March 31, 2014


I didn't really speak to Master last night like I said I would in my last post. I mean.. I did ask. It just didn't turn into a full conversation. We had a good day. We didn't go to bed until almost 4am. We didn't fuck, even though we both wanted to, because Master's back was really bothering Him and my period had literally just started so I was cramping pretty bad. I always do the first two fucking days. It's not like we don't fuck when I'm on the rag. We do. In fact we both enjoy it a lot. It's just the first day or two that suck.

Anyway, when we were climbing into bed to go to sleep I simply asked Him, "Was last night better Master?" I couldn't see His face as my eyes hadn't adjusted to the dark yet but it seemed like there was a smile in His voice. "Yes babe. A lot better."

See? No conversation needed. A simple question and a simple answer. He then pulled me close and put His arm around me. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

I found a meme online today that made me laugh. Here it is:

Obviously the picture is wrong.. I would not and I repeat not be the one holding the cane or whip or whatever the hell that's supposed to be. However, I can get loud in bed. There have been plenty of times where Master will just put His hand over my mouth or tell me "Sshh.. babe." It's not like He gets mad about it. He enjoys it. But the walls in our apartment are thin as hell. As a result we have to keep certain things in mind. Nothing that makes a lot of noise, such as Him using His belt like He use to. Another good example is me getting too loud while we're fucking.

When I first moved in with Him He would use the belt on me when He thought it was necessary or just because He wanted to. But we had different neighbors back then and at least one of the apartments that shared a wall with us was empty. But that was oh hell... nine years ago? Yeah. That sounds about right. Since then we have had very, very nosy neighbors come and go. It got to the point where we are actually afraid of someone calling the cops if we get too loud with such things.

Why? Well, one time we had fucked rather rough and we had both gotten somewhat loud. There was some spanking going on and all that. Nothing too rough. A little while later there was a loud knock on our door. What the hell? So I tossed on a robe, as we were both still naked, and Master went and sat in the bedroom. No reason for Him to get dressed. We weren't expecting anyone. So I open the door and I had a smile on my face because Master and I had been joking around as I walked down the hallway. Anyway, I open the door and there is a damn cop standing there. I look at him kind of puzzled. I was still at least half smiling. He looked at me and said, "I guess there isn't a domestic disturbance going on here is there?"

"No officer there isn't."

"Sorry to bother you ma'am. We had received a call from someone saying there was."

Honestly, we weren't making a ton of noise and the spanking wasn't all that loud either. Definitely not as loud as we could have been. So yeah.. It sucks. One day we'll live somewhere that either has thicker walls or we live in a house.

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