July 31, 2012

Collar -vs- Ring

There was a thread that I've been reading, well actually two of them, asking which is more important, your collar or your wedding ring. They also touched on if the dynamic or the fact that you were married is more important to you.

I responded, of course, as did Master.

Basically we both said the same thing. We do not separate the two. We were in this dynamic long before we got married. So I was already His slave when I became His wife.

A lot of people said their dynamic was more important because marriage is "vanilla". I don't know when that had to be vanilla, but okay.

To me there is no need to separate the two. You can have one without the other, obviously, but when you have both with the same person at the same time why does it have to be two different things? Why can't it all be rolled into one?

Master and I naturally interact with Him having final say unless it deals with His health. It's just how we are and really always have been.

I'm not saying that if we decided to drop the dynamic that we would get a divorce, but I would say that if we got divorced we wouldn't have the dynamic obviously because if we got a divorce the entire relationship would be over.

Plus, Master and I refer to our marriage license as ownership papers. I am legally His and yes He is legally mine. Plus, isn't it an ultimate form of ownership if you take on your Master's last name? At least that's how I see it if you're in that kind of dynamic where the Husband is the one who is the dominant one.

I do fully admit though that my wedding ring is more important to me than any possible symbol of His ownership such as a collar or a cuff or anklet. Why? Well, the collar or cuff, etc., only symbolizes one aspect of our relationship. My wedding ring, to me, symbolizes all of it.

July 30, 2012

At Least I Tried

Last night I dressed up for Master and we ended up finishing one of the recent porno movies we had bought a while back. After that Master and I went to the bedroom. He nipped my neck and got me even more geared up by sucking and licking my nipples. That drives me absolutely crazy (in a good way).

He then moved down my body and ate me out. He started off fingering my pussy but then slowly but surely started to finger my ass. The orgasm I had was insane. It was like my entire body burst into sensation all at once.

He knelt up and had me suck His cock. My oral fixation was in over drive and for the first time in quite some time my jaw wasn't bothering so I made the most of it. He didn't want to finish in my mouth though, He wanted to fuck me. But He allowed me to keep going after pulling my head back once. I whimpered and He chuckled and let me continue to orally worship His dick. It was delicious.

Finally He did end up pulling my head back and tossing me down. I was still very sore and swollen from our sexual escapades over the past week or so. It hurt so damn good.

He allowed me a few more orgasms before I asked if He wanted to try anal. I always put that word try in there because I have no fucking idea what my body is going to do. But I had that amazing orgasm while He was eating me out and fingering my ass that I really, really did want to have anal sex. I really did... no really. (Okay, I'll stop now.)

He turned on the light and grabbed the lube. He lubed Himself up first and then me. He very slowly pushed in and at first I thought it was going to be okay. Then all of a sudden a shot of pain. Mother. Fucker. He pulled back out. I honestly don't think He even got past the head of His cock. I think He thought that would be the end of it. But I still wanted to try. So I grabbed the lube bottle and put some on my hand. I was on all fours anyway so I just reached underneath me and put more lube there.

He tried again. It hurt again. But I didn't want to stop. However, it didn't take long before I knew I wasn't going to be able to handle it. Again I don't think He got past the head of His cock. Edit: Apparently I was mistaken. Master read this post and said that the second time He was actually balls deep. And He was still so understanding. I love that man of mine.

He stopped and said it was okay, that He would just go wash up and we'd finish with regular sex. I was upset. I knew He wasn't. I think He was pleased just by the fact that I had honestly wanted to try and hadn't given up immediately and the fact that I had brought it up at all.

After He had washed up He continued to fuck me but then grabbed my small little anal toy and inserted that. Obviously it's a lot smaller than Master's thick cock. It was uncomfortable at first but as He continued to pump in and out of me it didn't hurt anymore. But again, it was small. I know that if we had continued to try for Him to fuck me in the ass it would have hurt like hell and not in a good way.

After He came He rolled off me and slowly pulled the toy out. Almost immediately after I collapsed onto the bed and started crying. I was overwhelmed and a little upset with my body. I sub crashed basically. He covered me with His arm and gently petted the back of my neck. He knows when I need some after care. And just being held close by Him and Him petting me like that is enough for me. In fact it's perfect for me.

I apologized to Him about not being able to go through with the anal sex. I kind of felt like a tease ya know? But He didn't see it that way at all. It's a lot of progress for me to even bring it up. He was pleased. He wasn't mad or upset.

I stopped crying and cleaned myself up as well as the toy. After that I came out into the living room long enough to get a hug and kiss from Master before I went to bed and drifted off.

I told Him today though that I want to try again soon. I will do this damn it!

July 29, 2012

Local Festivities

Last night some of our friends were going to a local festival. They asked if we wanted to come with. We had nothing better to do so we tagged along. Well, actually we met them there. I wanted to look nice for Master so I put on a tight black tank top, a knee length skirt that had mesh on top of it, a cute hat and a pair of my heels. I also did my make-up. Master was very pleased.

I'm sure at least two of our female friends thought I was way "over" dressed for a festival. But it wasn't like we were going to be going on any rides. They just wanted to hang out in the beer tent and listen to the live bands. Oh well, Master thought I looked nice and that was all that mattered.

We sat there for a while and a really shitty 50's cover band was on stage. That wasn't the one that our friends wanted to see so we sat around in a circle basically and talked. We made fun of the drunk people and had a pretty good time.

Then the band they wanted to see got on stage. They were also a cover band. They didn't have a specific genre they stuck to either, so the playlist was all over the place.

But Master and I were offended when they did a few songs. Why? Well, Master and I are really into rock / hard rock / heavy metal type music. So when they did covers of Ratt, Warrent and Ozzy we were mortified. They murdered it. Completely.

Everyone else thought it was great. I turned to Master and said, "I swear we're the only metal heads in our city." He readily agreed.

It didn't help that the lead singer thought he was the shit. He was dancing around like he was a huge rock star and I commented that he must have practiced that shit in a mirror and thought it looked good.

It was about 10pm when we decided to leave. One of the guys in our group wanted to leave too but his wife didn't. He was frustrated and I understood why. He wasn't having a good time at all but his wife was. And if you're not having a good time, you want to leave. End of story.

In fact that is exactly why Master and I decided to leave. It was fun until about 9pm. The band was in their 2nd set by that point and most of the people in our little group were pretty trashed. As a result, we weren't having fun and didn't want to be downers. It was time to go. Since the guy lives in our apartment complex we just told him he could ride home with us. His wife seemed so happy because that meant she could stay and didn't have to hear her husband complain. She even said thank you.. *laughs*

As we were walking back to our car (it was pretty packed so we had to park a little down the way) all three of us were bitching about the band.

When we got home he asked if we were going to stay out but we had decided to just call it a night and chill inside our apartment.

I'm glad we left when we did.

July 28, 2012

We're Back....

Out of sheer boredom a couple of days ago Master signed up for FetLife again. He told me about it when I got home that night. So I signed up too.

We use to be signed up there but then it became too much of the "one true way!!!" type bullshit so we deleted our accounts.

But since we signed up again and started joining groups we haven't seen much of that. It's more of a "find your own way as it'll be what works for you" which we completely agree on. There are of course still your assholes, but hey.. it wouldn't be the internet without them now would it?

