getting over the last of that damn cold. But now, thanks to our lovely weather, my sinuses are acting up and the over the counter medication we normally buy isn't cutting it.

Before I left for work I noticed that that company that had over charged us had already placed the deposit for the difference, thankfully.

It wasn't like we were going to starve without that money or anything, but still. That's a hell of an overcharge. Master and I talked about it and we decided that we most likely won't be going through them again.

Work went by dreadfully slow. Probably because my first thought this morning was staying home. So ya know, that probably didn't help any.

I called Master at one point through out the day to let Him know that the refund had been placed in the account and to let Him know that I had gotten to work safely. (He was worried because it was a nice mix of rain and snow this morning.)

Once we got home we had dinner and watched Saw 5. I liked it. Master probably didn't. He hates those movies. But He suffers through them with me. Ya know, cause He loves me and what not. ;-)

He already picked out a movie for us to watch tomorrow once we get home. So at least we don't have to try and think after I get out of work tomorrow.

We're both pretty dead on our feet. Thanks to all the coughing and hacking I did today (isn't that a pretty picture?) my entire back and both of my shoulders feel like they have been hit by a truck. Not a large truck. I'd say about a mid size one.

It's not even 10pm and I'm ready to just pass out. That is so sad.

Today Is One Of Those Days

I'm waiting to be picked up to go to work by B. Master just left a short while ago for His job.

Today is one of those days that I just did not want to see Him walk out the door, and I surely don't want to go either.

Today is one of those days where I would much prefer to just lay in bed with my Husband and cuddle the day away. Maybe sneak out into the living room to watch a movie or two. Give Him a backrub, Lay my head on His chest afterward and just melt into Him.

Today is one of those days that I wouldn't want to leave the apartment for anything. I just want to stay here and be with Him all day.

But, He is already on His way to work. And I'll be leaving shortly. I'll see Him again in roughly 11 1/2 hours. I don't get out of work until 7pm. It is currently 7:35am.

Master always says He wishes that we were still on the barter system. Maybe He's right. Maybe that would be easier.

February 17, 2009

Come On Friday!!!

*waits for it*

*taps paw*

Son of a bitch it didn't work.

See, I was hoping that if I typed it... Friday would get here like... now. Nope.

Friday! You bastard!

Okay so anyway. Our friend B picked me up and on the way to my job Master called me on my cell to check in basically. It was good hearing His voice. I mean, I got to say goodbye to Him this morning because we both got up at the same time, but still. I just love His voice. (Unless He's not happy with me. Then... not so much.)

While I was waiting to start work once I was dropped off at my office, I had to call a company that we had ordered a couple of items through. No nothing kinky. It was something for my tiger collection and something for Master's Boba Fett collection.

Well, since I have such a tight grip on our finances right now, meaning I write literally everything down, I knew how much the order was. I had written down the amount and also the confirmation number. And thank the Gods I did! I never used to write those confirmation numbers down. I'm damn lucky I started doing that.

So anyways, I called the place and they said they could only look up the order by the confirmation number. (See! Write those things down people!) So I had it ready. :-D I explained that it seems they had overcharged our account. Just a tad. It's a good thing we had more funds in there than what the order was for. Holy hell. The order was for just under $70. They had sent through a debit to the account for $175!

The lady on the phone apologized and said that they had noticed we had been overcharged yesterday and had already initiated a refund for the difference to our account. Thank you very fucking much. They said it might take a couple of days for the credit to reach our account. So I'm giving it until Friday. If it's not in there, I'm calling back. And yes, I'm still armed with the confirmation number for the order.

Throughout work Master and I played phone tag when one of us were on a break. He'd go on a break and leave me a voice mail. I'd go on a break, listen to what He left, and then leave Him one. It was sappy and I greatly enjoyed it. :-D

Today dragged for both of us unfortunatley, but finally 7pm rolled around and Master picked me up from work. We stopped at the gas station, came home, ate dinner, and now we're just trying to relax before we have to shuffle off to bed.

Music Meme

I found this at Vanilla Impared's blog. We don't have a lot of music on our media player, but I thought this would be fun to do anyways before I do my regular post for the day.

  • Put your music player on shuffle.

  • For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


  • If you want to do it feel free …

If Someone Says “Is This Okay” You Say?

You're My Temptation (Alice Cooper)

What Would Best Describe Your Personality?

Kill Fuck Die (Wasp)

What Do You Like In A Guy/Girl?

Blow Me A Kiss (Alice Cooper)

What Is Your Life’s Purpose?

Chanel (Saigon Kick)

What Is Your Motto?

Resurrector (Wasp)

What Do Your Friends Think Of You?

Wish I Had An Angel (Nightwish)

What Do You Think About Very Often?

I Seek Power (Savatage)

What Is 2 + 2?

Bed of Nails (Alice Cooper)

What Do You Think Of Your Best Friend?

Wicked Young Man (Alice Cooper)

What Do You Think Of The Person You Like?

Take The Addiction (Wasp)

What Is Your Life Story?

Cleansed By Fire (Alice  Cooper)

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Peppermint Tribe (Saigon Kick)

What Do You Think When You See The Person You Like?

Never Say Die (Wasp)

What Do Your Parents Think Of You?

Dead Gardens (Nightwish)

What Will You Dance To At Your Wedding?

Drive (Savatage ... and no we didn't dance to this at our wedding)

What Will They Play At Your Funeral?

I'm Your Gun (Alice Cooper)

What Is Your Hobby/Interest?

Pessi-Mystic (Alice Cooper)

What Is Your Biggest Secret?

Kill Your Pretty Face (Wasp)

What Do You Think Of Your Friends?

Bad Place Alone (Alice Cooper)

What's The Worst Thing That Could Happen?

Feel The Same Way (Saigon Kick)

How Will You Die?

All My Life (Wasp)

What Makes You Laugh?

The Siren (Nightwish)

What Makes You Cry?

Shotgun Innocence (Savatage)

Will You Ever Get Married?

Hell Is Living Without You (Alice Cooper)

What Scares You The Most?

Take It Like A Woman (Alice Cooper)

Does Anyone Like You?

Wicked Love (Wasp)

If You Could Go Back In Time What Would You Change?

Nothings Free (Alice Cooper)

What Hurts Right Now?

All I Want (Saigon Kick)

What Will You Post This As?

The Demise (Wasp)


Well that was .... demented. *laughs* But fun!

