May 23, 2014

Quick Coding Rant *Updated*

I was searching for a couple things that I wanted to look a little better on my blog. First it was the RSS and Twitter links. The ones I had worked just fine but I didn't really care for the look of them or the placement. Thankfully I was able to correct that with a different code. Now they are in the upper right hand corner rather in the sidebar. I think it looks a lot better that way. It's not as distracting.

Then I decided that I wanted a better looking search bar. Again, I was able to find a better one. The new one isn't as blocky but still stays with the color theme. (It must match!) Those two were very simple. A couple of tiny tweaks. The search box was just changing a widget. There wasn't any need to go into the HTML/CSS. Rock on.

With the RSS and Twitter links I did have to mess with the HTML/CSS but it was super fucking easy.

After that I noticed something. The numbered page navigation that I have at the bottom of the blog is only going to page 72. Guess what? I have a lot more posts than that. For instance.... if you click on page 72 it only goes so far as August 9th of 2012. The first post in my archive goes to January 1st of 2009. That's a very, very big difference.

So I went back to the page I got the coding from to try and see if I had done something wrong. Nope it all fucking matches. As a result I decided to browse the web and see if I could find one that would actually work properly. Well, I think I found one but I need to remove the old one first. And since that coding is literally all over the place it would be a lot of little code removal and apparently not all of the coding matches anymore. I don't know if it's because the navigation was customized when I saved it somehow... Or if the code on the website I got it from was changed after I had grabbed it from there.

Fuck! Now I don't know which parts I need to remove in order to put the new one in. I read over the comments on the website I got the code from and apparently I'm not the only one having a problem. I tossed a comment on there as well and hopefully the person who created the code will be able to assist me in correcting the problem.

Either that or I'll drive myself absolutely bat shit crazy by trying to correct it myself. I know it's not a huge deal since I still have the archive in the sidebar but at the same time it irks me because I worked hard on this blog and for something to snag that up annoys the hell out of me. I'm not saying it's the code makers fault. For all I know I screwed a piece of it up so that it will only go back so far. Or maybe my template doesn't allow it to go back that far without further tweaking. All I do know is that I want it to be correct.


Ha! I got it fixed! I basically had to completely start from scratch and reenter every single piece of code except for the page navigation one. It was a lot of work but in the long wrong it was easier than trying to find the pieces of code that I didn't want and deleting them while risking deleting other important pieces of code.

Rather than attempting to use the old code again to make sure I didn't screw it up I decided to look for something else. And I found it! What kind of ticks me off is the one that I found doesn't need me to mess with the CSS at all. It just needed me to create a new widget and enter it in there. Yeah, I had to tweak it a little since it was actually hiding the dates for each post but I got it working! And ya know what? There are 255 pages on this blog. I made sure it went all the way back. So 255 pages versus 72.. yeah... huge difference. I'm happy now. I did a little happy dance in my chair. Oh, and it still sticks with my color scheme so there.

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