So far it's interesting. Then again it's "new"... kind of.

Now, of course, Master says I can't have an excuse for not having anything to write about. After all I have been reading threads and commenting on them. Master says I can use that and add other things to it at length or just bitch about something stupid I read on there.


He does have a good point though.

So far I've just been kind of feeling it out again. Trying to find groups that are interesting, setting up the profile and all that... you know. The normal shit.

Although right now my shoulder can't really take sitting here at the computer typing, so I will be doing a longer post tomorrow.

July 27, 2012

Just Kind Of Blah Tonight

I am just not hungry today. At work we had doughnuts, like we do every Friday. I wasn't hungry but I knew that I should eat something as I hadn't ate much last night. So I had two doughnuts that I nibbled on through out the work day.

Now that I'm home I am, again, not hungry. I can't get away with just not eating again tonight. This is because one, my damn blood sugar and two, because Master would simply not allow it. Partially because of my blood sugar in and partially because of just general health.

I've also been dealing with neck pain on and off. I've been taking Tylenol like it's candy. It's not just because of the neck pain. The neck pain has been shooting off into my shoulder all the way down to my elbow. It's like lightning when it happens and it hurts like hell.

I think it's mainly because of all the pressure changes that have been going on due to the weather. Don't get me wrong, I love the rain and the storms but since they have been so spotty and so quickly over with it's playing hell on my fibromyalgia.

It's finally started to go away. I haven't taken a Tylenol in a few hours and so far so good.

I'm just kind of blah tonight I guess.

July 26, 2012

Down To One

Now that I've been off the second medication for a while now I'm noticing some differences.

First, I'm noticing that I'm not so tired all the damn time. I feel more rested in the morning and don't feel so sluggish all day. My energy levels are back up, thankfully. I really hated feeling like that but didn't attribute it to the second medication, I thought it was just stress. Well, the stress levels are the same so it must have been the second medication after all.

Second, I would say if anything else I have a fuller range of how I'm feeling. I'm not cycling or anything but I feel more. I don't know if that makes sense. It's almost like rather than helping to balance me out the second medication just put a damper on everything.

Third, my sex drive is back in full force! I am more than elated about that. I've always had a high sex drive but after that second medication was in my system for an extended period of time my interest in sex took a nose dive. Again I chalked it up to stress but as time went on I really did start to think it was the second medication and apparently I was right.

Fourth, I'm actually in better moods. As I said before it was like the second medication was putting a damper on everything. I feel like I'm smiling more and laughing more.

There are other small changes as well... I just can't think of anymore right now.

I think Master is noticing all of this as well. I was worried at first that He would tell me I had to go back onto a second medication because I was acting all fucked up or something. I know that He has an outside point of view and can see things that I don't. As a result I was worried that my initial instinct was wrong and that I really couldn't stay on one medication. But He hasn't said anything like that. I know He is enjoying the fact that my sex drive is back but I also know that if it meant that I was unstable He wouldn't care about the sex drive. He wants me happy and healthy.

I'm just glad that I'm on the right track and that my Husband agrees.

July 25, 2012

Ass Man

Last night Master wanted me to dress up for Him once I was done taking my shower. So, I put on a mesh mini dress type lingerie that was ass-less. Master is an ass man and apparently He loves my ass (literally) so I wanted to show it off for Him.

When it was about time for me to go to bed Master ordered me to the bedroom. He had me suck His cock for a while before flipping me onto my stomach. As He was fucking me I stuck my legs straight out and crossed them at the ankles.

After He allowed me to cum several times He had me get on all fours and put my ass in the air. As He was fucking me He stuck His thumb up my ass and used that to control how quickly I was bouncing off His cock. He wasn't fully satisfied with that so He pulled out, turned on the lamp in the bedroom and grabbed one of my smaller anal plugs. He lubed it up and was kind enough to put some lube on me as well.

I was surprised at how easily the toy slid in. Yes, it is a smaller one but even still normally there is some discomfort. There was a very tiny bit of discomfort upon initial insertion but that was it. He praised me for how well I took it.

I have a very sensitive ass apparently and as a result I normally have a difficult time having anal sex or taking anal toys. So whenever I am able to do so and don't have to have it stop Master praises me extensively.

He left the toy in and continued to fuck me. It made me go into my sub space rather quickly. Well, almost immediately actually.

He eventually had me lay on my stomach.

That lube we are using now is amazing. I felt no discomfort and it actually felt good. I'm hoping that since we have this new lube (this is only our second time using it) that I will be able to enjoy all of this more. I know how much Master loves anal sex and I want to be able to enjoy it as well so it can occur more often.

We used to have anal sex a lot more frequently. I don't know what changed but suddenly my body couldn't handle it as often and it got to the point that I actually got nervous about it because I was afraid it would hurt in a bad way. Master has never pushed the issue even though He could easily do so as He is the one in charge. But He wants me to enjoy it as well and doesn't want to hurt me in such a way that it makes it so I'll never be able to enjoy it and only "put up" with the pain to please Him. I'm sure His sadistic nature would get off on it but that's not what He wants.

I do have to say that I am thankful that He wants me to enjoy it as well.

He has said though that from now on when I wear something assless my ass is "on the line" as this indicates to Him that I want my ass played with and last night I did. I didn't want to have anal sex, I just wanted my ass played with and basically test the waters.

Today I had no pain or discomfort so again I'm thinking that the lube is helping a lot. It doesn't feel sticky and it seems to last a hell of a lot longer.

As a result I'm hoping to get back to the point where we had anal sex rather frequently.

July 24, 2012

Show of Force

I've been a bit stressed lately. It's nothing that I can't handle. It's just job related bullshit. Master has, as always, been extremely supportive and encouraging.

I do have to say though that having this structured dynamic is helping me. I don't know how I would be right now if I knew I didn't have structure at home. I don't know if it's just how I am, if it's part of my being bipolar, or a combination of the two but I need that in my life. I can't imagine not having it. We've been doing this for so many years that if it were to stop now I don't think I could cope very well.

Master has been more forceful lately. It's what I need right now. Never mind it shows through more in the bedroom. Sometimes that's where I need it most. Sex is a stress reliever to begin with. Add to that the fact that He is rough with me and barks orders... it's a stress reliever and a showing of who's in charge. What can be better than that?

Well, it's best for me anyway. I know not everyone is wired that way.

But I think it's best for Master too. He always seems more content afterward. And I know it's not just from getting off.

We're both more frisky when the sex has been more forceful too. And I like it when we're frisky.

It's like we were made for this dynamic. If we went full on "vanilla" I don't think we would be very happy. I don't think I would be as balanced as I am right now. We'd be fighting a lot more, I'm pretty sure of that.

We can both be rather opinionated and have strong personalities in general. So if we didn't have the dynamic there would most likely be some kind of power struggle and that just wouldn't end well for anyone involved.

I'm just thankful that we both recognized how we naturally interact with one another early on in our relationship. Granted it hasn't always been easy but it built a stable foundation which we have built this relationship off. It was a good, solid beginning and as a result we have a good solid relationship. Trust me, there are a lot of things that would have torn us apart if we hadn't had that foundation early on. I can almost guarantee that.

But we do. And here we are.

July 22, 2012

Pillow Talk

Master and I both enjoy it when we talk dirty while having sex. Granted, He does it more often than I do but still.

