July 31, 2010

Spoiled Kitten

Master allowed me to fall asleep on the couch last night while He watched a TV show on Netflix. He woke me up around 2am to go to bed. I laid down on my back, and I was no where near awake. Master laid on top of me and started groping my tits, asking me if I was tired or not. I admitted to Him that I was. I was in that sleepy haze where you know what's going on but you can't really react very well. So I remember Him smiling down at me and saying, "Good just lay there and be a good toy then." I think I replied, "Yes Master" before He had His cock inside me.

I wasn't allowed to cum since I was in "toy mode", but it felt really damn good. Once He was finished with me, He cuddled with me for a while, then we curled up and fell asleep.

Today He allowed me to sleep in and wake up on my own. I got up around 10:30am. It felt really good to just sleep and be lazy in the morning.

But around noon we started thinking of going to a county fair that is about a half hour away. So we checked the weather, and decided it was going to be muggy, but otherwise fine. So off we went!

I wore my newish sandals, jeans, and a nice top.

Master and I walked around the entire fair grounds, looked at animals, looked at the rides and games (although we didn't do any of those) and then ate some fair food. Yum!

There were a lot of vendors there this year, and since it was the 2nd to the last day of it, a lot of the stuff was on sale! So we wandered through the vendors and I found a purse and wallet that I absolutely loved! They were 20% off the marked price, which was already pretty cheap. So Master said I could get them.

Then we passed by another vendor that was selling clothing. Master likes it when I wear dresses, but I don't have many. They had this very nice silk dress that basically had the patter of a bandanna on it that I thought was rocking! It was only $30, which is cheaper than most dresses I like that I can find in normal stores. So Master told me to go ahead and get it. I was a bit disappointed to find that the only one on the rack they had was an XL. Yeah um, that's gonna be a bit big on me.

We were just about to leave the tent when I got it in my head to ask the seller if he had any other sizes of that particular dress. I really, really wanted it.

So he looked in some boxes, and he found a medium which is exactly what I needed. Yay!

I felt so spoiled as we walked back to the car. I mean the purse and wallet were choice, but the dress was just the icing on the cake! I am in love with that dress!

So we get to the car and we're parked way in the back of the field. Master looks at me as I sit down in the car and says, "Okay change."

I smirk a bit and pull the dress out of the bag, took off my top (no bra) and pulled the dress up and over my head. Once that was accomplished I slid my jeans off, put my sandals back on and voila!

Oh man that dress felt so good against my skin. Silky. *sighs happily*

We then made a quick stop at his mother's place as she lives literally across the street from the fair grounds. We stayed there for about a half hour and then went home.

We have spent the rest of the evening relaxing. I tried to take a nap, but I couldn't fall asleep because I was hungry. So we had dinner, and I forgot all about the nap.

Now I'm off to go take a nice relaxing bath.

July 30, 2010


Well, at about 10:30 this morning I found out that I officially start my new position at the company on Monday! Talk about last minute decisions.. holy hell. But I took an odd sense of joy knowing that today was the last day doing accounts payable work. I was smirking to myself most of the day.

The sucky thing was, my trainer made sure I wouldn't miss doing that job. She handed me a lot of shit that V didn't get done today, as she left at noon. So I had to juggle her work and mine for the last time.

So around 3:30pm I started cleaning my desk and getting all my stuff together. Then IT showed me where my new desk is. So I moved all my stuff over there, got it semi organized, wiped down my old desk, and then my new one. Then I had to go to HR and turn in my desk key and get my new one.

All I know to do on Monday morning is to go to my new desk and clock in. Beyond that I have no fucking idea what is going on. I had no time to talk to my new supervisor.

A few people were honestly pissed that I am transferring. They know how much work I crank out, which makes them more efficient and their jobs, and now they have to deal with V and a newbie. Lucky them.

But most people were ecstatic for me and I got a lot of congrats.

Once I got home from work, Master and I ran some errands. I finally broke down and bought a wrist rest, for in front of my keyboard at work. My wrists have been bothering me more and more lately, so I figure if the wrist rest doesn't help, then I'll go ahead and get a brace.

When we got home it was about 8:30pm. It's almost 9pm now and I'm exhausted. I'm drinking some Mountain Dew though, in the hopes that it'll wake me up so I don't crash soon.

It was a long god damn day. But at least I know I'll be doing something new on Monday!

July 29, 2010

More of the Same

Today was just more of the usual. Got up. Took the dog out. Got ready for work. Went to work. Got annoyed. Went home.

I got annoyed at V, of course. It's really not worth the energy of typing it out though to explain why this time. Does it really matter?

I still do not know when my transfer is, but it should be soon.

When I got home Master and I went out to dinner after I changed into more comfortable clothing. We had a good time, came home and watched an episode of The Deadliest Warrior. Then we played against one another in The Deadliest Warrior video game. I whooped His butt! *giggles* Viking wins by shooting the Pirate through the eye with a spear!

I then took my bath. Master allowed me to be comfortable, so I put on my Savatage t-shirt and am just kind of here.

I hurt my left knee at work today by accidentally banging it against a filing cabinet while trying to get out of someone's way. Thanks a lot random coworker! *hmpf*

So that feels slightly swollen now. All I know is it hurts. Also I may or may not have a cold sore. It could just be a pimple that is on the bottom of my lip, but I'm treating it like a cold sore just in case. I hate those damn things.

I don't really have a lot to say at the moment. My knee aches at the moment, in that insistent, annoying way. Not that "OMG that fucking hurts" way. I'm sure that'll come later. I'm glad that work week is almost over though. I wish tomorrow was my half day. The way my knee is feeling I don't feel like running my fool tail off around the building. But oh well. Need that paycheck, ya know?

July 28, 2010

Long Wednesday

Wednesday. It always seems bitter sweet most of the time. It's the mid point in the work week. And thankfully, it's over. Two more days to go before the weekend is here. It's been a rough week at work. Today was no better.

Master picked me up from work today. I had a bicycle that I got back from my mom not that long ago. I had completely forgotten about it, as it had been sitting in my mom's garage for quite some time. Well, I took it home, and it has since been collecting dust in the bunny room.

I like bike riding, but I really wanted the bike so I could go bike riding with Master. We hadn't been able to afford to get Master His own bicycle, so I didn't really see the point in going for a ride by myself. So, since we could use any spare cash, Master and I decided to put it up for sale. When Master picked me up He had the bike in the back of the car, as we had someone who had to buy it, but we had to drop it off. No biggie there. It was only 15 minutes away from our house.

So we went where we had agreed to meet with this lady, she bought the bike, and was on her merry way.

Also, Master has a job interview tomorrow! Yay! I wish Him lots of luck and hope it goes well.

When we got home, we ate dinner, watched some Netflix, I took my shower and put on an outfit for Master.

I feel drained today. Just plain worn out tired. I didn't sleep very well last night. It was one of those on again, off again type sleeps.

There is no official news on my transfer yet. But rumor around the department is that our supervisor decided who is taking my current position at the company, and will be starting it this upcoming Monday. So to me, that means I would start my new position on Monday. But Master thinks they may want me to show her the ropes so to speak for a few days, before actually transferring me. Who knows. Either way, it means I'm getting closer to my new job! *excited*

July 27, 2010

Getting It Back

Last night Master and I retired to the bedroom where I was a good little fuck toy. *beams* Master is wanting me to work on being more verbal during foreplay and sex, so I practiced that a bit, and He seemed very pleased by it.

Again we happily curled up after, and passed the hell out.

I wanted to throw my alarm across the room when it went off this morning. But I pushed that urge down, shut the alarm off (without breaking it), got up, and got ready for work.

Today I was super busy, which didn't help my mood at all. And V not only got to work a half hour late, she also left almost four hours early. It must be nice. Still no word on my transfer. Joy. I never really minded my job, except for V, and my supervisor not doing reviews any where near on time. But aside from that, I didn't mind the work. But now that I know I'm going to a different department, I just want to go already. Every time I get busy, or I'm asked to pick up the slack because of V, which happened yesterday and today, I want to tell them to shove it. But I can't.

That's the problem with transferring within the same company. You have to keep doing a good job at your current position and take all the bullshit that comes along with it.

Once I got out of work I was standing outside of MZ's car having a cigarette before we headed home and Master called me. We talked for a few minutes and then we got off the phone, and I got in MZ's car and we started heading home.

