May 30, 2014

Hands On

Master and I fucked last night and it was amazing. I've always been one of those women that absolutely love the whole hands on approach. Pin me down, toss me like a rag doll, force me not to move... *purrs* I enjoy the mental aspect as well but last night is a good example of what I love about the hands on approach. At one point Master had me get on all fours and once He was inside of me He put one of His hands on my hip and His other hand on my neck. He had grabbed my neck in such a way that He had a grip on the front and back of my neck at the same time, while the palm of His hand cupped the side of my neck. His hands are huge and my neck... well... not so much. That's yet another reason why I absolutely love our size difference. He's 6ft4 and I'm 5ft1. I'm petite and He's a walking brick wall.

Today that moment of Him grabbing my neck continued to play on loop in my head. And one thing that it made me wonder is how long it's been since I've had my collar on. Oh how I miss it. So I just did a search on my blog and holy shit! The last day I had it on was January 3rd, 2012. I honestly didn't think it had been that long. Maybe because I can still remember how it felt on my neck. I still remember hooking my fingers under it when I was upset or just absently touching it for no reason what so ever.

I know I don't need it and that I'll never have another one again. The kind of metal I would need to guarantee that I wouldn't have an allergic reaction would be titanium and that is just too expensive. Especially since who knows if my next job will "allow" me to wear it. And I still have my cuff on. Thankfully I don't think any job will make it so I can't wear it. *shrugs*

Plus, now He has more access to my neck. *grins*

And on a completely unrelated topic...

Have you ever looked at your significant other and thought to yourself how physically attracted you are to them? I mean obviously I'm physically attracted to Him. Very much so. I always have been. But there are these moments that happen when I just look over at Him while we're talking and I think, "Holy hell He's hot."

That may sound odd since we've been together for a little over 11 years now. But the other day we were sitting outside on the patio and He had His feet kicked up on the table out there, leaning back in His chair. He had His shades on and His shoulder length hair was still somewhat wet from His shower. It was all brushed back and He was looking slightly off to the side while we were talking. And I just thought to myself how sexy He is.

Like I said I'm always physically attracted to Him but there are these moments that happen and it just smacks me in the face for a split second. I had another one a while back while we were in the car and He was driving. I looked at Him and He was driving with one arm, moving His head to the music. *sigh*


  1. Hi kitten,

    I love the new site. I just wanted to show you this link. Titanium isn't unreachable in a collar.

    1. Hello. :) I knew that they made the titanium collars but honestly, I'm not going to spend that much on a new collar. And WOW have they gone up in price since we ordered mine through them. Holy crap.