November 7, 2013

Disappearing Act

The thought popped into my head while I was trying to find a new background image for my e-mail. I was specifically looking for something to do with skulls. Yes, I know. I'm odd. Whatever.

I honestly do have a hard time letting go of Halloween. And I don't even get presents! I just love that holiday and we had a really good time at my dad's haunted house as we do every year. But it almost seemed to have something extra this year. Maybe because Master didn't dress up last year and He did this year, with a brand new mask at that!

I love the build up. Browsing for Halloween stuff. Honestly some of the stuff I find during that time of the year are things I would leave up all year round. Yes Master, I know. I am my father's daughter. *giggles* Every day is Halloween at my dad's house and I love it.

We don't decorate for anything here. We have very, very few things on the wall. It's mainly just us here. Sometimes my dad will come up or my brother. But it's sporadic and short. Plus I've always looked at this place as temporary. So I don't see the need to decorate the place with all sorts of things on the wall. Temporary has turned into 8 years years of my living here. But we figure we might as well stay put until we make the final decision as to where we want to actually put roots down. That doesn't mean we'll be buying a place. It just means that we want to find an area we want to stay in and put roots down permanently.

We have been taking our sweet time at it because whatever jobs were closer to where we live now than any place we actually want to settle down in. But that has to change. We have to look towards the future rather than just treading water. Certain things are forcing our hands as far as making us want to move even more than we did before.

If I found something tomorrow that was too good to pass up I wouldn't give a damn how far the drive to work would be. I know that's not a great way to think but oh fucking well.

When we do finally settle down I do plan on putting more stuff up. What I don't know because we don't have a lot in the way of putting things on the wall since we don't do it here. But I could buy a new piece here and there. I hope that when we do move I'll be allowed to paint the walls. If not, that's cool. But I'm totally going to look into other stuff to make the place our own and make it so it doesn't look temporary like it does here.

It looks temporary in so far as it looks like we could literally pack everything in a day. And we could. Stuff things in boxes, take a few things down, shove some furniture into the back of a u-haul and very carefully transport some important things and we'd be gone. Like we were never here.

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