October 8, 2013

For Real?

Last summer Master and I had spent a lot of time outside and as a result we hung out with a group of neighbors. I know I had mentioned that one of them had moved up north for a job towards the end of last summer. So it's been a little over a year.

Since then I have sent her texts several times and sent her e-mails since then. I never heard anything back. Never. Also, she never told us when she was in town. The only times we knew is because she still talks to other people in this apartment complex and we would see her walking to or from one and say hi. She would act startled and seem to be nervous about the fact that we even saw here which is really fucked up. So a few months ago I removed her from a social network site that we are on because I figured that since she wasn't responding to me that there was really no need to have her on there anymore. I was a little ticked but didn't let it bother me too badly. After all I'm not that social and when I am nine times out of then I'm not friends with a female. I just get along a hell of a lot better with guys. But this one woman I had befriended for an entire summer only to be completely ignored after she moved.

Well, this past Sunday we were walking up to our apartment with my dad while we were coming back from the Halloween store. And there she was, walking up to a different person's apartment. Again we had no idea she was coming to town. She again seemed nervous about running into us and said, "Hi guys how are you?"

I ignored her and just walked past. I'm not dealing with that shit.

The only thing I can think about in regards to seeming nervous is completely due to the fact that she never got back to me or tells us she is in town. Maybe she thinks we'll make a scene or something. You're not worth the effort bitch.

So why is this coming up now? Well, today Master got an e-mail from her. Seriously? It took me ignoring you for a change to get a reaction? And even when you do react you contact my Husband? For real?

Her e-mail went somewhere along the lines of her saying she didn't know what she had done to me for me to ignore her like that and brought up the fact that we had promised to stay in touch after she moved. She also brought up the fact that she just now noticed that I was no longer friends with her on the social network website. She ended it with saying that she wished we could have all stayed friends and that she wishes us the best. *beats head into keyboard*

Before He could reply to it he went to her He realized that she had removed Him from her friends list. So He couldn't have replied had He wanted to. That is some high school bullshit right there. As a result He decided to just block her completely.

He told me about all of this when I got home from work. I just couldn't believe it. This only feeds my natural anti-social behavior even more. Not that it really needed the help honestly.


  1. Oh my gods. I feel ya. I've had a couple "friends" like that, as well as a cousin. Innocent as a nun doing pushups in a cucumber field, but oh don't they play it so well? On a completely unrelated note.. I try not to carry sharp objects around with me. (Or big rocks, sticks, bags filled with random things. There is very little that can't be weaponized really)

  2. Apparently the same chick was at the apartment complex today while I was at work. Master was home today and according to Him she was making a big show of her being outside with the other neighbors. So Master went outside to sit on our patio and all of sudden things got really, really quiet. *laughs*