March 18, 2009

All Work And No Play..

.. makes Kitten a dull girl.

However, on the flip side of that... all play and no work makes Kitten have cabin fever. *nods*

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving being at home for these past two weeks. It feels like I have shaken off the shackles of my former job. I'm not as grumpy, I'm not as tired, and I'm not so damn snappish. Ugh. I hate being snappish. It makes me feel like a bitch, and not in the good "Bend me over I'm your bitch" way. More in the, "Wow, I'm being a real bitch right now" way. And I hate it. Not only does it get me in trouble with Master, but it makes me feel like... I don't know how to describe it. It makes me feel like I'm somebody else.

Yes. I can be a bitch, and I enjoy being a bitch sometimes. But not to the people I really care about, like Master and my family. When I start being a bitch to them I feel like a shrew. And feeling like a shrew is not something I enjoy. It makes me feel like I'm about three inches tall, and damnit I'm short enough at 5ft1. Also I'm loving the fact that when Master is home I get to spend a lot of time with Him. It's wonderful! Although with my new job I'll have weekends off, so I'll have more time with Him then too. Not to mention the fact that I won't be getting out at 7pm anymore. I'll be getting out at the latest, around 5pm. It's amazing how much two hours can change your outlook on things like that.

I feel like my mood as improved now that I'm not being yelled at by customers every day, and taking calls that last over 80 minutes, and worrying if my stats are good enough or if I'm going to have a supervisor stopping at my desk and only focusing on my last batch of stats rather than the damn near flawless record I had since I had been hired. Fuckers. Okay, enough about that place. I never have to deal with that place again once I get that damn 401k bullshit figured out.

But I am also somewhat anxious to get to my new job and start finding my groove within that job. And yes, Master and I have left the apartment to do errands and to visit people, but for some reason I still feel like I have a bit of cabin fever. I think that is because I am anxious to start the new job. Until I start it I have this constant stream of, "I wonder what it's going to be like" going on.

But I know me, even if I do love my new job and it's not as stressful as my last one there is going to be a point where I'm gonna be like "I wanna break now." *laughs* Figures doesn't it? But hey, I get personal days and vacation days, so it won't be that big of a deal.

Today I'm doing more laundry. Master wanted His regular clothes washed, and I needed to wash some of my work clothes. Also Master has decided that He wants me to get some summer clothes soon. New skirts, new dresses, etc. He also mentioned shorts. I hate shorts. I would much rather wear a skirt. Why? Eh. Shorts just aren't that comfortable to me. Because of my height they usually don't stop at the part of the thigh I would like them to. They are usually to long or to short. (I can hear Master now, "To short?! There is no such thing you crazy woman!") And even if we take an old pair of my jeans and cut them into shorts, those stupid little frayed ends always drive me nuts. Gah! And I'm no seamstress.

In the summer if I'm not wearing a tank top and jeans, I would much rather wear a cute top and a cute skirt. *shrugs* I'm fucking weird, I know.

Plus I normally hate clothes shopping, which is why when His mother, or my mother offer to get me work clothes I'm all for it! Yay! I don't have to go clothes shopping! I always feel like I'm taking to long and annoying Master, or I can't quite find something I want, or if I do find something I want I get sticker shock and then I'm all, "Are you fucking kidding me?! I'm not paying that for a shirt/pair of jeans/etc." And Master is sitting there going, "Would you just buy it already?"

Poor Master.

I do the same thing with shoe shopping. I am very picky about my shoes, both when it comes to price and looks. For instance it took me the entire time Master was in the electronics department (and trust me, He can get lost in there) to find a new pair of boots for work that I liked and didn't scoff at the price about. My shopping habits are weird. So usually, when I buy clothes I wear them until they just aren't wearable anymore. I mean I don't go around looking like a bum or anything, but I have a pair of jeans from about 10 years ago still. And they fit, and they are comfortable, and they aren't torn to hell.

Today when Master gets home He wants me to run to the video store and drop off the movies we had rented and see if there is anything worth while. This should prove to be interesting since normally when we rent movies, He picks them out.

I don't know if thise post started with any real point, but oh well. *smiles*

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