September 16, 2013

Crunching Leaves

It is starting to feel like Fall outside. I know that Fall doesn't technically start for a little while yet, but the changes are starting.

It's cooler in the mornings on my way to work. There are more turning leaves, some of which are starting to fall from the trees. The day's heat isn't going past 65°. I absolutely love it. It's my favorite time of year. It's not too hot out and there isn't snow on the ground. It's that perfect time of year. I hope it lasts longer than usual. I hope we actually get to fully experience Fall this year rather than just a month of it before the snow starts.

When this time of year hits I think of Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. My dad wants us to come down to help him with his haunted house again. I have a costume already. But Master's old one finally wore out. As a result, He didn't have a costume last year. So He was all background. But both my dad and I prefer Him to be in costume and part of the fun rather than Him help set things up and then stand off to the side until it's all over.

My dad had mentioned that Master would be awesome as Michael Myers. Mainly because of His height and His has this odd talent of being able to stand stock still to the point that people think He is a mannequin.. that is until He moves and scares the hell out of everyone. *laughs*

I don't think would be too hard to put together. Master already has steel toe boots, so that's taken care of. He would just need the mask and the coveralls. The mask should be really easy to get a hold of but I'm not so sure how the hell to get a hold of the coveralls. At least not in a size that would fit Him properly and doesn't cost a fortune. After all we'd dirty it up, so I don't want to spend a lot of money on it.

I'm also trying to think of how I want my make-up done this year. Last year was very simplistic and while I really liked it, I want something that isn't thrown together at the last possible second.

So aside from the Halloween fun I also feel the need to watch more horror movies. The problem with that is we have seen so many and the ones we love we have seen so many times that it's almost pointless to watch them again. Especially when we could both be quoting each line word for word. I'm sure we'll figure something out as it gets closer to Halloween. Halloween just doesn't feel the same without watching a horror movie marathon of some kind.

Aside from the whole Halloween thing this time of year makes me think of pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, gourds, fresh fat apples, taking walks in falling leaves.. *sigh*

It also makes me want to go out and buy a pumpkin spice candle. And an apple cinnamon candle. We don't normally have candles burning. But I love both of those scents because they do make me think of Fall. I may buy at least one and light it every now and then.

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