September 6, 2014

Step By Step

Okay, so I lied about yesterday being my last post prior to our move. I had to get up early to take care of the mutt's ointment and Master is currently still sleeping. I don't want to wake Him up as tomorrow is going to be an early and long day. Today is also going to be a somewhat busy day. We haven't done absolutely everything that we need to do for the move. All the main stuff is packed such as clothing, breakables, and things along those lines. But there are still key things that we have to get packed today. And late tonight we have to disconnect all of the electronics. We then have to put the Xbox 360, the DVD player and Master's camera back in their original boxes. We don't have the boxes for the computer or TV so those are going to have to be wrapped in blankets and/or towels for safe transport. We also have to pack away the coffee pot and microwave. The microwave will most likely just be wrapped in a blanket. The coffee pot we will have to wrap the pot itself in newspaper and then transport it that way. There are also a few breakable items on the walls still that we will have to carefully pack. The only reason we haven't done those particular things, minus the items on the wall, is because we are using all of it up to the move itself. You can't exactly pack something you are going to use the day before the move.

Tomorrow the plan is this:
  1. Put the dog and two rabbits in our car. The dog will sit in the front seat and the rabbits will be in the back seat. I will be in the backseat with them. 
  2. Drive down there and drop off the dog and rabbits where we are moving to. A family member will be keeping an eye on them while we are doing everything else. 
  3. Do a conga line of cars to the u-haul place. Master will drive the u-haul, I will follow in our car, and my mother will follow in her car. My brother will be in the car with my mom. 
  4. Come back up here and start loading the u-haul. All of the electronics will be safely put in my mother's car with my brother sitting in the back seat to make sure the TV doesn't bounce around as it will be on the backseat wrapped in a blanket. Our car will have the breakable items in it. And of course the u-haul will have everything else.
  5. Once we are 100% absolutely sure that we have everything out of the apartment we will lock up the apartment and drop off the keys.
  6. We will repeat the conga line down to where we are moving. Once everything is unpacked I will follow Master in our car to the u-haul place so He can drop off the u-haul itself.
  7. He will then hop in our car and we will drive back to where we are moving to. 
  8. After all of that we will start setting things up. 
It doesn't sound all that bad but it's going to be a pain in the ass. I don't think it will take long to get it all in the u-haul and cars. My mother and I can handle all of the small stuff. Master and my brother will handle the big shit. Thankfully we have a sliding glass door that we can take everything out of. That will be a lot easier than having to open the security door and hold it open every single time we take stuff out. 

I'm not looking forward to any of this. I hate moving. To me the worst part is loading and unloading the u-haul. Tearing everything down and packing it and unpacking it also sucks but it isn't on such a strict time limit since we have an appointment time to pick-up the u-haul and have to have it dropped off by a certain time.  I hope I'm right in the fact that it won't take very long. I think as long as we power through it and don't take any long breaks we'll be okay.


  1. Hi Kitten,

    I'm sorry this is late. I am happy to hear your pup is improving. I will still keep him in my thoughts as he continues to heal. Good luck with your move!