February 16, 2009

Another Long Week

It's only Monday and for some reason I have a feeling this is going to be a long week. Why? Well because today was a long day, and I'm a bit cranky so I'm short sighted at the moment.

Today was the first day going back to Master having the car during the day while B takes me to work and Master picks me up.

I was spoiled when I was able to take the car with me to work and get up at a time chosen by me, rather than having to be up so B can pick me up, drop me off, and still get to his job on time.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I really don't. I'm just cranky. Normally I don't get to work until about a half hour before I start for the day. When B takes me to work? Yeah. I get there about two to three hours early.

I like sleeping in. And yes, I could do overtime (when it is available) and that's all well and good. But that still leaves me dead on my feet by the time Master comes to get me. And if not by then, it is by the time we get home and have dinner. Plus, who honestly wants to spend any more time at their place of employment than they absolutely have to?

The only two good things about this situation? 1) Master and I still each get to work on time. 2) I get to talk to Master on the way home cause He's the one picking me up.

Not a lot is going on today. Master worked. I worked. We came home, we ate dinner, we watched a movie, I took a hot bath, and now I'm sitting here typing this post while Master is trying to relax while playing a video game.

I hate Mondays. Which is why I love Garfield.

February 14, 2009


Master and I have been very affectionate lately. We cop feels, we hug, we kiss, we nibble, we lick.. you get the idea. Also we've been having sex quite a bit more often.

It is like whenever the season changes from winter to spring and then from summer to fall Master gets this streak in Him where He is very affectionate and horny. I'm not complaining. ;-)

We didn't get to sleep until about 2am. And then I had to get up at 6am so I could get to work. I'm a bit slap happy due to the lack of sleep, but I'm okay. My voice has been on again off again. One minute I sound fine, the next minute I sound all sorts of screwed up. Damn sinus drainage.

Thankfully work went by somewhat quickly. I was home by 4pm and I asked Master if we could go shoe shopping. I needed a new pair of shoes for work. So we went to the store and while I was browsing shoes (which always takes forever) Master browsed the rest of the store. He hit up His usual spots. The electronics department and the toy department.

I found these really cute boots. Ever since I started wearing my current pair of work shoes, I've gotten used to walking around with heels. So eventually I just stopped wearing flat shoes. They drive me nuts now! Seriously. I used to love nothing but sneakers. That's all I would wear, it didn't matter with what.

I didn't own my first pair of heels until I was 20. And to make up for lost time, I went straight for the 5 1/2 inch heels. They are sadly almost dead. :-( And they are so hot! I have to find something to replace those. *makes mental note*

Then of course there are the two pairs of thigh high boots that I have. One is 5 inches and the other is 6 inches. I can't walk very long in the 6 inch heels, mainly because it is straight up heels. There is no "lift" in the front.

And to be honest, while I love my thigh high boots I don't wear them that often anymore. Plus both pairs are getting a little old, and I'm in the mood for something new.

I am now starting to prefer the knee high boots. I don't know why. But I still like the tall high heels. Hell, the 5 1/2 inch pair of high heels I own is what I wore when we got married.

So.... knee high or just above the knee boots is what my little slave heart is desiring now.

Ya know, I used to take pride in not being that girl who has like a collection of shoes and purses. :-|

I can still claim I don't collect purses though! *stamps foot* I have one. That's good enough.

But heeled boots? I'm beginning to go "And I want that.. and that... and .." which isn't a bad thing, cause Master loves me in heels. So that works. I just don't want to have like 20 pair sitting around. All good things should be done in small doses, except sex. *nods wisely*

So I think at some point tonight I'm just going to browse boots.

February 13, 2009

I Confuse Myself

I do. I confuse the hell out of myself sometimes. I often wonder how the fuck I don't confuse Master. Or maybe I do, and He's just really good at hiding it.

Even though Master and I constantly say that our relationship is symbiotic, we still aren't mind readers. Well, at least I'm not. So how is it that sometimes we just know, without a shadow of doubt, what the other needs at a particular moment? It boggles my mind. (Side note: Whenever I use that word that damn line from "Demolition Man" runs through my mind. "What seems to be your boggle?")

My boggle is this. I am many things, and as a result my mind and body both seem to need many things to feel "right". This may be a lengthy post and I don't know if I can get it done all in one sitting, but I'm going to try. Right now Master is at work, so I'm just killing time until He gets here. Then again this post may be shorter than I anticipate.


Shut up Kitten, and just write it already instead of analyzing it.

Here goes.

I am an intelligent being. Maybe not extremely uber smart or anything, but still... there is something there. As a result I enjoy lengthy conversations that often turn into debates. I love to debate. And thankfully Master does as well. Seriously, this man could be a lawyer He loves to debate so damn much. Problem with that is, He'd be held in contempt so damn often. *laughs*

So anyways, since we both love to debate we often get into rather interesting and odd discussions. Sometimes it is really about nothing, we just see where the conversation takes us. These are the times where I am glad that I don't have to hide behind a mask with Him. Some of the things that pop into my head would probably disturb a lot of people and they would be calling the nice men in white coats to bring me a hug me jacket and pretty multi-colored pills. Why? Well, I'm a pretty morbid individual. I have many dark sections in this brain of mind. Sections that sometimes even bother me. But they don't bother Master. He wants me to talk about such things. And because He is how He is, I don't worry about how certain things might sound, or if any of it makes me sound crazy. I know I'm not crazy. He knows I'm not crazy. There for, it is okay to talk about it. This is just part of who I am.

So this portion of myself, needs lengthy discussions and debate to feel right. I also need to vent those darker parts of myself so they do not surround me and weigh me down. Master always seems to know when I need this. I don't know if it becomes obvious or what, but out of no where He will just start a debate with me and before you know it, four hours have passed by and we're still going strong on said topic.

Then there is the part of me that needs to be silly. You know, that hyper part of myself that just needs to let loose once and a while. This is the part of me that gets me in trouble with Him from time to time. I feel I am getting better at making this side behave it's damn self. Last night is a good example. I am feeling a lot better from this cold. I think now it is just sinus crap. So I was feeling good and I was feeling silly. I kept joking around with Master and I was getting to the point where He was no longer finding it amusing. He would dig His fingers into my rib cage and covered my mouth with His other hand. I couldn't stop laughing. I wanted to. I really, really did. I would calm the laughter for a moment or two and then it would start right back up. What the fuck? Eventually Master tripped some sort of trigger and I was able to calm the hell down and stop my giggle fit. I became very docile and just laid next to Him. Again He knew what to do to get me where He wanted me, rather than let my being slap happy take over.

