September 5, 2014

Good News & Bad News

Well, today was our dog's follow-up visit. They stained his eye again and said that it looked better than it was when we first brought him in, which is a good thing. He gets to keep his eye, which was basically my biggest fear. He still has vision in that eye in so far as he sees movement and shadows. His pupil is responding to movement and light which is also good. The vet said that this may get better once the cloudiness is gone and even some of that has improved since the original visit which is another good thing. However, the cat scratch has basically cause a cataract in his eye. As a result his vision will never be 100% again. The vet assured me that the cloudiness will go away except for where the cataract is. He no longer needs his anti-inflammatory medication but has to continue with the antibiotic cream for another 10 days. In 10 days we have to bring him in again for another follow-up. The vet did say that the cataract will bother us more, cosmetically, than it will our dog. So where as this is a good news/bad news type situation we are still both highly upset as none of this would have been a factor if the damn cat hadn't done this to begin with. They also said that he no longer needs to wear the cone of shame if he isn't trying to scratch or paw at it anymore, but I am more comfortable with him still wearing it at night as he did try a couple of days ago to scratch at it. So... in 10 days we'll have another update. I made the appointment before we left.

This is our second to last night in this place. Then we will be moving. Sunday is going to be a very long day. We have to get the u-haul, drive that here with our car and my mother's car in tow to transport the more sensitive/fragile things that we don't want in the u-haul. Then we'll all go back to where we are moving in, dropping off everything, and then dropping off the u-haul again. Once that is done we'll have to figure out how to position things and hook everything up which will obviously not all be done in a day.

This has just a shitty situation all the way around. However, due to the move and having to set up everything I don't know when I'll be able to do my next post. I'm not closing the blog or anything. It may just be a while before I can post again due to the move.

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