August 31, 2009

Piercings Update

In a comment, Hawkeye had asked me how I feel about my piercings, now that they are almost fully healed.

Well, lets start with the VCH piercing shall we, as that is fully healed and has been for some time. I do have to say that it is a lot of fun. It makes me more sensitive. Not like "Oh my gods don't touch me!" sensitive.. it just adds a bit of oomph to it I guess. Sometimes it gets a little sore if it is rubbed frequently, and roughly for an extended period of time, depending on our position(s) during sex. But it's really no different then my clit getting sore due to the same things. So I can't really think of a down side to this piercing. I love it. I'm not really sure what other kind of jewelry I'd want to put there besides the banana barbell. I do not want a hoop there. I'd be to afraid of it getting caught on something.

So while it was an idea that pretty much came out of the blue, I'm very glad that Master allowed me to get it. It's easy to care for, and I love the look of it, not to mention the extra sensations I receive because of it.

On to the nipple piercings..

I've had both of my nipples pierced before. But the piercer had used inferior jewelry and had pierced them to high on my nipple, so my body had started to reject them.

These aren't really new to me, in that aspect. But I do love that they make my nipples more sensitive. My nipples have always been pretty sensitive, so the added sensations from the piercings can be a bit much from time to time. This has more to do with temperature then anything else. For instance, at work we had the central air on pretty high one day, and of course, when a girl gets cold her nipples get hard. Well it seemed like the cold went into the jewelry and sort of radiated through my nipple and breast that way. It was a very odd sensation, and hurt a little bit. I'll have to remember that for the winter months. But then again the nipple piercings are not fully healed. They are healed enough to not cause me any problems, but it will be a while before they have "toughened up" so to speak.

The only down side really to the nipple piercings is that when I wear a mesh outfit, they sometimes get stuck in the holes of the outfit. That part sucks, because when I'm trying to take it off, or move it, it will snag and hurt. It doesn't hurt a lot, but enough to get my attention. Not to mention the fact the thought of ripping out the piercings scares the hell out of me. *OWIE!* So I am more careful when it comes to things like that.

Master had mentioned the other day that He sometimes misses my eyebrow piercing. I was honestly surprised by that because when we were first dating He didn't like it. Apparently it grew on Him. I had to take it out because of a job I got and instead of putting it in when I wasn't at work, I just left it out and it has healed over.

He asked me if I am allowed to have facial piercings at my current job. I said I wasn't sure because while I have seen some girls with nose piercings, and even a few lip piercings, they either have very small delicate jewelry in them or they have the clear jewelry in.

I'm not sure who to ask at my job, without getting a really weird look. I wouldn't mind having my eyebrow pierced again. It would be my left eyebrow, like the last time... at least that is the one I would like to have done. I really did love that piercing. If they do allow it I wonder if Master would like me to get it done again, once we have the money to do so.

I think part of my current obsession with the piercings is due to the fact that I can't afford the tattoos I want currently. So the piercings are like a quick fix to my body modification addiction. Not that I don't enjoy the piercings, because I do... but I favor tattoos over piercings. If you gave me the decision between the two, getting a tattoo would win hands down.

August 29, 2009


Today we kept pretty busy. We went into our storage unit in the basement and dug around down there. Master was originally looking for three paint ball guns that He had down there, but we didn't find them. Then again a few years ago it looked like someone had broken into our storage unit, so maybe that's what they stole. *shrugs* Hard to tell. It's mainly a lot of empty boxes down there anyway.

We did find a huge box of porno on VHS. We don't own a VCR anymore, so we took those to a local porn shop and sold them. We didn't get a lot for them, but we used the money to go to the movies. We saw Halloween 2.

Hence the blog post title.

When I was a teenager I had seen every Halloween movie, excluding the third one because it had nothing to do with Michael Myers.

Anyway, due to my knowing what the original series was about, it is sometimes hard for me to let go of those "facts" when I watch the remakes. But really, the movie wasn't bad. Some of it didn't make a lot of sense to me, but hey.... that's Rob Zombie for you. You know.. the guy who sings about educated horses. Yeah. That guy.

After the movie, we came home and I talked to my mom for a little bit. My brother is going through a rough time right now. He lost his job and so his girlfriend is riding his ass, and lording it over his head that she is now the sole bread winner. So she does whatever the hell she wants and leaves him at home with their two young children, my nephews, all the time. Now where as yes, he is the father, everyone needs a break from time to time. But she comes home and basically ignores him and tells him to take care of the kids while she relaxes.

I feel for him. My brother is 24 years old, but due to some problems with his birth, he has never been at the mental capacity of his age. He's a nice guy, really he is, but it's just the facts of what life has dealt him. So my mom was telling me about that, and some things about my aunt, and then my grandfather... geeze. It seems like everyone in my family is going through rough financial times.

Really I shouldn't be surprised. For some reason that's how it always has been. Everyone in my family is going through financial stress in one form or another.

My brother lost his job. My dad is the only one working in his household. His girlfriend doesn't, and neither do her two adult children. My mother and her husband are unemployed. My grandfather is on a fixed income, and has been very ill lately. My uncle got his hours cut at work. My aunt just had her adult son move back home because he dropped out of college.


We're all just trying to get by.

Oh, and another thing that had been bothering me.

Yesterday, at work, my coworker noticed that I seemed a bit stressed. I told her that Master's unemployment had been denied. So she told me that god was testing me.

This was one of those... last straw type situations. I sit right next to her at work. She is a very religious woman. And no, that doesn't bother me. Until she starts saying shit like that.

Her and I had this talk shortly after I started working there. She had handed me a bible and told me to read a favorite passage of hers. I handed the book back to her and said, "No thank you." She asked me why. I told her that I am not a christian. That is not my path.

Well, since that time she has been saying little things like this to me, almost every day. "God is testing you."

"Seek God."

"Have a blessed day."

So yesterday I looked at her and I said, "Listen, I don't mind that you are very spiritual. I can respect that. But if you tell me to seek god one more time I'm going to our supervisor. Talking about religion in the work place is not appropriate, and I don't appreciate it. I have my faith, you have yours. Let's leave it that, shall we?"

She gave me this look like, "You wouldn't!"

I just shook my head and went back to my work. I have no problem going to our supervisor about this. I've told her repeatedly that it makes me uncomfortable. So it's not like I haven't tried to handle it myself.

Sometimes I just want to shake her and go, "I'm not going to wait for some invisible man to take care of my life, I have to do this myself!"

And that's exactly how I feel. I have faith, it's just not the kind she talks about. I don't think there is this being that is going to answer all of my prayers. I don't believe that if I just sit back and wait, that all I want and/or need is going to be provided.

It's like that old saying, "You can't help those who won't help themselves."

You have to do this. Not someone else.

I pray, I meditate,  and I seek guidance. But I don't expect things to be handed to me. I pray, I meditate, and I seek guidance so that I can make better decisions or perhaps be pointed in the right direction. But I don't pray and then sit back and wait. Action is required on my part, and I know this.

August 28, 2009

Yay! Down Time!

Work went pretty well today, although it dragged ass. Master received a decision in the mail today regarding His unemployment. He was denied because although He quit due to concerns with the equipment.. they claim He did not give them adequate time for the employer to correct the problems. Mother fuckers... there shouldn't be a need to give employers time to fix equipment that's been down hill for however fucking long. They should be keeping on top of it! So we are going to file an appeal on their decision. I had a small feeling this would happen. I have a feeling His former employer acted like all their shit is up to par.. and this was a freak accident. Um, no. Wrong!

*deep breath*

Master picked me up from work. We had dinner and then went to a bar that we like, and is cheap. We each had two drinks and then came back home. I immediatley took my bath and put on some lingerie. Now we're just kind of trying to unwind.

We might be going to see Halloween 2 (the remake) tomorrow. I'm undecided about it. I've seen all of the original Halloween movies, except for 3 because that had nothing to do with the rest of the series, and ... wow... Rob Zombie really fucked it up. But in an odd way, it's also entertaining (unlike his other movies).

But seriously... can that man stop putting his bitch in all of his movies?! Damnit, if the woman can't have an acting career without you.. there is a fucking reason! Gah!

Mini rant over.

My left ankle is really bothering me tonight for some reason. I think I may have twisted it or something. It doesn't look swollen, but man is it sore.

I'm going to have to get up at 5:30am on Monday, so BC can get to his job on time. Oh well, I'll be tired.. but it'll be overtime at least. Also, I'm hoping to be able to stay late next Friday as well. We could use the money. I'll probably stay only an hour or two late.. but it's something.

Ugh. Okay now the pain in my ankle is starting to shoot up my leg. Ow. This sucks.

I don't have a lot to say tonight. I'm hoping to get some lengthy posts done this weekend that I just haven't had the energy to do this week. Not to mention I've been tired all fucking week. I think it may be weather related. It's been rainy most of the week. Normally that energizes me, but when it is off and on, or feels like is going to rain or storm and then doesn't.. it plays hell with my joints and energy levels.

So I think I'll go stretch out my leg and read or watch Master play His game.

August 27, 2009

My Caveman

That is what I call Master, from time to time. Actually.. I call Him that quite a bit. He doesn't mind it. I almost wonder if He enjoys that nickname. Last night after I was done online, and had read a book for a little while I curled up on my slave mat and was watching Master play a video game.