Don't get me wrong, Master likes me being silly. I make Him laugh and we joke around all the time, but this was getting to the point of being disrespectful. Why? Because He was telling me play time was over, it was time to go back to being a good slut and I couldn't stop. I couldn't flip that trigger myself, so He did it for me.

Okay now for the big two. The parts of me that seem to confuse me the most. Now, of course I'm not just these four parts. There are a lot of other aspects to me. But if I were to try and dissect myself completely, this post would never end.

So first let's start with the sappy part. I am not a romantic, not in the traditional sense. I don't celebrate Hallmark holidays. I don't like getting flowers, I find them to be a waste of money. But I do like cuddles and affection. I like it when He just hugs me or pets me for no reason. I crave gentle touches and loving caresses.

Another example from last night. After Master had made me calm down and stop being so silly.. I laid next to Him and my head was near His chest. He gently passed His hand from my temple, through my hair, over and over again. Soft, gentle and loving. He gently kissed me on my cheek and continued these slow petting motions with His hands. And I melted. I didn't want Him to stop. I could lay there with Him petting me in this way, for hours, and be perfectly content.

I love sitting on His lap and just being held. I love it when He traces my spine with His fingers. I greatly enjoy the loving tender moments. I need them, as much as I need the rough and painful things that He does to me.

And that brings me to the other side of the coin. I also crave the rough treatment. I want to be tossed around. I want to be man handled and slapped. I want to be hurt.

This part of me can't get enough either. It is like the slave part of me wants nothing else. Just the rough stuff all the time. And then the more sappy part of me, I'll call this the wife part, wants nothing but the gentle and tender things all the time. I can't get enough of either.

And so it becomes a balancing act. Which side is going to win out? Well, obviously that depends on Master's mood. Is He more cuddly? Or does He want to see me in pain?

One side of the coin or the other. Then there are times like last night where Master likes to switch it up. He wants the best of both worlds. He started out with the gentle and tender touches. And then as soon as His dick was inside of me He wanted the rough stuff. When He got off, and I had cleaned Him off, He wanted more of the gentle cuddly stuff.

And last night those "gear changes" switched very smoothly for both of us. That isn't always the case. Sometimes when He switches gears, it is like my shifter can't engage as quickly and I end up blanking out and going, "Huh?" And sometimes I'm in more of a cuddly mood and He wants the rougher stuff. And vice versa. But it doesn't matter what mood I'm in. He's the boss, and so my gears have to change. And that's how it is supposed to be.

See?! It's confusing. Gentle or rough? Loving wife or whorish slave? Sometimes I don't even know what I want, because the coin just spins and I don't know which side it is going to land on.

Thankfully, in my situation, I don't have to wait for the coin to stop spinning and just drop. Master flips the coin any way He chooses. If He doesn't want the side that it ended up landing on, He flips it again and makes sure it lands the way He wants it to.

February 12, 2009


Why the sigh? It's just been one of those days.

Although last night Master was a sweetheart. I was very tired. Whenever I get sick, all my body wants to do is sleep until it feels better. Nothing more, nothing less. So by a rather early hour, I was ready to pass out. So I asked Master if I could sleep. He said yes. I then asked if He wanted me to sleep in the living room where He was, or in the bedroom. He told me I could sleep wherever I was the most comfortable. Well, most comfortable as far as sleeping options go would be the bedroom. However, I wanted to be close to Him so I grabbed my pillow and a sheet and curled up on my slave mat.

Master even allowed me to change which light was on in the living room so I could doze off. I don't remember how long I was asleep on my slave mat, but eventually Master gently woke me up and said that I wasn't going to sleep very well if I continued to sleep out here (in the living room). I always sleep in the most fucked up positions when I'm on my slave mat.

So He told me to go to the bedroom and that He would tuck me in. He helped me up off the floor and followed me down to the bedroom as I sleepily swayed while walking. I climbed into bed and He tucked me in, kissed my forehead, told me He loves me, and then let me drift back off to sleep. See. A sweetie. :-D

This morning I went to work. My sinuses were draining pretty badly and I felt like shit most of the day but I toughed it out.

Work sent out an e-mail about why there were so many lay offs yesterday, claiming the economy... etc... etc.. Basically saying we have to continue to do our best and they can't say which jobs are safe and which aren't. Yeah. Thanks for the pep talk. We appreciate it.

I got out of work a little late, but once I got home Master was ready to head out the door. We stopped at the pharmacy and picked up some more sinus medication and vitamins. From there we went out to dinner as we were both feeling a bit better.

Master has to get to bed at a decent hour tonight. Rather than having Him work 3rd shift tonight His boss wants Him to come in early tomorrow morning.

So yeah, that's about it. I'm a little dizzy cause I just took a really hot bath. So I'm gonna go relax and stop trying to concentrate on what the letters on the keyboard mean.

February 11, 2009

My Head Is Going To Explode

Any moment now. Yep. It's gonna happen.

I feel slightly better than I did yesterday, however with the rain and everything I've had a headache and a lot of pressure in the back of my head. So it feels like my head is about to explode.

But I went to work and I stayed there.

It was tough at first since I couldn't really focus on a lot. The sinus mediation that we take makes me feel fuzzy. So if I don't make a lot of sense in this post, that's why. And it'll probably be a short one.

Apparently my office is cleaning house right now. Spring cleaning and all that I suppose. A lot of people were let go today. It makes everyone there nervous. Kind of like, "Who's next in line?"

I'm trying to not let that freak me out. So I go to work, I do my job, and I go the hell home. That's all I really can do. Don't cause waves and all that. These days it seems it doesn't matter how good you are at your job, if they want you gone... you're out of there.

And I'll do it again tomorrow. I'll go to work, I'll do my job, and I'll go the hell home. One day at a time. And hopefully the axe won't swing my way.

Master stayed home from work again tonight. He's a little bit better, but He had talked to His supervsior and His supervisor told Him to stay home. His boss would rather He stay home now, when things are slow, rather than push Himself and not be able to go into work when it's busy.

As far as tomorrow night? I don't know if Master will go in or not. He's calling His supervisor tomorrow, in the afternoon.