I keep my cell phone on vibrate while I'm at work. Well, actually I keep it on vibrate all the time because I'm afraid I'll forget to switch it back to vibrate before I start work in the morning.

During the car ride home Master had called me twice, and sent me a text three times to ask me a question He needed to have answered before I got home. What the question was, isn't important. The fact is He couldn't get a hold of me when He needed/wanted to. And that's one of the main reasons I have a cell phone, aside from emergencies.

So He at first felt like I was ignoring Him, which of course was not my intention. I simply did not notice the phone going off, because it was on vibrate. So about 15 minutes away from home for some reason or another I checked my cell phone and noticed all this stuff had happened. So without checking the messages, I called Him back. He wasn't very happy with me.

I answered His question, and then He told me that from now on when I'm not clocked in at work, I am to have my phone on ring, instead of vibrate. The only time my cell phone is to set to vibrate is when I'm clocked in at my job. Other wise on the ride to work, from work, at home, etc... it's to be set to ring.

So as soon as I got off the phone I changed the settings on my phone.

When I got home we ate dinner, and then I cleaned the closet like Master had told me to do. I had until Friday, but I didn't want to do it in bits and pieces, so I went back there, tossed everything out of the closet and then pieced it back together, in order, and tossed out anything we weren't going to need/want.

Master checked on it once I was done, and He approved.

We relaxed for a while, I took my bath, put on something nice for Him, and now we're just enjoying the evening.

But I do have to say that it feels like I'm getting my submissive groove back. I'm kneeling more. I'm doing what I should, when I should. Master, in turn, seems to becoming more aggressive, which I love. We feed off one another so much. If one of us slacks, the other one does. If one of us picks up the ball and runs with it, the other follows. Not that Master ever follows me, but you get my point.

July 26, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Let me get the mundane work stuff out of the way first.

This is the week that I was originally told I would probably be starting my new position at work. As a result, I e-mailed my business manager. And guess what? My jackass of a supervisor is still holding me back. She said that she's ready to go with everything, she is just waiting on my supervisor to tell her when he'll have a replacement for my current job ready to go. By ready to go, I don't mean trained for the position. I just mean ready to go as in he's selected someone. The job was offered to me three weeks ago. Get off your ass mother fucker!

Okay. I feel better now.

Now on to the fun stuff.

It has been a really long time since Master and I have had anal sex. So we are started to work our way back to it. Yes, He could just lube Himself up and shove His dick inside me, but my body has never really taken to anal very easily. I don't know why, perhaps it's because Master's cock is very thick. I have no idea. But it takes prep work! *giggles*

So last night He tosses me on the bed and eats me out for a nice long time. He started off with His fingers in my pussy before switching them to my ass, freshly lubed up with my own juices. It felt amazing.

He then proceeded to fuck me good and hard. We had a cigarette afterward and then curled up and fell asleep.

Today, all day, while I was at work we were sending each other messages (on my cell phone) that were kinky as hell, and had me wet all day long.

So I get home from work and Master bends me over, strips my pants off, and fingers me a little. He then tells me to strip and orders me to the bedroom. He pins me down and molests my tits for a while, before flipping me onto my stomach so He can lick and finger my ass. More anal training. I was able to relax 95% of the time. Again, it felt really good.

Master said that all this week will be anal training of varying degrees, so that hopefully soon my body will happily, and easily, relax for anal sex.

He had me lay on my back once more and He used a vibe on me while I stroked His cock until I came.  He had me clean off the toy using my mouth, and then fucked my face for a little while.

He then bound my hands to the headboard and fucked me until I was blond. (I'm a brunette. And nothing against blonds, it's just what we say when He fucks me so hard that I can barely think straight.)

We ate dinner afterward, and watched some Netflix. He had me take my bath and put on something nice for Him. It seems He's not done with me for the evening just yet.

I also have orders to clean the bedroom closet. It's basically my closet. I just shove everything in there. So I have until Friday to get the closet organized.

It seems we're going back to how things should be, getting back in touch with our Master/slave dynamic. And that makes me a very happy Kitten.

July 25, 2010


You know how I said I had my mother's old computer tower, before we threw it out? Yeah? Well guess what I found on it.

Pictures from our wedding. Yeah. At our wedding reception we didn't have a professional photographer. We asked everyone who had a digital camera to bring it and take pictures, and then send them to us later. Well my mother-in-law has a very expensive camera, and had brought it. She emailed me about 15 pictures from our reception, but I could have sworn she took more. So I figured that they were just blurry, or to dark, or something.

So now, three years later, I found more. Lots more. Ones that were very nice, and that we had absolutely no copies of. So I put them on my flash drive before Master tossed the computer out. I'm glad I looked before we tossed her comp out.

I have now copied them to our computer.

I felt like taking a walk down memory lane, and flipped through them, including the ones that we already had. Gods the emotion that is able to flow through a picture and straight into you is just... amazing.

We look so happy, and so very much in love. We look like we're having the times of our lives at our $500 reception with no professional photographer, no DJ, no decorations. Just us, our friends and family, a boom box, food, and a simple wedding cake.

So many people seem shocked that we didn't have any of the typical stuff at our reception. But I can't imagine doing it any other way.

Looking at those pictures I can close my eyes, and can remember everything as if it had just happened a month ago.

Sometimes, when finances are so tight I can barely breathe, and we're both stressed out beyond belief, I look through our reception and honeymoon pictures. We were broke as hell, after paying for the wedding rings, reception, and honeymoon. We were basically on our last penny. But we were so happy. No stress was touching us. And I remind myself that we were so much worse off back then. Neither of us were working at the time. And look how happy we were.

I'm not saying we're not happy now. I'm still very much in love with Him. I can't imagine my life without Him. I really can't. Yes, we piss each other off, and yes we get into arguments. But sometimes I just need to look at those photos and remind myself not to sweat the small stuff. That as long as we have each other, we'll find a way through absolutely anything. Just like He said we would in a poem He wrote me back before we were engaged. A poem I still have, and read from time to time.

This upcoming March, we'll have been together for 8 years and married for 4 years. The upcoming anniversary is the one where I wanted to rent the same reception hall again and have an anniversary party. Why? Because we were married on our 4 year anniversary. So it seems only fitting to have an anniversary party on our 4 year wedding anniversary.

I don't think we'll have the money for it. I'm sure the prices have gone up. But that's not whats important anyway. What's important is that we're still together, and still very in love.

One of these years we'll have an anniversary party. I would hold a small one here at our apartment, but most people don't want to drive up to where we are. My family lives 45 minutes away and His mother is a half hour away. So all that would probably show up would be BC and HG. Not that that would suck or anything, but it would be disappointing to me on some level, and I know that.

So I think we'll save the big celebration for another year. Yeah I know, our anniversary is somewhere around 7 months away. But it is a big deal to me, and it's something I look forward to every year, very much. Another chapter in our lives closed, another year gone, and a new one beginning, with many more on the horizon. And to me, the next one is a big one.

It's not the traditional 5 year, or 10 year mark. But it's a big one to me, because of the emotional and spiritual ties to the number four.

I believe I have to work that day actually, which really really sucks. In fact it's a Monday. So yeah, I do have to work. That blows. Maybe I'll still have enough personal time to take that day off. Who knows. It's a ways off.

July 24, 2010

"Thank you for calling tech support..."

How may I help you?

I can not tell you how many times my mother has asked me for help with her computers. With certain things I refuse to help her. Like these stupid ass programs she insists on downloading to her computer and putting on her task bar, and then whines how slow her damn PC is. No shit Sherlock! But with normal things, sure not a problem.

Well it seems that my mother-in-law has caught on that I know a thing or two about computers.

She called today and wanted to know if Master and I could come down. Sure not a problem. She wanted me to help set up her new computer. She said that if her and/or her husband did it, it would take two days. WTF? That's a long ass time. So anyway, I said sure not a problem. We headed down there, and ended up taking a very scenic route. Stupid flooded river made us drive all over the fucking place to find a road that wasn't closed off.

So we get there and Master opens all the boxes, and then lets me do my thing. The computer set-up went flawlessly. I had it up, working, internet connected, and all that in less than an hour. Then came her new printer. That wasn't a problem either. My problem was her husband asking me question, after question, after question without first answering his first one.That and her new computer has Windows 7 and she's use to Windows XP. Windows 7 isn't that bad. It's really easy to navigate.