Well last night both of us were. Master was also being a little more creative in how He was being rough with me.

He has a cold sore right now so He can't bite me. *pouting face*

As a result He relied more on His hands. He choked me, pinned me down and at one point did something He had never done before.

I was laying on my back and He was kneeling up while bouncing me off His cock. He choked me for a while and then placed the palm of His hand on my chest and pressed two of His fingers into the middle of my throat. I couldn't really breathe and it hurt like hell when I tried to move due to the placement of His fingers. He then ordered me to get off.

It was hot.

He was a lot more rough than He has been lately and I loved it.

At the end of it I was cum drunk and He was absolutely wired. Normally after really rough sex He gets an adrenaline rush out of it and it takes Him a while to come down from it.

This is why I wasn't surprised when I went to bed and He was still wide awake.

Today I have been running last night through my head over and over again. As I was doing so it hit me that when we talk dirty it's some really... hot and yet slightly disturbing things. *smirks* But that's us all over. Hot and slightly disturbing.

Well, it's not disturbing to me or to Him but to most people they would probably think we were out of our damn minds. But that's okay. I am totally comfortable with that.

July 21, 2012

Loud Noises!

Master and I had been invited to a get together a while back. Well, today was that day. The neighbor that got evicted is staying at his girlfriend's right now and they had planned a party/get together and wanted us to come over. It wasn't all that hot out thankfully, it was just muggy. So we got there and we were actually the first ones to arrive. We sat around and talked for a while. About twenty minutes later other people started to arrive. We knew them all and we continued to talk and have a good time.

Eventually there were over twenty people there and since it was really hot in the sun we were all in one small area because it was shaded by the house. Everyone ate and we continued to talk.

Then all of a sudden there were at least five different conversations going on. One was pretty loud and progressively the other conversations started getting louder so they could be heard over the other one. Before you know it there are five or six completely different conversations going and they are all loud as fuck. And of course we were seated in such a way that we were basically in the middle of it all.

Add to that six children running around screaming at the top of their lungs and when they were "corrected" they pretty much ignored it.

So take all that and add the fact that someone had brought a beer bong and we were done. I am not against drinking, but I have never really been able to tolerate a bigger group of drunk people. And quite a few people were already on their way there. I just couldn't take it anymore.

Add to that my shoulders were fucking with me as well as I was tensing up.

We had a good time until about the last half hour. So Master and I decided to duck out. It seemed as if two of our other friends had been waiting for an excuse to leave as well. As soon as we stood up and said, "Well, we're gonna get going..." they stood up and said the same thing.

Now we're home and unwinding. Master wanted me to hop online and get my post done, take my bath and then take the dog out so it's all done and out of the way for the night.

July 20, 2012


After I got out of work today I came home for about an hour and then headed down to my mother's. I try to visit her as often as possible. While I was down there I had a really good time. We talked and ran some errands together. It was just very relaxing and enjoyable.

Once I left my mother's I stopped by my father's place. He only lives about 15 minutes away from her place so I figured that since I was already in town I would pop on over and see him as well. I didn't stay there too long. My dad had a long day and was really tired. He's still in a lot of pain due to his back. He is trying to get disability right now. He was denied and now has a lawyer and attempting again. It's going to be a long process but I really hope he gets it. He really needs the insurance. He can't work because of his back and it's just hard to see him like that.

I made it back home by about 7pm. Master helped me unload things from the car that I had picked up while out running around with my mom. We got everything put away and finally ate dinner.

While I was at my mom's I got a phone call on my cell. I didn't recognize the number. Normally I don't answer my cell phone if the number isn't in my contact list. But for some reason I decided to answer. It turns out it was one of the places I applied to recently. I think I applied there about four days ago? Apparently I applied there for two different positions and didn't even realize it. Then again I've been tossing out my resume online like they are hot cakes.

The woman who contacted me wanted to let me know that the head of their HR department was going to be sending me an e-mail with a link for me to take an assessment test. It's not much, but it's a step in the right direction at least.

So after dinner I hopped on and did the assessment. It was a rather lengthy one. But I was honest and open in all of my answers, just like you're supposed to be. Once I was done I replied to the e-mail from HR and thanked them for their interest and stated that I hope to hear from them again soon.

I wonder if this will go anywhere.

July 19, 2012

Brother Dearest

I honestly do not have a thought in my head. Well, nothing really worth blogging about. It's mainly a list of things I have to do tomorrow. Aside from going to work I mean. And aside from going to work I'm not complaining about the things I'm going to be doing. It's mainly visiting my family, so it's all good there.

I have no idea why but I am sore as hell today. It figures, as soon as my neck stops fucking with me my entire back decides to. Master said we'll exchange back rubs later on tonight. I'm definitely looking forward to that. I need it and I know He does to. Although I have a feeling I won't be able to work on His back as well as He'll be able to work on mine. His back is like concrete when it's like this. I've told Him before that I need a jack hammer to rub His back. I don't know why but He forbids it every time I bring it up.

Well, I guess one thing that I could blog about is my brother. He has been with his girlfriend for seven months now. And even though I haven't met the girl I already know that I am not going to like her and she sure as hell isn't going to like me.

How do I know this? I can see that she already has puppet strings on my brother just by what he says and what my mother has told me. My mother is not the type to exaggerate or lie to me. She's just not. She has always been straight forward.

For instance, before he started dating this girl he wanted to get a vasectomy. He has two sons from his previous relationship and he didn't want anymore. Well, after a whopping seven months his girlfriend has now convinced him not to get one because there are other forms of birth control. I'm not one to tell my brother what to do but he is fully dead set against getting a vasectomy now. Meanwhile only three months ago he was going to do it. I swear if he knocks this girl up I'm going to kick his ass.

Another good example is that she tells him what to do with his children and pokes her nose into how he deals with his ex (the mother of his children). Now, I don't like his ex-girlfriend either but she takes care of the kids and does it well. And I'm sorry, but when you're only seven months into a relationship you don't try and dictate what he does with his kids. In fact, you shouldn't be sticking your nose in that situation at all. Deal with your own kid and leave it alone.

There are plenty of other examples. Those are just the two that came off the top of my head.

My brother wants me to meet her really soon. He figures it's time. Hell a month into it he wanted me to meet her. But I just haven't had the time or when I do he doesn't. You know, that kind of thing.

So Master asked me if I am going to play nice. I didn't even think about it.

I am not going to out right attack the bitch. Like I said I haven't even met her yet. I will be polite and go from there. However, if I end up truly not liking her my brother is going to know about it. I see no need to lie to him. If I don't like her, I don't like her. Oh well. He knew I didn't like his last girlfriend either.

I know you probably think I'm going to go into this not liking her and you're probably right. No, I haven't met her and no I'm not really giving her a chance. But I'll gauge it all when I meet her.

July 18, 2012

Um.... Thank you?

Lately when we've been outside sitting with neighbors Master and I have been getting a lot of compliments that we're not really sure how to handle. It doesn't make us uncomfortable or anything like that, we're just not sure what the appropriate response is. We normally just say thank you but aside from that... No idea. You're probably staring at the screen right now wondering what the fuck I'm talking about. Right? Yeah, I thought so.

Three of our neighbors in particular have been telling us how we're the perfect couple and it's amazing to see how much we love one another and how we're so relaxed and they like the fact that we don't have to be all over one another all the time.