I can't think of much else to write right now. My head hurts, my shoulders and back hurt from coughing and from trying to surpress coughs while at work. I'm also trying not to get all stressed. Why? Cause I drive Master nuts when I do that. And He doesn't need any more stress right now. Poor Daddy is sick. :-( So am I, but that's not that point.

February 10, 2009

I Hate Being Sick

It's official. Master gave me His cold. I don't have all the drainage He does, but my throat feels like it is on fire and I have periods of feeling dizzy/lightheaded. My immune system is strong, but when I get sick I apparently don't fuck around. It knocks me on my tail.

Last night I had stayed up until Master got home because He got out of work early last night. I thought He would come home, take His shower, we would talk a little bit, and then we would go to bed and curl up.

But after His shower He wasn't tired and so put in a movie. I couldn't stay up any later because I had to go to work in the morning. So I gave Him a hug and then went to bed and eventually fell asleep.

This morning my alarm went off. When I sat up in bed I got a head rush and felt like shit. But I was going to try to go to work. And try I did. An hour into work I felt worse, and that's after taking the sinus medicine. I went on a break to see if some fresh air would help any, but it didn't. So I asked if I could go home. My reasoning was that if I could just sleep most of the day and then most of the night, I would feel better. So I came home. Master was still sleeping as He had worked 3rd shift. I checked on Him and He was sprawled out all over the bed and I didn't want to wake Him up by coaxing Him to move over enough for me to slide into bed next to Him.

Instead I grabbed a sheet and a small throw blanket and curled up on the couch and fell asleep. Master woke me up when He got up. He asked what I was doing home, so I told Him. He said He was sorry for giving me the cold. Now let's just hope we don't keep cycling it between the two of us. Gods that would get ugly.

I don't have much of an appetite, but I did eat a little something here and there throughout the day.

I have to go to work, and stay there, tomorrow though. Hopefully in the morning I'll feel better. The sucky thing is that when my throat feeling the way it does, it makes my job a bit more difficult. I'm on the phone, literally all day except for when I'm on lunch or a break. And it honestly feels like I'm losing my voice. Not good. I only get so many "occurrences" for the year. Yeah, it's only February and I've used about half of those already due to migraines, food poisoning and now today. They are very strict on their attendance. You get so many and then you're out the door, regardless of how good at your job you are. And I can not afford to lose this job. This makes me nervous.

I feel like shit. I really do, but I'm going to have to tough it out. Hopefully Friday will get here rather quickly, and I won't feel so bad in the morning.

February 9, 2009

He Makes Me Purr

Remember how last night when I posted I didn't have a lot to say? Well last night Master made sure I had something to write about. ;-)

Master still has His cold, but apparently that has not effected His sex drive. I don't know why but whenever He can have me naked or in lingerie around other people, He gets extremely horny. Good thing I'm an exhibitionist, huh?

And on that note, in case anyone is wondering, Master didn't get around to taking pictures this weekend. I don't know when He plans on doing so, but I'm sure it'll be sooner rather than later.

So anyways, Master and I retired to the bedroom rather late. We were having fun watching movies and just relaxing and spending time together before another busy week starts.

When we retired to the bedroom Master had me lay sideways across the bed, on my back. He just had me lay there as He roughly played with my tits and let His hands roam between that and my pussy. I stroked His cock as He did so. I couldn't help it! It was right there.

Soon He had me sucking His cock as I curled myself around His legs. When He was ready He pulled me off of His cock and had me get on all fours. He was very forceful in getting me onto all fours. He pushed His cock into me and fucked me very hard. I'm not even going to try and keep count of how many times Master allowed me to cum. I literally lost count after a while. He then had us both laying on our sides. He positioned me in such a way that I was half on my back as He continued to fuck me. He leaned over me and sucked on my nipple. It's amazing how we can contort when we want to. *smirks*

Eventually I slid my hand down and started rubbing my own clit. The best thing about this position is that when I rub my clit it's very easy to also feel His cock sliding in and out of me with my hand, without contorting my arms. And I love that feeling. Not only does rubbing my clit feel great, but feeling His rock hard cock slippery and wet is incredible. I love His cock. I love how it feels, how it looks, what it tastes like. And I love how it feels when it is sliding in and out of me.

As He saw and felt what was I doing He started calling me His dirty whore, His slut, His naughty little girl. Oh my Gods did it turn me on. He started ordering me to show Him how good it felt, how much I enjoyed it, things of that nature. He was just verbally pushing me over the edge, into the part of me where I don't care what I do or how I look when I'm doing it. I just react. I bucked against His dick. I rubbed my clit to the point where it was started to hurt because I was doing it so quickly and roughly. He allowed me to cum again and my eyes rolled back into my head.

I begged to be allowed to ride Him. He eventually allowed me to do so. After cumming several more times, He told me that He was going to put me to the test. Sometimes when I am on top He has me put my feet up by His shoulders and He pulls me by my legs. Well He did so this time, and had me hold my arms above my head and keep my wrists locked together. He greatly enjoys that view when I'm on top. Normally I can not do it for long because my arms get tired. But this time Master was testing me to see if I would keep my arms that way and also be able to keep my balance. It was difficult, but I did it and kept my arms locked even as He filled me with His cum. Of course my first instinct when this happens is to grab on to Him, to touch Him. But that isn't what He wanted of me. I kept my arms above my head and locked at the wrists until He was done and told me I could relax.

We went into the living room and got something to drink and grabbed our cigarettes. I admitted that I was cum drunk. Cum drunk to me is basically that feeling I get after incredible sex where He has allowed me to cum over and over again to the point where I don't know if I can orgasm anymore and I'm very lightheaded and giddy. He chuckled.

When we went back to the bedroom and laid down He had me clean Him off. I stayed down there for a while and when I was done I laid down on my stomach next to Him. He said He knew it was late and He was debating if we should get some sleep or if He was going to fuck me again.

He quickly made up His mind and had me stay on my stomach. He had me beg for Him to put me in the "slave rape" position. This is basically where I lay on my stomach with my legs spread, He pins my wrists down and locks His legs inside mine so the only things I can do is move my head and buck my hips back into Him.

He made good use of me and I was for His pleasure only. After He had filled me with His cum once again we curled up and passed out.

I am tired today, but it was worth it. I have been in a great mood all day and just so happy. There is one thing that I say to Him quite a bit during sex, but only because it's true. I always tell Him, "You know just how to fuck me Master." *shivers* And He does. The pleasure we give one another is off the scales. It is just amazing.


