April 30, 2010

Friday! Yay!

Thankfully it was a half day and it went by rather quickly at work. Once I got home Master and I chilled for about an hour before going out to see the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie. (You know, the remake.)

Oh. My. Gods. We both hated it. Like it bored us to tears and it was only an hour and a half long. Master and I are both huge Freddy fans. This... this was not Freddy. And it's not because of the actor playing him. Seriously. It was the plot, the bad acting on everyone elses part, and the lack of you know.. horror.

Sucked. Badly. I regret seeing it.

I'm not going to go into it much because I don't want to put up spoilers. And to probably bitch about this movie, you have to go into the whys.. which include spoilers.

We then went to Radar's vet and got him Frontline Plus. He got his first dose today. It's not quite right in between his shoulder blades because he wouldn't lay still.. but close enough.

Then we took Radar for a car ride and went to a local pet store that Master and I both really like. We got Radar a new bandanna (it's black with white bones on it.. too cute!), a new toy and a lamb stick. Yes, he's a spoiled rotten brat. But that's okay.

We took Radar home, played with him for a little while and then went and ate dinner. Now we're just relaxing and I'm enjoying the fact that I don't have to set an alarm tomorrow morning.

I'm sore as hell today. I think part of it might have to do with the weather. It's raining on and off, some lightning and thunder mixed in. We had a tornado watch for a little while, but nothing came of it thankfully.

Tomorrow I'm hoping it's nice enough out to take Radar for a walk. Hopefully my shoulders and lower back will be up to the task as well.

April 29, 2010

Day of Headaches

Today was an easier day at work. V actually showed up, but I asked her why she was out yesterday and she gave me a ton of attitude and said, "I don't want to talk about it."

Then she didn't talk to me for the rest of the day. Now where as I realize it's really none of my business, I make it my business when people screw me over. However, since I'm in an office environment that ya know, I actually want to stay in, I left it at that and just was like "Whatever."

I have had a headache on and off all frickin day. I woke up with one, but then it went away by the time I got to work. It came back around my lunch break, then went away again. Now it's back. Fuck you pain sensors in my head!

I'm currently waiting for my tylenol to kick in.

After I got home from work Master and I went out to dinner with SS to meet her new boyfriend. He seems nice, although he's a bit quiet.

Now we're at home relaxing and just kind of here. I've been tired all day, on top of the headache. Fun, fun, fun.

Tomorrow after I get out of work we're going to go see the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

Hopefully it doesn't totally suck ass.

April 28, 2010

Victim Of My Own Success

Today when I got into work I noticed that V (the coworker I constantly bitch about) was not at her's. Great. So I log in and see an e-mail stating that she will be in later in the morning. Okay cool, I can handle that.

But then it takes the IT guys an hour and a half to get her e-mails to go to me. Her entire work load is sent via e-mail... so I couldn't do a bit of it for that time period. Suckage.

And her work load is based on a two hour time span. You have to have "X" amount done in two hours, deliver it, go back and crank out the next batch, repeat. So this was not good.

Finally when that was all sorted out, I realized that there was no fucking way I was getting the first batch of work done in time. So my trainer helped me for one hour. After that I was on my own again. I kept glancing at the clock waiting for V to finally walk in. I had my own work to do, ya know!

But then right before noon (technically the end of morning) apparently she had called again because another e-mail was sent out stating that she wouldn't be in at all today. *growls*

I was so busy today that by the time I finally clocked out I had to constantly massage my hands because they hurt. The ride downtown, where MZ was dropping me off so Master could pick me up, took fucking forever.

My hands were finally starting to feel better by the time I got into our car. We dropped off AM and on the ride to drop him off we all talked about how it's not fair that V gets away with everything she does. Every time she's pulls some stunt like this (keep in mind she's been out of "approved time off" since January and has taken about five days off since then) I think "This has to be the final straw."

But then the next day she comes in and everyone acts like nothing happened. Our trainer doesn't mention it to her, our supervisor doesn't call her into his office, HR doesn't call her into her office.. etc.

But I know damn well that if I were to pull something like that I'd be out on my ass with a nice pink slip shoved up it. And it's not a seniority thing. V has only been at this job a total of 6 months longer than I have been. So you can't tell me she has won that much pull in that short period of time.

After AM was dropped off Master and Radar got out of the car and I ran out to pick up Tylenol, Benadryl, light bulbs and something for dinner.

Once I got home we ate dinner, relaxed, I took a bath, and I am just now starting to feel like I'm relaxing a bit. I've been tense as hell since I realized I was stuck with both my workload and V's again all day.

Not only that but people kept stopping by my desk to ask questions and have me help them find information they needed. I wanted to look at them and go, "Does it look like I'm busy? Yes? Well then fuck off!"

I normally wouldn't have that reaction but the information they wanted was right under their damn nose! Stupidity is a quick way to piss me off.

But I didn't. I smiled, and I helped, and I still pulled off V's job and 90% of mine by the time I clocked out for the day.

I need a fucking raise.

Master always tells me I'm a victim of my own success. No matter where I work, eventually I prove that I can handle a fuck ton, and so they just nod and pat me on the head whenever I get stressed, telling me I'll do just fine.

April 27, 2010

Long Day

Today dragged on, and on, and on! Ugh!!!

Work was dreadfully slow. Although honestly I would rather be dreadfully slow, work wise, than so busy that I can't breathe. I wasn't feeling that well today anyway.

For most of the day I had this sharp pain in my left eye, and when you're working at a computer all day that is so not a good thing. It took two tylenol and an aspirin to kill the pain.

But now? Even after more time on the computer (both at work and at home) I'm fine. I'm thinking that it was sinus pressure related, rather than eye strain.

Once I got home from work Master and I ate dinner and watched the season finale of RuPaul's drag race. I can't say that I agree with the decision, but whatever. I'll still watch Season 3 when it comes out.

After that Master and I played with Radar. Then I took Radar on a short walk. I wasn't up to our usual walk. Maybe this weekend, if it's nice out.

Plus there were clouds of gnats along the walk, that were pissing me off. They kept going into my eyes and poor Radar had to keep snorting to get them out of his nose. So it's probably a good thing we took a shorter walk tonight.

Once we got home I gave Radar a benadryl since his sinuses seem to be acting up a little bit. He's now napping. He loves laying in between the couch and the wall. I have no idea why. He's weird.

April 26, 2010

Jumping Topics

First we'll start off with sex. Then we'll get into the other topic... because I hate doing two posts when I can slam it all into one, however varied the topics may be.

Last night Master and I retired to the bedroom. He sat up on the bed, leaning against the wall and allowed me to blow Him. My lip had finally healed all the way. Honestly I was surprised my jaw held out since it had been a while since I sucked His dick from start to finish. But I was very pleased when I felt His cum shooting down my throat.