At some point in time I apparently passed out. The next thing I remember is Master gently lifting me from my slave mat and me clutching at my pillow to bring it with me while also trying to wrap my arms around Him. He carried me to the bedroom, slowly lowered me onto the bed and told me to get comfortable. Shortly there after He also climbed into bed and curled up tight to me. It was so sweet of Him. I was telling one of my coworkers about it this morning and she said, "Aw, that's so romantic." And I just smiled and said, "That's my Caveman." She gave me a weird look and I said, "If you knew my Husband, it would make sense. Trust me."

She then complained about how her husband would never do that. He would just leave her on the couch sleeping. *shrugs* I just told her it's easy for Master to do because He's a foot and three inches taller then I am. *giggles*

Work went well today. We had a meeting and we are implementing a few new procedures that are slowing down my production for a little while. But once I get used to the new procedures I'll be flying through my work as usual.

Master picked me up from work, and we made a quick stop at the grocery store and then had brats for dinner. Yummy!

Oh! And before I forget, Master is looking for a little help over on His blog... check it out.. and if you have any info please comment on His post!

So far tonight, we've watched two episodes of America's Got Talent and Master has played some video games. That's been about it. A headache is starting to creep it's way into my left temple. *sigh* Thanks to the weather being all over the damn place, I've been having a lot of headaches and my shoulders and lower back are reacting to the rain and pressure fronts. I'm looking forward to the weekend. We don't have anything planned, but I just need a couple of days to relax and unwind with my mate.

Due to my headache, I think I'm going to cut this short before I make it worse.

August 26, 2009

My Review.. Finally

My review was at 9:30am. My supervisor said that he is very pleased with my work, that I am extremely accurate and my productivity is very high for someone who has never done data entry before. He was very pleased with my performance overall as well. He said, "I hope you really like your job here, because I'm hoping you want to stick around for quite some time."

That is the highest compliments I have ever received for a review at any of my jobs. Rock on! I also got a $0.35 per hour raise. Yay! I called Master shortly after it was done and He said congrats.

Today my job had rented out a deck for the Brewers game. Master and I went. I don't like sports, but I thought maybe the game would be more interesting in person. I was wrong. Master and I were pretty bored. So by the beginning of the 3rd inning, we went home.

I already took my shower, and have on some lingerie. It's only 9pm.

I'm glad that we left when we did. If we would have stayed for the whole game I probably would be a lot more sore than I am now, not to mention tired. Two more days, and then it is the weekend.

I'm getting five vacation days at the end of next month, since that will me my 6 month mark. So I scheduled to have off a day in October as a "reward" to myself. I'm half tempted to schedule off two in a row, but I want to strech the vacation days out. I'll get another five days at my one year mark. But then that's it until my 2 year anniversary. I'll have to talk to Master about it and see what He thinks.

August 25, 2009

Excited & Nervous

Well today when I got to work I was hoping to see an e-mail telling me when my review was going to happen. I'm the last person, out of the people waiting for one, to receive it. As it turned out, again there was no e-mail.

I went through the work day hoping that I would get it.

My supervisor had come over by my cubicle to see if he could steal any of my work because another member of our department had run out. While he was there, I asked him if he had any news regarding my review.

I figured he was already there, so why not ask. He told me he had received an e-mail from HR saying that all of their paperwork was now finalized and we could proceed. He said that he was hoping to get it done this afternoon, but he had a meeting with our business manager regarding our move so he would get back to me.

Well once 3pm rolled around I had a pretty good feeling that my review wasn't happening today, since I get out at a little after 4:30pm. And I was right. However, I did receive an e-mail from my supervisor saying that my review is in the HR office tomorrow at 9:30am! Yay! Finally, no more waiting.

I know I've been going a little batshit from this whole review thing. My 90 days were up in June. It's now the end of August. So yes, I was a little anxious. Plus I don't mind waiting for something, as long as I know when it is going to happen. This whole not knowing when thing is what was really driving me nuts. But now I know, and tomorrow it'll all be done with.

I'll find out what my supervisor thinks of my work so far, what I need to improve on, what my coworkers had to say about me, and most importantly.... how much my raise is. *grins*

I'm sure you'll all very happy that I'll finally know as of tomorrow morning. I have a feeling my readers are sick of hearing about it. I'm sorry.

Master picked me up from work and we had dinner while He showed me His new video game, Arkham Asylum. He seems very pleased with it and it seems to be helping with His restlessness.

He was also kind enough to wash the bedding and change it out. Unfortunately He hurt His knee while going down to the basement, where the washer and dryer is. The steps to the basement are a bit uneven and His knee gave out and in doing so, caused His other knee to knock into the wall. Poor Master. :-(

Other then that not a lot is going on. My coworker, the one who took all those days off last week, has taken tomorrow off as well. *sighs* But oh well. Nothing can dampen my mood. I get my review tomorrow!

August 24, 2009

Slightly Disappointed

When Master and I went to bed last night, it was around midnight. He couldn't sleep and so stayed up until about 4am. I tried to sleep and thought about curling up with one of my teddy bears or tigers, but decided against it for some reason.

I guess I should have. Without Master to curl up to, or a stuffed animal, I was rather restless in my sleep. Regardless I got up when my alarm went off this morning and got ready for work.

Going by what my supervisor had told me last Friday, stating that I would probably have my review on Monday, I picked one of my nicer work outfits. I don't know why. Probably because I'd be under the scrutiny of my supervisor and the head of HR I guess. *shrugs*

BC picked me up and took me to work. He wasn't very talkative this morning, but he did remind me that he has to pick me up at a quarter to 6am next Monday. Blah.

I was hoping to log into my computer at work and find an e-mail waiting for me telling me when my review was. No such luck. No such e-mail showed up the whole day. So I was a bit disappointed. I decided against calling my supervisor to see where the progress was. There is a thin line between being a good employee who is checking up on the status of things, and an annoying employee who won't leave the supervisor alone. I had just talked to him about it on Friday, and he assured me he was only waiting on paperwork to go through HR. So I let it be.

Master picked me up from work and we went home, ate dinner, and I washed the bathroom towels. Master had done His own laundry and gone through some of His clothes, tossing out what doesn't fit anymore while I was at work.

While the towels were in the dryer Master had me go into the bedroom and sort through my clothes. I tossed out about two bags worth of clothing that either no longer fits, I don't wear anymore, or was worn out. Once all that was done we watched a movie, Fortress 2.

After the movie I took my bath and put on an outfit so I would look nice for Master. He is having me wear my glasses at home now. For a while He was letting me get away with just wearing them at work. Now, if I'm on the computer or reading a book at home, He wants me to have them on. So I leave one pair at work, and one pair at home.

Tomorrow I have to wash our bedding. I'm also hoping to have good news regarding my review. I've been at my job for 5 months now, as of this past Sunday. And, unlike my past jobs where I grew tired of them after my 90 days... I'm still enjoying my work. Yes, sometimes it is stressful due to the work load, but I love it there. And yes, I'm a little disappointed at not receiving my review yet, but there isn't much I can do about it. Small bumps in what I hope to be a long career.

I'm getting to a point in my life where I want to settle down at my job. I am sick of job hopping. The longest job I've had so far, is for two years. It was a shit job. I hated it. But I needed something, so I stayed.

From there I've mainly had jobs that I kept for about three to four months before finding something better and moving on. My last job, prior to my current one, I stayed for a year and a half. But I just couldn't take it anymore. Then it was like something spoke to me and said, "It is time to move on." And that is how I found my current job. A job that I am content at.

I think that biggest difference between my current job and all of my past ones is that all of my former jobs were customer service based on one level or another. At this one, I only have to do my job, and deal with my coworkers. And I'm loving it. I'm damn good at customer service, and I know this. But it is just not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Data entry, on the other hand, is something I am also very good at, and can easily see myself doing for a long time to come.

August 23, 2009

Mundane Sunday

Today Master and I had a pretty regular Sunday.

We got up and got ready. Shortly there after we were out the door. First we hit the ATM, then we went to a store to buy rabbit litter. After that we went grocery shopping, and then hit the gas station to get quarters for laundry.

Once we were back home Master put away the groceries and then we cleaned the rabbit cages. Once the rabbits were squared away and busy pushing their litter around, I started on laundry.

Master queued up some movies and we ate dinner. We watched "The Black Hole", "Superman Returns", along with the remake of "The Last House On The Left".

So yeah, it hasn't been a very eventful day. Master is still very restless. It seemed to leave Him, that restlessness, for a little while on Friday and part of Saturday. But now it appears to be back in full swing.

I'm hoping to get my review tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about it, although I know I've been doing my job well. I always get nervous when it comes to reviews. I don't know why. But we shall see what we shall see.

Other then that there isn't a lot going on. Master is waiting to hear back from unemployment regarding their decision as to whether or not He'll be getting benefits. I'm waiting on my review at work. I have to call the sheriff's department to see if we can make payments on that damn ticket He got from the accident at His former job.

I renewed the license plates on our car online. We should be getting the sticker soon. Paying $75.00 for a sticker never really made all that much sense. But hey, the state has to get their money somehow.

We also found out that cigarettes are going up another $1.75 per pack as of September 1st. Fuckers. I'm guessing it is another "sin" tax.

