November 29, 2013

Being Creative

Last night I ended up taking a short nap on the couch to attempt to get rid of a headache. I had been dealing with it on and off all day and the advil wasn't really working. Sometimes a nap is all I need to finally get rid of it. It worked.

When I woke up I did my blog post and then took my shower. It had been a while since I had dressed up for Master and before my nap He had told me He wanted me to put on something "nice" for Him after my shower. So I did. It took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to wear. I didn't want to just toss on a simple outfit ya know? I wanted to be a little creative with it. It took me a while to dig through everything and try to figure it out. It was taking me so long that Master actually came back to the bedroom to see what the hell I was doing. Thankfully I hadn't put anything on yet because I wanted it to be a surprise. He startled me because the fan was on and I was so focused on finding something to wear. Once He saw that I was digging through my lingerie He went back to the living room.

I ended up putting on some knee highs that are pure black except on the back of them they have rips through them. The rips are supposed to be there though. It's not like I just found an old pair of ripped up knee highs. I don't normally wear knee highs. Master prefers thigh highs normally and honestly when I bought these I thought they were thigh highs. But they are still sexy.

Then I found what I can really only describe as a tube top. But it only, barely, covers my tits and they have a section in the front that has slits in it. I also found some of my sexy fingerless gloves. Once I had all that it seemed like something was missing. I found a mini skirt. It's just a normal black mini skirt with a zipper that goes diagonally down the front. So I put that on too. And of course, to top it all off, I put on my heels.

Master seemed extremely pleased by what I had done. He always loves it when I get creative. It may seem weird that I would choose a regular mini skirt as part of my lingerie outfit but it looked really good. I was laying on the couch and Master was on the computer chair for a while. When He has me dress up nine times out of ten we do not immediately go to the bedroom. Master likes to enjoy it for a while before fucking me.

I had my legs bent and crossed. As a result all Master had to do was barely move His head and He could see right up the skirt. He commented on how He always sees me walking around the apartment naked and it turns Him on but there was something about being able to look up my skirt that added something to it. I just smiled.

A hour probably went by before He ordered me to the bedroom. He got there first and was already naked and in bed. I walked in and asked if He wanted my heels on or off. Sometimes He wants me to keep them on. But this time He told me to take them off.

After I did I crawled into bed next to Him. As soon as I did He crushed me to Him and started to really bite down on my neck and slid His hand down to pull my skirt up a little bit so He could rub His hand on my ass and sometimes dip His fingers down. He then asked me if the tube top was velcro or hooks. It was hooks. He undid the hooks and yanked it off of me before forcing me onto my back so He could molest my tits with His mouth. As soon as I could dip my arm down I started playing with His already erect cock. There was already pre-cum slowly dripping out of the head of His dick. I used that to massage the head of His cock and just behind it. He growled and became more aggressive with His teeth.

Once He was done He knelt up and I continued to run my hand, playfully, along His shaft. He fingered me for a little while and asked me if I wanted to slide up. I said no. He chuckled and said, "So you just want to be fucked?"

"Yes please Master."

"I think that can be arranged."

As soon as those words passed His lips He grabbed my waist, flipped me over and then forced me to get on all fours. He hiked up my skirt so it was just around my hips before forcefully ramming His cock into me. I propped my upper body up with my hands and arched my back the best I could.

He grabbed my hips and hooked His fingers under the top of my skirt, using that to bounce me off His dick. I don't know why but it is a huge turn on to have a hiked up skirt while He is fucking me. I guess it just makes it seem more spontaneous and forceful. As if I had just been walking around in a skirt and He decided to flip it up and fuck me out of no where.

He then leaned over me more, propping Himself up on His fists, pounding me hard and fast. I arched my feet up a little bit so that each time He moved His balls would rub up against my knee highs, just to add a little more sensation for His pleasure.

He backed off a bit, as in He stopped leaning over me and went back to kneeling and holding my hips. He bounced me off of His cock and I started to buck back a little more each time. As I started to buck my hips more and more He stopped moving and just allowed me to do all of the work.

I felt His orgasm basically sneak up on Him and He grabbed my hips, leaned back further so that He was deeper inside me and I felt His cum shooting into me with each pulse of His cock. Once it was over He slapped my ass which was His way of telling me to move. I did. I moved forward just a tiny bit before bucking back again. He growled and smacked my ass again. I giggled and finally moved so He could get comfortable and lay down. I laid down next to Him with a hug smile on my face.

He commented on how quickies aren't always a bad thing. I said that they are never a bad thing. A quickie can sometimes be more intense actually. It all depends on mood I guess. I asked, "So Your orgasm kind of sneaked up on you didn't it?"

He laughed, "You were bucking back. I blame You." He heard me giggle and said, "You're proud of yourself aren't you?"

"Yes Master I am."

My Master has a lot of self control. He prides Himself on it actually. So, when I can move in such a way that His orgasm creeps up on Him I'm very happy with myself. Especially since it is very, very rare. And He knows that I'm proud of myself when that happens.

He had me clean Him off and then told me I could get undressed. We went back into the living room, thinking we would stay up longer. But as soon as we sat down and got comfortable in the living room we both realized, at the same time, how tired we were. So we just turned everything off and went to bed.

I love falling asleep next to Him. Because our sleep schedules during the work week I never get to fall asleep next to Him. He cuddles up to me when He comes to bed but I never get to just fall asleep in His arms except on Friday and Saturday. I treasure those nights.


  1. might we be lucky enough to see a photo of this sexy outfit?

  2. I'm sorry but no. Master does not allow pictures, except for the ones already posted.