Master and I are using XP as well, and so does my job. I had honestly never used Windows 7 before, but I found it very easy to get around in.

We ate dinner, and had dessert. By that time it was a little after 9pm. We headed out, with her old computer tower and old printer in tow. I had also gotten my brother's old computer tower yesterday when we visited my mother.

So I was all excited thinking maybe we'd finally be done with our's. You know, the one that I have to destructively restore every few months just so it will continue to function? Yeah. That one.

So we get home and the minute I walk in the door my mother-in-law calls and says her speakers don't work. Weird. So I have her check everything I can possibly think of. Nothing doing. I then told her to flip through her user manual and get back to me tomorrow if she still can't figure it out. Or she can call tech support for her comp. I have no idea why they wouldn't be working.

Maybe she dicked with something she shouldn't have, already. Who knows.

So then Master and I plug in her old comp and fire it up. Holy. Fucking. Shit. There was  a lot on there. Tons of just... crap. A folder for one document. You know, stupid shit. Programs galore. It was just insane. Then I find out she didn't give me the restore CD, and also her tower is older than ours.

Okay so we junked it. I then tried my brother's old PC. Again no restore CD, and this thing took, I shit you not, 15 minutes to fully boot up. Same thing. Tons and tons of shit. Just... Wow. I was honestly disgusted by how much crap was on both of these computers. So I washed my hands of that one too. I wasn't dealing with it, and without a restore CD, well... that would make it difficult to get it where I needed it.

So we have ours connected once more. But at least our desk is clean.

Once the computer was back on and functioning, I took my bath. It's almost midnight already.

It's been a tech day. I just hope that my mother-in-law doesn't do to her new computer (which has a TERABYTE  worth of memory on it) what she did to her last one.

July 23, 2010

Confusing Morning

Last night we had some pretty strong storms roll through. Our tornado sirens even went off! Whoo-hoo for us! Our power went in and out quite a bit, but thankfully didn't stay off.

Today however, was a very confusing morning. Actually, it all started last night when the storms were really coming on strong. MZ, the driver in the carpool for work, sent me a text saying that she wasn't sure if she would be able to go to work tomorrow. She lives in a rather low part of town, and she was flooded in. As it was, she had wanted to go to work an hour early, so we were all planning on getting up at 5am anyway. (That is an ungodly hour, by the way.)

So I told her to just text me in the morning after she was awake and had a chance to take a peek outside. So, we went to bed and in the morning once I was able to think I took a look at my cell phone. She had sent a text saying that she was still flooded and would in fact not be going into work today.

So I text AM, the other person in the car pool, and see what he wants to do. It was our half day Friday (meaning we get out at noon) but our job sees that as a privledge, so if you don't have a damn good excuse for calling in on your half day, they will take it away for a period of time. Since I am in limbo on my transfer, I can't afford any disciplinary actions. So I knew I was going one way or the other. He said he wanted to go in too, as his part of town was fine. So I offered to come pick him up, but closer to our usual time of leaving. He said that was fine.

So I hopped in my car and ran down to the gas station. Thankfully it was pay day today, because I had to fill the gas tank. It was damn near on empty. I came back home, dropped off a pack of cigs for Master and some soda for the apartment, and then took the dog out.

I was rushing around during all of this because I was a bit nervous about how the roads would be once we got out of town, so I get all the way back to the main apartment building door with the dog and I realize I left my damn keys inside. You have got to be kidding me.

So I'm standing there with Radar staring at me like, "What the fuck is your problem lady? Open the damn door."

I had a few options. I could stand there and hope someone walked out. But most people had already left for work by this point. So that was out, as I didn't know how long I would be standing there. I thought about ringing the doorbell, but didn't think Master would hear it. Then I realized, that since I had my jacket on, I had my cell phone with me as it was in the jacket pocket. So I call the house phone, wake Master up (and feeling bad about that), and have Him come let me in. I felt like an idiot. I take the dog outside every morning before work. And this time, day of all days, I left my damn keys in there.

So Master lets me in, and then shuffles back off to bed.

I relax for a little while and just as I'm about to head out the door MZ sends me another text saying the road in front of her house is now clear and that she could still pick us up. So I mull it over for a minute and then say, "Sure!" thinking that I'll save some gas in my car. No skin off my nose.

So I sit there for another 15 minutes, getting nervous cause if she doesn't show up soon we're going to be late to work. I hate being late to work. It makes my whole day feel rushed.

She calls. I answer and ask if she's outside. Nope. She tried every possible way out of the area she lives in. One way there is 5ft of water. Another way there is a barricade due to more flooding. And the other? Nothing but mud with two cars already stuck in it.


So again she says that she can't go into work. I tell her not to worry about it and to stay safe.

I call AM, and say "I'll be there as soon as I can!"

I rush out to my car and once I'm in the driver's seat I force myself to calm down, because if I rush while driving it's not going to be safe. So I calm down after a couple of minutes and get to AM's house. He hops in the car, and we head off to work. Again, I'm taking my time, but am not to happy about it. I'm cussing out traffic, because the interstate was backed up, I'm yelling at drivers cause they are fucking retarded. Etc.

Then finally I'm able to do the speed limit and what happens? Some jag off in the other lane cuts me off so damn close that I had to slam on my brakes just so he wouldn't take my front bumper off.

I was quite shocked when I clocked in and had a minute to spare before I was technically late.

Then the morning work rush starts, as everyone and their damn brother wants everything, and wants it now.

I get through my four hours of work, and then leave. I dropped AM off and got home. Master got dressed while I took the dog out, and then we headed to His home town to meet up with my mother for a few hours. We hang out, have a good time, and then parted ways.

Master and I got back home, put some stuff away that my mother had given us, and then Master allowed me to take a nap.

About an hour later, He woke me up. I woke up a bit, realized we were both hungry, and ran out to get food.

During dinner we watched a really cute movie called "Planet 51". I took my bath, and am now relaxing and just enjoying the evening.

Needless to say it's been a very long damn day.

July 21, 2010


And not the good kind of ow either.

The past two days my right wrist has been really bothering me. At first I thought maybe I had knocked it against the wall in my sleep or something, but today both of my wrists hurt.

Of course, when I said this at work, everyone giggled. Ya know, no matter how much we grow up we still seem to smirk or giggle when we hear anything related to sex it seems.

I told Master about it, and He offered to come pick me up from work a couple of hours early. It didn't take much convincing. So within the hour He was there to get me.

My mother thinks it might be carpal tunnel syndrome, since I type so much. The pain starts in my wrists, and shoots through my hands and sometimes up my arms.

I don't have health insurance at this time, so there is really no way to get it checked out, as I also do not have the cash for a doctor visit.

But what I am going to do (hopefully soon) is invest in those padded things that you put in front of your keyboard and mouse, and have those at work. I don't think I really need them at home, as I don't type that often at home. I mean I'm on the computer quite a bit, but not a lot of typing. Nothing like what I do at work.

Again, still no news on the transfer.

Once we got home Master and I watched two movies, I took a very short nap, and we pretty much just relaxed. I took my bath and put on something nice for Master.

I don't really want to type all that much right now. So forgive the short post.

July 20, 2010


... is not always a virtue of mine.

I haven't heard anything back yet on the whole transfer thing. I haven't e-mailed, asking about it either. It has been sorely tempting however.

But I'm sticking to my guns on this whole waiting until next week thing. Hopefully I hear something before that, but who knows.

I didn't sleep well last night. It was one of those nights that I couldn't get comfortable, and when I did drift off to sleep I only slept for an hour or two before I woke up for some stupid reason or another and then laid there waiting to drift back off into dream land.

Although honestly I haven't been dreaming much either. In fact, not at all, which is kind of odd for me.

In other news, Master had a talk with the guy who hired Him today. He had been told by a coworker that they had to pay for the gas in the company vehicles. Master didn't take this at the coworkers word, and mulled it over over the weekend.

Today he sat down and talked with the supervisor. It turns out that yes, you do have to pay for the gas in the company vehicle and no, there is no reimbursement of any kind. He asked why He had not been told that in the interview, or prior to being hired. He also asked why He had not been told He would have to purchase $250 + worth of tools before accepting the job. The supervisor basically ignored those questions, blowing past them.

