October 17, 2013

Snap, Crackle, Pop

There is just so much going on lately. And most of it is stressful as fuck. And there hasn't been much for stress relief.

First my grandfather's doctor has suggested that he move into an assisted living facility. But of course, my grandpa being stubborn as always, basically told him in a very nice way to go fuck himself. My grandfather literally built the house he lives in. He raised his sons there, he lived many happy years with his now deceased wife and he damn well plans on dying there. None of us are going to change his mind and honestly none of us are trying to. His neighbors check in on him constantly, my dad and even my mother call there daily. My uncle goes out there about three times a week. Basically he's as looked after in different ways. We all do the best we can.

Then my mother is having a hard time finding a new doctor that she trusts since her last one retired and the few that she has gone to immediately wanted to change her prescriptions and take her off other ones all together. She has a new appointment with yet another doctor on Wednesday so we'll see how that goes.

My brother is having a hard time getting a hold of the correct dosage of his seizure medication. He gets a discount through the manufacturer since he is extremely low income and does not have health insurance. But they keep fucking up and sending him the wrong dosage. And of course it's not a fuck up where he can either double up or cut a pill in half. It's right smack dab in the middle. It scares me because I'm afraid of him having another seizure.

Shit at my job is still going on. Big surprise I know. And the search for a new job is frustrating. Either it's too far away, it's only part time, they don't pay enough, or they want a degree that I don't have. The biggest one I'm running into is the pay though honestly. I'm willing to take a small pay cut but I can't afford to go down too much.

Master has of course noticed the stress effecting me. I'm still handling it. I'm not freaking out. I'm not having dark thoughts. I'm just stressed. I look tired all of the time. I'm sore all over because I tense up when I'm stressed and that of course causes a flare up with my fibromyalgia.

To try and help, which it does, He has been giving me a back rub almost every night. And Master recently stumbled onto a way to get my back to crack every time He does it. I actually went to a chiropractor on a bi-weekly basis when I was in my teen years. I sometimes miss it but now that Master has found this little trick I don't really see as much of a need for it.

He will work on my back for a good 30 to 45 minutes which just turns me into jello, which is basically the effect He is going for. It helps a lot and keeps most of the pain away for an extended period of time.

But once that's done He will have me lay as flat as possible on the floor. He'll then straddle my hips and take His thumbs and puts one on each side of my spine. About the half way point He'll suddenly switch to using the flat of His hands to go the rest of the way up to the base of my neck. It's all snap, crackle, pop from there. And it feels so damn good.

It hurts sometimes but the pain is momentary. Immediately after that I'm jello again.

He did all of that for me tonight. When He was done He leaned over me for a little while, making me feel surrounded. I need that sometimes. More likely I need that as aftercare but sometimes I just need it to help me relax. And somehow He knew I needed that tonight. He kissed my shoulder and I smiled. Then I pushed my hips up so my ass rubbed against His crotch through His jeans. He chuckled and nipped my shoulder before moving and slapped my ass.

I feel wonderful right now.

Another thing Master has been doing for me is taking the dog out on the nights where it's my turn. Not every time but quite a few lately. It's not that I don't want to take care of the dog. Master does it more so I don't have to get dressed and go outside. He just wants me to stay inside, in one of His extremely comfortable shirts, and relax.

He takes such good care of me. I'm spoiled.

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