Master is at work right now. He's still fighting off His cold and I think I may have caught a touch of it. But my immune system is pretty damn strong, so I'm not to worried.

** Also my "Dear Kitten" page has been updated with another entry! Yay!

February 8, 2009

Cold Season

Master has a cold. :-(

Thankfully He doesn't have a fever or anything of that nature, so He's okay. Hopefully it'll be gone in a few days. I only worry because the last time Master got a bad cold it turned in pneumonia. That was scary. So I'm keeping a close eye on Him.

Today was pretty simplistic. I ran out and did some errands this morning after we got up. Then our friend B came over and hung out for a while. While he was here we had pizza for dinner and I did Master's work laundry.

Once the laundry was done Master had me strip back down to nothing. B is the one and only friend we can really do this with. He, apparently, has no issue with it at all. In fact he has some light intrest in the lifesyle. Very light. Mainly just bondage, that's about it.

B then had to head out as he had an early doctor appointment. So Master had me take my bath and put on an outfit for Him. So I chose a black see through mini dress that has flames trailing the bottom of it. An oldie, but a favorite. He got this one for me quite some time ago. Although I honestly couldn't tell you when.

I don't really have a lot to say today. I don't know why, it's just that I'm struggling a bit with this post. So I guess I'll just cut it short here.

February 7, 2009

Disappearing Act

This counts as Feb. 07th's post.

I know that some of you may have noticed that my blog was gone for a short period of time. Trust me, I was just as shocked as anyone else. I love WordPress. I truly do. I admittedly call myself a WordPress whore. *laughs* I love this site over any other free blogging option out there. I've tried a few, this one is the one I stuck with because it is so user friendly. Well at least to me it is.

Well when I logged on and saw that I didn't have access to this blog, I quickly shot off an e-mail to WordPress support. I asked what I had done wrong basically and told them that I would remove any content that had violated the TOS. I've had this blog here for most of the time that I have been blogging. I pay for the CSS upgrade here because I love it! There was no way I was going to let that go. They responded and said that I had not violated anything and quickly turned my blog back on. They stated that it was a mistake, and that it would never happen again. They even apologized.

Now a lot of free services could have said, "Yeah and? It happened. So what. You get what you pay for." Not them. They turned it back on the moment I had received the e-mail and apologized. I'm not bitter or anything like that. Although I do admit that when I first saw that scary white screen I was like, "Oh my Gods no! I love my blog!" It seems silly doesn't it? Getting so attached to something like a blog?

But I am. I love my blog. I have almost two years of history stored here and I am addicted to it. But here I am! I'm back! :-D Hopefully no one was applauding when they saw that it was down. ;-)

Also just so everyone knows, I've bought a domain name for this blog. It is now http://pawprintsinslavery.com. It's a present from Master. :-D I'm so happy. The old link will still work, but it's still cool as hell! If you want to update your links, go for it.

Okay so on to other things.

Today was pretty boring. Well, that is until after I had taken my shower and put on fishnet stockings with a matching top. We were watching a movie that we had previously seen just to kill some time and relax. Well at one point during the movie, Master was sitting in His recliner and I knelt at His side. We had been touchy feely all day but I kept nuzzling Him and licking His neck. He said, "Remember Kitten, you wanted to watch this movie."

So I shrugged and pulled on His arm as I knelt beside Him with a smirk on my face and said, "Come play with Kitten, Daddy." He laughed and ordered me to the bedroom.

I ran to the bedroom and Master met me there. We laid on the bed and He bit my neck as He molested me. Eventually He forced His cock into me and allowed me to cum several times before having me get on all fours with my head bowed down and my ass in the air.

Again He allowed me to cum several times. Then He started fingering my ass as He was sliding in and out of me. He said, "It may not be tonight Kitten, but I have to have your ass soon."

I then got very quiet. I do enjoy anal sex, but my body does not always agree. Well as He progressed He became more forceful with His finger as He bounced me off of His cock.

Then He said, "I have half a mind to just take your ass now."

Again I was quiet. But when He started to pull out I knew that the "half a mind" had gone to "going to".

He started to push His cock into my ass, and I did my best to not pull away. That is still my first instinct when it hurts. Only with anal sex, for whatever reason. And it did. It hurt. So Master said, "Lube?" And I said yes.

Now this kind of took the spontaneity of out of because the lube was on the dresser, but I was very thankful for it.

Even with the lube, it hurt. Master's cock is thick and I'm a petite girl damnit. *laughs*

Again I did my best to not pull away. Eventually He stopped pushing forward and stroked Himself while the head of His cock was inside me, maybe a little bit more then the head. That for whatever reason, coupled with me rubbing my clit, helped me relax and before you know it He was in to the base of His dick and able to move without me wanting to lunge foward. Oh. It still hurt, just not as badly.

So He became rough with me and finished off in my ass. I stayed in position as He pulled out. He went into the bathroom to clean up and I started crying. I don't know why, but I always get emotional after anal sex. Master is the only one I have ever done such things with, and it feels so primal and submissive all at the same time. I just become emotionally overwhelmed.

I admit it doesn't help that for health reasons, which I completely understand, Master gets up and goes to wash up immediatley after. Normally however He does at least kiss the top of my head or pat my back and call me a good girl before getting completely off the bed. He didn't do that this time. I asked Him later why that was. He said that His hip was about to lock (due to the position we were in) and when that happens, as I well know, He has to get up and walk or it will lock.

But after anal sex I want to cuddle due to my emotional state. Yes, after we're clean. However when I was done washing up Master was sitting back in His recliner. No cuddling for Kitten this time. Although again, I think that had to do with His hip.

So after we were both cleaned up we relaxed and watched the rest of the movie. Now, I'm tired and ready to just let my brain shut down. So until later...

February 6, 2009

Fridays Go By Quickly

Last night while Master was at work I just could not fall asleep. So I had stayed up and talked to Him whenever He had a moment to call me. At one point, rather early in the morning I told Him that His paycheck had hit the account. So He had me order the Gil Hibben sword that He wanted. We didn't want it to go out of stock as it is a limited series. So it's on it's way and should be here Tuesday since we paid extra for shipping. He's a happy Coyote. However, He'll be happier once it gets here of course.

He called me again later on to tell me that He'd be getting out of work early. So I stayed up. He got home around 5:30am. I had been up since 9am so I was surprised I wasn't dead on my feet by the time He walked in the door. We stayed up and talked for a while before retiring to the bedroom about an hour to an hour and a half later.