When I was done I sat up and started to move out of His way in case He wanted to lay down or something. Instead He quickly reached out, grabbed me and held me against Him, resting His head on my shoulder. I hugged/held Him as He did the same to me and we just sat there like that for a while. It was so sweet.

Then I showed Him how wet I had gotten from blowing Him. He grinned from ear to ear and soon enough He was fucking me very hard. I had asked to be on top but He wanted to be able to slam into me more easily, so He denied that request and did as He wanted, which was a huge turn on.

After He filled me with His cum we were both exhausted, and happily passed out next to one another.

Okay... ready for the non-perv topic?

If not, stop reading now.

You're still here? Okay then you want to read about our dog, Radar.

I went to work and it was just a normal day. Master had left to go have lunch with His best friend. BC had contacted Him last night and asked for Master to meet him on his lunch break.

It turns out that BC is thinking of purposing to his girlfriend and wanted to toss the idea at Master, to see what He thought. BC holds Master's opinion in very high regard, so that really isn't all that surprising. All I have to say about is that we damn well better be invited! *giggles*

Well, when Master had left He had put Radar in his crate, as usual. Well Radar had a Kong dog bed in there. Master was gone for about an hour, if that. When He got back Radar had shredded his bed. Master started picking up all the pieces when He realized that there were cedar chips in the bed!

Cedar chips can cause severe reactions in animals, which is exactly the reason why we don't use it as bedding for our rabbits. Needless to say Master was pissed. It said nothing anywhere on the bed about having cedar chips in it.

On top of that the bed claimed to be chew resistant. Yeah fucking right.

So Master called me and told me about it. I was also pissed.

He picked me up from work and brought Radar and the useless dog bed with. We went to the store that we had purchased it from. We had spent nearly $65 on that damn thing. We complained and they allowed us to return it. We used the in store credit to get some wheat free dog treats, a couple more toys, and some Bitter Apple in hopes to deter Radar from chewing on the bottom of the crate.

The manager didn't seem worried at all when we told her we were upset about the cedar chips. She smiled and simply said, "It was the corporations decision, not ours as a singular store." Well fuck you too lady. I use to work with this bitch. (Yes I use to work at the pet store.) So I knew she would just brush it off, but still.. I was hoping for at least some reaction... something.. anything.

We decided against getting Radar a new dog bed, at least until he is older and has learned not to try and shred it. He is after all only 1 year old. And when we do get another dog bed, I'm going to make damn sure there are no cedar chips in it.

April 25, 2010

Lazy As Hell Sunday

Today Master and I have been very lazy. All we've been doing today has been relaxing, watching TV shows, movies, going on the computer, and playing with the dog. That's been it.

And I've loved it! Yesterday was busy, and it was a good day and all.. but I really needed a day where we did basically nothing.

I talked to my mom today and she told me that my dad (she got this info from my brother as my parents are divorced and hardly ever talk to one another) has gotten a tattoo on his chest with my name and my brother's name. Sounds sweet right?

Well my mom is a bit upset by this. Why you ask? Oh, well because apparently our names are on headstones. Yes, headstones as in a graveyard. It doesn't phase me one bit. My mom finds it "sick". But whatever. My father is a very morbid individual. More morbid than I am. He's not what I would consider a goth or anything of that nature, just very fascinated by death and likes to surround himself related to such things.

I told Master and He just kind of rolled His eyes. The only thing I said about it was, "He better have made sure my name was spelled right!" *giggles*

I haven't seen my dad in about a month. He is working on getting his ex-girlfriend moved out and his new girlfriend moved in, so I'm trying to steer clear of his house for right now and he hardly, if ever, comes up here.

Also my dad isn't much of a phone person. So he hardly calls me, and when I call him it's for no more than 10-15 minutes.

I'm hoping that situation gets settled soon so I can visit with my dad again.

Speaking of visiting with family, I'm surprised my mother-in-law hasn't called yet. Before she left to get married, she kept saying she wanted to get together as soon as possible once they got back. That usually means the day the get back or the day after. But it's been about two weeks now. I'm not complaining mind you. My mother-in-law can be a very difficult person to get along with because she loves playing the victim.

My mother asked me when I was coming down again. I'm hoping to go down this upcoming weekend.

And we might be meeting SS's new boyfriend this upcoming week. We had discussed that at dinner yesterday. Speaking of which I should text her and see what's going on there.

April 24, 2010

Dog Focused Saturday

Today was mainly about Radar. Nothing wrong with that.

We got up and played with Radar, taking turns playing tug of war with him.

After we had lunch we decided to go out to the pet store, which is one of the ones that you can bring in well behaved and vaccinated dogs. So we brought Radar with us.

Radar has had an upset stomach and very itchy skin since we brought him home. He was on Science Diet from the pound, and we were planning on changing his food anyway. So because of his symptoms I did some research and we both believe that Radar has a wheat allergy.

And even if he doesn't, it's just a filler in dog food anyway, as well as treats. So we are cutting both wheat and corn (another filler) out of his diet just to be on the safe side.

He is now on a wheat and corn free dog food. Which is surprisingly cheaper than the Science Diet.

Since we have decided to cut all wheat and corn out of his diet I had to throw out all the open treat bags that we had for him, because they all contained it. There was still one bag that was not opened, so we went to the pet store to return that as well as his leash. The other night when I was taking Radar outside, we were standing outside our front door and I was putting the key in the door. Two people were walking by and Radar wanted to go say hi. Well of course he couldn't reach. Next thing I know Radar is off the leash and sitting very nicely in front of the people walking down the sidewalk.

I of course freaked. He didn't bolt, he just wanted pets from new friends. I grabbed his collar and walked him inside, holding his leash in my other hand. Master had to calm me down, I was so shaken.

Master inspected the leash and realized that the clip was not closing fully, which is how Radar got off the leash. No way we were keeping that.

The store didn't give us any problems about returning the items. We used the credit at the store to get Radar a new tug of war toy and a bandanna. His bandanna looks so cute on him! It's blue camouflage.

We came home and played with Radar some more. Radar is starting to feel better now that he is on the new food.

We went out to dinner with our friend SS, but her new boyfriend couldn't come. Although it seems like it's getting serious as they are talking about the possibility of marriage already! I'm excited for her.

Now we're home, relaxing and enjoying the rest of our evening.

April 23, 2010

Being Naughty At Work

Master and I have never been able to talk freely while I'm at work when He calls, because I'm on a work phone which is monitored from time to time. No biggie there, but you can't really talk about kink that way. Even in code, it sounds kinda weird to "vanilla" people. So we just avoid it.

Well as you can tell from yesterday's post we found a way around that via texting on my cell. Which is awesome.

