March 11, 2009

10 Short Days

Ten short days until our anniversary. It's hard to believe in a way, but there is the ticker telling me it is true. And the ticker doesn't lie. *giggles*

Master's week is not going well. :-( He has to work Sunday. Saturday we won't really be able to relax because we have to go to His mother's. And whenever that happens He sits on pins and needles that whole day until it's over.

Master asked me what sort of jobs He should look into once He is ready to move on from the company He is currently with. So I started a list after I got off the phone with Him. I also redid His resume. I didn't realize that His original resume wasn't done on Word. It was saved as a rich text file, which makes the formatting all wonky and fucked up. Not very professional looking, ya know?

He wants something with a set schedule and I don't blame Him at all. The way His job works a schedule is as follows.

1. Go into work at the time they tell you to.

2. Do your job and keep checking with the supervisor to see if anything else needs to be done once you have accomplished whatever task(s) they originally sent you on.

3. Repeat until they tell you to go home. There is no guaranteed end time.

4. Upon being told to go home find out what time you should come in the next day.


He never knows what days He is going to have off. Typically speaking He has the weekends off, but then something like what is going on Sunday pops up. And so then He only has one day off, unless things are slow enough that they decide He doesn't have to come in one day during the week.

We are pretty spontaneous people, but we still do like making plans from time to time. So if we make plans there is a big chance we may have to cancel them if they tell Him to come in, or if they call Him. (Every other week He is on call.)

I'm trying to be supportive, but I'm not sure what to say sometimes. I wish there was a magic wand I could wave and go *poof!* "Here is your dream job with a good salary, a strict schedule, and weekends off!".

And while I have the magic wand, I'm gonna splurge.

*poof!* A brand new car! (A Dodge Charger to be exact with a 6 CD changer, moon roof, and a lifetime warranty.)

*poof!* A condo that is paid off! (In a nice neighborhood.)

*poof!* The winning lottery ticket, from the lottery that we don't play! (Don't ask me how that happened, I have no clue.)

*poof!* All of our debt is gone! (We've made a dent in it, but of course, there is still some there.)

And just for Master...

*poof!* A large flat screen television with surround sound, two XBOX 360 Elites in case one breaks down, and a huge entertainment center large enough to fit all of that stuff in it!

*looks around* Fuck. It didn't work.

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