Um, thanks?

That's about the best we've come up with. Don't get me wrong, Master and I do honestly believe that we are in fact perfect for one another. It's actually flattering and refreshing to hear and see that other's agree with our train of thought on that.

It's not like we need the reassurance, we're just not used to it. We don't want to come off all cocky going, "Oh yeah. We know that. Thanks." That just sounds bitchy and condescending.

We don't hear it out of our families because well, my family has always just really loved Master and don't feel the need to say anything. The only thing we did hear is when we got married and all of my family were telling us not to fuck it up. *laughs*

His dad doesn't really comment, but he likes me. His mom has never said a word one way or the other. Again this is the same woman that looks offended if we hold hands in public. She's on odd one. Our past friends have never commented on it either.

So to hear it from other people and hear it frequently after nine years of no one saying a word about it makes it so that we don't really know what to say or how to react except smile, say thank you and then crack a joke about how no one else would put up with either of us so we're stuck with one another.

Last night is a good example actually. They all know that I have fibromyalgia and it's been acting up lately. Master was saying how He had to wash my hair recently because it flared up so badly. They made a comment and then asked what else we do to keep it from flaring up too bad. So I told them that Master gives me a lot of back rubs, shoulder rubs, sometimes full body massages. He said that I do the best I can to help Him with His back pain as well but it's a lot harder because I can't work on His back for as long as He can work on mine.

To us it's just normal. After nine years, taking care of one another in any way we possibly can becomes second nature and not really anything you think about. We don't take each other for granted, but we don't see it as anything but what someone should do for someone they love.

That's the other thing though, it's like a reality check so that you don't take it for granted and when you hear about how they wish they had someone that loved them like that and took care of them like that it makes you realize that yeah, I guess we do go the extra mile huh? And it's not even about the dynamic at that point. It's just how we are.

They have never looked at me and gone, "You bitch! You got one of the good ones!"

But they have told me that I have a good man. I agree with them fully. And they'll tell Master that He has a good woman and again He agrees fully.

Like I said, we're just not use to this kind of thing. We're not complaining and as I said it doesn't make us uncomfortable. We're just happy that we get along with our new found friends and that they enjoy being in our company. 

July 17, 2012

Mini Blog

I know you guys probably already know this, but I use an online mood tracker so that both Master and I can look back and see how things are going in regards to my mood and medication. It even tracks whether or not I'm on the rag so we can see if that effects it at all.

Well this morning I woke up to a note from Master. Normally when I get up before I go to work I leave Him a note to let Him know how I'm doing. So waking up to a note from Him kind of threw me off at first.

The note was basically saying that He went over my mood tracker last night and wants to know if I want to keep doing it. Why? Well, without realizing it I was basically turning it into a mini blog. Not such a bad thing right?

Wrong. I was posting more about day to day stuff rather than how my mood was or how things effected my mood. It was going something like... "And today we did this.. then that.."

That's not helping Him help me keep track of my actual moods or how things are effecting me. Now He didn't really want me to stop using it. He just basically said either use for what it's supposed to be used for or don't use it at all.

And no, He wasn't being a cock about it. He even said in the note that He's not mad or angry, just frustrated.

So I wrote Him back and explained that yes, I still want to use this online tool and I'll do my best to use it correctly, rather than using it as a mini blog. Tonight after we got back inside I did my mood tracker and I used it how I am supposed to use it.

Now I just have to keep doing that. I'm honestly not sure why I started using it as a day to day mini blog. In the beginning I didn't really type all that much into it so Master told me I should. So I did and at first it was fine then suddenly it turned into what I described above. At least He's not mad at me and at least now I realize what I was doing.

July 16, 2012

Late Night

Last night Master and I cuddled on the couch while we watched another one of our new porn movies. He sat down against the arm rest with one leg sticking straight out along the back of the couch. I laid down in between His legs, facing the TV while resting my head on His chest. It was actually quite comfortable. I had dressed up for Him, we were comfortable and watching porn. It's a great way to spend an evening.

We commented on and off throughout the porno and eventually I just turned around, slid down and started sucking His dick. When I stopped I simply looked up at Him and asked if He wanted to go to the bedroom. Well, I'm sure you can guess what His answer was.

When we were watching the porno I had at some point made a comment that we had never used my pyrex toy while He was eating me out. So we decided to try that. He put His teeth to my throat and tits first. I was sensitive all over for some reason, it hurt but it felt great at the same time. When He slid down to eat me out He held the toy in His hand so it wouldn't be freezing cold. After licking me for a little while He slid the toy in. It was an odd but wonderful sensation. Even though the toy had been in His hands for an extended period of time it still felt cool when He slid it inside me. So I have His hot mouth and tongue lapping at me and I have this cooler toy being worked in and out of me. That combination pushed me over the edge rather quickly.

After I got off He simply moved back a bit and continued using the toy on me as He watched. (He had turned on the lamp in the bedroom. He doesn't do it a lot but sometimes He does so that He can see what He's doing and my reactions to them better than He can in the dark.)

I didn't get off again but after a while He pulled the toy out and had me lick it clean. He entered me and it was another wonderful contrast to what the toy felt like temperature wise. I don't care what anyone says a nice hot hard cock feels better than any toy. Hands down. It was just that the temperature difference was considerably more noticeable.

He allowed me to cum several times before turning me into a pretzel. When my legs started to twinge a little from being forced down like that He knelt up. He pressed my right leg to the mattress and held my left let up so that it was resting on His shoulder. He bounced me off His cock and allowed me to cum once again before He filled me with my reward.

It was about 1am when all was said and done. I was wired. Sometimes I feel exhausted right after sex and then there are times, such as last night, where I am just wired and energetic as hell. But of course since I had to get up and go to work in about five hours Master wouldn't allow me to stay up any later. I wasn't happy about it but I didn't want to make Him mad or push it too much. We had just had amazing sex and I didn't want to kill that feeling by being a brat simply because I couldn't stay up later than I already had. Being allowed to stay up until 1am when I have to work the next day is unheard of. I had already been spoiled and I knew it.

He did allow me to take some tylenol before I went to bed though and I got a hug and a kiss before I had to try and drift off to sleep. It didn't take as long as I thought it would. But either way I was a very happy girl.

July 15, 2012

You Learn Something New Every Day

Last night Master and I watched one of the new porn movies that we had picked up. It wasn't bad but it wasn't as rough as some of the other dvds we have from that porn company. It was a little surprising. I mean it's not like we hated it, it was just a little disappointing in that aspect. It's not like we'll refuse to watch it again or that it was a waste of money.

Today though we were watching a TV show on Netflix called Manswers. That show is funny as hell and yet interesting at the same time. In fact, I learned two things from it so far today.

One: Women with pear shaped breasts are more likely to be good in bed according so such and such a study. I, personally, have pear shaped breasts and Master says I am incredible in the bed. So bonus points for me!

Two: Semen has a chemical in it that works sort of like an anti-depressant. That is odd and kind of cool. But it also makes sense to me because before I knew I was bipolar and there for before I was medicated I noticed that if we hadn't had sex in a couple of days I would be more depressed than usual. Also, when we did have sex it helped me come out of my less severe depressed moods. When I mean less severe, I mean it wasn't one of those times where I was in a very deep and dark place in my head. I didn't really notice the cycle before but looking back I can see the same patterns that Master was trying to explain to me while they were happening.