And last night we had more "wake Kitten up with sex" sex. Which was incredible.

Today I was bored as hell at work. But thankfully about two hours before I was to get out of work Master decided to start texting me and we had some naughty fun.

We flirted, we teased, and He gave me orders. He wanted me to go into the bathroom and scent myself at least twice before I got out of work.

It has been a long time since I've received orders to carry out at work. So instantly my clit was tingling. I did as I was told and told Him via text that I had done as I was told.

Once I got home I took Radar out and then we went out to dinner.

Dinner was great. We just got home a little while ago and Master told me to get my post out of the way, so here I am! It's almost 8pm already. It doesn't feel like it should be that late. But we were out to dinner longer than expected.

We don't really know what is going on this weekend. All of our plans are up in the air.

We might go see my mom. We might be going to dinner tomorrow night with SS if she can find a babysitter, and our friend ST may be in town this weekend. Ugh. To much going on. Or not going on as the case may be. I hate it when all of our plans are last minute like this. But in SS's and ST's case, it can't be avoided. They are forever wanting to do things last minute, or canceling last minute.

April 22, 2010

Dream Lover

Okay there are going to be two topics in this post. First, I'm going to start off with the topic that deals with sex. :-D Figures, huh?

Last night I had to go to bed because it was 11pm and that's normally the time I go to bed during the week so I'm not a total zombie at work. So I asked Master if He was coming to bed as well. He said that He wasn't ready to go to bed yet. (His insomnia has been bad again lately.) I looked down and said, "Okay."

He smiled, pulled me to Him and bit my left tit until I whimpered. He told me not to worry, because He would probably wake me up later. That made me grin and I happily trotted off to bed.

I have no idea what time it was. And I wasn't fully awake. You know that place between being awake and being asleep? Yeah, that's where I was.

But I distinctly remembered Master on top of me thrusting away, and me moaning a bit. Keep in mind this entire time I'm stuck in that place between asleep and awake. I remember my pussy clenching around His thick cock over and over again, but I didn't cum. I also remember feeling Him get off although I don't remember Him making any noise. He usually growls when He cums. I remember grabbing for Him and hugging Him after He came, and I remember Him hugging me back and kissing my head.

That's all I remembered.

So this morning before I went to work I sent Him an e-mail saying, "You are my dream lover."

A few hours later I got a reply on my cell phone saying: "Did you have a dream last night or something?"

This threw me for a loop. It made me start to wonder if He had actually fucked me or if I had actually dreamed the whole thing. So I responded as follows: "Not sure. I swear You fucked me last night but I was in that place between awake and asleep when it happened. Or maybe I did dream it."

Here is the rest of the conversation:

Him: "lol..no you didn't dream it :)"

Me: "Good! I`ll tell You one thing though when You do that I`m horny as hell the next day. Not that I`m complaining mind You."

Him: "LOL..can't imagine why horn ball :)"

Me: "Because I`m addicted to Your cock."

Him: "Of course that's a given for a trained little slut, hows your mouth healing? I could use a good sucking on my dick."

(I have a cold sore currently. So no oral until that's gone.)

Me: "Another day or two at the most. Damn I wish I was at home bent over and pinned right now."

Him: "Cause you're a sick little piece of ass"

Me: "Yeah but I'm Yours."

All of that was done while I was at work. It was great. I love flirting with Him, and yes I consider that flirting. *giggles*

I am really grooving on this whole being fucked while I'm not fully awake. It really pushes my buttons in wonderful, tingling, ways.

Okay so on to the second topic... love.

Yes, from sex to love. A little backwards, but that's okay.

Whenever I leave for work in the morning I tell Master I love Him, even if He's asleep and can't hear me. I say it. Whenever we talk on the phone, we end each conversation with "I love you." ... "I love you too."

It's just something we've always done. We tell one another that we love each other constantly.

But other couples I know hardly say it at all, if ever.

Our friend BC has been with his girl for a year now. They've only said it once. At one point I asked him if he loves her, and he said that he does he just doesn't see the point in saying it. She knows it, he knows it, that's where it ends. Where I see his point, it confuses me on some level.

The guy in our carpool, AM, is engaged to be married this October. I've heard him on the phone with his fiance numerous times since we started the carpool back in November. I never hear those words uttered at the end of a conversation. Same goes with MZ and her boyfriend of five years.

Maybe it's just me. But I just find it odd.

I tell Master I love Him as often as I can. I want to make sure I say it as often as possible. I don't see it as clingy on my part, or overwhelming. Master says it to me as often as He can as well. I mean yes, it goes without saying. We've been together for seven years, and married for three of those years. We love one another very much. But I still need to say and/or hear it, and often.

What about you guys? Do you say it often? Not very often? Never?

Let's take a poll! :-D

[polldaddy poll=3096224]

This should be fun! :-)

April 21, 2010

Just Another Day

Yep. Just another day, in another week. Yay!

Work wasn't that bad today. Although since today is Administrative Professionals Day, the company I work for celebrated by buying everyone lunch. They had pizza delivered and had ice cream for desert.

Well I had two pieces of pizza, and apparently I should have had the ice cream instead.

About two hours after eating the two pieces of pizza, I suddenly felt very ill. So I tried to calmly walk to the bathroom. It's not really that far, but I didn't want to look like I was rushing, which made the bathroom seem further away. Thankfully no one else was in there because I ended up throwing up. That's so damn embarrassing at work. I was worried someone was going to walk in. But at least I made it to the bathroom!

Once I was sure I was done I washed my hands and took a look in the mirror. My eyes were bright red and I felt a bit dizzy. So I stood there for a moment and got a paper towel wet and put it on the back of my neck. A good ten minutes later and I felt well enough to go back to my desk.

I finished up work and then MZ took AM and myself downtown so Master could pick us up. Radar was in the car as well. He got shotgun, while AM and I sat in the back seat. We dropped AM off, and then went home. I ate my dinner slowly, since I didn't want a repeat performance.

I feel a lot better now.

Poor Radar has had an upset stomach, so we gave him a benadryl. He's now sleeping on the couch.

Master and I watched a couple of episodes of Lie To Me. It's a very interesting show.

April 20, 2010

Fighting It Off

Normally during my period I suffer from depression.

Honestly, I used to be on medication for it when I was about 13 till about 15. I took myself off the medications because I was nothing more than a zombie on it. I was not an individual at all. And I hated it.

Since that time I have gotten better. Now it only really hits me when I'm on the rag. To offset that, among other things, I have started taking menstrual related OTC medications. And they help a lot.

But I stop taking them once I stop bleeding because I don't want my body to get used to them. But for some stupid reason, the depression is sticking with me a bit. It's not overwhelming. I'm still functional. It's mainly just a feeling of being down.