We slept until 1pm and then started our day. We dropped off His paperwork at the office and then went out to lunch. It looks like He is going to be on 3rd shift again next week and possibly the week after that. They honestly have no idea how long this contract is going to last. It's one of those see how it goes type things.

From there we went and picked up my new glasses. I got two new pairs. I'm sure Master will be taking pictures at some point this weekend. He hasn't had much time to play with His camera lately.

From there we went to the pet store and picked up bunny litter, bunny food, and dog food. We went home for about an hour and then went down to my dad's for a little while. On the way home we stopped at the gas station and put gas in the car, got some snacky stuff and gave the car a bath.

Now we're home and I have to get up at 6am. It's currently 9:32pm and we want as much time together as possible. Hopefully work won't be that bad tomorrow. And it looks like Sunday our friend B will be coming over. Yeah, I knew that weekend alone thing was going to change. But B is coming over because we invited him up. So it's our own doing. At least Saturday, once I get out of work it'll just be the two of us.

February 5, 2009

Have To Make That Money, Honey

Yes, it's true. Master and I do not live to work, we work to live. However, there are so many things we want to do. And of course you can't do to much in this world without it costing money.

Hell even browsing the internet costs money. You have to pay for the computer, pay for all the stuff you need to protect your computer, pay for the internet, etc and so on. I think I've made my point. ;-)

Today work went by rather quickly, which was a good thing. And right now Master is at work, and we are waiting for His paycheck to hit the bank. I so love direct deposit.

Okay, so lets see here. What is it that we want to do that is going to take so much cash? Shall we go with practical or fun stuff first?

Lets go with practical first. You know, get the ho hum stuff out of the way.

At first Master and I were basically planning on buying a bunch of stuff for the apartment we currently live in. One of the projects that we had in mind was to turn the 2nd bedroom (which is currently the bunny room) into a bunny room/guest room. We also wanted to do some other things to the apartment. So let's see. What would that include?

  1. Futon or sleeper sofa for the back bedroom (hence the guest bedroom).

  2. New cage stands for the rabbit cages.

  3. New blinds for the sliding glass doors and a couple of the windows.

  4. A second dresser. Kind of like His and hers. Or a larger dresser to completely replace the one we have. It's fucking stuffed, trust me.

  5. New computer desk. (Master has had this thing for years. Like since before I met Him almost six years ago. And you can tell.)

  6. New entertainment center. (See explanation provided for computer desk.)

  7. New headboard. I hate the one we have. Always have. I can live without a headboard, however Master likes having one.

Am I forgetting anything there? Probably. But regardless, that's a lot of money you're talking about once it's all said and done. We don't have credit cards, for they are evil. So you got it. Cash. Loan? Um yeah, our credit isn't the greatest and I don't feel like paying interest on furniture. So again. Cash.

But then we did our taxes and Master looked at me and we were basically like, "Well that would cover all the furniture...." But we've been wanting to move for quite a while. Like shortly after I moved in about four years ago. So ya know what? Instead... we're going to save the tax money (okay not all of it, but most) and save up for a new place. Then, we can do what Master has been wanting to do this entire time. Move, throw out the furniture and other shit we don't want anymore. Computer desk, entertainment center, and headboard specifically. And then once we're in our new place (where ever that may be) buy new furniture and there ya go.

That has been Master's plan the entire time. He wanted to wait until we moved, then throw out all the old shit. Get into our new place, and then buy new stuff. He figures that hell, we'd be unpacking anyways, might as well assemble new furniture while we're at it. Rather than assembling new furniture and then have to move it and be extra careful because it is so new. That makes sense to me. I'm just so sick of looking at the stuff and I kept saying, "Let's face it, we're stuck here for a while." It's not that hard paying the monthly rent. But to pay the monthly rent on one place while trying to come up with a security deposit and first month's rent on another place? A tad bit more difficult.

So moving it is. We have no idea when, and Master wants to do more of a rent to own type situation. All we do know for sure is that we want to stay within the same general area. The area isn't bad, we just don't like this apartment anymore. Plus if we can move into a place where I can paint the walls?! *gasp* Be still my beating heart! I'm so sick of white walls. It's all I've seen since I moved out of the house I grew up in when I was 17. That's almost 10 years ago. (Okay, okay.. so I'm only turning 26 in March. But still. It's close damnit.)

On top of the expense of moving, we also need to find a 2nd car. My mother is helping us out by talking to some of her friends who are mechanics and might be able to get us a deal on a half way decent car. It doesn't have to be new, it just has to be able to get Master back and forth to work and not die in 6 months.

Alright then. Hum drum stuff done. On to the fun stuff that we want to buy!

Master is drooling (literally) over a Gil Hibben sword. The Gil Hibben 2009 Annual Dragon's Lair Sword to be exact. He recently bought the Gil Hibben Single Shadow. Then our friend B surprised Him by also buying Him the Gil Hibben Single Shadow (so now He has two and He's like a little kid when He holds them both) as well as the Gil Hibben Double Shadow. The sword would just make His day.

He also wants more pieces for His Boba Fett collection of course. I wouldn't mind a new computer, or perhaps just a laptop for me. Yes, I'm a greedy nerd. The reason why I want a laptop for myself is because I would love to own a Mac. Okay. No hissing! I learned somethings on Macs when I was going to college, and I actually deal with them at work. And Master has absolutley no interest in learning a Mac. He is my Caveman, and the PC pisses Him off enough sometimes. Of course I call Him my Caveman with much love and respect for Him. And yes, I call Him a Caveman to His face. Not just on here. ;-)

Then, there is the ink addiction that needs to be fed. I found this really kick ass Thunderbird design that I want on the back of my right shoulder. And that would be a Thunderbird as in the legend, not the car. Although some might argue that the car is a legend, but that's not the point. That would be my 11th tattoo. I also want some sort of a tattoo anklet, I just don't know what, for a total of 12. For now. *cough*

Master then wants a Mandalorian design on His inner arm. For those that don't know, the Mandalorian design is something that is associated with Boba Fett. And again, for those that don't know, Boba Fett is a Star Wars bounty hunter. We're both nerds, yes I know.

So I figure that once Master is off of third shift, and we have a bit more time together I'll start slamming some overtime in. I say once Master is off of third shift because I only get about two hours a day with Him as it is. So I don't want to cut into that. How much longer is He going to be on that shift? We honestly have no idea right now. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have a better idea once He talks to His boss.