The things you learn from fucked up TV shows. I also learned some useful and disgusting things that you can use urine for... but I'm not going to go there.

Tonight after my post and my shower, I'm going to dress up for Master. We may watch some more of that Manswers show (I'm really liking it) and Master said we would most likely watch another one of the porn movies we bought on Friday.

I'm hoping that He'll allow me to stay up late. I've been so bored at work and on top of that I haven't been feeling as groggy in the morning since I've dropped down to only one medication.

July 14, 2012

So Much For That

Last night didn't turn out like I had hoped it would. Shortly after I was done doing my blog post and taking my bath I got a headache. No big deal right? Well, the headache just became worse and worse. I popped a couple of pain pills and figured that would be the end of it. I was, of course, wrong. The pain in my head wasn't my only problem. Eventually the muscles on both sides of my neck started to hurt. It wasn't just a little twinge either. It hurt. Quite a bit.

It got to the point where I actually felt sick to my stomach. The pain pills weren't helping. I laid down on the couch and Master and I watched some Netflix. I had wanted to watch one of our new porn movies but I knew the way that I was feeling I wasn't up to it. Not that you really have to be up to watch porn, but since Master and I like to make fun of it and then go fuck afterward... well feeling sick to your stomach kind of kills that mood, ya know? Well, it does for me anyway.

I felt bad because we had a really good day and had fun going to buy the porn and then that happens. I ended up passing out on the couch and Master woke me up when He went to bed.

This morning I felt better. I took the dog out and a couple of hours later got the car an oil change. When I got back home Master was still asleep. Since He hasn't been sleeping well at all for over a month now, I just left Him alone. Apparently that didn't matter because He didn't sleep well last night either.

Today has pretty much been a "Want do you want to do?" ... "I don't know what do you want to do?" kind of days. So really we've just been doing random stuff to kill time.

All I know is that later we'll be going outside to see if our neighbors want to talk for a while and then watching one of the porn movies later on tonight. Hopefully my body doesn't give me any grief so that I can enjoy the evening.

July 13, 2012


Master and I were trying to think of something we haven't done in a really long time. We were both sitting here at home trying to figure it out. It was kind of hard to do to be honest. We don't go to bars anymore. Too damn expensive and we don't really drink all that much anyway. So aside from that we were having a hard time coming up with anything that didn't involve watching something on Netflix. Plus, we do that nightly.

Then Master had a light bulb go on above His head. Porn store trip! We haven't been to a porn store in at least a year. We don't buy new porn very often and when we did I was using online gift cards to buy them. It was free after all. That well has run dry.

We had a little "extra" money so we figured why the hell not. Plus, it would give us an excuse to go on a drive at night. We used to love going for drives at night. It was relaxing and it was fun. But with gas prices these days, it just doesn't make sense to do so.

It was about 10pm by the time we got there. And the parking lot was full. So I made a joke about how the perverts come out at night. Master laughed and said, "So said the two of them pulling in." (Obviously referring to us.)

My come back? "That just makes my point more valid."

We go in and I had my ID ready. Master got carded too.

So we're walking around. We didn't want to break the bank buying porn so we were only planning on buying one. We were finding it slightly difficult to find one that wasn't highly over priced but also something we wanted to watch.

As we reached one section we saw that they have five rows of buy two get one free. Yay for sales and porn stores!

On top of it the ones in those rows were on the cheaper side, price wise. We found two from one of my favorite porn studios, Red Light District. And the last one we just kind of picked at random.

Another fun thing about walking around in a porn store is making fun of some of the things you see. Especially the porno movies. Holy hell is there some fucked up shit. *laughs* Some of the sex toys were rather laughable as well.

We checked out and came back home. We'll probably watch one later. If not tonight then tomorrow. Either way we have three new porno movies and didn't spend very much. Bonus.

July 12, 2012

Put Away Wet

Two nights ago I had gone to bed and I told Master that if He wanted to wake me up later that would be fine by me. *wink wink nudge nudge* When I got up yesterday morning I knew we hadn't done anything as He had not woken me up so I figured that when He came to bed He just wanted to sleep. Fine, no big deal.

Well when I got home from work last night I asked if He had tried to wake me up. Apparently yes He had but I wouldn't wake up and I wouldn't move into a position where He could just slide in and wake me up that way. I always feel bad when I find that out because it's not like I don't want to fuck, it's just the fact that I couldn't or wouldn't wake up. I never remember Him attempting to wake me when this happens so I must be sleeping rather heavily. He doesn't get mad about it because He knows I'm asleep and that I don't remember any of it.

So last night while I was sitting on the couch, it was getting close to my bedtime and Master had said I could stay up for a bit. We were watching some TV show on Netflix when I said, "Well just make sure I stay up long enough to fuck tonight." I was being half serious and half teasing.

He just looked at me and said, "Well it's not like we can't just go fuck now." So I grinned and said, "Are You sure?" And that is when He ordered me to the bedroom.

He wasn't overly rough with me as I've been stiff and sore most of the week and my body can't seem to decide which part is going to hurt so it just plays roulette. Stupid body.

He had me get on all fours with my ass in the air and my head to the mattress. It wasn't our usual acrobatics but it doesn't mean that it wasn't fucking incredible. *grins* He allowed me to get off several times. Towards the end I snaked my arm underneath me and played with His balls. When He came I played with them a bit more roughly trying to make His orgasm more intense. When we both collapsed I asked if I had been too rough and He said no, that He had really enjoyed it. Apparently my plan worked. There is a method to my madness!

We got up and went into the living room. I felt wide awake when we sat down. I was on a really good after sex body buzz. I sat there for about 10 minutes and noticed that I was ready to pass out. So I said goodnight to Master, got a hug and a kiss and went to bed. I fell asleep with a smile on my face and a wet cunt. I love falling asleep like that.

July 11, 2012

Shut Up Already

Yes, another carpool post. Mainly because that is what has been on my mind all fucking day. It didn't help that I was bored as hell once again and so I had little else to think about. I even called up Master today while I was at work and rambled on about this. He didn't really have anything to say, because there is nothing to say. But I vented and rambled until I had to get off the phone. So I thought rather than continue to chew His ear off about it, I'll just post and get it all out on my blog.

Even though the driver of the carpool is not moving as far away as she originally thought, in fact she's only going to be about 15 minutes away, she still does not want to do the carpool anymore. I can't say that I blame her or that I'm angry, but it's still irritating. Yes, I know it's her decision and her car, but it doesn't mean I look forward to taking over the carpool. Or at least what is left of it.

The driver of the carpool as it stands is of course just going to be taking herself to work. One of the guys in the carpool is no longer going to need a ride as of the last week of this month as he is joining a different carpool that is closer to his place. Okay fine.

So I ask the last person in the carpool if he is going to be carpooling with me and his answer? "Probably."

Probably doesn't help me figure this out. And now that I think about it I don't see how else he would get out to work and back. There is no bus out there and his wife won't take him back and forth. So, yeah.

But I was planning on splitting the gas money three ways. Now it's down to two. Half and half. And that's even if he does decide to carpool with me. Half or full it's not going to be cheap getting to and from work. Not cheap at all.

