May 28, 2014


It seems like I'm doing a post for absolutely no reason at all more and more lately. Hell yesterday I did two, technically.

Anyway, my brother came up to visit today and we did end up going to see Godzilla. It was slow moving honestly. And there was hardly any screen time for the Big G, unfortunately. I mean I didn't hate the movie or anything. But I was disappointed. From all of the hype, it was not what I was expecting at all. I'm not saying I regret going. After all, if nothing else, I got to go out and have some fun with my Husband and my brother. My brother stayed long enough to have dinner afterward, which was cool. He had to go home shortly there after because he has to work in the morning, which I totally understood.

In regards to my mother's husband, he is back at home. They are pretty sure it was a really bad case of heat stroke. They are sure that it wasn't a heart attack or a stroke but they still want him to go to a cardiologist. That is basically because he hasn't been taking his blood pressure medication the way he was supposed to for over a year. He had a stress test and all that and did okay. But they just want to know what's going on so he'll be going to a few doctor appointments in a rather short period of time. He's not too happy about but my mom basically told him tough shit. She called me at 8:30pm and asked me what I thought she should do in regards to him working on Thursday. The doctor told her that he shouldn't be left alone for the next 48 hours and that he should take it as easy as possible. His job isn't really physical at all but I told Mom that if I were her I would make him stay home. After all she has all of the ER and discharge paperwork so if his job really wants to be a dick about it she has something to prove that this happened. He may not like it but sometimes ya just have to put your foot down. And I'm not saying that simply because she is in a "vanilla" relationship. I have pulled shit like that on Master in the past when He's been really ill. The dynamic goes out the window when it comes to His health.

I also discovered that the Contact Kitten page wasn't working. Apparently when I had to redo the code on the blog I forgot to put that particular string of code back in. *sigh*I fixed that and thankfully it was easy to do. I hate it when I miss something like that. So, if anyone has tried sending me a message I'm sorry but I didn't get it. But it's fixed now!

We haven't received those paracord bracelets I had won last week yet. I won them last Tuesday and they said they would be in the mail the next day. So it's officially been one week since they said they would be mailed. I know that there was no mail on Monday due to the holiday so I'm hoping they'll be here tomorrow. I know they were free, but still.. I figure if they aren't here by Thursday I'll message the place to bring it to their attention. I was hoping they would have been here by now, but hey.. shit happens and like I said they were free so I can't really bitch too much. I was flipping through their website and Master found one that He really wants. It wasn't eligible to pick from when I won them so I figure we'll order that one for Him after I get a job. And then I'm going to buy myself a Furrybone figurine. Obviously neither of those things will happen until I have some time under my belt at the new job.

Master had commented on how I've been cranky and somewhat pissy most of the night. He told me that He understands that I'm on the rag but still...

So I thought it would be best to hop online while He's playing His video game and blast some music into my ear buds while I'm typing this out. I'm not sure why I'm pissy. I'm sore but that's pretty much it. There isn't anything going on. I'm not mad at anyone. I'm not pissed off about anything in particular. So I figure it's probably a mix of hormones and being sore. *shrugs* It's no excuse of course, but that's why I'm blasting some music. That normally helps when there is really no rhyme or reason to it. I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that I'm bipolar. It's not one of those "I'm going to rip someone's head off" type pissed off for no reason moments.

I do have to say that the music is helping and I actually feeling a lot calmer right now. I don't know what it is but sometimes that's all I really need.

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