March 27, 2009

And Now... The Weekend!

That's right. It is now officially the weekend. Well, that is if you count Fridays after you get out of work as part of your weekend. And I'm going to! :-D

This is awesome. I had a good day at work, Master got out of His job early so He was clean and ready to go when He came to pick me up. So we went straight to a restaurant. It is becoming some what of a tradition for us to go out to eat at a sit down restaurant on Fridays after work. I'm really liking it. It gives us time to just relax and talk for a while outside of the apartment. I know there may be some weeks where we can't do it, but I really am liking it a lot! Today we ate and told each other about our days. We took our time. It was still pretty early in the evening and we weren't in a rush at all. Plus we both have the weekend off! I hope this is something we continue to do.

From there we dropped off the movie rentals and went home. We watched a movie on Netflix and then Master let me go online for a little while. After that I took my bath and put on a bodysuit for Him. I think I twisted my knee or something, so He is having me skip my meditation for tonight. All I know is that my entire left leg hurts. It starts from the knee and then it goes up to the hip and then also down to the ankle. The only reason I know it starts at the knee is because it is slightly swollen. I asked Master to rip my left leg off. Hey. He could easily do it. It'd be like snapping a twig to Him. But He said no.

He told me to go online and do my blog post. We're probably going to watch another movie soon. Can you tell we are movie buffs? Oh. And can you also tell we don't have cable or satellite? Yeah. We don't use the TV for anything other than DVDs and video games. We can watch pretty much anything else through Netflix or the world wide web, so why bother. Plus neither of us really watched TV that much even when we did have it.

Master hasn't had cable or satellite in oh.. about six years. I haven't had it since I moved up here almost four years ago. The only reason I had it in my old apartment is because it was included in my rent.

His mother and her boyfriend are going down to Florida for 10 days. They are driving straight through, because ya know.. they're crazy.

We don't have any huge plans this weekend. I think the only plans we actually have is to get the car an oil change, to go grocery shopping, and to clean the rabbit cages. Thrillsville huh? *laughs* Hopefully it'll be a nice relaxing weekend. :-)

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