It comes and it goes. It sucks.

I'm of course use to fighting it back and pulling myself out of the funk, but sometimes it's harder than others. Practice makes perfect though. *smirks*

It's not dark thoughts, it's not anything alarming at all... it's just a funk. One of those things where you feel like you're just floating along with a "meh" mind set.

Work? Meh.

Sleep? Meh.

Relaxation? Meh.

But it's getting better. The funky moods are getting shorter. I'm getting faster at bitch slapping that mind set to the back of my head and going STFU and STFD.

Today it was only affecting me for maybe about an hour before I could pull myself out of it completely.

It actually pisses me off when I get in those kind of moods. It really does.

It makes me feel weak, and I hate that. It's my brain damnit.

And that's been my mind set about that whole thing, as well as my fibromyalgia. It's my brain and it's my body. So I can find ways to deal with it without a doctor's help. I tried doctor's help for years, and all they wanted to do was drug me and make me feel like my life was passing me by. Doctors gave up and just wanted to "maintain".

Well I don't want to maintain. I want to live. And that's what I've been doing. Sometimes these moods swing back, but they did that with the medications as well. I think my way is better.

April 19, 2010

Mondays Suck Ass

Work started off poorly.

There are three applications I use at my job. Guess what. All three were down until damn near 10am. I start work at 8am. So for two hours I tried to busy myself, but of course there wasn't much I could do besides organize paperwork, which was boring as hell.

Finally the applications were back online and I could get down to business. But after my normal daily work I had to work on a packet. A packet that I fucking hate. So my afternoon sucked.

Master called me to tell me how His appointment went at the job center. Apparently it was pretty damn boring, but He did get some information to help Him search for a job, such as websites and what not. So that's cool.

He hasn't heard back from the place He had two interviews at yet, but then again Mondays are usually pretty busy for most companies. So maybe He'll hear something tomorrow. We can hope.

Master picked me up from downtown and once we got home He took out Radar and I headed back out to get dinner.

While we were playing ball with Radar the poor little guy knocked his front left "wrist" on the entertainment center and was whimpering loudly. Master and I ran to him, and checked his paw. We were worried he had yanked out a claw or something. Thankfully he's fine. He stopped whimpering shortly there after. He limped for a little while but before we knew it he was running around like a mad man again.

We're both of course just glad he's alright.

I'm hoping that tomorrow is better than today, as far as work is concerned.

Master is unfortunately not feeling well tonight. His stomach is upset. I think it's partially from stress.

Poor Daddy. :-(

So my brain is pretty much mush right now. I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up around 3am, 4am, 5am, and then finally when my alarm went off at 6:15am. Joy and bloody rapture. And the mind numbing work I had on my desk today did not help at all.

Mush, mush, mush.


Brain mush.

That's a sick visual isn't it? Yes. Yes it is.

April 18, 2010

Feeding Off One Another

Today Master was not in the best of moods. I know He was hoping that the place that He interviewed at twice would have called Him back by now. I did remind Him that they said either the end of this past week or the beginning of this upcoming week.

But I know how He feels. Whenever I interviewed for a job I was on pins and needles waiting to hear back. And I would be irritable until I did hear from them.

The bad thing is that when either Master or myself get into moods like that the other responds in kind. That is until someone breaks the cycle. Sometimes it's me, sometimes it's Him, and sometimes we do it at the same time.

Today was no exception.

He was in a bad mood and eventually I slumped into one as well.

But today was one of those times where we both tried to pull ourselves, as well as each other, out of it at the same time.

I walked up to Him and kissed His forehead, and He cupped my face and kissed me and said He was sorry. He explained that He was just wanting to hear back from that job. I hope He does as well.

It's never easy, especially after two interviews with said company, to wait patiently to know if you got the job or not.

I remember one time I had three interviews with one company, so I figured I was a sure thing by that point, but after a week I still hadn't heard anything back so I eventually called them and I hadn't gotten the job. That pissed me off.

But I hope the results are different for Master. I hope He gets this job. I know just sitting around the apartment and doing errands and what not is driving Him crazy. Especially now that it's slowly but surely getting nicer out.

So here is hoping that this job works out for Him. I hope He gets a call soon!

I know companies are trying to watch out for themselves, but they seriously need to realize how much they are affecting peoples lives when they keep them waiting and wondering.

It also doesn't help that I am waiting on my 1 year review at work. It's been almost a month now, and we could really use the extra money. I know it won't be much but even with a 3% bump it's something.

We're in a bit of a financial crunch right now. And yes, getting Radar set us back more than we first expected. However, having animals around us is something that we just simply can't live without. And Radar needed saving. He needed a good home. And we have given him that. It's not that we can't afford him. We can.

It's just the initial expenses is all. Leash, collar, crate, food and water bowls, first set of vaccinations, etc and so on. We're really fine, it just feels like a bit of a crunch.

Radar is doing well. He just doesn't know a lot of commands right now and he still has separation anxiety. But we're working with him.

April 17, 2010


Master and I slept in a bit this morning, which was nice to do.

After we were more awake than not, we headed out the door. We went out to lunch and then picked up some rabbit food. When we got home we finally cleaned out the closet in the hallway. It didn't take very long, but we still ended up throwing out two bags worth of stuff and a broken vacuum cleaner that we had shoved in there.

Radar and I went for a walk by ourselves today. It's not that Master didn't want to come with us, but He wanted to know how Radar would act on a walk for just me. I took my cell phone in case there were any problems. But Radar behaved exactly as He does on walks that Master goes on. Although there must have been something in the air because Radar wanted to smell everything.

Shortly after we got back Master and I fucked, then ate dinner and watched a movie.

So all and all it hasn't been a bad Saturday. It started off kind of boring, and Master wasn't in the best of moods at first because He had a bad headache, but after we fucked He started to feel better. It's amazing what sex can do to help make you feel better. ;-)

I know my blog entries haven't been that long or in depth lately, but honestly I don't have a lot to say right now either.

My life currently revolves around my Husband, Radar, work, and sleep. So yeah. Not a lot going on, although that's not really a bad thing.

That and the weather has been so up and down lately that I just haven't been feeling like myself the past week or so.

Hopefully tomorrow I can force a longer post out of myself.

April 16, 2010


Today my total of four hours of work went by rather quickly, which was nice. So before I knew it I was home. Shortly after I walked in the door Master and I headed back out to go to the local treasurer's office. We shelled out the $12 and got Radar his dog license. So we can finally send in that pet agreement to our landlord. The only concern I had was that since Master was the one to take Radar to the vet to get his rabies shot, His name was the only one on the rabies vaccination certificate. And due to that, His name is the only one on the dog license. But Master reminded me that since we are married, and there is an emergency, there shouldn't be a problem if I'm the only one who can respond.