On top of this news, along with the fact that He would be sent up to Madison, down to the Illinois border, etc.. all while paying for gas in their truck, we also learned that since he would be paid "piece meal" pay, rather than hourly, if a customer wasn't home when He showed up to do cable installation, he didn't get paid at all. Never mind this could very well be a job that is a two hour drive one way, there would be no pay since nothing had been done.

From other things told to Him by coworkers, this seemed rather frequent. Hell during Master's three days of on the job training, that happened to them 5 or 6 times.

After learning other things, that I won't bore you to tears with, it basically sounded like that you had to set aside a good chunk of your paycheck to make sure you had gas in the company vehicle. You weren't allowed to take the company vehicle home, so not only are you putting gas in that, you're also putting gas in your own personal vehicle to get to and from work.

As I said, there are other things that He learned that I'm not going into details on. But we had discussed this, and more, over the past four days that He had off work, and decided that if His supervisor confirmed these things, He wouldn't be able to continue working there. Finances being a major part of it. His supervisor did in fact confirm all these things, and so Master resigned.

I have never had a job where I had to pay for anything more than maybe part of my uniform, and of course gas in my car to get there and back.

So basically they didn't tell Him about having to put money into the job by buying tools, and didn't tell Him He'd have to put gas in their trucks with no reimbursement.

So Master is job hunting again. Let's hope He finds something soon.

July 19, 2010

New Hair Cut

I think I had said in a previous post that on Saturday Master cut my hair.

Well today at work everyone, literally, commented on it. So many people said that it looked great, looked healthier,etc. Then they proceeded to ask me where I got my hair done. I almost laughed the first time someone asked me that.

I told them that my Husband had cut my hair, and they were shocked. Most of them knew what my Husband looks like. 6ft4, built like a brick wall.. etc. All the women who were married proceeded to tell me that they would never allow their husbands to brush their hair, let alone cut it.

Apprantley I have a lot of faith in my Husband to "allow" Him to cut my hair. The only thing I said to them was, "Well He has to look at me every day. So if He had intentionally fucked it up, He would have been stuck staring at me that way for a while."

That isn't how I really felt, honestly, but when you're talking to a group of women that wear the pants in their relationships, you can't really speak your mind without a whole lot of "You poor girl!" comments. Or even worse, "Oh honey, you could get the upper hand. Don't let Him walk all over you!" etc.. and so on.

I admit at first when He had cut my hair, it was shorter than either of us intended, and a bit of a shock. But now that it's been this way for a couple of days, I actually like it quite a bit. I'm not going to keep it this length. I would like it to get to shoulder length, see how it looks then, and then ask Master if He would like me to keep it that length. Apparently He does a good job at it, so I'd just ask Him to keep it trimmed.

So of course my family members that I only talk to online, since they live so far away, wanted pictures. So Master was kind enough to take some tonight so I could upload them.

Also, MZ, from the carpool sent me a text last night saying that her step mother had given her quite a few pairs of jeans and khakis. Some of them fit her, and others didn't. So she wanted to know if I would like to try them. I of course said yes! These are $50 - $75  jeans that have never been worn aside from being tried on. And I get them for free? Um. Hell yes!

So tonight, after the pictures, I tried them on and they all fit! Yay! New pants and a nice haircut.

July 18, 2010

Catching Up With Friends

Today Master and I stumbled out of bed around 10am or so. Shortly there after we were back in bed, although not to sleep. ;-)

Master took His shower, and then I ran down to the local store to get rabbit food.

After that we spend most of the day relaxing.

Around 5pm our friend BC came over. We all hopped into his truck and went out to dinner where his girlfriend, HG was waiting for us. We ate dinner, caught up on things that have been going on, etc. We had seen BC a few weeks ago, but we hadn't seen HG for a good couple of months or so. So it was nice to sit down and just chit chat a bit.

After dinner we all came back to our apartment and talked. We mainly talked about animals, as Radar ran in between every one, really enjoying the extra attention. Ya know, cause he's so attention starved normally. *rolls eyes*

They stayed until about 9pm or so. They left, I took my bath, and now Master and I are just kind of doing our own things for right now. He has given me permission to stay up a little past my usual bedtime of 11pm. I'll probably be a bit more tired at work tomorrow, but I don't really care at this point. I'm not tired at all and it's already 10pm.

After some nice comments on one of my previous posts, I've decided to hold off on bugging my business manager about my new position's start date. I'm going to hold off until the end of July/beginning of August. That is about the time frame she initially said I would be starting. So I figure that's a safe bet, and wouldn't be seen as being a "pest".

So more waiting. Ah well. At least I know I have the job.

July 17, 2010

The Sun Is Not My Friend

Master and I got up with the alarm this morning. My company was throwing a company picnic at a local zoo. It sounded like it was going to be a blast. And it was, to a point. It was over 90 degrees today. Master wanted me to wear a dress, so I pulled one out of the closet. The bad thing is, I don't think dresses or skirts look good with sneakers, and I didn't have anything but sneakers and high heels (like 4 inch heel minimum). So I tossed on the high heels and off we went.

We got there and went to the picnic first. We sat down and ate. We sat with MZ, her boyfriend, another coworker of mine that I somewhat get along with, her fiance, and a couple of other people from the company I work for. We had a lot of fun joking around and what not. Then it came time to walk around the zoo. Not a bad thing at all, I was actually quite looking forward to it. But the heat was weighing me down rather quickly, and my feet were killing me in no time flat.

So we left the group of people we were walking with to go to the gift store. I figured that they might have some flip flops or something. Nope. Hats, t-shirts, sunglasses, but no flip flops. I don't really care for flip flops but I needed something else on my feet. I would have gone barefoot but my feet would have burned on the asphalt.

As we were leaving the gift shop Master said we should probably leave. I was feeling weaker by the moment and He was worried about me suffering from heat stroke or heat exhaustion, so He said we should leave.

I felt bad. We had free passes to the zoo and we had to leave because my feet hurt and I was not handling the heat well. But Master assured me that it wasn't a big deal at all.

I promised Him we'd go back to the zoo some other time. Then again, maybe it's better we left. The animals that were outside weren't doing much. They weren't appreciating the heat either.

So on the way home, I asked if we could rectify the whole my not having sandals thing. He said sure, and we stopped at K-Mart. Thankfully they were having a sale, and I found a pair of sandals that I not only liked, but Master liked them and they were in my size! I was a bit shocked at that. I wear between an 8 to an 8 1/2. So sometimes it is difficult finding shoes or sandals in my size, unless it's an actual shoe store.

So we bought those, and finally went home. As soon as I was in the air conditioning of our apartment I felt a lot better.

We have spent the rest of the day relaxing. I gave Him a blowjob, we watched some movies, oh yeah.. and He cut my hair.

The last time I wanted to cut my hair I felt like I had gotten over charged. All the lady did was cut it. She didn't wash it, she didn't style it. She just stood behind me, cut it off, and took my money.

So I said fuck it. The heat this year has been pretty bad, and my hair was getting to that length where you go to lay down and suddenly your head is trapped because you're laying on your hair. Or Master would roll over and lay on it. Etc.

We decided to cut it, and we thought we were going to just take it to just a bit below the shoulder line. It ended up being quite a bit shorter. I was a bit shocked at first, but now? I am starting to like it. I mean I'm going to let it grow back now. I'm not going to keep it this short. But by the time it gets to about my shoulder line, it'll be the end of fall/beginning of winter. Which will be perfect.

So I can't really complain.

July 16, 2010


"If you have no expectations, you can never be disappointed."

It is hard to live without expectations. We expect things naturally. It's how we are. All of us. I have expectations in this life. They are not always met, obviously. Some disappointments are greater than others.

Today's disappointment wasn't that great, but it still sucks. You know how I've been babbling on and on and on about how I got the position I wanted at work, and how I'm waiting not-so-patiently to know when I'll be starting that?

Well, on Wednesday I had e-mailed my business manager and asked her if she knew when I would be starting the new position. She told me that she should have an answer for me by the end of the week.

Well, with today being Friday and all, I figured I'd get an e-mail, a phone call, something. But no. Now I realize I am not the center of any universe, real or imagined, which is why I honestly wasn't too surprised when I received neither of these things.

I thought about e-mailing her again, but I don't want to be a pest about it. So I thought the better of it, and left work without an answer. Plus I almost think I would have been more disappointed had I sent an e-mail and received a "still don't know" response.

I sent a text to Master to just vent that this waiting game is driving me insane and He told me not to worry about it, that it will happen. And He's right. I know it'll happen.