When my job first moved out there I was worried, but hadn't been there very long so I stayed. Plus, I had joined the carpool I'm in now. But now with the thought of having to pay that much money out for gas my paycheck isn't going to be all that grand. And it's not just the gas money, it's the wear and tear on the vehicle, more oil changes, etc. I don't want to run our car into the ground. So, as I've said in a previous post, I am totally going to be looking for a different job.I'm just going to take it more seriously now. But it has to be extremely similar pay, good benefits and all that fun stuff. Basically I can't just hop at a job just because it's closer to home. I have to play this very carefully. This is the first time, ever, that I haven't had to hop jobs or could jump somewhat blindly. I've never been fired from a job. But in the past whenever I changed jobs it was for better pay or in my last job's case I needed to get the fuck out of there because they were being bought out and doing mass firings.

Either way I'm scared. I'll totally admit that. I'm scared to hop jobs simply because there is so much to take into account not to mention being low man on the pole again. However I'm more scared of running the car into the ground if I stay where I am. Getting a newer car just isn't in the cards right now. We need that car and I love that car.

July 10, 2012

Pushing Back

Master allowed me to skip my post last night because I had absolutely nothing on my mind. Today isn't much better but I can't skip two days in a row. I know better than to even ask unless I'm sick. 

Today was a very boring day. Very, very boring. And even though it was a boring day I feel sore as hell. Sometimes I think it's worse when I don't have much to do and therefore do not have any reason to move a lot. It's like everything just locks up.

So by the time I got home everything just hurt. Master is in pretty much the same boat plus He's got a temple headache. It's not fun. As a result we're both just kind of bumps on a log tonight.

We did sit outside for a while at our neighbor's but that didn't last long. Master's temple headache was getting worse. He said I could have stayed out there as well but honestly I feel kind of odd sitting out there by myself. I mean I know I can and I know they like me just as much as they like Master... I don't know why but I just feel kind of out of place when I'm out there by myself. Plus SL (it was her apartment) was tired and sore. ML, her husband, was just kind of sluggish. As a result, nothing was really going on and no one was really saying a lot either.

However, while we were over there some door to door salesmen type people came up. Apparently AT&T is now available in this area for all three (internet, phone and cable) so they are going around seeing if anyone wants to switch.

They were giving this speech that lasted at least 20 minutes. And during that time ML kept asking questions but SL was having none of it. She is the one in charge of all that kind of thing and I think she was getting annoyed with her husband for not shutting his mouth after she said no. So of course they started targeting ML more. But as I said SL is in charge of all that stuff so she just kept saying no. I think at about the third or fourth time of her saying so they finally backed off.

Shortly after they left her apartment we headed into ours. They saw us walking over and asked if we would be interested. We just said no. Plus, we don't want cable. We just want our internet and phone.

I just really can't stand people that don't give up. I know it's their job and I know they probably get commission but still. When I say no, and then you push back and I say no again that should be your signal that I don't want to hear anymore.

When I was in a call center that's what we called it. Pushing back. If we tried to offer a customer something and they said no we would push back, gently, and if they said no again we just thanked them for their time. We didn't go past that one push back because then you're just pissing them off and there is no way in hell you're going to convince someone that is now pissed off at you to go with your services. Where as if you don't piss them off they may think about what you said and call back later because now they are interested. If you keep pushing and pissing them off... well that's an entirely different story.

July 8, 2012

Back To Reality

Today is the last day of my six day "vacation". It wasn't really a vacation as we didn't go anywhere but that's fine with me. I just wanted an extended break and to get extra time with my Husband that I normally wouldn't have. And I must say it's been wonderful. I'm actually kind of sad that I have to go back to work tomorrow. It's not just because I have to go back to work, it's knowing that everything has to go back to normal. Only getting things done once I get home from work, having to only see Master from 5:30pm to 11pm which is when I get to go to bed, having to wait five days to get more time with Him and to visit people I want to visit, etc and so on.

I do have to say that we got a lot done during those six days off though. Nothing big, but some small things that have been put off. Today I did Master's laundry and we relaxed in the apartment. Shortly after dinner we went to sit outside. We didn't stay too late though. I think we came in at 8:30pm.

Also, during these six days off I've done a lot of thinking about this whole job/carpool thing. I used one of those gas calculator things and damn is that going to be expensive, even with the other two chipping in. Plus I already know that they aren't going to like what I'll be charging them. On top of that when I don't have to take them to work and I still have to go in, then I have to pay that gas myself. Add to the fact that our car is a bit older and all that I don't want to run her into the ground by driving out to work and back every day, five days a week. That's going to put miles on her rather quickly. Which also means that I'll have to have more oil changes... well you get the picture.

So I told Master today that I'm going to have to start looking for a new job. In a way it pisses me off because I'm good at my job and it's a good job with good benefits. In a way it makes me nervous and scared because I need to make what I'm making now, or at least extremely close to it. I can't afford a pay cut. Also, is the new insurance going to be more expensive? How long do I have to wait before it kicks in? Ugh! I absolutely hate this. I know that she wasn't going to be doing the carpool forever but a little more warning would have been nice. She kept going back and forth on it and then put in a 60 day notice with her apartment (she has to be out by August 1st) and waited until last week to tell me that she is ending the carpool the last week of this month. If she had been more serious in her talks about moving, given me more notice and given a better time frame I would have been more serious about looking for a new job quite some time ago. But for the longest time it sounded like she wasn't going to move anymore. That is until last week.

I didn't bother looking for a new job this past week because I was still figuring out how I wanted to handle this. I've decided.

It's a good thing I know Master is on board either way.

July 7, 2012

Salon Day

No, I didn't go to a salon... you'll get that joke a little later in the post.

Today was a fucking awesome day. It was a lot of fun even though we didn't really do much. It also helps that it was a hell of a lot cooler out today. I think the high was 78°. And by the time night hit it was down to 68°! Rock on!

The day started with Master and I just relaxing in the living room, waking up and talking a little bit. I needed to head out to Walgreens and asked Master if He would want to come with me. I also told Him that I wanted to take him to the game store to see if there is anything He wanted. I like to buy Him things when I can.

We hit the game store first and He found a game that was a trilogy of games on one disc and it was only $40. He really likes the game series and didn't have any of them anymore so hell yeah we're picking that up. After that we went to Walgreens. I had been talking to my neighbor about dying my hair. Master gave me permission to since He knew that SL had been a hair dresser. He also knew that I wanted to dye my hair all one color. I had tried to basically put a reddish tint in my hair but it didn't turn out right. I couldn't really reach the back and the bottle didn't seem to have enough dye in it. It didn't look horrible but I didn't really like it. SL had told me to buy two bottles of hair dye (the same one obviously). She said that since my hair is longer I'll need more than one bottle of hair dye.

When we got to Walgreens Master helped me pick out the hair color. I wanted it all brown again (I'm a natural brunette) but I wanted it a shade or two darker than my natural hair color. He thought that would look nice as long as it wasn't too dark. This is why He helped me pick it out. I wanted to buy one shade darker than the one He picked out but He said no.

Once we got back home SL said to give her about a half hour and she would dye my hair for me. Well, AK needed her hair fixed and dyed as well. Apparently AK had gotten her hair cut at Cost Cutters and they seriously fucked up the back of it.