After that we came back home and played with Radar for a while. Due to the ups and downs of the weather neither Master, myself, or Radar is feeling 100% right now. So we're trying to "make" Radar rest. It's not easy.

Master and I went out to dinner and are relaxing currently. As I stated before neither of us are feeling 100%.

Now we're looking into flea and tick preventive medications. I'm trying to find the best deal for Radar. The vet suggest Frontline plus, but I want to make sure that's not just a promotion they get paid to push. So I'm shopping around. Any suggestions?

April 15, 2010

Boring Day At Work

Not that I'm really complaining mind you, it's just that it made the day go by slowly.

V, my coworker who is constantly pissing me off, has now informed me that she is probably moving to Texas to get a fresh start on life. Apparently to get a fresh start on life you have to move from Wisconsin to Texas. Interesting.

I just hope that she gives enough notice (she doesn't know when she's leaving yet, so she hasn't told our supervisor) so that they can find someone to replace her rather quickly.

It's hot today. It was cool in the morning so I brought my jacket, but by my lunch break it was easily 78 degrees outside. Needless to say I no longer needed my jacket.

Radar doesn't seem to understand that the more he moves around, the hotter he gets. We're constantly telling him to lay down so he doesn't get sick from the heat, and he just looks at us like, "But I want to play!" He'll learn eventually.

Tomorrow we go to get his dog license. And then he'll have all sorts of bling on his collar. He'll have his dog license, his rabies tag, his name tag, and the tag with his microchip information. Yeah. I think he's pretty well covered on the whole "in case he gets lost" thing. Gods forbid that ever actually happens.

Master and I are just trying to stay cool at this point. We don't have the A/C on. But we have the front sliding glass door open and the fans on.

Tomorrow I only have four hours of work, which is awesome!

Other than that I'm just looking forward to a couple of days of relaxation.

April 14, 2010


Last night I stayed up a bit past my bed time last night, but eventually I had to go to sleep. I was horny, but Master wasn't tired yet as He had an interview in the morning and He was a bit nervous. But He hinted that He might wake me up to fuck when He did come to bed. So I smiled, kissed Him goodnight, and then went to sleep.

The next thing I remember is Master hovering over me thrusting into me. I was woken up by His cock forcing it's way inside of me.

As odd as this might sound, that was one of the hottest things I have ever experienced. I've never been woken up that way before. Ever. I've woken Master up with a blow job before, but He's never woken me up by having His cock already inside of me.

He has tried in the past, but normally I'm so deep into sleep that I basically won't budge so He can position me in such a way that He can fuck me. In all honesty, according to what Master has told me because I never remember any of it, I end up kicking or hitting Him when He tries. Weird.

But last night Master said He was able to position me the way He needed to and I was moaning. He wasn't even sure when I had actually awake until I grabbed at Him. I don't know really how long He had been fucking me before I woke up, but gods was it amazing.

Hottest. Thing. Ever.

I hope it happens more often. *grins*

Afterward, we kissed, curled up, and fell asleep. It was great.

Today Master had His second interview and He thinks it went really well! Yay! They told Him He should know something by either the end of this week or the very beginning of next week. So here is hoping.

April 13, 2010

Only Tuesday

It's only Tuesday and I have been kicking ass at work! Holy hell. I did more work today than I usually do in two days. Thanks to V being out of work for two days, plus a few hours yesterday I was backlogged pretty badly. However I am completely caught up now, because I rock... or something.

And now I have a sinus headache. Fun for me. So I am waiting for the Tylenol to kick in. I would take a Benadryl but that knocks me out and I still have to take my bath. Falling asleep in the bathtub is not a good thing.

Master has a 2nd interview tomorrow! I wish I could go with Him, just to know right away first hand how it went, but I must go to work. I could take the day off but I don't think it'd be a very good idea. I just got caught up and I can't really afford to get behind again.

Other than that there isn't a lot going on, so I'll just ramble a bit.

Last night when I went to bed Master decided to stay up. Radar hopped up on the bed with me for a little bit. I remember him jumping off the bed shortly before I drifted off to sleep.

We are getting his dog license this Friday after I get home from work. We were going to go see the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie, but then we realized that doesn't come out until the end of the month. :-( For some reason we thought it was already out. Damn you brain for lying to me! *shakes fist* But I'm sure we can find something else to do to have a "date night" of sorts sometime this weekend.

April 12, 2010


My coworker, V, is aggravating me. I was hoping she'd be at work today since she was out the past two work days. And she was! Yay! So that I meant I could start catching up on my work.

But since it's Monday, that means her work load is pretty bad. So I had to stop doing my work and help her with hers. I didn't complain, because when I was doing her job she had to help me do it just to try and keep up.

But then, she left work at 2pm and again I had to put my work load aside and do her job and her job only. Fucking hell.

She said that she still wasn't feeling well and felt she should go to a doctor. Say what? Bitch you just took the past two days and had the whole fucking weekend and you didn't go to a doctor after saying that was why you took off Thursday and Friday?! Not only that but you show up on Monday with a new weave and your nails done, and then leave early. The fuck!?

Not only that but there is no indication that she has been reprimanded in any way shape or form.

*end bitch session*

Master picked me up from downtown after MZ dropped me off there so she could go to school after work. Radar came with. Radar is seeming to enjoy car rides more and more. When we first took him home he was scared to death of the car. Master had to pick him up and put him on the seat. Now? He jumps right into the car and sits down wagging his curly tail and smiling. It's great.

Once we got home we ate dinner and relaxed. It's been raining on and off since about 4pm today. It's making me sleepy. Either that or my body is having a delayed reaction to getting up at 6am today.

Master has a 2nd interview this Wednesday for the company He interviewed with this past Saturday! Yay Master! I wish Him lots of luck!

April 11, 2010

The Weekend Is Over


Yesterday seemed to go by so slowly, and I loved it! But today it flew by. That always seems to happen with Sundays, no matter what.

I woke up before Master did, which is like a miracle on the weekends. So I woke Him up about a half hour later by cuddling with Him. It was nice. We hadn't done that in a long time.

We woke up a bit and then took Radar for a walk. We are trying different routes to see which would be the best. Quite a few parts of this neighborhood doesn't have sidewalks, which sucks. It's a lot easier to walk Radar on a sidewalk rather than on grass. We refuse to walk him in the street. No thank you.

When we got back from the walk we watched some things on Netflix and played with Radar.

That's pretty much been our day besides taking Radar outside. He had his last dose of medication yesterday, and it seems to be cleaning his system out. Poor pup has to go out every half hour. Surprisingly still no accidents in the apartment.