Master is talking about taking pictures of me while bound to the headboard. So that should prove to be interesting, especially if He can figure out the timer, and figure out how to get it to take a picture more than once.

It's already almost 11:30pm and I am not tired at all. Damn you insomnia. I have to be up by 6:45am. Master is not tired either, probably due to His restlessness rather then insomnia, which I think is the case with me.

August 22, 2009

Flittering Thoughts

*post updated because Master does not like the new name thing. He prefers initials. After reading the post I realized I eventually didn't know who I was talking about. So I have to agree that initials are easier.*

I don't know why I feel like doing two posts in one day. Maybe because I missed a post yesterday? Who knows.

This post is going to be pretty random, hence the title. You have been warned. ;-)

As I'm trying to post about people in our lives.. I find myself using their first initial. And until my last post that seemed to be working just fine. But then I realized that two of our friends have names that have the same first initial. Damn!

Also I'm not good at creating nicknames for them. The ones I use for them face to face are usually shortened versions of their first names. But then their first names would be easily determined, and for some reason I don't feel comfortable revealing that.

For instance, S and SS are two completely different people. Blah.

Now yes, I could just ya know... not blog about them. But sometimes this is what I feel like writing about. And where as I do blog a lot about submission, and sex... I also like to blog about the more mundane and boring things as well. My submission to Master doesn't stop outside of this apartment, and neither does my life. So these more "vanilla" situations pop up into my gray matter when I'm blogging.

I'll have to figure that part out.

*leaves for a moment*

Okay I'm back. Did you miss me?

I just finished creating a page for those of you who want to keep track of who the hell I'm talking about in my posts. People may be added as time goes by. The page is called "The Cast". Enjoy!

This will make posting so much easier!

Master and I talked about VH and SS quite a bit on and off through out today. SS, according to Master, has calmed down quite a bit over the years. He had lost contact with her for many years. We only got back in contact with her about six months ago. VH and Master had also lost contact, but we got back into frequent contact with her around the time that we got married. So around two years ago.

SS has calmed down and seemed to have more of a handle on her life. Where has VH is on a downward spiral, it would seem. And that downward spiral at first seemed to worry Master. He has tried talking with her, but she immediatley gets defensive and it doesn't seem to do any good. So now, her behavior just seems to disgust Him. I can't say that I blame Him at all. It not only disgusts me to a degree, it also irritates the living hell out of me. But VH is His god sister. So, in a way I feel like to we have to try and help her.

They grew up together. But on the other hand, the hand that likes to cut my losses early on, wants to say.... She's a grown woman and you can't help those who do not want to help themselves.

So we aren't sure what we want to do.

We had been hoping to just hang out with SS last night, because I'm still trying to get to know her and she's pretty fun to hang out with. So perhaps next time we'll make sure to hang out outside of Master's home town so VH will be less likely to show up.

Master and I saw District 9 today. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but it was interesting none the less. I'm glad that we went. :-) We then went out to dinner. When we got home I took my bath and put on an outfit so I would look nice for Master. Now Master is watching Monster Quest and another show on His Xbox 360.

Some of them interest me, and others do not. So now I'm here online just kind of flitting around.

Friday Fun

Yesterday Master had me take the car to work since I was going to be getting out at noon. He didn't need the car for anything, so it was just easier this way.

My coworker was actually there. *gasp* And she stayed the entire time! She got her review that day, which was somewhat disappointing because I hadn't received mine yet. So I called my supervisor to make sure I hadn't like, accidentally deleted the e-mail telling me when my review was. He said that he apologizes that it is taking so long, but because my review is for my 90 days.. it takes a little bit longer because there is extra paper work involved that HR is handling. But he said my review should either be on Monday or Tuesday! Yay!

I wasn't upset about it, just a little disappointed because I want to hear what my coworkers and my supervisor have to say about my work and also because I want to know how much of a raise I'm getting. I'm greedy that way.

I know there is that saying... "Good things come to those who wait." And I realize that, but I'm an impatient bitch. ;-)

After I got out of work Master and I sat at home and relaxed for a bit. We weren't meeting up with SS until about 6pm. But finally it was time to head out. We went to the restaurant where you could say Master and I technically had our first date.

I say technically because we were meeting up for the first time, as fuck buddies. It was actually supposed to be a one night stand. But before we hit the hotel, we went to this restaurant. This must be the longest one night stand in the history of mankind. After that first night we continued talking and fucking, and eventually discovered that we had feelings for one another and now here we are.

We joked about that most of the night.

Anyway. SS was a little late because there is so much construction on the interstate. She sat down and we were looking over the menus when V, Master's god sister showed up and Master groaned. We knew she would probably be at the bar we were going to after, but we didn't know she was coming to dinner.

The food was awesome! It's this nice Italian restaurant in Master's home town. Damn good food. And I absolutely loved the fact that we could hear the owner of the restaurant talking to one of his friends in Italian. That is such a beautiful language and oddly enough, it's soothing in a way. I'm not Italian or Sicilian. Not one inch of me is, but I love the languages.

So dinner goes kind of bumpy. We are all sitting there joking around and we are all picking on one another. And I mean everyone was tossing jokes, and some insults.. That's how we are with our friends. And when it came to V everyone was picking on her for being a bar slut basically. She got pissed off and told us we were making her feel bad.. blah blah blah. Well, um. When you are closing the bar every night you are there and keep asking to borrow people's cell phones so you can call one of the five guys you are fucking for a booty call... um.. yeah.

But it was okay if she tossed jokes and insults or picked on other people. So at one point she said, "Well at least I'm fucking the same people." Meaning that she wasn't just picking random guys from the bar.... she was sticking to a specific five guys... Master put His arm around me and said, "So are we." And gods the daggers shooting out of that girl's eyes.... hilarious.

So we finish dinner and go to the bar. The bar is also in Master's home town and although it is a little bit of a drive from our home, we love going there. The bartenders are awesome, and we are very relaxed there.

So what happens after V has a few pitchers (literally) of beer in her? She starts calling and texting some of the five guys she fucks to see if any of them want to come out. *sigh*

Regardless of that, Master and I had a lot of fun. SS had to leave a bit early because she had to go make an appearance at a different bar because her cousins were in town. No biggie, we understand that.

So then it is just Master, V, and myself. And then one of V's fuck buddies shows up.

Oh, I just remembered. At one point during the night V did point out how Master and I started off as fuck buddies. Like that was going to justify what she is doing. So I was quick to point out that while, yes Master and I started out as fuck buddies ... we were even at that time ... only fucking each other. And that it was only for about a period of a few weeks before we decided that we had feelings for one another and became a couple, officially. She was shocked by this.. "Only a few weeks?!"

Yep. It was between three to four weeks before we decided we wanted to be together. And the rest is history.

Plus SS, earlier in the night had a really good point. At one point in her life, S was a bar slut. She was in her early 20's and it was a phase. It didn't last very long. V has made it into a lifestyle. (V, SS, and Master are in their early 30's. I'm the "baby" of the group so to speak.)

But enough about that. I just realized how much of a rant I went on. Wow.

So anywho...

Master and I were flirting with one another most of the night. It was great! He was looking down my tank top, I was rubbing my ass in His crotch and we were cuddly and what not. Nothing obscene. Nothing we could have gotten arrested for. It was just nice. And I made the comment to Him that even after nearly 6 1/2 years of being together, we still flirt shamelessly with one another.

And He agreed. I honestly think that is one reason why our relationship is as healthy as it is. We flirt with each other. And we find ways to joke around like me saying He's cheating on me with that bitch from the restaurant I used to work at. (The day I gave Him my number when He came in to eat.) You know, those kind of things.

I love that about us.

And I also love that even though we are in public, with friends who don't know about our lifestyle choice Master finds a way to give me orders and I find a way to show Him how docile I am feeling. They are subtle and no one around us thinks anything about it. But we know. And that's all that matters.

It's wonderful.

We left the bar around midnight and I drove us home. I had two Mike's Hard Lemonades and Master had about four Jack and Cokes. The last one He pretty much did like a shot because we wanted to leave and He still had a pretty full glass. So it hit Him a little hard. We talked the entire way home about things that had been bothering Him regarding His family. It is part of the reason why He has been restless.

When we got home we realized how tired we were. I had been awake since 6:30am. It was now around 2am. So yeah. Tired Kitten.

Master said I could molest Him in the morning. So we went to sleep.

He woke me up by gently rubbing my back. He laid on His back and allowed me to rest my head on His shoulder and curl up to Him while I woke up a bit.

My hand traveled down and I found His stiff cock waiting for me under the sheet. I asked how He wanted me after stroking Him for a little while. So He told me I could be on top.

Amazing sex followed. :-D

Now we are just waiting for the afternoon to slowly pass us by. We are going to see a movie this afternoon. District 9. Hopefully it's worth the price of admission.

I have another post brewing in my head. Hopefully I'll get it out later on today.

August 20, 2009

A Nice Welcome Home

Work was frustrating. My coworker did in fact show up today. But she said she wasn't feeling well and left by 10:15am. *sigh* So I did all the work, again.

I figured it out. For the past four days she has worked a total of 5 hours.

I asked her if she is going to come in and stay at work tomorrow, and she said yes. So we shall see. Tomorrow I get out of work at noon, so she better.