I've been accused of being lazy before. Shocking, I know. But when I get something into my head and I hear the word "go" I want to go now. I hate waiting for it. I can be extremely patient, but this time I'm finding that very difficult.

And it's not just the pay bump either. I'm honestly excited to start this new position. I'm slowly crawling my way up in the company, and I've never done that before. I've made efforts in past jobs and received no notice, or just a "Yeah thanks, but we're still going to keep you where you're at and not pay you any more for all the extra work you're doing."

But since I'm actually making progress this time, this hurry up and wait shit is driving me totally bat shit crazy.

And I honestly think the reason why I didn't get an e-mail or phone call today is because she isn't sure just yet. And I realize she is a very busy woman, but just a touching base type e-mail would have been nice.

Oh well.

I'll be sending an e-mail on Monday after lunch if I don't hear anything by then. It's not much, but it shows some self restraint on my part, don't you think?

July 15, 2010

More Blah

Last night I got a bit more time with my Husband. I made sure to have my bath done, my post completed, and to have already eaten some semblance of dinner before He got home.

He got home at 8:30pm again. He ate, took His shower, and we talked for a while.

Then before you know it, it's 11pm and time for us to go to bed. So we curled up and slept.

Today work wasn't nearly as bad as it was the past few days. V was actually at work today, which honestly surprised me.

I still do not have an answer as to when I will be transferring to my new position. My business manager had said that I should have an answer by week's end. So hopefully I will have an answer by the end of the work day tomorrow.

I honestly don't have much to talk about besides being anxious to start the new position at work. The past few days have been work, a few hours with Master, and sleep. We've both been too exhausted for much else.

So while this is a short entry, it's all I really have at the moment.

July 14, 2010


Last night after I finished my post Master and I ate dinner, I took a quick bath, took care of the rabbits and took the dog outside. It seems like the whole night went by rather quickly, and before you know it we were both in bed just glad to be laying down, and drifting off to sleep.

It's all pretty much a blur to me. Probably more so for Him.

This morning I got up when Master came to say goodbye to me. My alarm was going to go off in about two minutes anyway. Might as well get out of bed.

He left. I got dressed, took the dog out, got things ready for when I left, and then ultimately headed to work.

I slept well last night. And I went to bed pretty much on time, but I was still very groggy when I got up this morning. And work wasn't much better today than yesterday. Busy as hell. V was out of the office, again, so I had to help do some of her work once my work finally started to slow down.

I had e-mailed my business manager today to see if she knew when I would be starting my new position within the company. She said that she wasn't sure just yet, but that she should have an answer for me by the end of this week. Well, that leaves two days. So hopefully I won't have to wait much longer.

Since I found out I actually got the position, I've been very anxious to start it. And being so insanely busy and V not being in the office is not helping. I keep looking at my e-mail and willing for an answer to be sent to me. So far no luck. I just hope that once I finally do get my answer, it's sooner rather than later. I mean either way, it would just be nice to know the exact date. But I must admit I'd be disappointed if she told me I wouldn't be starting it for another three weeks or something along those lines.

When she originally told me that I got the position, she said I should be moved over there by the end of July. There are two more weeks in July. So hopefully by August 1st I'll be getting trained.

The ride home took forever. The interstate was backed up beyond belief, so we got off on an exit further away from where we live. But that wasn't much better due to more construction. For getting paid as much as they do, construction workers sure in the hell take their sweet ass time getting shit done.

So I got home about 20 minutes later than usual. Master wasn't home yet, so I got inside, took Radar out, then checked on the rabbits. I dicked around online for a little while, watched some of The Tudors, took my bath, and ate a little something. Now? I'm just waiting for my Hubby to get home.

July 13, 2010

Today Sucked

Today, really, really sucked.

Master got up at 5:30am to get ready for work since He started at 7am. After I made sure He was awake and out of bed, I reset the alarm for when I had to get up. He woke me up briefly to say goodbye and tell me He loves me.

When my alarm went off I got up, got ready for work, and then took the dog out. Once I got to work, that my friends is when the day started to suck. V, the coworker from hell, was not in again today. Yes, that's right. She was out of the office yesterday as well.

So my trainer is freaking out about invoices and what not cause it's two and a half days behind. And that's on top of me entering some yesterday when I could. So I tell her I'll help again. No problem.

Yeah. That was until the requests for my work started pouring in. It was like the dam broke and the flood had been building for a month. It was insane. I told my trainer this, and she told me to do the best I could. She was busy doing V's work and the other clerk in my department was also swamped. I was not a happy camper. I was typing so fast the applications couldn't keep up with me. Does that tell you something? My hands were killing me. And people stopping at my desk not only to ask for the things they had requested, which was two hours ago. (Yes I was way behind.) But they also stopped by to tell me that while they are happy for me, in regards to my transfer being approved, they are upset that I'm leaving because that means they'll be stuck with V, and a newbie. I admit it's not the best situation but I told them, "If you have a problem after I'm gone, take it to their trainer. If that doesn't work, go to their supervisor. I'm not sure what else to say."

It was nice to feel appreciated, it was nice to have all my hard work noticed, but on the other hand a couple of them were acting like I should stay. Yeah. So I can miss out on the $0.75 raise that'll be bumped up another three percent 90 days after my transfer actually happens? I think not. If I were to stay it would literally take me two more years to equal that $0.75 raise. Two years. Yeah. I'll take that now thank you very much.

So without going on and on about it, lets just say that my mind was mush and my hands hurt by the time I left work.

I was surprised to see that Master wasn't home yet when I got home at 5:30pm.

I got inside, took the dog out, took the garbage out, and then waited. And waited.

My poor Hubby didn't get home until 8:30pm. He just got home, and is telling me about His day. So I'll cut this short. I need some time with my Man.

July 12, 2010


Master and I have always had an incredible sex life. It's had it's ups and downs of course, as far as frequency but the sex has always been great when it has happened.

But there are times that stick out in my mind of course, and I'm sure last night will be one of them. Last night was just very intense, although we didn't do anything out of the ordinary really.

He laid down on His back and had me suck His dick for a while, and then had me get on all fours. It was at that point that it became intense. I was already extremely sensitive, since I'm on the rag, but I was more sensitive than usual during this time of the month. Every movement He did caused me to whimper and whine.

In fact, I got very close to having an orgasm without permission! *gasp* That has only happened once in almost 7 1/2 years. Other times I've been able to make it back off on my own. Go will power! But last night it would have happened had He not slowed down exactly when He did. Normally He tells me when I can cum, but I do have the option to beg. But it was one of those things where I was tongue tied. I couldn't talk. The intensity of the sensations were so overwhelming that I was lucky I could make any noise beyond moaning.

That would have not been good, for me.

He was feeling sadistic last night. I could tell. But He allowed me to orgasm shortly there after.

I then asked Him to pin me down. So He did, and used me. He asked if I wanted to be His "bleeding toy" and that just about made me purr.

Afterward, I cleaned Him off, then went into the bathroom and cleaned myself off before coming back to bed. We were both exhausted, and happily curled up to go to sleep.

I missed Him a lot today. I mean, I miss Him every day I'm at work. But some times, especially after an intense night like last night, the longing becomes harder to ignore. I was so relieved to be near Him again once I got home.

Oh yes I know. We see each other every single night. I get that. But just being near Him, especially after a work day like today, helps me feel 100 times better. Today was an especially rough work day. But as soon as I got a hug from Him the stress melted away.

Perhaps that's another way to battle my depression (when it's there.. it isn't right now) is to focus more on my submission. It gives me small goals to reach each day, which I can turn into stepping stones to crawl my way out of those funks.

It's a good plan, in theory. I'll have to put it into effect the next time I feel that all to familiar downward slide.

July 11, 2010

Productive Sunday

Today was extremely productive. We got up, got ready, and then headed out to meet up with Master's mother and her hubby, KB. We got there shortly before noon. They showed up about 15 minutes later. They are hardly ever on time, but we've gotten use to that.

We sat down, ate lunch, and talked quite a bit about Master's new job. We joked around and everyone had a good time. Normally I somewhat dread meeting up with my mother-in-law, because her moods shift like the wind most days. One day she'll be joking around, and the next she's ranting about something or other or just has this pissed off look on her face. But today, she stayed in a good mood.