Master and I also put aside some just us time by going in the bedroom and leaving Radar to his toys for a while.

*end non sexual part of the post because I don't feel like doing two posts right now*

Master had me propped up on my stomach using pillows while He fucked me and fingered my ass. It's been a long time since we've had anal sex, and I think we're pretty much going to have to break me back into it like we did before we did it the first time.

I'd never had anal sex before I met Master. Yes, it hurts usually. There are the (very) rare occasions where there is no pain involved at all. Sometimes I can get past it and sometimes I can't. And then sometimes we continue whether it hurts or not, and I just try my damnedest to relax and usually end up begging for His cum the entire time. Anal toys don't really seem to do anything for me besides make me sensitive which makes the actual anal sex part more painful. Yay for my body being really fucking weird.

So I'm sure over the next week or two we'll work out way back up to it. I know Master has been wanting it for a long time now, and I haven't been bringing it up because I'm afraid of my body not cooperating, but Master says He would at least rather have me try, then not doing anything at all. I understand His reasoning, and it makes sense. I guess I'm just nervous, which of course doesn't help with the whole needing to relax thing.

Maybe if I just knock myself out... the whole relaxation part won't be a problem. *laughs*

April 10, 2010

Slow Saturday

We got up at 7am today. I got to sleep in an hour! Whoo-hoo! *giggles*

Master had a job interview at 9am and wanted me to come with him for moral support and also to play navigator.

I sat in the car while He did His interview. They said He should hear something by Tuesday.

We came home and relaxed for a little while. We then took Radar for a nice long walk.

We also administered his last treatment for the tape worm. It's mixed in with his food, although he doesn't seem very hungry today. He's only eaten a handful of food today. Other than that he seems fine. But he's not getting anymore food until everything in his bowl is gone to make sure that he gets all of his medication. Then it's simply waiting a few weeks, and then he'll have another test to make sure the infestation is gone.

Master and I have been watching TV episodes and movies on Netflix most of the day, in between playing with Radar.

Not really a lot going on aside from that honestly.

I know, the blog has been kinda boring lately, unless you really like hearing (reading?) me bitch about my coworkers and/or talk about Radar.

There is some family shit going on, mainly with my brother and his fucked up situation. And then my mother-in-law is now in Florida and is getting married on Tuesday. This will be her fourth marriage, so honestly no one is really all that excited about it besides her. So yep, that pretty much covers it.

April 9, 2010

Puppy Pics

Well before I post the new pics, first let me get my post done. (I know most of you are going to scroll straight to the pics.. lol)

Work dragged today. Again V was not in the office, so I am now two days behind in my work. Monday should prove to be interesting. The odd thing was that after lunch break I was the only person left in my department. Literally.

My supervisor left because it was his half day, my trainer had taken the day off, the other clerk in my department had her half day, and V was out of the office. Fucked up.

The two people in my carpool, MZ and AM, wanted to leave work an hour early. Well, because I was the only one left in my department I couldn't leave early. I had to stay. Plus, I didn't really want to waste an hour of personal time just to get home an hour early for no reason what so ever. Thankfully Master was willing to come pick me up. MZ said she would stay if I didn't have a ride. She's a sweet girl. But honestly I wanted Master to pick me up anyway. More time with Him, ya know?

Much to my surprise though, when I got out of work, and started walking towards our car, Radar popped his head into the front seat! Master had brought him with! It was a really nice surprise.

Radar behaves really well in the car, which is great.

Once we got home we went outside and got some pics of Radar. We had some other pics of him napping that we hadn't transferred to the computer either, so we uploaded those as well.

Here are the puppy pics.

[gallery link="file" orderby="ID"]

As you can see I was the one holding his leash while Master snapped away with the camera. So there you go. Puppy pics. :-)

After that Master and I went out to dinner, came home, and have been relaxing ever since.

Tomorrow Master has a job interview. He wants me to go with Him for moral support and to play navigator. Alarm clocks on the weekends suck, but I'm happy that Master has a job interview. I hope it goes well.

April 8, 2010

Or Not Quite..

Today when I got to work I noticed that V wasn't at her desk. I then logged onto my computer and noticed that she had called in sick. (They send out an e-mail.) I swore under my breath and then talked to my trainer. She said that she would do my job for today so I wasn't totally swamped tomorrow so I could do V's job.

Sounds good to me. I still wasn't happy because I'm sitting there thinking, "How the fuck does this bitch still have a job?!"

But I knocked out the work.

Master called me later in the afternoon. The vet had called. Radar's fecal test results were in. He has a tape worm. Fuck. So Master ran down to the vet's office.

They gave him the medication. We have to mix it in with his food for three days, and then wait four weeks, and then take another fecal sample in to make sure the infestation is cleared up. They did say that the infestation doesn't seem to be bad at all, and that we most likely caught it rather early. Especially since he is not showing any symptoms. Master had to calm me down once He got back home and called me because I was freaked.

I want Radar to be healthy! But the vet assured Master that Radar was fine, and that as long as we gave him the medication over the next three days he should be right as rain. We trust this vet whole heartedly. So Master started his first treatment as soon as He got home.

I'm glad that vet called us as soon as the results were back. Poor pup.

So I calmed down and finished out my day. About a half hour before I clocked out for the day another e-mail showed up to say that V wouldn't be in tomorrow either.

And my trainer won't be in either. So now I'll be two days behind on my normal work. Yes, my trainer did my job today but she only did a portion of it. She left the "minor" stuff for me to catch up on.

I'm wondering if V will be fired on Monday. If she is, at least I won't have to deal with her anymore. I have a feeling she won't be though. Although something tells me if it were me pulling this shit, I would have been fired a while ago.

Once I got home we ate dinner, I played with Radar for a bit, and then Master and I watched the next disc of Dexter that came in the mail today. We have one more episode left on that one and then we'll mail it in.

We also decided that in the morning I'll be the one taking Radar out before I go to work. So I'm now getting up 20 minutes earlier, but that also gives me some puppy time before work and Master can catch a bit more sleep.

His sinuses have been kicking His tail, and He has insomnia again. So the extra sleep will help with that, I hope.

April 7, 2010

Clean Bill of Health

Last night Master wasn't tired, so He sent me off to bed while He stayed up.

This morning I got up and got ready for work. I said goodbye to Master and Radar and headed out.

My work day was busy, but again the weather was kind of all over the place so I felt tired most of the day.

Master took Radar to the vet today to get his first out of the pound check-up. He was given a clean bill of health, got his distemper booster, a rabies shot, and a kennel cough vaccine. He doesn't have kennel cough, but since we want to sign him up for training classes the vet thought it would be a good idea. The vet did say that he needs to lose 5 lbs. When Master told me that I was like, "From where?!"

