March 16, 2009


One week from today I will be starting my new job. I'm very excited, and also nervous. Sounds weird doesn't it?

And I don't really understand it myself. I mean whenever I try for a new job I always get extremely nervous right before the interview, to the point where I have butterflies in my stomach. Then I get to the interview and I'm as calm as can be and full of self confidence. I think my body tries to get the nerves out of my system so I don't come across as an idiot at the actual job interview or something. *shrugs*

Then I go back to being nervous (as well as impatient) until I get the call that I either got the job or I didn't. Now most places around here will not contact you if they do not want you for the position. So I figure that if I don't hear back within a few days, I don't have the job. So I stop being nervous and keep throwing my resume out.

But then I find the job and I'm excited and overjoyed until the time to start the new job gets closer. Then things like the following thoughts start snaking their way through my brain:

"Will I be any good at this job?"

"Will I live up to their expectations?"

"Will I like this job?"

Well you get the idea, I'm sure. And I'm sure it drives Master absolutely bonkers. (Yes, I said bonkers.) But He is trying to help me through it in His own way. He says things like, "You're gonna really impress them hun, I know you. You're going to do just fine." Which makes me feel better. As long as He has faith in me, I can do damn near anything. Well.. except like you know.. lift a car over my head or something. If He tries to tell me I can do that then I'll just think He's trying to kill me.

So the nervousness isn't as much as it usually is. Although now that the time is getting closer I start to wonder, "Am I going to have my own desk?"

And then, because I'm an uber nerd, I start to wonder about what I should bring to put on the desk. For instance, I asked Master if we could look into a keyboard wrist rest and matching mouse pad. We don't use the wrist rest here at home, because it would be uncomfortable for Master. But at work? That would be nice. But I don't want to show up on my first day with a bunch of stuff I won't need. After all I have a feeling the first day is mainly going to be new hire paper work and orientation. Although it is going to be a 9 hour day, so how long can orientation really be?

Gah. See what I mean. I worry about weird, and pretty dumb, stuff. But I also like to browse and shop for nerdy stuff for computers, so either way I'll enjoy the trip. *smiles* And if I don't need it the first day, I'll need it eventually. Even if they happen to have their own I'll probably want my own set. Why? Because I'm picky damnit.

So today Master is at work, but He doesn't know what time He's getting out (shocking). He said we might go bumming when He gets home tonight though if He gets out early enough, so that will be fun. :-)

Our friend B stopped by today to drop off a printer that he doesn't use anymore. But now I need printer paper, and I need to buy a USB cord that goes to this printer. Apparently he lost the one it originally came with, but that shouldn't be to expensive. B was nice enough to take me to the gas station so I could pick up a few things, and then he stayed for about 10 minutes before heading back out. We talked about when he would be picking me up next Monday and all that stuff.

I'm enjoying this last week of relaxation while I can, but I'm also excited about starting my new job. I just keep telling myself that I better enjoy this time off while I can, because once I start working, that's that.

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