May 21, 2014


This is an absolutely pointless post. Feel free to skip it entirely. In fact there is really no need for me to do this post at all, but I'm going to anyway. Mainly because I'm bored right now and have absolutely nothing better to do.

There was a contest going on that involved simply answering a riddle and you won a prize. I figured hey, why not. The prize was two paracord bracelets. Never mind there is no way in hell I'll ever use them for what they are actually made for. It's technically supposed to be a survival tool. Is that what I would use them for? Nope. I would just be wearing it for the sake of wearing it and because I think they looks cool. Master thinks they are pretty cool too.

Anyway the riddle was:

"What gets longer when pulled, fits between breasts, slides neatly into a hole, has choked people when used improperly, and works best when jerked?"

The answer was: "Seatbelts" 

I just so happened to be the first person to answer it correctly! Yay! 

I was contacted by the person who ran the contest and apparently the bracelets didn't have to be the same size or the same color! Since they didn't have to be the same I wanted one for myself and one for Master too. I asked for a black and gray one for myself and a black and purple one for Master. Purple is Master's favorite color. I picked gray simply because I like how it looked in the picture. I almost requested a black and red one but I decided the gray looked better. I gave them the information they asked for and they told me it would be in the mail by tomorrow morning (meaning today).

I have no idea how long they will take to get here but I'm excited! Yes, I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous. Hell, they aren't expensive at all and they are just plain paracord bracelets. It's not like they come with any kind of charms on them or anything. But I don't care! They look fucking awesome. 

I'm also excited because I never win anything. There have been plenty of contests I've entered before but I never won any of them. (Hence why I do not play the lottery. I also think playing the lottery is rather pointless.) Since I actually won something for a change I was overly excited. *laughs* Master was making fun of me for it all last night. Oh well. I hope they get here soon. I'm also hoping they fit since I just kind of guessed at the sizes. (Small for myself and large for Master.) We shall see.

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