AK went first. SL fixed the cut and then dyed her hair. While AK's hair dye was setting in SL dyed my hair. I'm so glad she did it for me. She used to be a professional beautician so I trusted her completely. She even helped me rinse it out, which was really nice of her. She put in the conditioner too. How awesome is that? When my hair was dry SL asked me if she could cut about a quarter inch off my hair just to get of the split ends. I of course said yes. It's not like she wanted to take two inches off so it was all good.

While all of this was going on Master and the other guys were outside talking while SL, AK and myself sat inside doing a "salon" type thing and chit chatting like you would in a hair salon. It was awesome.

My hair turned out fantastic. It's darker, like I wanted, but not too dark. Master loves it as well, thankfully. As a thank you Master ran to the store and got SL some more beer. We went inside to eat dinner and then immediately came back outside to hang out in the nice weather.

Now we're back in for the night and get to spend some alone time with one another. We don't even have the air conditioner on! It's a bloody miracle!

July 6, 2012

Hit The Ground Running

Today was one of those non-stop running days.

I got up at 6:30am to take the dog out. Normally when I'm off of work, once I get the dog back inside I try to go back to sleep. I laid down and I couldn't stop tossing and turning. I was bothering Master as He had rolled over and told me to stop fidgeting. I had a feeling that I wasn't going to be able to get back to sleep so I just got up instead. About a half hour later I decided to take the car down to the gas station. I had to buy gas, coolant and oil. That wasn't exactly cheap. Gas prices just had to go up two days before my paycheck hit. I hate if when that happens.

I got back to the apartment and Master was still sleeping. I had set the alarm and it had a couple of hours until it went off. I tried laying down on the couch to get a little bit more sleep rather than trying to lay down in bed and Master being bothered. He hasn't been sleeping well and the last thing I want to do is make it harder for Him to sleep comfortably. But of course, I still couldn't fall asleep.

So I just stayed up. I watched Divorce Court on You Tube until the alarm went off. The alarm didn't wake Master so I went into the bedroom, turned the alarm off and gently woke Him. He nuzzled me a little bit and I gave Him a hug.

After His shower we had to leave. The dog had a vet appointment today. So we took him down there to get his distemper shot and his yearly physical. He took his shot well and they said he's perfectly healthy. On the way out they decided to weigh him again as when they did it the last time he wouldn't sit still. The reading at that time was 72lbs. Well today he sat really nice on the scale. Yeah. It was a bit off. He's 80lbs. The doctor said that he needed to loose weight. He told us to cut back on his food.

Once the vet appointment was done we took our dog back home and headed right back out again. I had a doctor appointment at 1pm and we had a couple of stops to make on the way out there. We stopped at Walmart to look at TVs and to look for some sandals for me. The TVs within our price range weren't anything I wanted to we'll be waiting on that. They also did not have any sandals I wanted. So that was a bust. But they did have a Subway inside so Master grabbed some lunch. After that we went to Best Buy. Again, they didn't have what we wanted. Ugh. So those two stops were bust.

At my shrink appointment I told him that I don't really like the side effects of my second medication, especially the drastic decrease in my sex drive. He looked back at my file and saw that we had added the second medication shortly after I was on the full dose of my first medication. The first medication is one of those drugs that have to build up in your system. Perhaps my original complaints that lead to the second medication was just because there wasn't enough of the first medication in my system. So he is giving me a trial period to only be on the first medication. He doesn't want to put me on another medication unless I absolutely need it. So, I'm back down to one medication. Hopefully for good.

When my appointment was done we came back home for two hours. At that time we ran down to visit my dad for a couple of hours. I drove us home and on the way decided I would just knock out some errands right away so I didn't have to deal with it all tomorrow. So I dropped Master off at home and then went to K-Mart to buy new trash cans and soda (the soda was on a really good sale). Then a stop at Pick N Save to buy our neighbors the beer they like because they had bought Master some Jack Blacks. I then had to make another stop at the gas station. Finally I was able to go home and stay there. Master came out to the car and helped me bring everything in. After that we sat outside with our neighbors and gave them their beer. They were really grateful and kept telling us that we didn't have to do that.

Now we're in for the night. Tomorrow SL is going to dye my hair. I had tried to dye it not that long ago and it just didn't turn out the way I thought it would. I want to dye it a darker brown and SL used to be a beautician so she offered to dye it for me as long as I bought the hair dye. No problem there! I can't wait.

July 5, 2012

Rain Damn It!

Today was hotter than yesterday. It reached 106° today. That is fucking bullshit. They have been saying it's supposed to rain for the past two weeks. Each time it's only been a 30% chance of rain but still. Ugh.

Eventually it dropped to the low 90's and we were sick of sitting in the apartment so we poked our heads outside. Shortly there after a couple of our neighbors came out. So we sat around talking. We just got inside and Master is currently in the shower washing the bug spray off. We have learned to not sit outside at night without bug spray on. That reminds me, we have to buy more.

Tomorrow is going to be somewhat busy. We have the vet appointment in the morning and my shrink appointment in the early afternoon. After that it's whatever we feel like doing.

Originally I thought about hitting the mall but then I was thinking about it and fuck that. I don't want to go to the mall. None of the stores ever have what I want. I see the things I want on their website but then I go into the store and either they don't have it all, it doesn't look like it did on their website, or they have it in sizes that are way too big for me.

Plus, it's not like I have to run out this weekend and buy stuff. I can do that whenever. I only really want to buy some new sandals and a few new summer dresses.

Master hasn't been sleeping well at all. My poor Husband. *sad face*

I'm on day three of my six day weekend. I wish it had been nicer out. But oh well. Not much can be done about it. At least I've been getting extra time with Master, which I have been loving by the way. After this six day weekend I'll have to behave myself and be at work when I'm supposed to be there. I can't play hooky all the time.

July 4, 2012


Well, today has been rather boring. Master and I aren't really into fireworks and parades so we never go to them. Not that it matters since they cancelled the fireworks here as it has been so dry and they don't want to start a fire with the damn things.

AK had been saying last night how annoyed she is with MM and his girlfriend. Since MM got evicted he has been wanting everyone to come to him, etc and so on and does a whole pity party each time. We understand that he is upset but in the end the eviction was his own fault, so yeah...

So she had been bitching about it most of the night. As a result both she and SL said that we should do something here at the apartment complex.

It's fucking hotter than hell outside. Seriously. We're not built for this kind of heat. Well, SL decided to go to her son's house since it has a pool. And AK, for all her complaining last night, ended up going over to MM's place. We were invited as well but we are also annoyed with MM so we decided to decline. We were a bit frustrated due to all of what AK had said last night and she had said we would hang out here. Either way it's outside.

So I simply sent a text to AK saying that if she wants to hang out when she gets home just let us know. I kind of think that Master is regretting turning down the offer to go to MM's place, since there is really nothing going on here. But on the other hand, maybe He's not as we would have had to deal with MM's girlfriend's five young children and it wouldn't be so bad if she didn't let them walk all over her. They aren't disciplined at all and do whatever they want. So five kids running around screaming while the mom acts like it's perfectly okay for them to do so and to be constantly interrupting everyone talking.. that doesn't sound like a good time that's for damn sure.

