March 29, 2009

Almost The End

It's almost the end of March. So March Question & Answer Month is almost over with. But I have a few more questions to answer. :-)

What do you think is the difference between a masochist, bottom, submissive and slave?
I know a lot of people just go by a group definition, and honestly my opinions don't always match that. But I'll try to give a short description of what I think each is.

Masochist: To me this is just someone who enjoys receiving pain on some level. They don't necessarily have to be a bottom or a sub or a slave. Hell. I've heard of Doms/Masters/Mistresses who are masochists.

Bottom: A bottom to me is someone who is submissive only in certain situations. The first thing that comes to mind for me when I hear this, is someone who is only submissive in the bedroom, and even then it is not full submission.

Submissive: Someone who defers most things to the one who they have given most control over to. However they still hold the "power" to say no, to pick and choose when they will and will not submit or defer to their Owner.

Slave: They hand all things over to their Owner. However, of course, they still have to option to say "Fuck this I don't want it anymore." Why? Because thinking other wise.. thinking that a slave can never leave.. is a fantasy. I am Master's slave, however I could leave Him if I needed to or wanted to. Thankfully such a situation has never risen where I have felt that need or want, and I'm hoping it never will.

How do you (yourself or as a couple with your Master) explain/define the in-equality in a D/s relationship. How you (as the sub) are not equal with your Master (perhaps “lower”) yet you are not less of a person or less important, yet again you are sill not equal with/to him.
This is a bit difficult to explain. But I'll do my best.

I do not see myself as less of a person as Master, just as He does not see me as a lesser person. I usually define it mainly in the Alpha/Beta terms. He is the Alpha, and I am His Beta. I am not lesser of a person, I just have a different role in the pack. The roles (as all roles) are very different and can be viewed as "not equal" to the other's role.

My role in the pack is to take care of my Alpha, and to follow His lead. His role is to lead and to take care of His Beta. It is His role to protect the pack, however the Beta also has a part in this duty. The Beta must also know how to take care of one's self and how to make decisions when the Alpha is not with the pack. (In other words, if Master is not reachable because He is at work or something along those lines, I must be able to do things without His direct guidance.)

That's all I can really think of to say on this subject right now.

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