In fact they had asked us to bring a list of things that Master needs for His new job. He has to provide a good list of tools for Himself to use on the job. It's cable installation. There are some things the company provides, and others you have to bring yourself. We don't have a lot of money, so when they asked to see the list we assumed that since KB has quite a large selection he was just going to go over it and offer to lend Master some of the tools until we could get the money together to get them. Honestly that's all we were expecting. But once lunch was done they asked us to follow them to a tool store here in town.

We were a little taken back by that. But we aren't about to look a gift horse in the mouth, so we followed them.

They ended up purchasing 95% of what Master needed. *jaw drop* We thanked them over and over again. They told us that it wasn't a problem and that it was for "a good cause". I think His mother realized how serious Master is about this job, and His desire to become extremely good at it.

Once we were done there, they headed home after hugs and goodbyes and Master and I headed to a different store. Master needed some plain shirts with no logos or writing on them of any kind. Most of Master's shirts are either for office work, or have some kind of logo or writing on them. So we picked up 10 new shirts for Him.

We then went home and relaxed for a while. Going in and out of air conditioning sucks, and makes me feel tired. So it was nice to be able to just sit inside for a while. We ate dinner, and then Master was kind enough to work on my lower back. I then took my bath, and not I have a few more hours before I have to go to bed so I can go back to the grind stone tomorrow.

Master has off of work tomorrow, so I'm sure He'll enjoy that. I'm hoping to find out my start date for the new position I'll be taking on at the company I work for. If I do, be sure that I'll be calling Master shortly there after.. *giggles*

So the weekend has been great. Not one trace of my depression rearing it's ugly head. I'm feeling pretty good. :-)

July 10, 2010

Great Day

Master and I slept in today, which was really nice. Neither of us had work so when Radar needed to go out at 8am Master got up, took him, and came back to bed for a few hours.

We finally got out of bed around 11:30am or so. We relaxed in the living room for a while. Then I ran down to the local store to buy rabbit litter and mosquito repellent. The mosquitoes have been very bad this summer.

When I got back Master and I cleaned the rabbit cages. We took turns playing around on the computer and just enjoyed the afternoon.

Master wanted to go see Predators, so I looked up movie times and we headed out shortly there after. We let Radar have free run of the apartment, as we are trying to see if we can trust him outside of his crate while we aren't home.

We both really liked the movie! I'm glad that we went to go see it. Radar was a good pup while we were out, so we'll keep leaving him alone for short periods of time until we think we can trust him for a full work day.

We ate dinner and we both began to watch "The Book of Eli". I started to feel a bit restless so I went online and alternated my attention between the computer and the movie.

Tomorrow we are having lunch with Master's mother and her husband. She originally wanted to have breakfast, but I'm not really one to eat first thing in the morning. So thankfully she said lunch would be fine.

I've had a wonderful day with my Husband. I'm in a great state of mind. My depression seems to have left completely, for now. Even with the start of my period it hasn't come back, for which I am thankful. That always seems to be a trigger for it, at least for a short duration.

Maybe it's because things are starting to look up. Maybe I'm getting a better grip on it. Whatever the case, I'm hoping that this good mood stays with me for a while.

July 9, 2010

I Love Having Fridays Off

I really, really do. I wish that I could do it more often! I didn't sleep in much though. Normally on a work day I get up somewhere between 5:30 and 6:10am. It mainly depends on if the dog lets me sleep until my alarm goes off, which is at 6:10am, or if he decides he has to pee before that.

But since Master didn't have to go to work until 9am, and I had the day off, we didn't get up until 7:30am. The dog actually let us sleep that late! I was a bit surprised to be honest with you. But since the lines are always so long at our local gas station before 10am, and we really needed gas in the car, I got up with Master when His alarm went off. While He was getting ready for work I hopped in the car, went down to the gas station, put gas in the car and picked up a few other things that we needed.

Master then headed off to work. I thought about trying to go back to sleep, but apparently my body decided that I should be awake. I didn't even bother to lay back down. I knew I wasn't going back to sleep.

So I spent some quality time with the Radar puppy. Him and I don't get a lot of just me and him time. So I enjoyed that quite a bit. :-) It was a special treat for both of us. We played fetch and I got some new pictures of him using Master's fancy digital camera. Then Radar decided it was nap time.

So I cleaned up my corner in the bedroom and paid our monthly bills. Then I talked to my mom for a little while. After that I started watching the 1st season of The Tudors on Netflix again. I love The Tudors. Master I think is a little burnt out on it, but I can't get enough of it. So I watched a couple of episodes and then decided I should stop being lazy.

I then tackled the kitchen counter. It is usually a catch all for things when we get home. It becomes cluttered pretty quickly. So I put everything away, cleaned the counter, did the dishes, cleaned the sink and then reorganized the counter.

Much to my pleasant surprise Master came home just as I was finishing up with the sink. They had been let out early today as their trainer was called out to a job site.

So I finished what I was doing and relaxed with Him. We then took Radar to a local pet store and picked up a harness for him. He has scared us a good three times by pulling a Houdini trick and getting out of his collar. This is regardless of the fact that his collar is snug and we can't pull it over his head. *shrugs* No idea how he does it, but we didn't want it happening anymore. There is no way for a dog to get out of a harness short of chewing through it. So we decided to get that. We found one with Jolly Roger on it, just like his collar, and they also had a matching leash! I was grinning from ear to ear when we bought it. He looks slick!

We went home and Master and Radar stayed at home while I ran to a different store and picked up a few more things that we needed. We have more errands to run tomorrow, but that's okay. It'll give us something to do. :-)

It's been a great Friday! I hope the rest of the weekend is the same.

July 8, 2010

What Is This Sleep You Speak Of?

Last night Master and I reluctantly decided that we should sleep rather than fuck. He isn't used to having to get up at the ass crack of dawn, and I've just had one hell of a week at work. Yes, great exciting news on the new position that I'll be moving to in a few weeks, but my work load has been insane this week due to the office being closed on Monday and everyone trying to play catch up.

But even with us going to bed at a decent hour, we didn't get much sleep. Neither of us could really stay comfortable, the dog kept trying to jump on the bed and then not want to lay down (because he's weird) and so we were up on and off through out the night.

When the alarm went off at 6am I wanted to throw it at the wall, but decided against it just as quickly. Master and I got ready, I took the dog out, and then we left. We picked up AM and headed to my job. MZ had today off work so Master and I were giving AM a ride to work this morning and his fiance would be picking us up from work.

We thought traffic was going to be worse than it was, so we ended up getting to my job about an hour early. I wished Master good luck on His first day, gave Him a kiss, and He headed out.

I dicked around a bit and then finally clocked into work and started my day. Like I said it was very busy, so I was forced to wake up more quickly than usual.

The day seemed to drag on, and on, and on.

Finally it was time to clock out and AM's fiance picked us up. They dropped me off at home and Master and I ate dinner while He told me about His first day at work. He said they mainly just filled out paper work and watched power point presentations while sitting in very uncomfortable chairs.

Needless to say both Master and myself are pretty much dead on our feet tonight.

I have off tomorrow but will be getting up when Master does so I can run to the gas station and put gas in the car while He gets ready for work. My paycheck hits tomorrow, otherwise I would do it tonight.

I can't wait to find out when I'll be starting my new position. I'm going to start a little countdown with sticky notes at my desk at work as soon as I know the exact date. :-D

I still haven't told V that I'm transferring out of our department. I probably won't until I know the exact date. She's going to be pissed. She has asked to be transferred three or four times and has been denied her request. I ask once, and boom, I get it.

See, hard work and dedication do pay off! It just takes a while sometimes.

July 7, 2010

More Good News!

Master starts His job tomorrow! Yay! First He needs to take myself, and another person in my carpool, to work but He should still get to His job on time, if not a little bit early.

Well today was just as hectic at work as yesterday was, minus the meetings. So I was busy as hell again today and again got little to no help from V, the coworker from hell.

However, about a half hour before I was supposed to clock out, the business manager called me into her office. I was like, "Oh shit, I didn't get the transfer approved. This is way to quick." I was thinking this because I had only asked for it last Friday and Monday the office was closed. So I figured I might hear something early next week.

But to my pleasant surprise she offered me the job! She told me that since my review is already overdue in my current position they are going to forgo the formality of that review and just put my raise from that into effect. Then in about two to three weeks when I actually start my new position I will then get another increase for starting a different position. Then, 90 days from that point I will get a review to see how I am doing in the new position and get another pay increase!

