May 14, 2014


I had my job interview yesterday. It went well. Or at least I felt that it did. They were very nice people and seemed pleased with my answers to their questions. I did ask about the pay range but they said that they wouldn't be ready to discuss such until the job is offered, should they offer me the job. I have felt that job interviews have gone well in the past and nothing came of it, so I'm not going to jinx myself there. I hope that I get it and that it pays well. It's not a bad drive at all and it is literally smack dab in between the areas we would be looking to move to. Bonus there! We had arrived damn near a full hour early because we thought traffic would be worse and we didn't know whether or not there was construction. I just sat in the car with Master for a little while and went in about a half hour before my interview was scheduled to start. They had me fill out a physical application. That is one thing I will never, ever understand about applying for jobs.

For instance, with this one I applied online. It wanted me to upload a copy of my resume and then literally fill out all of that same information into a form on their website. After that they called for the phone interview and requested that I e-mail them a copy of my references and that they would review it and call me back if they wanted to proceed. They then called me to bring me in for a face to face interview. Once there I then had to fill in a hard copy version of their application that I already filled in online. That seems rather pointless to me. But hey, if you want the job you're going to jump through all of the little hoops.

After that Master and I went down to my dad's place. My uncle was there as well. We ended up taking a lamp home with us. My dad was looking to get rid of one and I had wanted one in the living room by the couch so it worked out perfectly.

Anyway... As soon as we got there I went into my dad's bathroom and changed. I didn't want to wear my professional clothes any longer than I had to. After a little bit of talking we ended up talking about Grandpa. He's getting more... difficult to deal with. He's yelling at people, cussing them out, calling one of the nurses a racial slur... Yeah. He's also basically refusing to eat. He'll have a little bit of breakfast but that's it. So they are putting vitamins into his drinks and making them thicker to try and get something in him. It's the most they can legally get away with. Grandpa has a DNR in place which states that they can't try to bring him back and they also can't force him onto oxygen, a feeding tube, or anything along those lines. There were other small updates as well, but those are the highlights.

That's really about it. I have basically had nothing on my mind all day. Just kind of spacey. I honestly don't have much else to post about currently. I will say that my sex drive has taken a hit with everything that is going on. It's not anyone's fault. It happens. It makes no sense though since sex is a great stress reliever. *shrugs* Like I said, it happens.


  1. Hi kitten
    Sorry if this comes through twice, please delete if so!
    I just lost my job too. I was fired, but for no real reason. I was never written up or warned and I actually even got a raise once based on performance. I was just "not needed" anymore. When you interview, I'm sure they are asking why you left your last job. How are you answering that question? I'm not sure how to spin it to make it not sound like I'm a bad employee and should not be hired!

    1. Hello. :)

      I deleted your original comment. No worries about it going through twice. It happens. As far as what I tell the people who are interviewing me I tell them that the place I was working at was down sizing and as a result I was let go. Now, while that isn't the exact reason why the place that fired me gave me, I honestly believe that is why they got rid of me since they had been cutting people left and right for a good six months and had let 3 people go within a two week period right before they let me go. Also, I don't use the word "fired". I tell them that I was "let go". It essentially means the same thing but it sounds better. I hope this helps.