While I was on my lunch break Master called me and said He was going to the store to buy duct tape. I was like, "What did You do?"... thinking He had broken something or what not. He laughed and said, "Nothing. It's what I'm going to do." So I asked what that was. He said He wouldn't tell me but that I would like it.

So I was all tingly the rest of my work day.

Master came to pick me up and we had dinner. Once we got home I helped Him undress and He asked me if I wanted to help Him measure out what He had done. On the ride home He had told me that He had put four holes into the headboard, and had cut lengths of rope. He needed the duct tape for the frayed ends of the rope. Makes sense.

So we went into the bedroom and He used the rope to bind my wrists to the headboard first. The length was perfect actually. But when it came to my ankles, that took a little doing. Eventually He got it how He wanted it. While He was getting me tied up He had been rubbing His cock against me every now and then. He would crack a joke and we would both laugh.

Then, once I was completley helpless, He started licking my pussy until I started to squirm the very little bit that I could. He then shoved Himself inside me and used me for His pleasure. It was incredible.

It had been a long time since we had used rope. I normally don't like it, at least when it is the intricate stuff. I'm more of a "quick and dirty" type girl.

"I'm tied up and I can't move. Awesome! Let's go!"

Rather than sitting there for a half hour while the rope is done in a certain way. That bores the hell out of me.

This was more our style. And the best part about it is that we can leave the rope in the headboard and then Master can use it to bind me whenever He wants. See why I like the quick and dirty way of things more?

After He filled me with His cum, He let me out of the rope, had me clean off His cock with my mouth and then scent myself.

Now we're just relaxing and trying to enjoy the evening.

Tomorrow we have plans with a friend of ours for dinner. So that should be fun.

I don't know why I don't like the incritate rope designs. It's not that it isn't pretty or anything. (Or at least it can be.) But it just seems so impratical and kind of ... I don't know... anticlimatic in a way.

For instance B, at one point, had done a few rope designs on me. It took forever. I was bored almost the entire time. And by the time he was done, nothing could really be done to me except to use my mouth.

Well I don't have to be tied up for a half hour to give a blow job damnit.

I think another reason is because I am the type of girl who likes to be manhandled. Normally Master's hands are very good at keeping me just how He wants me.

But when it is quick and dirty bondage, like what Master did with the headboard and some rope... I love it. All I can do is lay there and take it. *purrs* Nothing is inaccesable to Him. He can turn me if He wants. He can change how I'm positioned. He can undo it in almost no time flat. No fussing around to get the rope off of me. Just "Okay, you're out now I'm going to have you do this."

Love it!

So thank You Master for the lovely surprise and for the nice tingly distraction at work when You wouldn't tell me what You were doing.

August 19, 2009

Looking To The Weekend...

... for a piece of sanity.

Last night Master was extremely restless and was in and out of bed most of the night. He told me to get some rest, so I did my best to sleep.

This morning I got up and reset the alarms for Master and then went to work.

Before I go into what happened at my job, I'll say that Master went to His job interview and it seemed to go well. They said He should hear something back tomorrow.

As far as what happened at my job, well the coworker I was complaining about in yesterday's post called in sick again today. So my trainer came over to take a look at the work on her desk. She is eight days behind on her work. So naturally, my trainer was not a happy woman.

She handed me a huge stack of papers that needed to be entered into the system. I had my own work to do, of course.. which was very fast paced today. She told me to try and get as much as I could of this stack that she handed me done. She said there was no pressure or anything like that and she thanked me for helping out.

Well as the day wore on and my work kept pouring in, and I tried to work on the stack of papers when and where I could. But I wanted to get it done. Something kicked up in me and went, "Okay. Just because your coworker is fucking up, doesn't mean you have to pay for it."

But the other part of me, the part of me that likes to excel at my work, said fuck it. I only took a 20 minute lunch break, no other breaks, and got both my work and the huge stack of papers put in. And I was still able to clock out on time at the end of the day. I was proud of myself. It took some doing, but I got it done. Plus, this means a little bit of extra money on the paycheck in a couple of weeks. Although admittedly I'm hoping not to have to do that again tomorrow.

No word from my supervisor about the review yet. He said he feels it will be done by the end of this week. But tomorrow is already Thursday, and Friday I get out at noon. So that seems less and less likely as time clicks by.

Master came to pick me up and we went home. I took care of the dog, and then we ordered pizza for dinner.

We are trying to make plans with a friend of ours for Friday. Hopefully it'll pan out. I could use a drink.

I hardly ever say that, as I am not much of a drinker. But today, I really wanted a drink. Odd.

August 18, 2009

Oh The Joy of Coworkers

Please note that the title is supposed to be sarcastic. Thank you.

Yesterday, the coworker that sits right next to me and shares half of the work flow with me, left at 11:30 am.

Let me explain why this annoys me. She had an ear infection on Friday. She complained about it all day long. So I had told her to go to a walk in clinic or call a doctor and get an appointment for Saturday. (She said that the over the counter stuff wasn't helping any.) Well she didn't do that. Instead she waits to come into work on Monday, starts making calls to doctors and what not while on the clock, gets an appointment, and then leaves to go to said appointment.

Okay, so you didn't go to the doctor all weekend, didn't go to a walk in clinic, but you were well enough to go get microbraids put into your hair? Um... lack of priorities much? So that was annoying because then I had to do both of our jobs. Well she also didn't come into work today. Same reason. Each infection. So again I did both of our jobs.

And tomorrow she is leaving work at 1pm (that is if she bothers to come in at all).


Oh well. I'm doing my job, that's all that matters.

Speaking of which, I'll officially be at my job for 5 months as of this upcoming Sunday. Yay me! :-D

And my supervisor sent me an e-mail today letting me know that he had (finally) finished the paperwork for my 90 day review. Now he was just waiting on HR to figure out what kind of a raise I am going to get, and then he'll let me know when the review will actually occur. Rock on! He had been backed up on reviews, and I know they back date the raises.. so I wasn't really worried about it. He did say, however, that the review would most likely be this week! Yay! I'm very excited.

Master has a job interview tomorrow! So send Him lots of luck okay? I know I will be. In fact I'll probably be on pins and needles at work, until He calls me. His interview is at 10:30am. I hope it goes well.

It is for a 3rd shift position, but it would be four days on, three days off. So we'll find some time to be together. It sounds like it would pay well, so that is a bonus. Not to mention the fact that it is local. Bonus points.

So after He picked me up from work, we went to the library and printed off the papers they wanted Him to fill out that they had e-mailed to Him. (We don't have a working printer.) We then had dinner and have been pretty much relaxing most of the evening. It's not even 9pm though. So I'm glad time is ticking a little slowly at the moment. I'm enjoying the time at home.

My thighs still ache from sex on Sunday. Sex is the ultimate workout, don't ya know...

August 17, 2009

Trying To Be Entertaining

Yesterday Master and I had sex twice. Each time He at some point had me basically bouncing off of His cock in whatever position we were in. As a result, today walking has been quite the experience as my thighs feel like they have had a major workout. This is of course due to the position and the fact He was bouncing me off of His cock for extended periods of time. Not that I'm complaining mind you, but stairs were damn near impossible today. *smirks*

It was a nice reminder throughout the day however.

Today at work, it was busy in the beginning of the day, but around 11am it got pretty damn boring.

There were points in the day where I thought about calling Master just to pass some time, but when He calls me or I call Him lately He doesn't want to stay on the phone long.

He's never been a phone person, and I know this. The only exception to that was when we were living apart. Then we'd be on the phone or instant messenger for hours.

He's only quit His job about a week ago. But already He is restless. I knew this would happen though. Whenever He isn't working He gets restless and doesn't really want to stay at the apartment because He is there most of the day except for when He comes to pick me up from work.

He asks me what I want to do, but really aside from our usual routine at home, there isn't much to do that won't cost a lot of money and/or won't keep us out most of the night when I have to go to work the next day.

Window shopping bores us both rather quickly, or we'll get frustrated because we'll find something we want and then know we can't buy it.

The movies? Aside from District 9 there isn't really anything playing that we want to see, and Master's back has been bothering Him so movie theater seating doesn't sound like a great idea.

The bar? Well the bar we normally go to is rather cheap, but we like to stay until about 11pm and then we have about a 20 minute drive home and neither of us are tired at that point. Then I have to get up at 6:30am the next day. That sucks.

B normally doesn't want to come over during the week. In fact unless we are going out, he doesn't really want to come over anymore, since he got his girlfriend. And even if we do go out, it takes like three weeks in advance planning to get things set in stone.

We could go to L and M's I suppose, but L doesn't really want us coming over unless M is off of work.. and then we have to deal with their screaming brat of a child.

I know Master is restless, and I understand why. When He's working He doesn't really want to do a lot but go home and relax during the week.. but when He's not? He doesn't want to be inside these four walls any more then He has to be.

So I try to be good company and keep a conversation going. The computer bores Him after a while.. and so does the Xbox 360 right now.

He's tossing applications out left and right online. I know He has gone to some companies and applied in person. But these days most places take applications via the internet. So He browses, and He clicks, and He sends...

Hopefully something will pan out for Him soon.

He has to call unemployment tomorrow. I filed His original claim and His first weekly claim already. But since He quit His last job they want to talk to Him. Again, I knew that was coming because they want to know why He quit.