My brother called today and wanted to know if he could stay at our place for a night or two starting tomorrow. He just wanted to come up and hang out. I told him that this wasn't the best week. Yes, I know I have an extended weekend. But if he were to sleep over tomorrow night it would be hectic in the morning and he'd basically have to leave as soon as everyone got up. Friday morning we have a vet appointment for our dog to get his yearly physical and his distemper shot. Almost immediately after that I have my shrink appointment.

Once all the medical stuff is out of the way Master and I wanted to go bumming around. Saturday we are taking our dog to the groomer's to get a bath. He's too big to bathe at home anymore. So Saturday will be his first grooming. They said it'll take an hour and a half to two hours. Well Master and I don't like the idea of just dropping him off and picking him back up so we'll be at the store waiting. After the groomer's I don't think we have any plans. Who knows though.

Either way it just was too busy the next couple of days to have my brother come up so I told him we'd shoot for sometime in August instead.

July 3, 2012

Power Couple

The other night we were sitting outside talking with one of our neighbors and we were talking about relationships for some reason. I forgot how we got on the topic. I think it was because one of our former neighbor's is in a fucked up relationship or some such thing. When suddenly AK said, "You guys are like a power couple." I laughed, looked at her and asked, "Why do you say that?" Her response was, "You two are basically the same person, just different genders."

Master and I have said that time and time again to one another and it's really nice to know that other people view us that way as well. She is the first person to say it to us. I don't know if other people have thought it and have just not said anything, but it was really cool to hear that out loud and it wasn't one of us saying it. 

Tonight we were outside for a little while and because mosquitoes love us for some reason Master went back in to grab the bug spray. He put some on Himself and then sprayed me down. We both hate the way bug spray feels but it's better than being eaten alive and scratching the hell out of yourself for the next few days.

When we decided to come in I knew that Master would hop in the shower to get the bug spray off so I figured that I would just hop in after Him to take my nightly shower. As Master was undressing He told me to just hop in the shower with Him.

So I did. He rinsed off and then grabbed my bath poof. He washed every part of me and took His time doing so. That is so damn relaxing. He put the bath poof back and asked me which shampoo I wanted to use. I told Him which one and He washed my hair. Again, a very relaxing experience. Once I was all squeaky clean and smelling good He rinsed off one more time and hopped out of the shower so I could shave and wash my face.

I thanked Him several times for that. He told me that I haven't had that in a long time. Which is true, but He only does it when I've been really good and He feels I've deserved it. Plus He doesn't do it all that often because He wants to keep it as a special treat, which it is.

July 2, 2012

Carpool Decisions

Yes, this post is about work. Yes, you can skip it if you want. And yes, I did say I wouldn't post very much about work but this time I just need to. So there.

For a while now the driver of our carpool has been talking about the possibility of moving. She said that if/when she moves she won't be doing the carpool anymore as she wouldn't be living in this city anymore. Well, we knew that if/when this happened I would have to take our car. One of the other people in the carpool doesn't own a car. The other person in our carpool isn't "allowed" to take his car as he shares it with his wife and apparently she bought it not that long ago and only put her name on it. As a result, she controls it. So he technically doesn't have a car either.

Well today she told me that she will not be doing the carpool any long as of the end of this month. So the week of the 30th I will have to take over the carpool.

I don't have many options. I know I could just take the car and not take the other two people to work. But then I'm stuck footing the entire bill as far as gas in the car goes. And trust me, it's not going to be cheap as our car doesn't get that great of gas mileage. And buying a newer car right now is pretty much out of the question.

So realistically my options are as follows:
Take the car and only drive myself.
  1.  Take the car and only drive myself.
  2. Take the car and take the other people to work as well.
  3. Try and find a job closer to home.
Taking the car and only driving myself would be easiest as far as just going to work and coming back home and not worrying about taking other people home or picking anyone up. But again, I'd be paying all the gas in the car.

With the second option I would at least get some gas money. Although, I have a feeling when I tell them what I'd be "charging" to play taxi they may not like it. It's going to be more than what the current driver of the carpool charges every month because her car got better gas mileage and she had three other people helping rather than just two. One of the people in the carpool recently moved and it's a little bit of a haul. It isn't a lot really but it takes at least 15 minutes to get down there and then have to double back to get onto the interstate because the on ramps down there are closed due to ongoing construction. They've been closed for at least three months now. So I could cut him out of the carpool but then I get less gas money per month. 

The third option is tempting as I would love a job closer to home. But it's hard trying to find a job that is not only closer to home but pays equal to what I'm making now and I literally just got that raise. And it would have to have good benefits as well.  And what happens if there is a waiting period to get on their insurance? Lets say I have to wait 90 days before I can join up on that. How do I get my medication without paying a shitload? Not to mention it's rough starting off from the beginning again. I've got three years in where I'm at now. Going back to being low man on the pole wouldn't be easy. It'd be rather frustrating actually.

So now I have about three weeks to figure out exactly what I'm going to do. If anything I'll start off doing the carpool either with or without that second person. As that goes I may start to figure out whether or not it's even worth the pay I'm getting to drive there and back every day. At that point I would know whether or not I should start looking for a new job.

That's the only thing I can think of doing that makes sense right now.

July 1, 2012


During the day yesterday I was kind of ticked off about my cell phone. The back of the case on it kept falling off. When I bought the phone I bough a case and holster combo. Well, the cell phone doesn't fit in the holster without the case. It's a touch screen phone and I hate not having a holster/pouch for my cell phone. Well, I called the cell phone place where I bought the phone and they said they can only replace it for the same item and they don't sell that item anymore. So I went to a store that was closer to home and bought a new case (which is rather stylish) and a new pouch for it. I didn't think it would fit in the holster anymore as the case was different. When I got home I found out I was wrong and it does fit in the holster. Master told me to keep the pouch just in case though.

Last night Master and I went over to our former neighbor's girlfriend's house. Hopefully you can follow that. One of our neighbors that we really got along with was evicted, unfortunately. Since that time he's kind of been couch hopping. Lately he's been staying at his girlfriend's house. Well, she had gone to a concert last night and said it was okay for us to go and hang out with him while she was gone. So off we went. The night started off great. We sat around for a while talking and then ate dinner. It was another grill out. We seem to be doing that a lot since we made friends with our neighbors. Not that it's a bad thing. As the night progressed some of the people there departed because they had to go to work early the next morning. A few hours later and it was just the five of us.

MM, SL, AK, Master and myself. MM is the one who got evicted. As the sun started to go down MM decided to break out some fireworks. Master is a bit of a pyro. He loves it when we sit around talking around a fire and He absolutely loves fireworks. He was like a kid in a candy store.

They started off small. Then got a little bigger. They had the kind of fireworks that you put in a mortar and set off. Then when they shoot up they spark like fireworks you see at an actual fireworks show. They had shot off about three of them. When the fourth one was set off the mortar tipped over. Holy shit! It was aimed right at MM. Thankfully Master has incredibly fast reflexes and was able to knock it the other way. There was no time to try and set it back upright without putting Himself in immediate danger. The firework went off, hit the dirt part of the garden and went off. Nothing burned, nothing was damaged.

The night went on and everything was fine and we continued to have fun.

Well late this morning I got a text from MM saying that his girlfriend said him and Master are grounded. Why? Because apparently she didn't want fireworks done last night. That's not our fault or our problem. Nothing was damaged and no one was hurt.

So I simply texted back that his girlfriend can't ground my Husband. We had a good laugh about it.