May 26, 2014

Highly Disappointed

Okay.. so I went from only being somewhat disappointed to being highly disappointed. Now, after the last blog post in regards to "Story of O" Master had told me that I need to keep in mind that this story is from 1958 and as a result things that seem rather dull and boring to me were rather exciting back then. People were shocked by a hell of a lot less than they are now.

So, the next time I picked up the book I kept that in mind. I literally just finished reading it about 15 minutes ago. I did not like the book at all. And it's not just because I wasn't "shocked" or "thrilled" by it. I don't think I've ever been shocked by a book. Thrilled? Yes.

As I continued to read the book I realized that the whole thing about Stephen King writing forever and a day about the wallpaper came to mind because the surroundings of the room were more and more lengthy as the book went on. I do not give a flying fuck what color the wood holding the mirror was. I don't. I really don't. Not one tiny bit. And yet, there you are describing the hell out of it. Does it add to the story? No. So what the hell are you taking such time to detail that shit rather than leaving it to the reader's imagination and moving on with the more juicy and/or important details? Ugh!

*HUGE Spoiler Alert*

And what really pissed me off about it is I got to the end of the book and O had just gotten done being put on display at a party and then taken out to be fucked by two guys repeatedly. At first I thought, "Well that was a weak ending."

Then I turn the page and it says... And I quote:

"In a final chapter, which has been suppressed, O returned to Roissy, where she was abandoned by Sir Stephen.

There exists a second ending to the story of O, according to which O, seeing that Sir Stephen was about to leave her, said she would prefer to die. Sir Stephen gave her his consent."

Are you fucking kidding me?! It's a short enough story to begin with. (199 pages) and then the entire final chapter isn't even there? What the hell?! And an alternate ending? Um... with a book it has one ending. That's it. End of story. Literally.

This isn't like it's the first printing. This is the ninth printing of the book.

Why would it be suppressed in the first place? If the book was finally allowed to be published again why is that final chapter still not allowed? I honestly did look on the web and can't seem to find a solid answer. It did mention that the alternate ending was removed by the author herself. Whether that is true or not I have no idea since I can't even find out why the original ending isn't in the book.

So, final wrap up...

Rene and O's relationship is basically non-existent. Rene went and fell in love with some model friend of O. O goes to a woman's house and gets her outer labia pierced and is then branded with Sir Stephen's initials. Sir Stephen and O are now in love and she doesn't even give a fuck that Rene doesn't love her anymore even though a few chapters earlier she was worried to death that he didn't.

Then the 15 year old sister of the model that Rene is now in love with is in love with O and wants to be like her. So they make plans to send the 15 year old off to Roissy with O. They never get to that part because, like I said, they ended the story with O being used by Sir Stephen and a guy named Commander after a party where she is literally just sat down and told to position herself a certain way so people can look at her and sometimes touch her.

The fact that the ending isn't there at all pisses me off. And then realizing that the ending was going to have Sir Stephen leave O anyway makes me look back and go, "Then why the fuck did you bother branding the bitch?"

But then again, that part can be very true. Even now. How many new found relationships with a dynamic in place immediately permanently mark the submissive (whether it be by branding or a tattoo) and then in two months they hate each other? Just from reading FetLife and blogs I stumbled across on the web it seems to be pretty damn frequent.

Granted I have permanent marks from Master that show His ownership of me. One is a scar He gave me and the other two are tattoos. But they weren't put there until after we had a couple of years under our belt. Does that mean we can't leave one another? Of course not. But at least there was a good length of time from the beginning of our relationship to the times where the scar was made and the tattoos were applied.

*sigh* I've gotten a little off point here.

Basically, I just read a book that had no ending and that pisses me off. It feels like I was left hanging. And granted I wasn't really enjoying the book to begin with but I had hung in there only to be presented with a page basically telling me yes, actually, there are two endings but we aren't going to give you either. Tough shit.


  1. I thought the exact same thing. And I also thought it was rather dull, which is strange because of the content...I guess I (like you) would rather have had more descriptions of what was happening instead of...curtains.