Another reason why I hesitate to call is that I'm worried I'll annoy Him or we'll just sit there on the phone in silence because there isn't a lot going on at home or at my job right now. So I wait until I get home to talk to Him.

I miss Him terribly when I'm at work. I did when He was working too, but now there is that thing in the back of my mind going, "He's home. We could be cuddling with Him or 'x', 'y' and 'z'"... you know. That part of me that loves when I have an extra day off and I get to spend it with Him.

In the next few weeks I'll have a three day weekend though, due to the office being closed. So that will be nice.

Tonight, after dinner I took my bath and put on some stockings.

I really need to go through my lingerie and throw out the stuff that is ripped, or no longer has it's matching pieces. And maybe, just maybe, we can afford to get me some new stockings or something along those lines soon.

August 16, 2009

What We Are Is Influenced By What Is Around Us

Master and I watched a really good movie today called "City of Joy". It's about a doctor who goes to India and while there tries to help out the locals, although a bit unwillingly at first. It's a damn good movie.

As we were watching it there is one married couple in it, natives of India, and it was interesting to see them interact. She did what her husband told her to do, even if it wasn't what her heart wanted. If she argued a point, it was with a lot of respect. It was incredible to watch, even if it was just acting.

Master and I started to discuss this interaction. And I said, "Well it's how they are. It's what they are brought up to do. You listen to your husband. That's that."

And I went on to say, that that is how women here in America used to be. Seriously. I saw how my great grandparents were. The whole woman's lib thing came about though and now... well. That doesn't happen anymore.

And I'm not saying that it should be that way again, but it is a fine example of how what you are is influenced by what is around you.

I grew up seeing the men supposedly wearing the pants in the family, but once things were more relaxed you could see that the wife was really running the show. That is, except for a few cases in my family. That would be my great grandparents and one of my aunts and her husband.

But in certain cultures it is expected of you to do what your husband tells you. And while some of us submissive type people like to wish we were that way, there are parts of it I know for a fact that I wouldn't be able to tolerate.

"Oh, you want another wife? Rock on .."


"You're fucking around on me? That's cool. I'll just be over here when you want to pay attention to me."

No again.

"Thank you for beating my ass because you were drunk and were sick of kicking the dog."


"You're going to cut off my clitoris so I won't feel compelled to cheat on you and then you're going to make me have my face covered all the time? Awesome! Oh.. I can't leave the house without you? Cool! Being a hermit rocks!"

Yeah... no again. I'm not saying, that that is how all marriages work in those particular cultures. But still... it's part of the reality.

And reality sucks.

You know how you watch those pornos, or see those romantic movies, or bondage related movies and you swoon and then you realize, "Wait a damn minute here. That isn't how real life is. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot mother fucker!" And then you feel ripped off. Yeah, that sucks.

But what Master and I do have a balance to our relationship that works for us. Yes, sometimes I know I am not as docile as I should be. And sometimes I wish Master would be a little more Dominant. *shrugs* These things happen.

But I would like to take a page from that beautiful bond of just doing as your husband tells you. Now I'm not saying I would always agree with Him. That's never going to happen. You can't agree with someone all of the time, on every single subject. But taking a simple concept such as this, and applying it to real life are two entirely different things. And I know this.

Perhaps it will please Master if I stop worrying so damn much and just do as I'm told. Am I going to try and debate some things? Probably. Does it mean I'm going to get my way? Nope.

I've been trying to be a good slave and a good wife. I need to try harder.

He hasn't said anything as far as I'm going to be punished or anything along those lines.. but I feel this starting to slip and so I shall take steps to try and prevent it from slipping further. Hey, it's worth a shot right?

August 15, 2009

Another Late Night

Yesterday, I went to work and I ended up literally being the only person left in my department for the afternoon. You know that half day program I talk about from time to time? Well yesterday, was two of my coworkers as well as my supervisor's half day. So normally it would be my trainer and myself. Well, nope. My trainer had taken the day off. So it was just me. So I had to cover everyone, which really wasn't a big deal. I was still bored most of the afternoon.

Regardless of that fact I was feeling a bit drained when Master came to pick me up from work. But Master was a bit restless.

We had dinner and Master asked if I wanted to go to the bar we normally frequent. I was kind of "whatever" about it. I didn't really care one way or the other. We didn't decide right then and there to go. We went home and Master got a hold of His god sister and asked her if she wanted to meet us down there. She was all over it, although she said she had to be out of there by midnight because she had work in the morning, and it was only going to be her 2nd day at her new job. No problem there. Master and I haven't "closed" a bar in about three years. Normally we're out of there at about 11pm or midnight.

So we go down there and I knew that I didn't really feel like drinking, so I told myself I was only going to have one Mike's Hard Lemonade. After that, it was water.

I stuck to that. And even still it took me about two hours to finally kill the Mike's Hard Lemonade.

We had been sitting at the bar with His god sister for most of the night. I was having a good time and everything. But almost immediatley after my Mike's was finished the bartender asked if I wanted another one. I know that's their job.. Master used to be a bartender. I polietly said no thank you and immediatley V, His god sister, says "Oh come on. You should have another one. It's not like you're going to get drunk off of two."

True. I'm a light weight but two Mike's is not going to get me drunk. But I still said no. I have never been a big drinker. Yes, sometimes I'll just have like two or three Mike's or Jack and Cokes and toss a few shots of Blackhaus in there for variety and I'll be buzzed as hell, but I won't be drunk. I have no problem doing that, I just didn't feel like it that night.

If that's where the issue had died I probably wouldn't have had to convince Master that I wasn't in a pissy mood most of the night. He did ask me a couple of times if I wanted anything else.. and I said no. That was fine, because I knew He wasn't like trying to pick on me or anything. But V.. that girl is a hard core drinker. Mainly she drinks beer, but damn does she knock them back. So on and off through out the night she kept telling me I should have another. And if I declined she'd pout or try and say I was a light weight or a pussy and I would try and let it roll off my back.


It does piss me off when people do that. I love V, I do.. but that shit.. regardless of who it is coming from pisses me off. I don't like trying to be pressured into drinking more. If that's all I want, that's all I want. In fact trying to pressure me like that will just make me dig my heels in more.

Finally, after I just said, "No V. I'm good." with a slight edge in my voice she let it go. And the rest of the night was fine. V and Master played pool and we went home around 12:30am.

V was still there. In fact she asked why we were leaving. Master reminded her she was supposed to have been on her way home a half hour ago and she said, "No I'm fine."

I kind of shook my head at that. She's been unemployed for almost a year now, she finally got a new job and she probably closed the bar last night when she knew she had to work in the morning.

Like I said, I love V.. but she drinks heavily.

I drove us home. Master had about five Jack and Cokes last night. He wasn't drunk. It was over the course of the evening. But we both agreed that I should drive us home. Which is fine. I love that He's responsible in that manner. I know that if I had more last night He probably wouldn't have drank as much as He did. A lot of people don't think that way, at least that I know. Master and I do.

We get home and I take my bath and put on some lingerie for Him. When we get to bed it's almost 3am. I had been awake since 6:45am. I'm surprised honestly, that I was still functional.

Master fucked me and I wasn't quite "ready" when He first entered me. That's always hot though. ;-)

Due to that, and the fact that we were none to gentle while fucking, I have some small tears/cuts that are currently trying to heal. Although I doubt we'll give them time to.

This morning Master came in and woke me up at 12:30pm. Okay, so that's technically the afternoon, but whatever. I was a tired Kitten damnit.

He took His shower and we tried to get a hold of some friends to see what they were up to, but everyone was busy. So we decided to be hermits today and stayed home watching fucked up stuff both on the computer and on Master's Xbox 360. It's been a really nice, slow, relaxing Saturday.

Master, in His most recent post, commented on the fact that I am a difficult person to read sometimes. Normally my body language and my tone of voice don't match up.

I can't say that I don't know this about myself. During my short time on this earth I have never met anyone who as interested in body language as Master is. I've always had a healthy interest in it. In fact I use it all the time to read other people. Most people don't pay attention to such things. I do. And Master makes an artform out of studying it.

But since I've always read into it I think I've naturally adapted my body language to throw people off and don't even realize it. And I honestly don't know how to turn it off. I really don't. Master will ask me if I'm pissed off or something because of the way I'm moving.. and I'm not pissed off. I'm actually in a good mood normally when He asks me this. But this is also something I've naturally adapted. I'm petite. I've always been petite. And so when I was growing up I got picked on a lot. I think sometimes my body language tries to show that I can "take care of myself" when I don't really mean it to. You know that whole, "I may be small but I can hold my own" thing. And I can.

I won't lie and say I've never been in a physical fight. I've been in plenty. Some of them were stupid Jr. High and Highschool bs. Some of them were... well what would probably be termed as domestic violence. Some of my exes liked to get physical during arguements and I always showed them I could give as good as I got.

But why I don't seem to have concious control over these... camoflauge techniques my body and mind seem to have developed... I wish I had that answer.

But even with those in place, Master is still very good at reading me. Sometimes He reads me wrong, but I'd say about 90% of the time He's right. And I'd say I'm just as accurate at reading Him. We have made each other our focus points. Our rocks. And also each other's sounding boards.

