November 13, 2013

Mother of Hell

The past two days it seems that absolutely nothing can go right. Not one damn thing.

Yesterday my supervisor called me into his office. That's not good. And once I walked in he told me to close the door. That's not good either. So I did and then sat down. He looked at me and asked me why I am behind on my work. Um. I'm not really all that behind. I'm behind by one week and that's only on certain files and it's only because I'm not getting the information I need from our client. So... yeah. I of course wasn't snarky about it but I informed him of all that on top of the fact that I keep getting rush files. As a result, that would push other things on the back burner and sometimes those rush files take me all fucking day. Oh, did I mention that we aren't allowed to do overtime? Yeah. That one I didn't bring up. He knows we're not allowed to do overtime.

It wasn't so much the why he did it, it was the way he did it. He was condescending as hell. Ya know, I don't have a problem working under someone who is younger than me. I really don't. I'm 30 and this guy is 26. There really isn't a large age gap. But he was talking to me like I was a fucking child. Never mind when he first started at the company I helped him learn the fucking ropes. And then he brings up the fact that he spoke with my old supervisor about me. What the fuck? And I guess my old supervisor told him that I have been behind before shortly after my work anniversary. So dude asked me why.

Well, lets see here. I took a couple of days off to celebrate my wedding anniversary. My car broke down twice and each time she did I was out of work for three days. I had to take time off for health reasons. But the key thing to all of this is my old supervisor knew all of this because I made sure to explain it to him. And he just happens to forget to tell him that part? I also brought up the fact that no one was able to assist me on my case load because everyone else was just as swamped since two people were "let go" on the same day so we were all picking up that slack as well.

When this whole bullshit conversation was done he ends it with, "Well, I just wanted to hear what you had to say about it." He then motioned to the door, silently telling me I can leave his office.

His little fucking attitude continued today. I do my damn job and I do it well. Yes, I get behind sometimes but maybe if I didn't have a shit ton on my desk every single day and was allowed to do overtime this wouldn't happen.


Then today I get a phone call about a job application I filled out yesterday. Of course they called while I was clocked in, literally right after my lunch break. I figured that if I waited to call back when I got home their office would be closed. Instead I clocked out at the end of the day 10 minutes early so I could return the call. I got a hold of her.

I had applied to an office assistant posting. I asked what the pay rate was. She told me it was base plus commission. Um. Wait. Commission for an office assistant? I asked if it was a sales job. She said no, that it's a marketing job. I was confused and told her that I had applied for an office assistant job and it had said nothing about commission. She then explained how marketing and commission is somehow connected to their office assistant position. It sounded kind of shady and I was irritated. I don't do commission jobs. Ever. I can't sell worth a damn and all of my experience is office work, call center, and customer service.

I made the appointment for the interview though so I could give myself a little time to think on it without possibly missing the opportunity. But the more I think about it the more it sounds like a bad idea. All these little warning lights keep popping up in my head. I told Master about it when I got home and He also had little warning lights going off in His head. I'll be cancelling the interview. It's a long drive just to maybe feel okay with the possibility of getting the job. It sounds like to much of a risk. The minute commission comes up I immediately want to back away from it because I know sales/marketing is not my strong point. And that's not what I applied for.

During that little talk Master was washing the dishes and I was drying them. All of a sudden He stopped and looked down. Some how His feet were getting wet. Fuck me running. One of the pipes had leaked the entire time and it finally started to slip through the bottom of the cabinet below the sink.

We pulled everything out from under there, Master cleaned up the water, and now we have a bucket under it. It's only one side of the sink. The other side doesn't leak at all. So we'll be using that side only until it gets fixed.

*sigh* This week sucks ass.

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