March 22, 2009

Last Day

Last night Master had me keep the outfit on that He had me model. You can find some of the pictures on His blog.

We watched some movies before eventually heading off to bed. We had great sex and He allowed me to cum several times before using me for His pleasure only. We were exhausted afterward, so we curled up and fell asleep.

We actually got to sleep in today. Master hasn't been sleeping very well lately, so I'm glad that He caught up on some sleep. Once we were up Master took His shower and had me make a few phone calls that I needed to make. I called our friend L who had left us a voice mail yesterday to wish us a happy anniversary, so I wanted to thank him for that. I then called B and basically reminded him that I start my new job tomorrow. See, B is the one that takes me to work, and thankfully even though I am starting at 8am and he doesn't start until about 8:30am, he is still willing to take me in. So that works great! However Master and I are setting aside some funds so we can start saving up for a second car.

I felt funny most of the day. Just sort of light feeling you know? I told Master about it and He said it is probably because I'm just a bit nervous since I am starting my new job tomorrow. And I am a bit nervous, but I'm also very excited. I already wrote up the directions for Master so He can pick me up.

It sounds like tomorrow is mainly going to be doing new hire paper work and orientation. But who knows, I may get some actual job training as well. We'll see what happens.

We pretty much stayed at home today. I start my new job tomorrow and it sounds like Master is going to have a rough week at work, so we just decided it would be best to just stay home and relax. So we had pizza delivered for dinner and we've mainly been just watching movies today.

Soon (Tuesday) I'll have my new messenger bag and on Wednesday Master will have His game system back as well. He hasn't been as cranky without it as I thought He was going to be. But I know He misses coming up from work and blowing shit up on His XBOX 360 to unwind and let out some frustration from the work day.

It's been a really nice and relaxing weekend. I have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning, which is going to be slightly difficult. And Master has to get up by 7am. So we need to actually get to bed at a decent hour tonight.

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