September 12, 2014

Step By Step

There is a lot going on right now. We are pretty much settled in where we are at. It's actually more cozy than we thought it would be. A bit cramped but nothing that is too unpleasant or annoying. We can work around it.

I went to an oral surgeon today. I need some front teeth pulled. This was my consolation. My mother had referred me to this guy because his "beside manner" is incredible and he is amazing at what he does. I trust my mother, so I of course went. He said that getting those teeth pulled will require cutting into my gums just because of how they are. I pretty much knew that already. But I was also planning on being knocked the hell out. I have had very bad experiences with dentists before that have basically made me terrified of them. That is another reason why I went to this guy. If I hadn't been referred there I would have never gone because I would have known nothing about him.

I can't be knocked out. I was pretty upset when I found that out. Apparently because of my bipolar medication the anesthesia would be highly unpredictable. He did not feel comfortable in putting me under due to the fact that a lot could go wrong. This includes my throat decided to close and completely shut off my air way. I understand that but I was still upset since they are front teeth and I already have that anxiety about dentists.

He advised me to contact my shrink and explain the situation to see if he could recommend something for me to take right before the appointment to basically make it so I won't care what is going on because I'm just that out of it. They will of course still be giving me Novocain locals.

I called my shrink as soon as I got home. After I explained the situation he told me that he will phone in a prescription to a local pharmacist. He told me that I could call his receptionist on Monday and leave the phone number/address with her of the pharmacy I would like it sent to. At least I know that he is willing to do it. I was worried he wouldn't because I haven't seen him in about six months. But he understood the bind we are in and told me that he would like to see me in two months.

Once I have said prescription in hand I can go ahead and make the oral surgery appointment. The dental office said that it wouldn't take long to get me in once I call to set it up. It's normally within a week of the phone call.

The only other thing going on is that on Monday our dog has his follow-up with the vet regarding his eye. We are hoping that this is his last appointment and that he no longer needs to eye ointment. Not only because it's a pain in the ass to give him but because we want to know that he is no longer at risk for infection.

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