February 4, 2009

One More Day

I just have to get through tomorrow at work and then it's freedom until Saturday! Er... well, not freedom. Me? Kitten? Free? *suppresses laughter*

*cough* What I mean is that I won't have to go back to work until Saturday. The training I was supposed to be doing on Friday was moved to Thursday, per my request. So yay! Hopefully, that will mean that tomorrow will go by quickly. Yet another web based application to learn. Joy of joys.

I fuzzily remember waking up this morning when Master walked into the bedroom after getting home from work. I have no idea what time it was, but I remember telling Him I hadn't been sleeping very well. He climbed into the bed next to me and said, "Let's fix that." He laid down on His side and pulled me to Him so that His warm body was against my back, butt and thighs, then wrapped His arm around me and we drifted off to sleep.

My alarm went off a few hours later and I got up to go to work. I have this routine when Master is sleeping when I'm heading out the door. I get ready for my day, get dressed, and right before I leave I go back into the bedroom, kiss His forehead and then make sure He's tucked while whispering "I love You."  Then I go.

I don't care if I'm in a rush or running late, I always do this. It is just one of those things. Much like we always tell each other we love one another before we go to sleep for the night, or day as the case may be.

Other than that there isn't a lot to report. I've been working days, and Master has been working nights. Although it seems that we're going to have the weekend together and alone. At least, that's the plan so far. Who the hell knows what it will be come Friday. I know that Master has to drop off paperwork and we're planning on picking up my new glasses, but that's about it. Oh. And we need to get the animals food. Other than that, we're going to just go with the flow.

February 3, 2009

Personal Holiday

There are holidays through out the year that I personally don't give a shit about. Mainly, Hallmark holidays. At least that is what Master and I call them. Sweetest Day, Valentine's Day, things of that nature.

However, there is one day out of the year that I cherish very much and of course no one else but Master and myself give a shit about really. And that is getting closer. It is our anniversary.

I always joke with Master (and other people) that we got married on our anniversary so Master wouldn't have to try and remember yet another day in the year. In all honesty we both wanted to get married on our anniversary because well, it seemed romantic to us and the number of years we were together on that date held spiritual significance for us. We met 03/21/03. We were married 03/21/07. So we were married on our 4 year anniversary.

My ticker for not being punished has passed the 6 month mark. That is seriously the longest time I have ever gone without some form of a punishment. And remember my bet with myself? I had been wondering if I could make it to our anniversary without being punished. Well, as of this posting that's only another month, two weeks, and three days away. Like I said it is getting closer.

So what's up with the blog post title right? Well, it seems acceptable and understandable if someone wants Valentine's Day off or something along those lines. It seems to be expected that you would want to spend time with your significant other on that date.

Well, in November of last year my job made the 2009 vacation schedule available so you could plan ahead. So I immediately put in a request for our anniversary off. (Okay I admit it, since it is on a Saturday I would also get a three day weekend out of it. But that's not that point.) It was denied because someone else had already scheduled that day off.

No biggie. I knew exactly who that person was after looking at the schedule and asked her if she wouldn't mind letting me take that day. She asked me why and I explained that it is our anniversary of being together for 6 years and having been married for 2 of that. She said no, that she was going to keep that day off. I asked why she had scheduled it off, and she said because she just felt like taking it off. Yeah. Thanks. *sigh*

Yes, Saturdays are the days that I only work until the middle of the afternoon. And there is no guarantee that Master would have that day off as well, but it's possible. He might be able to talk to His boss about it, who knows. I've been looking for people to trade shifts with. I found one today but I don't know if I can take her shift because of the whole "only one car" situation, and having to be at the office before the sun comes up if I were to work her shift.

Many people have already told me, "It's not that big of a deal. You can always celebrate that night or the next day." And of course they are right. We could.

But I would just really love to be able to spend the entire day with my Husband. I really, really would. I had to work our one year wedding anniversary (He had that day off of work). Is it so much to ask? And honestly it is the one day out of the year, above any other holiday that I just feel this need to be with Him. It marks the first day we met, and it marks the day we added being Husband and wife to the list of things that we are to one another. On the whole "level of importance" ruler, it rates way above my birthday or any mushy holiday on the calendar.

I talked to Master about it tonight before He left for work and He said He didn't really know since He can never plan ahead due to His job being emergency response. So He doesn't know if I'd be able to have the car for the day when I would trade shifts with my coworker. And I seriously doubt our friend B wants to try and get me to work that damn early. And even if he could, how would I get home if Master isn't able to come pick me up? Yeah. It's fubarred.

Ah well. One of these years we'll both be able to schedule said day off, maybe even that entire weekend, and then go back to Sybaris which is where we spent our honeymoon. Our own personal little time capsule. Happy thoughts.

Zombie Kitten

Don't worry. I do not have a sudden urge to eat brains. Ew. Gross.

Anyways. Last night after my blog post was done and I had browsed the internet until my eyes just couldn't take anymore, I decided to head off to bed even though I knew I wouldn't be able to fall asleep. But I figured if I laid down for long enough, eventually my eyes would get bored with staring at the wall and go "Fuck this" and order my brain to sleep.

Yes, I'm slap happy. How did you know?

Well at that point it was around 2:30am. I was basically just laying there comfy and warm in the bed, but no where near falling asleep when Master called. The sound of the phone ringing made me jump, but I answered it rather quickly. Master told me that He was coming home. He normally doesn't get out of work until about 5 or 6am. Well tonight they didn't have all the supplies they needed so it was an early night. So then of course there was no way I was going to sleep. What? I was getting a little extra time with Master?! No way am I sleeping.

So I went back into the living room and about 45 minutes later He walked in the door. He went and took a shower (He gets so dirty at His job it's not even funny) and then we sat in the living room and talked for about a half hour before we decided to retire to the bedroom and cuddle while we talked a little longer. So I got about another 45 minutes with my Master then usual lately. And it was great falling asleep in His arms on a weekday.

However, due to all this.. I only got about three and a half to four hours of sleep. Hence the title Zombie Kitten.

It was worth it though. Yes, I was tired and cranky at work today but it was completely worth it and right now I'm working on a second wind, so again.. it is almost midnight and I'm not tired. You have to love how your body works.