*jaw drops* I am so fucking glad that I had the guts to request the transfer! My job isn't going to be boring anymore and I'll be making significantly more in the process!

Once I walked out of her office, after shaking her hand and thanking her over and over again, I finished up what work I had left and then clocked out.

The reason why I won't be starting the new position for two to three weeks is because they need to figure out who will be taking my current position. It should be very interesting to see who ends up with it.

But the small wait time doesn't bother me at all. I'm going to start a little countdown calendar on my desk at work to make it more exciting. :-D Also, this way whenever I get frustrated or pissed off or what have you with what I'm doing, or with V, I can just look at it and tell myself that it'll be over soon.

It's not so much the job that I dislike. It's the lack of action from certain other people within my department. When I'm sitting there busting my ass and you're sitting there gabbing away or texting? Yeah. That pisses me off. Especially when you get behind and ask for my help.

Once I got home Master asked me how I was and I said, "I'm great!". So He simply said, "You got the transfer approved huh?"

Well damn. *laughs* I wanted to tell Him, not for Him to somehow know like He always does. :-p

B came over shortly after I walked in the door to hang out for a little bit. It was nice seeing him again. Right after he left I took my bath and am now doing my blog post.

I have this Friday off, so technically tomorrow is my Friday. Hopefully it'll be a quick one!

July 6, 2010

Long as Hell Tuesday

Today I got up a little early thanks to Radar decided that it was time for me to get up, rather than getting up in 20 minutes like my alarm was set for.

But oh well.

I reset the alarm for Master and then got ready for work after taking out the pup. I should have known that as far as work went for me today, it was going to suck. Whenever we have an extended weekend due to a holiday it never fails that the first day of the work week sucks major ass. Today was no different. I was beyond swamped. And it didn't help that I had not one, but two meetings today, both of them during my peak busy periods through out the work day. Thank you very much supervisor.

However, it was not an entirely bad day.

Master called me around 11:30am to tell me that He had just gotten back from taking His pre-employment drug test and that He was to call the company in the early afternoon to see if they had received the results yet.

We knew, of course, that it was in the bag by this point but still... you're on pins and needles until it's official.

So Master called me again around 2pm to let me know He had literally just gotten off the phone with the company and they have officially offered Him the job!

He starts this Thursday! *happy dance* I am very proud of Him and very happy for Him as well.

So shortly after I got home from work we headed to the bank to get a direct deposit form as the checking account does not actually have checks, and then we used a free Appleebee's gift card we had obtained from our bank to go out to dinner to celebrate.

Although getting used to not being able to smoke in restaurants that you were previously able to smoke in is difficult. As of yesterday there is no more smoking allowed in public places. So needless to say as soon as we had paid the check we left, went to the car, and lit up.

So we are now both once more employed. And soon will be a double income household again. Master isn't sure what His pay schedule is going to be, but either way, it'll be really nice. :-)

Congrats once again Master! I love You.

July 5, 2010

Monday Off

Master had me set the alarm last night for 8:30am so He could get where He needed to go to pick up the paper work for His drug test and take it to the clinic that would be performing it.

However, upon reaching said 1st destination they said that they had forgotten that just because they are open today doesn't mean everyone else is. Sure enough the clinic to do His pre-employment drug test was closed today. So they asked Him to come back tomorrow.

So we headed right back home. I completely understand the misunderstanding on their part, as all my previous jobs have been open the day after the 4th of July, but it was still irritating to a point. I wish they had called Him, but perhaps they did not realize their error until after He was already there. They seem like really nice people there, from what Master has told me . Hopefully He will still be starting the job on time, which would be this Thursday.

On one hand I want Him to start ASAP, on the other it would be easier if He didn't start work until next Monday since the driver of my carpool is off this Thursday and Friday. But either way, at least He'll be working soon! He is extremely anxious to start work as well. He's been talking about how much He wishes He was going to work tomorrow on and off through out the day. :-) Poor Hubby.

His mother had called because she wanted to know about this job that Master is taking the pre-employment drug test for. But since she didn't understand some of the "lingo" she put her husband on and Master told him, who in turn dumbed it down for Master's mother. She's not a stupid woman, as far as book smarts go. But when it comes to blue collar work or anything remotely blue collar related she suddenly becomes dumb as an ox.

Me? I'm a blue collared girl at heart. But I have a white collar job. I hold a lot of respect for people who do blue collar work.

Then there is my own anticipation for news at my job. I am trying to remind myself that I won't have an answer to my transfer request ready and waiting for me when I arrive tomorrow morning. I know this. But it doesn't stop the butterflies from being in my stomach. I know that until I have my answer, that I will be anxious every minute of every hour that I am at my job. Hoping, and waiting, for a phone call or an e-mail asking me to come to her office.

However I will have to resist the urge to contact her frequently regarding it. The last thing I want to do is seem like a pest about it. Pestering people "above" me at my job scares the hell out of me. I'm always worried that they'll get irritated with me, which does not make for a long career. At least those are the thoughts in my head on the matter. Especially since this person is basically 2nd in command of the whole company. She handles the hiring and firing, obviously. So the last thing I want to do is get on her bad side. Although honestly she seems to like me. So that's a good thing.

And now I'm just running myself in circles, thought wise.

I will eagerly be awaiting an answer from her, as well as a phone call from Master tomorrow.

Another Meme

This is another meme I've found on other blogs, however I have removed the questions already answered in the last one I did. If I repeat some of them however, forgive me.

1. Fail moment in the last week?
Probably walking into a file cabinet at work. You know, the file cabinet that hasn't moved like ever and I have walked past a hundred or so times? Yeah. That one.

2. Most memorable job?
Probably stripping. Some happy memories, but more bad than good.

3. Favourite pizza topping?
Meat Lover's or 4 Meat, which ever is readily available and has the most types of meat on it.

4. Last thing you ate?
Wheat Thins with peanut butter on them.

5. Movie you want to see?
Iron Man 2, I think. I have heard things that both make me want to see it and yet want to avoid it.

6. Weirdest thing you’ve had in bed?
Swords. Kinky huh?

7. Word you edge into every conversation to make yourself sound superior?

8. Name you thought would be really cool to give the fruit of your loins without really thinking it through?
I don't have an answer for this.

9. Thing you think you’re slightly too anal about?
My computer settings.

10. Thing you wish you were slightly more anal about?
The organization of my dresser and closet. I get it just how I want it and then, somehow (cough) it ends up in disarray again.

11. Proud moment?
Getting hired at my current job.

12. Dish you can cook with confidence?
French toast. I love french toast. Unfortunately Master does not care for french toast so I never make it.

13. Reason why you’re doing a meme instead of a real blog?
To pass the time. I will be doing my normal blog post a bit later this evening.

July 4, 2010

All Over the Place

Master and I have been having great sex lately. He's been more Dominant during it and before, which is really nice. Today in fact He walked over to me after an episode of a show we were watching was over, grabbed my collar, yanked me off the couch, and then led me to the bedroom by my hair before using me. It was delicious.

So far we've been having a great weekend, and I still have off tomorrow! Yay for three day weekends!

We've been lazy and mainly stayed at home, which isn't a bad thing as it is extremely uncomfortable outside due to the heat. Just taking the dog out is a chore.

Tomorrow we can't sleep in though, as Master has to go to the place that is hiring Him to pick up the form so He can go pee in a cup for a drug test. Hopefully it's one of those quick ones so they can call Him that same day and officially offer Him the job. I know nothing is going to change the fact that He has this job, but I will feel better after it is official.

I am excited to see what my business manager has to say about my transfer. Deep down inside I know I will be severely disappointed if she decides to deny my transfer request. It's not that I hate my current position by any stretch of the imagination. It's just that I am extremely excited about the transfer possibility. The thought of learning something new, a higher pay grade, and getting the hell away from V, the coworker from hell.

If the transfer request is denied I will do my best to not allow it to affect my work. It will most likely be difficult at first, since I want this so badly that I can taste it. I know I can do better than the position I am currently doing. I know that I have more talents than that. And I am looking to transfer for those reasons.

But one thing I have convinced promised myself is that if this transfer request is denied, I will try again in a few months or maybe a little longer than that. I will continue to ask for a transfer until either it is granted or they tell me to stop asking.