There are things that we have done to bring ourselves closer to one another that I can't even begin to explain. Many of them on spiritual levels. And I enjoy the fact that we continue to do those things, on that level, to connect even deeper with one another.

They aren't as ... aparent as they once were. But they are there none the less. And they are sacred to us. Hence why you never hear/read about me going in depth on them.

And I will continue that silence. I will hint here and there. But some things are only meant for you and your partner. And while this is a record of our history, and our future, some things are never to be spoken. Never to be written. And that is a beautiful thing.

August 13, 2009

The Elevator At Work Tried To Eat Me Today

No seriously. I was taking the elevator at work down to the basement today to go to the vending machine, and as I was stepping out of the elevator, something I've done at least six times a day, five days a week, for almost five months.... the heel of my boots got caught in that strip between the elevator and the floor you're stepping onto. I didn't fall over, or anything comical like that. But it still sucked.

At first I thought I was going to have to pull my boot off and then get it out of there. But I decided to be stubborn. I kept my boot on and just kept tugging at it, praying that the elevator doors wouldn't close. Thankfully they didn't and a few good tugs later, the heel of my boot was free.

Elevators are evil.

Oddly enough there was no damage to my boot. Bonus points.

Other then that, my day at work was pretty uneventuful and boring. When Master picked me up from work we went to a pet food store and attempted to buy a bag of rabbit food. We stood there, and stood there, and stood there some more. There was only one employee in the store and that person was helping some skank and her trick... er... I mean man and woman... pick out things for a reptile enviroment. Okay, I get it. You're assisting another customer. But one thing that I was always taught in retail was that if you are a cashier, or the only one in the store, and you are assisting a customer, but you see someone waiting at the register. You polietly excuse yourself, tell the people that you are helping that you will be right back, and then go assist the people at the checkout. Once that is done, you go back to the people you were helping before.

But no. This dude just kept talking and pointing different shit out. We stood there for a good 10 minutes, before leaving the rabbit food at the counter and walking out of the store.

We went to a different store and got rabbit food. From there we went to the gas station and then went home.

It's official. My brand of cigarettes are now FSC. (For those of you who don't smoke, that means fire safe cigarettes.) It kind of sucks, because you have to suck a little harder to get your nic fix. But oh well. Master's are not FSC which means He could burn the apartment down at any moment. (Kidding.)

When we got home we had dinner, and have been relaxing the evening away.

I just have to get through tomorrow and then it's the weekend! Yay!

August 12, 2009

So Much To Update On

Okay then... let's see. It's been two days since my last blog post..... (*giggles* That made it sound as if I'm giving a confession. "Forgive me Master, it's been...")

There has been a lot going on. And I don't want this to be the blog post that never ends so I'll try to get all of the important details out there.

Sunday night Master and I fucked for the fourth time that day and we quickly passed the hell out after.

Monday comes around and I go to work and Master goes to His job. The manager of the shop wasn't in so He went to the second in command, so to speak, and she didn't know about the accident that happened on Friday. So He explained all of that to her. He also explained that on Sunday, when He went into work He noticed that there were bare wires on the truck that were dragging on the ground, (the truck that wasn't in the accident), it also had bald tires and the brakes needed to be replaced on that as well. (He knew about the brakes previously.) So He refused to drive it. But He still had to ride in it because the other guy driving it didn't know where the hell he was going.

After explaining all that and how certain other equipment around the shop wasn't fixed properly and instead had quick fix shit done to it, hence my duct tape references in past posts. He did not feel safe driving the trucks. Oh yeah, the only thing they plan on fixing on the truck that He did get into the accident with, was the window. *quirks eyebrow*

So He said He no longer wanted to drive those trucks until He knew for sure that they had been fixed. The second in command basically said that was all well and good until they needed Him to drive it, and then He wouldn't have a choice. They would make Him drive the trucks.

So He handed in His things, cleaned out His locker, and quit. He said that He couldn't afford to keep getting tickets for work vehicles, such as the one He got last Friday, or He could get one for no brake lights.. etc and so on. And also that He wasn't willing to risk serious injury because they didn't want to dump money into such things to make sure they were in proper working order.

So Master is now unemployed. He stood up for a safe work environment, they pretty much said to bad so sad, you'll have to deal. So He walked. I'm proud of Him for sticking up for such things. Finances are going to be tight, but He's applying for new jobs every day. He's got a few that He is hoping will work out soon.

So that day (Monday) Master picks me up from work. But about 10 minutes before I'm supposed to clock out, He calls me and tells me that S, a friend of ours who lives out of town was in the car with Him. I groaned, both inwardly and into the phone.

I was not a happy camper about that. No, we haven't seen S for about two months but I didn't really mind that. That boy brings a lot of drama, his own, and I did not want to deal with it. So I go out to the car and we go back to our apartment. We have dinner, of which S eats most of, and I had to stay dressed of course.

I had wanted to go home, get naked, take my bath, and relax with Master. But nope. S had to talk about all the shit going on with him, mean while I'm sitting there going, "I don't really believe half of what you're saying." S played video games with Master and I pretty much stayed out of the conversation and read a book. They were talking about the video game, movies, and politics. Politics are never something I want to talk about. Why? Because there isn't a damn thing you can do to change it, so why get yourself riled over it? The movies they were talking about were ones Master and I had already discussed.

I knew I was being anti-social and a bit of a bitch.. but oh well. I was hoping S would get the hint when I said, "Yeah, so what time do you have to be back home?"

To which he replied, "Not until tomorrow morning, so I'm in no rush. I want to stay here."

So Master and I kept hinting through out the night, "Oh Kitten has to get up at 6:30am.. we still have some things to do.. blah blah blah."

Ya see, we don't have company very often and when it comes time for us to kick them out we don't know how to quite handle it. Plus S is very..... sensitive. Yeah, sensitive is a good way to put it. If he takes something the wrong way he looks at you like a wounded puppy and then mopes around for the next month when you talk to him.

So finally at 11pm (our usual bedtime) Master stands up and says, "Okay we have to get to bed. S you have to get going."

So S takes his sweet ass time getting his stuff together and finally was out of the apartment about 15 minutes later.

I go take a quick bath, and then we go to bed.

So then comes Tuesday. I go to work, everything is great. Master decided He wanted to go out to see my company's volley ball game. So I get directions out there. Plus I need to learn how to get out that way and home anyway, because the game is held right next store to our new building that my job will be moving to in November.

We got out there okay, although we did get a bit turned around. But eventually we found the place. It's in a part of town that we are completely unfamilar with.

We watched the volleyball game and around 10pm everyone starts heading out. I'm glad that some of my coworkers got to meet Master though. I always talk about Him and now they finally know who He is.

Master and I head out and we try to get back onto the interstate that we took in. Again, this is an interstate we are not familiar with. So we get on it. Well eventually I shut off the radio (I was driving) and go, "Um.. are we sure we're going the right way?"

It had started to seem like we should have come up on our exit onto the bypass already. So then we see a sign and we know damn well we're not going the right direction. So we pull over onto a rest stop and find a map. Yeah. We were going the wrong way, and there was no ramp from the rest stop onto the way we wanted to be heading.

Master takes over driving from here. Not because I got us lost.. we both got ourselves lost, but because He felt better about Him driving when we had no idea where we were.

We ended up getting off the interstate when we recognized a city name and then took back roads the rest of the way home. It took forever. We didn't get home until very late. So I called B and told him I wouldn't need a ride to work today. I got up this morning and called in. I had very little sleep because we got home so damn late, and while my job is easy.. if I'm that tired and try to do it I'll fuck it up and I can't fuck up with what I'm doing. My mistakes lose my company money. Not good.

So I'm home with Master today.

Okay I think that's everything, although I know I'm leaving a lot of details out. Even though I did that, this post is still long as hell.

So yeah, the reason why I didn't blog on Monday was because S was here until late, and I didn't blog last night because we got so damn lost.

Needless to say I hope I never go two days without blogging again. For as much as I bitch sometimes that I have nothing to talk about... man is it hell playing catch up.

August 9, 2009

Good Weekend

Yesterday Master and I relaxed at home. I took the car in for an oil change and to get a new air filter put in.

From there we just killed time until around 3:30pm. We had plans with B and his girlfriend. First we went to the movies. Now when it comes to going to the movie theather Master and I like to get there early so we have our choice of seats and what not. The movie was going to start at 4:20pm. B and his girl didn't show up until 4:10pm, and they had wanted us to meet them outside.

But hey, whatever. We all got our tickets, went inside, and then went to find seats. Thankfully we found a half way decent row with four seats available. The best thing about the seating at this particular theather was the fact that you could move the arm rests. (The one we normally go to, you can't do that.) The movie we saw was G.I. Joe. Yeah. The movie sucked. That's all I'm saying.

After the movie we went to the resturant where Master and I had our wedding reception. We hadn't been there since, so it was a bit romantic to me at least. The food was really good, as always.

After dinner we looked at the time and Master decided that He wanted to get a couple of drinks, because lets face it... it hasn't been the best week. So we go to a local bar and His god sister just happened to be there as well. Master had already had two Jack and Cokes at the resturant, and I knew He was going to have about two more at the bar. So I told Him that I would like to drive home. That was fine with Him because His knee was bothering Him anyway.