Radar is skinny looking, but apparently the vet says he should be a little bit leaner.

Now that Radar has his rabies vaccination we can get his dog license.

Once I got home from work we ate dinner and we both played with Radar for a while. I took my bath and then hopped online to do this post.

It might snow tonight, which is messed up. It's April for crying out loud! Wisconsin is fucked up sometimes.

One of my friends at work is getting her first tattoo tonight, so since she knows I have 11 she has been talking to me about it non stop for like the past three days. *giggles* It's kinda funny actually. I'm slowly but surely becoming known as the tattoo chick at work, even though I hardly ever have any of mine showing. I'm excited for her. I know she's a bit nervous. She'll probably call me a liar for telling her they don't hurt.

But at least we know that Radar is healthy and now he is fully vaccinated. The only one he didn't get was the one for Lyme disease.

Since we have him on a flea and tick medication I'm not sure if we're going to get that one done. I'll talk to the vet about it soon.

Master is pretty out of it as well today. He didn't sleep well last night, when He finally did sleep. Poor Master.

I don't really have anything else to say tonight. I'm just kind of here right now. I've felt this way since yesterday. I honestly think most of it is due to the weather. Hopefully the weather will make up it's mind soon.

April 6, 2010

Back To The Grindstone

Today it was back to work with me. Master and I had incredible sex last night, so needless to say I was up past my bed time.

Getting up at 6:15am was tough. It was raining pretty hard, and I just wanted to keep sleeping.

Work was pretty easy, although it felt like I was going to nod off at my desk a few times.

My knees are bruised and hurt quite a bit thanks to my falling down in the parking lot. Damn my clumsiness! *shakes fist* So I've been walking a little slowly today, and after sitting for an extended period of time I walk like an old lady for the first five minutes after getting off the chair. I'm sure it's amusing to look at.

Once I got home I said hello to Master and to Radar. Radar had broken his Kong Wubba. I always thought those were a Kong wrapped in nylon. Not so. It's two balls wrapped in nylon. Son of a bitch.

Since Radar loves to chew, I ran down to the local pet store and got him an actual Kong instead. Now, no more toys for a little while. He's spoiled already and he's only been home for five days.

Right now Radar is taking a nap and Master is enjoying an expansion level on His favorite video game.

Me? I'm beat. It's not even 9:30pm and I'm exhausted, which is why I decided to hop on here and get my blog post knocked out so I can go take my bath and relax for a little bit.

Beyond the great sex last night, work, and some quality time with Radar there isn't a lot going on right now. I know tomorrow and Thursday are going to be busy, like they always are. I think that knowledge is making me feel more tired than I am.

It's supposed to rain more tonight and tomorrow. So I think this tired feeling is going to stay with me. Storms ramp me up as far as being horny. But just rain? It makes me want to curl up in a nice warm blanket, and just be lazy and nap on and off through out the day.

April 5, 2010

Last Day of Freedom

I had taken today off of work about a month ago. I'm glad that I did, because I got an extra day with Master and with Radar.

The only down side to today was that when I was taking Radar outside to go potty, I tripped (yes I'm a klutz) and skinned my knees. Thankfully Radar stopped immediatley and didn't try to pull or anything. I was impressed.

His tummy is doing better! Yay!

We also went out and bought the largest crate we could find to put Radar in for when we're not home. We put his blanket in there along with a few of his toys. We tested him with it by putting him in it and leaving the apartment, and standing outside for about 10 minutes. Then we came back in. He had been laying down nicely when we walked in and when we let him out we gave him a lot of praise.

We didn't crate train Ghost. Ghost was put in our bedroom with the door shut when we left. But with Radar, we're not sure if he'd try tearing stuff up in there or not. He hasn't destroyed anything since that first night he was here honestly, but we'd rather not take the chance. Plus I think it'll help him with any separation anxiety when we leave. The humane society told us he suffered from that a bit. So when we leave the apartment he'll be put in his crate (it's enormous, Master could easily fit in there and He's 6ft4) and we'll turn on the radio for him. We'll of course start off small, like trips to the gas station and then work our way up from there.

So as with most of this past weekend today was focused on Radar and Master and I just relaxing and enjoying our time together.

At least this week will only be a four day work week. Plus Radar has to get used to me leaving for that long. It's as good a time as any.

Switching back to getting to bed at a half way decent time and getting up before dawn is going to suck.

April 4, 2010

Relaxing Sunday

Radar decided that Master and I needed to get out of bed around 8:30am. Apparently he has not yet learned that Master and I are not morning people. But that's okay. At least it wasn't a totally ungodly hour like 5am or something.

So we came out into the living room and there was nothing out of place! I was happily surprised. I think the fact that Master and I went through the apartment last night and basically put everything up and/or away also helped. But still.

So we had McDonald's for breakfast today.

And we learned that Radar has very clear signals to let us know that he has to go outside, which is awesome. He goes up to the door, noses the doorknob and then sits.

Unfortunately he has a bit of an upset stomach. I think it's because his tummy isn't used to treats, and we've given him quite a few to be perfectly honest. (Bad mom and dad, I know.) So we're just going to cut those out of his diet for right now to make sure that's it, while his tummy clears up. Then we'll pick one or two brand of treats and stick with them.

Right now we are trying to figure out him, and he's trying to figure out us. So far, so good.

I went down to visit with my mom today. Master stayed at home with Radar. I showed everyone pictures and what not. They all think he's adorable.

When I got home we relaxed and watched Dollhouse on Netflix. We had already finished the Dresden Files.

It seems that Radar's tummy is starting to feel better as the night goes on.

He has his first checkup on Wednesday, which is when he'll be getting his rabies shot so we can get him licensed.

It's been a wonderful day. I've greatly enjoyed it. And I have tomorrow off of work! Yay! It's gonna suck going back to work on Tuesday... *laughs*

April 3, 2010

A New Friend

Yesterday Master picked me up from work. We had some errands to run, so I was glad that it was my half day. We went to the bank and then to the landlord's office and dropped off our rent check.

I have to say that I don't think I'll be bitching about our apartment complex again any time soon. Earlier that day I had called and asked for the manager. She got on the phone with me and I explained that Ghost was unfortunately no longer with us. She offered her condolences, which was appreciated. Most landlords just don't give a shit.

I also told her that we were probably going to be looking into getting another dog, but that I just didn't know when. She said that wasn't a problem and said that as long as it wasn't what are typically considered "aggressive breeds", or like something the size of a Saint Bernard. No problem there. Later when we went there to drop off the rent check she handed me a new pet agreement to fill out and send in once we had chosen an animal. She had also given me her personal cell phone number in case the humane society needed to talk to the management of our apartments. She is awesome.