February 2, 2009

"Something In Your Mouth"

Okay. I had to do it. We bought this CD for my mother in law's birthday. Honestly I was shocked as hell when she wanted it, because well.. this is the first song I heard off the album and she's a prude. After hearing the rest of the CD, and noticing how whiny it is.. it made a bit more sense. Well since I like this song Master also bought a copy of the CD for us. :-D So I listened to this song, I kid you not, four times today already. So I have to post it here. It makes me think of getting a little tipsy, dressing down, and having a hell of a lot of fun. Not to mention the fact that I have an oral fetish.

Less Doesn't Equal More

You know that saying I'm sure. "Less is more." And sometimes it's true. However, when it comes to sex (at least in my case) that's just not true.

I was checking my e-mail on Yahoo and they had some article being displayed on their front page a while back dealing with relationship advice. I have no idea why the hell I clicked on it. I think it said something about sex or sex lives. So of course, since I'm twisted, I had to read it.

And I remember sitting there reading it and going... "What. The. Fuck." *nods*

Basically the gist of what a lot of the couples were saying was not to have sex to often. *insert confused look here* I remember one thing rather well that was said in the article. It's not a direct quote but it's pretty damn close. "Chocolate cake is great, but after five days of chocolate cake you just don't want it anymore."

Sex is not chocolate cake. You're right. After five days of eating chocolate cake I wouldn't want to see chocolate cake for a very long time. Dear Gods the tummy aches! However sex... is not something I get tired of. Five days of sex and then... *gasp* more sex?! Hell the fuck yes!

The article was basically implying that after a while sex just gets boring and then it becomes mechanical and you feel like you have to do it even if you don't actually want to. Well no shit. Break away from the same old stuff and maybe then it won't be boring. Sluts against the missionary position unite! Wait. I actually like the missionary position, but um... with twists. ;-)

Master and I have been having sex for damn near six years, and you know what? Never boring. Not once. I have never once laid there going, "Dear Gods is this over yet?" And when our schedules are a bit more "normal" than what they are now.. it is about four to five times a week if not more, especially when the weekends roll around and we have a day off together that is actually spent alone.

Remember a little while back I was some what freaking out because I didn't know what the hell was going on when my sex drive? It is insanely high normally and all of a sudden I was on a down slope. Well, I think it had to do with the fact that it just wasn't happening that often. Like I said our norm was about four to five times a week. And then out of fucking no where it was down to once a week. You would think that that would cause my sex drive to just go through the roof right? I mean.. no release means it builds up. At least that would be the logical thought process. But mine was shutting itself down.

And I think I know why. I think it was doing that almost like a self defense mechanism. I only say self defense because I can't think of a better way to word it.

Here's me. High sex drive.

Now, small amounts of sex.

Then my body starts revving itself up for "next time" but next time doesn't happen for about a week. So my sex drive, instead of going into hyper drive starts to shut down so I don't go out of my damn mind and also so I don't make Master feel guilty. At least that's the way my mind is processing it. I'm not trying to say He should feel guilty or anything along those lines. We were only having sex once a week because of work schedules and one and/or both of us not feeling well. There was nothing either of us could do about it. Another reason why I think it went down a few notches, is so I wouldn't go back to my old ways. "Oh You're to tired for sex?" or "Oh, we don't have time for sex?" used to equal "I must not be attractive right now." or "He doesn't want me."

Blah. Depressing, self defeating crap. I'm sure I've mentioned it before. I used to battle depression before I met Master. I still do in ways, but it is more "old wiring" rather than actual depression, if that makes any sense. The thoughts still bubble up to the surface every now and again but I can smack myself out of it very quickly rather than believing it and fueling said thought processes. Plus Master actually has me talk about such things, rather than me bottling them up and letting them spin and fester inside my grey matter. Something anti-depressants never did for me. Instead they basically made me into a zombie locked inside my own brain with said festering thoughts.

Okay I'm getting slightly off topic here.

So back to my original point. My sex drive. It's baaaccckk!

Let's see. Friday I gave Master a rather quick and aggressive blowjob. Then later that night He fucked me and allowed to me cum many times. Saturday morning He woke me up with sex. And then of course there was last night which was absolutely incredible. His lip has finally healed, and so He could finally kiss and use His mouth in all of the delicious ways that I love. And when we were done and He had me cleaning Him off with my mouth I peaked over His hip and saw how late it was and had to remind myself that I had to get up early in the morning. Other wise I would have continued sucking to try and get Him hard again.

So more sex equals a higher sex drive. The more Master gives it to me, the more I want it. And of course He's also been more strict with me which is making me wetter than usual. The more submissive I feel the hornier I get. It's just how I work I guess. And of course now it is Monday night and Master is at work and I'm fucking horny. *sigh*

But perhaps there is a way to keep that feeling, rather than allowing it to go back down to the lower levels that really makes me feel awkward. While the schedules have been crazy and we haven't been seeing much of one another, I've allowed myself to do the whole pity poor me thing. Ick. But tonight I'm more upbeat. I know that this week is pretty much screwed schedule wise, but I'm focusing on my Husband. I'm thinking of how much I love Him. What His cock feels like inside of me. What His hand feels like on my throat. That pain I get deep inside after being bounced off of His dick like a rag doll. What it feels like when He touches every inch of me, sometimes gently and lovingly. Sometimes roughly and lust filled.

Yes. I think that will help greatly.

** My Dear Kitten page has a new entry for those who are interested.

February 1, 2009

Home Before 9PM

Last night Master and I retired to the bedroom rather late. But I had put on a body suit for Master and we were both rather revved. In the past week all that we've done sexually is my giving Him a blowjob earlier that day. So yeah.

Master made very good use of me and allowed to me cum several times before filling me with my reward. I cleaned Him off, and then we curled up and passed out.

This morning He woke me up by pressing His hard cock against my ass and thighs. So He used me once again this morning. This time He had me get on all fours for Him. I was a very happy kitty.

We relaxed for a while before getting ready and heading out the door. We had to pick up His mother's belated birthday present and then went down to her place for dinner. We talked and pretty much relaxed. Of course there were some tense moments. I don't know why but she always has to bring up one of her ex husbands and also marriage in general whenever we come down. She wants to get married to her boyfriend but there are some... road bumps preventing that.

But we were back home shortly before 8pm so that was nice. Normally we go over there and they never have anything even close to ready so dinner isn't when they say it is going to be.. etc.. and then we're not home until about 10pm or so. Thankfully tonight was not one of those times.

So now, Master and I are just trying to relax before we start another week.