March 19, 2009


We're waiting on quite a few things at this point.

Let's see here. Master does have to work tomorrow, so needless to say He isn't happy about that. Then we have our anniversary on Saturday and we have errands to run that day. So I'm excited about it being our anniversary. The errands? Those are just necessary.

Then Monday my new job starts. Sunday? We have no idea what we're doing that day, if anything.

Also Master's XBOX  Elite system is on it's way back to us, but we have no idea when it's being dropped off at this point. UPS isn't giving an estimation on that yet. Which sucks because it requires a signature and I seriously doubt it'll be here by the end of the day tomorrow. So that means we'll probably both be at work and have to make arrangements to pick it up. *sigh*

Also I ordered a new messenger bag, and that has been shipped as well. Only that's coming through Fed Ex and again I have no idea when it's getting here. The messenger bag Master had is some what old and there are tears in the leather. The one I had? Well, that's just beat to hell. So I found one online that I really liked. I used my old one as something to carry my work stuff in and my lunch. So that's basically what I plan on using my new one for. Just to carry things with me back and forth to work. I love messenger bags. You can fit a lot of stuff into them.

We also found out that our state taxes are finally going to be deposited into the account on the 23rd (the day I start my new job). It's about damn time. Fuckers. This is almost two months after I filed. They take their sweet as time when they pull it for review.

After Master got home we basically just relaxed, ate dinner, and watched a movie. That movie "Sex Drive" is hilarious! Now He is reading a book and He looks pretty tired. :-( Poor Master.

So not a lot to report, but I just felt like doing a quick post.

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