Once I got back to the car, Master asked me if I wanted to go look at the humane society. (We like to support our local shelters. We love mutts, and those animals truly need loving homes.)

This was in no way meant to disrespect Ghost in any way, shape or form. He was our pack member for many years, and he will never be forgotten, and there simply is no replacing him. In fact I don't believe there is ever "replacing" an animal. There is simply opening your home and your heart to save another animal, and give him or her a chance at a happy fulfilling life.

I know some people may believe this to be a bit quick. But quite honestly, we need animals with us. We just do.

So we went to the local shelter. We looked around, and we had gone there just to look and if a dog caught our eye (and our heart) we would consider it.

Well, we found two possible candidates to be our pup. Our "first choice" was already being looked at by another couple shortly after we had filled out our paperwork.

We were a bit saddened at first, and figured that he had probably found his home. So we asked to see our "second choice". This dog was very hyper. And he nipped a lot. I still have marks on my arms from him. He was sweet, and was honestly just trying to play. But I could tell he wanted to be the pack leader. This dog was an alpha, or at least wanted to be.

Where as there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, those types of dogs I have a hard time with until they are properly trained. My height becomes a problem, because they figure if they stand up they can look me in the eye so what the hell am I going to do? They don't see me as a threat. Also, since I submit to Master's will the dog would have picked up on that eventually and also tried to boss me around. Not good. Master of course would have no problem, but even with how "alpha" Master is, this dog was giving him issues and already challenging him constantly. We spent a good half hour with this particular dog.

Also, I didn't think he would adapt well to apartment living. Even though we have a nice sized 2 bedroom first floor apartment, we don't have a yard he could have ran in. And he would need that, in my opinion.

So while he was a very cute and sweet dog, I was second guessing the possibility of taking him home with us. I didn't want to take him home only to have to send him back. That's not fair to the animal at all.

So something clicked in my brain. I asked the adoption counselor who was assisting us if our "first choice" had in fact been adopted. She asked us to wait a moment and put the pup we were playing with back in his room. She checked it out, and it turns out that the couple who had been looking at him had decided he wasn't the right dog for them.

So we asked to see him.

We stayed in the "meet and greet" room and she let him in. The first thing this dog did was run up to Master and as Master was kneeling down on the ground, he started licking His face. Then he ran up to me and started licking my hands and leaning against me for pets. He ran in between us both. This was no one person animal. He was a pack animal and just the way he was moving, he is not an alpha at all. I would say he's a beta.

So I looked at Master, He looked at me, smiled, nodded His head, and I turned my head to the adoption counselor and said, "This may seem kind of quick, but we would really like to start the adoption process for this guy." She smiled and said, "I think he's a great fit for you two."

So she put him back in his room, put up a sign saying he had found his forever home, and walked us back out into the reception area. We had already completed our adoption paperwork (all that remained to be filled in was the dog's name since we had not decided when we filled it out) so she took us into the store that they have on premises. We bought a leash, two toys, a magnet to go on our car, and of course we paid the adoption fee.

Once all that was done we went into a different room where we received a lot of paperwork on him. We had to sign a contact regarding a few things, but nothing that we didn't expect.

We received a free first examination coupon at a vet that agreed to take it. Thankfully our vet does. We also got two bags of treats and a small bag of food that they had been feeding him. It's Science Diet Advanced Fitness. He also came with a collar and 30 days worth of free pet health insurance.

His name is Radar. He is 1 year old and is, according to the paper work, an Australian Cattle Dog mix. We have no idea what he's mixed with. But he's fucking adorable.

[gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="ID"]

As you can plainly see. He is still teething, so we bought him a lot of chew toys and tug of war toys to help with that. And yes, that was my slave mat he's laying on. Although he is treating it like his dog bed. But as Master stated, we had thought about getting rid of my slave mat anyway and just having me be on the couch instead since it's just not as comfortable as it once was.

Radar was a stray, and was picked up by animal control and brought to the animal shelter, and now he's with us.

He didn't want to get in the car at first. Master had to pick him up and put him in the backseat with me. But once he was inside it he was fine.

Since neither of us had honestly been expecting to find a dog that day, we had no other supplies at home. (No way were we going to use Ghost's belongings. Those were his.)

So Master stayed at home with Radar. We put out some regular bowls with food and water in it, and then I ran out to the pet store. I picked up a new collar (the one he had on was almost to tight.. it was time to upgrade), a store and feed dog bowl set (it's so handy by the way), some more treats, a big bag of the Science Diet food he is used to, a place mat for the store and feed set, and an ID tag with his name our our contact info on it. Thankfully he is already micro chipped and registered to us, thanks to the humane society, but I refuse to let a dog of mine walk around without an ID tag.

This morning we came out to the living room and he had destroyed a couple things that we had left on the floor. It was mainly papers (that we didn't need thankfully). Honestly we kind of expected something to happen since we was left to his own devices for the first time in a new environment, and he didn't have a lot to chew on otherwise. Like I said he's teething pretty bad. It could have been a lot worse.

So today we went back to the pet store, only this time we brought Radar with us since they allow dogs in there. We got some training treats. He only knows sit right now. We also bought more teething toys.

We took him for a walk. He handles pretty good on a leash, but needs to learn some manners still. We're thinking about signing him up for a manners classes.

We have high hopes for Radar and are glad that we brought him home.

April 1, 2010

Thursday's Post

I'm not much for creative blog post titles right now, if you couldn't tell. Sometimes, I just can't think of one. *shrugs*

I've taken to sleeping out in the living room until Master is ready to go to bed lately. It makes me feel better. I think He likes it as well.

Today work went by at a half way decent rate for a change. V, my coworker, hasn't been talking to me lately, so I haven't had to tell her not to. It's weird. Not that I'm complaining mind you.

It was beautiful outside today, so I stayed on my lunch break a little longer than I usually do. I normally only take a 15 minute lunch. Today I stretched it to about 25 minutes before going inside and clocking back in. They put picnic tables outside, so I sat down and just enjoyed the warm weather. I think I might just bring a spring jacket with me tomorrow.

Thankfully it's my half day and Master is picking me up from work. So I get more time with Him, and I have this upcoming Monday off as well, so that's a plus.

I've been wanting to spend as much time with Master as possible. Not that that's really anything new, but I've been spending less time on the computer and more time just sitting on my slave mat talking to Him and/or watching Him play His video games.

We found "The Dresden Files" on Netflix, so we just got done watching the first episode of that. I loved that series. Unfortunately, it only lasted one season due to a "lack of interest". :-( It figures. It seems like whenever Master and I find a show we like, it's taken off the air. But at least now we can watch the first season again! Yay for Netflix!

So basically to wrap it all up, I'm glad that my extended weekend is only four hours of work away.