We had a good time at the bar and ended up getting home around 11pm. Master was by no means drunk, but I'm glad that He got to strech out His knee and relax while I drove us home.

We watched a movie and then went to bed. Master had to get up at 5am so we just curled up and slept.

This morning Master said goodbye to me before He went off to work, and then I passed out again. Around 9:30am or so He called the house phone, which woke me up, to ask if I wanted McDonalds for breakfast. Yay! Once He got home we ate and then He took a shower.

He told me that He had refused to drive the truck and trailer at His job today because this truck (not the one He took the sign out with) also isn't in good mechanical condition.

And He told me that tomorrow He is going to have a "come to Jesus" with His boss tomorrow. Or at least He would, but oddly enough His boss took the week off. Again. So He's going to have a talk with the next person in charge at His shop and tell Him that He can't and won't drive another vehicle in that shop until they have them both fixed. (He can only drive the pick-ups, of which there are two.) That may cost Him His job, but He has a damn good point. If the trucks aren't safe, they shouldn't be putting them out on the road, let alone putting their employees in them. He said, "Yeah okay I only hit a sign and I was fine this time. But what about next time?" That's the worry that has been running through my head since the accident happened. What if next time I get a call and He's not okay. What if He is okay but someone else is injuired? What if.. What if...

Well you get the idea.

So today we have been mainly watching South Park and Mindfreak episodes. We also went out to a cheap book store and we each got some new books for really cheap. Rock on. He got new books by Michael Moorecock, from the Elric series. And I got some of the books from the I, Strahd series.

When we got home we relaxed a bit and then out of no where Master ordered me to the bedroom. I had asked to be used, and so He did. Twice. Between the first time He came and the second time starting, He didn't even pull out. He just flipped me how He wanted me and took me again.

After the second time He pulled out, had me clean Him off and then I started licking His neck and kissing under His chin. I was still horny. He was hard again already and so He put me on all fours and told me I was going to cum this time. And so I did, many, many times.

Needless to say my pussy is very sore and we are both still in la-la land even though it's been a few hours.

Tomorrow Master is going into work and fight for His right to safe equipment at work. He may not have a job after that, but this is important. Some people say, "Oh His job wouldn't do that.." when I talk about how they don't follow safety procedures. I'm not kidding when I post that stuff. I'm really not.

Note to small business owners everywhere: Duct tape does not make something safe or make it work properly.

August 7, 2009

I Started Off In a Good Mood Today

Truly, I did. I woke up and was in a good mood. It was pay day. It was my half day. So yeah, I was in a pretty good mood.

I went to work, got out at noon. The bus was on time. I got home at a decent time because the bus didn't have to stop every damn two blocks. The day was going well.

That is until about oh.. say 3pm or so. Master had been on a job site and it was raining on His drive back to the shop. Well, He was driving a work truck that had a trailer attached to it with very heavy equipment on it. During the drive home He noticed that the truck was taking a bit longer to stop fully then usual. So He slowed down a bit and what not, trying to take extra precautions and what not.

Well He called me and the first words out of His mouth were, "I'm fine." This sends all sorts of bells and whistles off in my head, because when He starts a conversation off that way I know without a shadow of doubt that something bad just happened.

And I was right.

He had been taking a gradual turn onto the road He needed to take, and as He was turning the wheel, the truck kept going straight. So He hit the brakes a bit more and the truck kept going. The brakes weren't stopping the truck, and the truck wasn't turning.

Apparently the brakes had given and later Master found out that the tires on the work truck are bald. Joy. Really fucking safe work truck, assholes. And because of the heavy equipment in the trailer He was pulling, that just seemed to be pushing the truck as well. So Master ended up in a ditch and hit a road sign. Well, actually the truck broke the road sign in half.

Thankfully Master is fine. But I'm sitting there going, "What the FUCK?! Why are they having You drive a truck with bad brakes and bald tires?!"

So then He has to sit there and wait for His supervisor to come down, a tow truck to show up, and of course the cops.

Master got a $200 ticket for failure to maintain control of a vehicle. Thanks. We really fucking needed that, especially after that bullshit that happened on Monday. And the cop told Him that she wasn't sure if the bill for the road sign was going to go to His job, or to Him. I told Him if it comes to Him He's taking it into work. No way in hell He should have to pay for that.

So after all that He got home around 6pm. We relaxed for a little while and then went out to dinner like we always do on Fridays. Well Master never wears a seat belt, and because of all the street lights that were on, He didn't realize that He hadn't fully clicked the headlights of our car on. Honest mistake. I didn't even notice the headlights weren't on.

So we got pulled over because the resturant that we go to is on a bar strip, and there were four cop cars just parked along the side of the road waiting for an excuse to pull someone over.

The cop said, "I pulled you over because you don't have any headlights on." The cop asked Master if He had been drinking, which no.. we had not been drinking. So the cop runs Master's license. Everything came back fine. The cop was really cool about it and said to just make sure our headlights were fully on and told Master to put His seatbelt on. No ticket, thankfully.

So yeah. One hell of a day.

But thankfully Master is fine. Today could have been a lot worse.

August 6, 2009

My Brain Hates Me

Last night Master and I cuddled a little bit before we curled up and went to sleep, which was really nice.

However, this morning when my alarm went off, and I sluggishly turned it off my brain told me that today was Friday. In fact I continued to think that as I went out into the living room to start getting ready for work. I was just about to look at Master and say, "Man I'm glad it's Friday.." when suddenly my brain admitted that it had been lying to me and I realized it was actually Thursday.


But now Thursday is over and tomorrow really is Friday. This means that it is payday (yay!) and my half day. Master unfortunatley has to start at 7:30am but maybe that'll mean He gets out at a decent time as well. We can hope.

I had to get a ride home from B today because Master was late getting out ot work. But He was home before I was and had already started cooking dinner, which was nice. I had to run out and grab soda though because neither of us had realized we were out. We can't live without caffiene damnit.

Okay, we can, but it's not plesant. *giggles*

We ate dinner (yummy steak) and watched America's Got Talent, That's Impossible, and Mindfreak. Interesting line up, yes?

I've also noticed that thanks to my job of data entry my typing has gotten a lot faster and more accurate, which rocks. I wasn't a slouch before this job. My typing speed was at 65 wpm. Now? I don't know. I haven't been tested again, but it would be interesting to find out, I think.

Today, while I was away from my desk at work, Master had called to let me know that He wouldn't be able to pick me up from work. We have this running joke from when I was a waitress where He had come in to eat while I was working, and He had jokingly asked for my phone number. So I wrote it down from Him. Now we keep talking about how He "cheated" on me with that whore from the resturant. *smirks*

Well anyway, on my voicemail at work I have to put say certain things because of my line of work.. and Master made mention of it in the message He left me. He said, "No, I'm don't have (insert job specific thing here), I'm just calling to talk to this hottie that works there."

So now He's cheating on me with that whore from the resturant and someone from my current job. That bastard. ;-)

I do have to say that after I listened to that voicemail message I had a smile on my lips the rest of the afternoon.

August 5, 2009


Today work was pretty slow. Actually it was slower then usual. And of course since it was so slow, that means that the entire day dragged. Master's day unfortunatley was no better at His job.

In fact it was worse. He found out that He has to work Sunday. Boo!

He picked me up from work and when we got home, I took care of the dog and we had pizza for dinner. Master's knee is really bothering Him so we figured something quick and easy for dinner would be best.

We watched a movie, "The Unborn". It was interesting. It wasn't the best movie ever, but it wasn't that bad. Now Master is watching some show called, "That's Impossible". It's a bit to technical for my tastes tonight. So I'm just dicking around online.

My lower back is bothering me. Nothing really new there, but it's worse then usual.

I don't have a lot to say tonight. My mind is somewhat sluggish today. I basically wasn't even fully awake, even though I was at work, until about 1pm. Now? I feel like I'm winding down once more. I hate days like this.

This weekend Master wants to go out and get a couple of drinks on Friday, and then on Saturday we are probably having dinner with a couple of friends. Master would now prefer to switch the dinner to Friday as well, but I don't know if that is going to be possible. Mainly because it is B and his girlfriend and they are so involved in their own little things that trying to schedule something with them can be damn near impossible sometimes. But I'll ask B in the morning if it is.

August 4, 2009

Little of This and That

Okay first, thank you all who commented on my previous post. We won't be pursuing the matter. Yes, we could ask for the money back... I guarantee you he won't just hand it over. Second, lemon laws in Wisconsin are for newer cars from a dealership, not an individual.. so taking him to court will amount to nothing.

Enough on that front.

Last night Master went to bed around 9:30pm. I went to bed somewhere around 10:15pm or so. I don't really remember the exact time. This morning Master was still in a foul mood. He had asked me to give Him a wide birth for a good 24 hours. And so I pretty much left Him alone. He went to work and I went to my job.

My coworker asked me how yesterday went, because she knew why I had asked to go home early. So I told her everything and she asked me one of the most shocking questions. She asked me if I was going to leave Master over this.

I sat there dumbfounded for a moment. Then finally I asked, "Why would I do that?"

She said, "Well because of how he reacted."

I shook my head. I told her that I know Master can have a temper to Him, I've known that since we started dating. I also usually know how to react to such things. I'm not about to leave my Husband, who I've been with for damn near 6 1/2 years over something like this. It's not like He got pissed off and decided to kick my ass around the apartment.