The only problem is I don't know when my business manager will be getting back to me on this. I don't think it should take very long, but as I said in a previous post she is an extremely busy woman. I'm hoping that it won't take long. I'm hoping that I know by the end of this week, but that may be asking for to much.

July 3, 2010

Lazy, Lazy Day

Today has been an incredibly lazy day, which I have enjoyed. Master was a bit bored about it but there really wasn't much to do outside, plus it was 84 degrees out. Blech.

Since I had been so ill last night I ended up sleeping for about 12 hours straight, minus Master waking me up when I fell asleep on the couch so I could move on to the bed, curl up, and immediately fall back asleep.

But this morning I woke up feeling rather weak, but okay other than that.

So the only non lazy thing I did today was run down to the grocery store. I only picked up enough for what we needed for dinner tonight, but still. The sucky part was that the grocery store didn't have their air conditioning on and the place was packed. :-|

We had brats for dinner. I was kind of surprised there were any left since tomorrow is the 4th of July. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Once I got back home we relaxed and watched a movie while we ate dinner. I've been loving the lazy day. Master, as I said, not so much. So I reminded Him that once He starts working His tail off soon He'll appreciate the lazy days a bit more. ;-) That made Him chuckle.


1. What is your first name?
Kitten (I don't post my real name on my blog, silly people.)

2. Were you named after anyone?
My blog name? No. My real name? Well.. no. My middle name is apparently taken from some chick that my dad had a crush on while my Mom was pregnant with me. :-| I find it kind of creepy. My Mom told me this. My dad denies it, although he admits to having had a friend with that name at the time. Although I do like my middle name. It's pretty.

3. Do you wish on stars?
No. I used to when I was a kid but I don't anymore.

4. When did you last cry?
Oh man, like last week? It was when my neck pain was so bad that I couldn't see straight. I have a high pain tolerance, so that tells you something if it made me cry.

5. Do you like your handwriting?
I like my version of cursive. I don't like my print though. Yes, I said version of cursive. I don't write in cursive as you are taught to in school. I have created my own! Ha!

6. What is your favorite lunch meat?
I don't have one.

7. What is your most embarrassing CD?
Now? I don't have any CDs that I find embarrassing. Other people might be proud of having Weird Al CDs but Master and I are! When I was growing up? *sigh* It was a Creed CD. *shudders* My mother had asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told her I wanted a CD. She knows I like hard rock and heavy metal. When I asked her WHY she bought a Creed CD she said, "I thought they were a new hard rock band." Um no Mom. Christian Rock, however you try to color it is NOT hard rock. I was able to exchange it thankfully.

8. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
Most likely. Although I would probably think I was a bitch, but one of those bitches you want in your corner.

9. Do you have a journal?
Not anymore, unless you count this blog. I never kept one growing up because I knew my brother would just try and read it. The little bastard. But before I started this blog I kept my slave journal in notebooks and "regular" journals that you can buy at Barnes and Noble. This is a lot easier however.

10. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Surely you jest! Little ole me? Use sarcasm? I'm hurt! I'm offended! I'm.... Okay yes I do.

11. What are your nicknames?
A shortened version of my real first name. Kitten. Pet. Monkey (that's what my dad calls me).

12. Would you bungee jump?
Hell no. Although I would sky dive. Go figure.

13. Do you untie your shoes before you take them off?
No, but I do untie them before I put them back on. Yes, I'm weird.

14. Do you think that you are strong?
Emotionally? When it really counts, yes. Physically? I'm strong for my size, I think.

15. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

16. Shoe size?
8 1/2

17. Red or pink?

18. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
The fact that I can't control my depression better.

19. What do you miss most?
My paternal grandmother.

20. What color pants/shoes are you wearing?
I'm not wearing either right now.

21. What are you listening to right now?
Master talking.

22. Last thing you ate?
A bagel.

23. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Blood red.

24. What is the weather like right now?
Hot outside. Kind of muggy.

25. Last person you talked to on the phone?

26. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Whether they have ink or not.

27. Favorite drink?
Mountain Dew for non-alcoholic. Mike's Hard Lemonade otherwise.

28. Favorite sport?
I don't like sports.

29. Hair color?
Brown with red highlights if I get enough sun.

30. Eye color?

31. Do you wear contacts?
Nope. I wear glasses when I'm at work though or if I'm reading a book at home.

32. Favorite food?
Seasoned french fries!

33. Last movie you watched?
We've been watching a lot of TV shows on Netflix lately. I don't remember the name of the movie that we last watched. Although I do remember watching Single White Female recently.

34. Favorite day of the year?
Our anniversary.

35. Scary movies or happy endings?
Scary movies!

36. Winter or summer?
Neither. I prefer Fall.

37. Hugs or kisses?

38. What is your favorite dessert?
I don't normally eat dessert after dinner, but if you mean a dessert type food I would say brownies.

39. What books are you reading?
Currently I'm reading the I, Strahd books.

40. What’s on your mouse pad?
A tiger.

41. What did you watch on TV last night?

42. Favorite smells?
French Vanilla. Apple Cinnamon.

43. Favorite sound?
Master's voice. (Unless He's pissed off.. lol)

44. Rolling Stones or Beatles?

45. What’s the furthest you’ve been from your home?
St. Paul, MN

46. Do you have a special talent?
Typing fast? Sucking dick really well? That's about it.

47. What is your ring tone?
My cell phone is always set to vibrate, that way I don't forget to turn the ringer off when I'm at work.

July 2, 2010

Start of a Three Day Weekend

Master got a call today asking Him to come in on Monday to pick up some paperwork so He could go to His drug test. So, He has the job! It's just the formality of going through the drug test on Monday.


I had woken up with a good feeling about today, and apparently that feeling was right. :-)

So that only boosted my confidence when I went to go speak to my business manager about the possibility of transferring to a different department. I had e-mailed her shortly after I got to work and asked if we could please meet at some point this morning.

She e-mailed me back about an hour later telling me what time it would be okay to stop by. (It amazes me on some level that this woman has any sanity left, she's always extremely busy. But she seems to thrive in it.)

So I headed to her office and we discussed it. She asked me which position I was interested in, and she told me about another one that was open that I may be a good fit for. She then asked me why I wanted to change departments. I simply told her that I can't see doing my job for the next 10 - 15 years and that there is no room for advancement withing my department since both trainers and the supervisor have been there quite a while and seem to be planning to retire, and there is no where up from my position.

So she said, "You're looking for some professional growth then?" To which I said yes.

She told me that she would talk to my supervisor to see how I am as an employee within his department and get back to me about whether or not she feels I would be a good fit for either of the two positions.

So here's hoping. :-) Let's also hope it's a good move. *laughs* I don't think I'll end up regretting this decision to be asked to move, but I might. You never know.

Once I got home from work Master and I ate dinner and then took Radar outside to be brushed. I started to crash then, because I had been pretty hyped/hyped all day. It had finally caught up with me. So Master allowed me to take an hour and a half nap.

However, when I woke up from said nap and started doing this post my stomach started to hurt. Apparently I am not feeling well at all, as I've had to pause from doing this post a good three times at this point.

So I'm going to end this post here and just and get my system to relax a bit.

July 1, 2010


Well, at work recently two people in my department have been talking about the possibility of switching departments within the company. I had never even thought of it before. I mean, my job isn't difficult by any stretch of the imagination. But it gets boring at times, and other times it's just down right frustrating because it's like I have nothing to talk about when I get home and Master asks me how my day went, unless it's drama that occurs with my coworkers.

One of the people in my department decided to not change, and just asked for more work since she's bored 85 % of the day. The other one? She's not to sure what she wants to do.

But it got some thoughts swimming around in my head. First I know people in other departments (one department in particular that I'm interested in) makes more money than I do. Maybe not a lot more, but every bit helps. Also I think it would be interested to change things up a bit.

So this evening I got home from work and after we were done running errands and eating dinner I talked to Master about the possibility of me asking our business manager to consider me for a different position within the company. He said if I thought it would be best, He is all for me going for it! So I'm going to talk to her tomorrow! Yay!

It's of course not a guarantee that I'll get the position I want, but it's worth a shot and it wouldn't put my current job in jeopardy. So really, there is no losing in this.

Also Master got a call from the place He had interviewed at last week. They said that they should have His background check results tomorrow morning, and if all is well they'll have Him go in for a drug test. Once that step is completed He would be starting next Thursday! Wonderful news!

Let's hope that everything starts falling into place.