He was pissed off. He told me He was pissed off, and that He wanted to be left alone so He didn't bite my head off over something stupid. I give Him a lot of credit for that. Telling me to leave Him alone and why, I mean. There was a time where He didn't communicate such things. Just like I didn't communicate it when something was bothering me.

On and off at work today I felt like crying because I was frustrated with the situation.

Master was tired and sore when He got out of work, so I took the bus home. When I got home I did the dishes and Master cooked. He gave me a hug and we have been talking. We're fine. He's not fully cooled off yet, but I didn't expect Him to be. The whole situation sucks. But we really are fine.

Master did a post today and mentioned how I never beg for anal sex and how I'm not looking for a female to play with.

Well the anal sex thing I can explain rather easily. I never know how well my body is going to take it. I may be ready for it but my body isn't. And so I get nervous because I'm afraid that if we try it, then it'll end up with us having to stop because my body says no. And that disappoints both of us.

But if I keep doing that... pushing it off and being so damn nervous... we're never going to get past it. So I'll have to work on that.

As far as the female thing goes. It's difficult to find a female who is willing to play, but not want a relationship, that will also "allow" my Husband to watch. Not ineteract. Just watch.

I used to look rather frequently, online I mean. Going to a gay bar and walking up to a chick and going, "Do you want to fuck me in front of my Husband?" just sounds like a good way to get a drink poured on you, or bitch slapped. Ya know?

When I would look online the chick was either A) Looking for a relationship, B) Wanted their boyfriend of husband to physically join in, C) Found me attractive but didn't want Master anywhere around, or D) I was not even remotely attracted to.

I suppose I could try again. There really is no harm in trying.

So... any attractive females want to come over and play with me while Master watches?

August 3, 2009

Crash and Burn

Well as I said last night I was browsing cars online that were local. Master saw one that was within our price range and told me to call them today. I continuously called and no one answered or responded to my voice mails.

Well around noon Master calls me and tells me He is getting out of work at 2:30pm. He then tells me I should see if I should get out of work as well, so we can go to the bank, close out the savings account and then see about that vehicle He had been talking about.

So I do that. And I take the bus home. I try again to get a hold of the person who had put up the ad. No answer. No call backs. So I started browsing other ads and we came across one that was for $600 for an old truck. They said the body was rusty as hell but that mechanically it was fine.

So we call. They said they were home. We went out to look at it.

Master and I got in the truck. Yes, it was very, very rusty. But hey we only needed it for Him to get back and forth to work, so what do we care what it looks like. I sit in the truck while Master drives it around a bit. It felt fine. He didn't seem to have any problems with it. We park it and I look under the hood. Now granted I'm not a mechanic but I didn't see anything loose, and the engine wasn't rusty. And as I said it seemed to drive just fine. The owner tells us that he just got done driving it to and from Illinois. So I figure, hell it should be fine getting home.

Yeah. Apparently I'm a fucking moron. We hand the guy $500 and we get the title. No bill of sale. That should have been my first clue.

But I was excited that my Master was going to have a vehicle again and that the stresses of getting me and Him back and forth to work were going to be easier. Master seemed excited too.

So I drive my car behind Him. Seemingly no problems for most of the way home. About half way home Master calls my cell and He tells me that the steering is really loose and that she shakes hard when she brakes. I honestly couldn't see any physical shaking. Then He broke hard due to a sudden red light and I shit you not that truck flew into the next lane because of the loose steering.

Master pulls over once. I pull up behind Him. I wasn't sure what was wrong. He stopped for a few minutes and then pulled back into traffic. We get another mile or two and He pulls over again. He can't turn her over. She won't start.

He starts punching the roof of the truck and gets out of it eventually. He comes and tells me that when he gave her a little bit of gas, that she had choked out and died, which is why he had pulled over and now she wouldn't start.

He also told me that the trucks gas gauge didn't seem to work. Yeah. Nothing mechanically wrong with that POS.

He was/is livid.

He tells me to hand Him the title. I do that. He then tosses it into the truck, leaves the keys, and tells me to get out of the car I'm in. I do.

He gets in, I get in on the passenger side, and we head for home. His knee is hurting Him because of how the brakes and gas was.

Neither of us noticed any of this when He was driving it before we paid for it.

Then again we didn't drive it all that far.

So months of saving up is gone. Master is the most pissed off at me that He's ever been in our entire relationship.

This was my idea. I said it seemed like a sturdy truck before we bought it. I know He doesn't know anything about vehicles. And now, we're out of $500.

I don't know whether to scream or cry, or do both.

I can't look at Him for an extended period of time.

I feel like I've put a crack in our relationship. It may not sound like a lot of money, but that $500 took us quite a bit of time to save up, and it's gone. Not only did it take us quite a bit of time to get that saved up, but we were tight even doing that. We're not going to be able to afford another car by the time my job moves.

I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say. I feel like utter shit. I've seen Him this angry before, but never at me.

He said He takes partial blame for this. He got caught up in the excitement too. But, it was my idea. I said it would be okay. I'm supposed to know more about cars/trucks than Him.

So yeah. I can't seem to really think straight right now.

Part of me wants to break down. The other part of me wants to get pissed off. Neither side is winning. I think it's at a stale mate right now so I don't do anything stupid.

August 2, 2009

And So The Hunt Begins...

*plays dramatic music*

The hunt begins for another car. Nothing luxurious, by any strech of the imagination. Why? Because quite frankly we can't afford much. We're basically looking for a car that will get Master from point A to point B and that's it. We can't afford a car loan, so that's out. We have some money saved up for another car, but not a lot. We have until the end of November until my job moves, but I'd personally rather not wait until the last minute.

And so today I hopped online and started looking at local listings. I may have found something that we can actually buy right now... but first I have to call the owner, ask some important questions, and then we'd have to look at it, Master would have to test drive it, and then we'd think about buying it.

This process is something I haven't done in a while. The last three cars Master and I have had came off of car lots. That process is a bit easier. But we're not going to find a car on a lot for the price we're willing/able to spend at the moment. So it's back to the classifieds. I remember this process. It's a bit of a pain in the ass, which is why I'm starting it now. November sounds like it's a ways off, but it's really not. Before you know it, it'll be 2010. Hell I just got my renewal notice in the mail for my plates. Another $75 the state wants to rape out of me. Bastards.

But I'm also slightly excited about car shopping. I love cars. I really, really do. It's my father's fault. So I like looking, and trying to find a great deal, ya know?

Thankfully Master is very realistic when it comes to cars. Does it run? Is it an automatic? Is it gonna last more than 6 months? Awesome. *giggles*

I'm thinking what we should do is buy a car we can afford for now, and then keep saving up a little here and a little there so we have a "repairs" fund if we need it and/or keep saving up for a better vehicle.

But enough about cars.

Master and I had a good day today. We fucked again last night. Today we were productive and went grocery shopping.

Other than that we've been lazing about and enjoying our time together. Master has to be to work by 6:30am and I have to get a bit earlier than normal because B needs to get to work early. That won't be something I miss... running on everyone else's schedule when it comes to my job.

August 1, 2009

Disjointed Saturday

Last night Master and I curled up in bed and He did something that He hasn't done in a very long time. Back when we weren't living together sometimes Master would have me lay on my back and then He would put His head on my chest and I would wrap my arms around Him and we would just lay like that, and sometimes even fall asleep. I love doing that. He did that last night, only we didn't fall asleep. But I cherished that moment for as long as it lasted.

This morning we got up and went into the living room. Once Master was a bit more awake I had knelt at His feet and sucked His dick for a little while before asking if He would play with me. He shrugged, said sure.. and then told me to go into the bedroom. We had amazing sex.

We were supposed to go over to L and M's house but at first we couldn't get a hold of them to see what time. Then M wasn't home and L didn't know what the hell was going on.

So instead of waiting around, and because Master was restless, we headed out and tried a new resturant. Well, it's been in town for a while but we had never been to it. It was okay. I mean the food was decent, and the service was good. But I don't think I'd go there very often.

Then we drove around for a little bit and stopped at a small store just to kind of laugh at what was inside of it. We drove around a bit more and then went home.

M eventually called us back and said that L was in a bad mood, so they cancelled on us. My dad was supposed to come up tomorrow but that was also cancelled.

Master, as I said, was restless today but He wasn't sure what He wanted to do. So He kept asking me what I wanted to do. I had no idea either. I would throw out some suggestions but nothing really caught His fancy. So we've stayed home since then. We did watch a movie and I've enjoyed our day for the most part. I don't think Master did though, because He was so restless and not sure what He wanted to do.

He gets like this sometimes. He feels pent up but doesn't seem to really know what He wants to do, and nothing I toss out seems to sound like any fun to Him. *shrugs* I get like that to sometimes.

It drives me a little nuts admittedly. But it's like we don't have a lot of money, and everything costs money. On top of that everyone was busy or was canceling on us.

It's weird isn't it? You go through the work week and you can't wait until the weekend hits... then the weekend gets here and you're like, "Great. Now what do I do with myself?"

Me? I was mostly content just relaxing at home today. It's one of the few times where our moods didn't mesh as far as what we did or didn't want to do.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.