September 8, 2014

Settling In

Well, yesterday was the move and holy hell... It didn't take as long as it could have but everyone was extremely tired and sore afterward. We had to come down to the town we were moving to in order to pick up the u-haul as none of the places up by our old apartment had the 14ft truck we wanted. We made use of the trip though by bringing down the dog and the rabbits in the car and dropping them off with a family member while we did the rest of it all.

We picked up the u-haul and then my mother and my brother followed us in my mom's car. Once we got up to where we were moving out from we got the cars parked and the u-haul open. Master and my brother took all of the heavy shit out first so it could all sit at the back of the u-haul. The shitty thing was that two things broke as they were moving them. One was the box spring to our bed. I'm not even close to kidding when I say that as soon as they lifted it two pieces of wood of the outside part of the frame snapped in half. Fuck. The other thing that broke was our computer desk. The top part broke from the bottom of the desk and the wheels broke off of the bottom. That thing was apparently protesting our move. Damn desk. We put it all in the moving truck anyway because well, we would have to figure something out.

After that was all settled we took a short lunch break as it was getting to be about that time. Once we were done eating we started to take all of the rest of it out. All of the electronics went into my mom's car and some more breakable items went in our car.

There was a... commotion... shortly after we were done loading everything and were just about to hop into the separate vehicles when all of a sudden this woman starts storming towards us. What the hell? Apparently she is the mom of one of the kids we had to yell at earlier in the moving process. What happened with her kid was that he was throwing a basketball all around the u-haul and my mom's car. He got the basketball stuck under the u-haul twice. We helped him get it out from under there both times but on the second time, because we had been politely asking him to stop at least five or six times prior to this, my brother told him that if he sees that basketball under the u-haul again the ball will be his. Logical yes? Well this bitch comes out like she's queen shit screaming at us because we made her son cry. So, Master got into a yelling match with her and finally after that was done she walked away and we all got into our cars/u-haul and left.

When we got to our new place we got everything out of both cars and the u-haul. We just kind of put things where they landed for right then because now we were going to use the u-haul to buy a new box spring and frame for our bed. Hey, we paid for the u-haul, we might as well use it as much as we can while we had it.

After that was done we got the bed set up and then Master and my brother took the u-haul back. Since the computer desk had busted and our room has a bar type shelf along the wall we put the computer on that and used the top of the old desk as a book shelf. Yay for re-purposing!

Of course once we had some things figured out in regards to where we wanted them and where the outlets were. We then got all of the electronics set-up and hooked up to the internet.

We were all very tired and very sore afterward. We still are today. Regardless of that fact errands needed to be done. I think I hit about five places today. Once I got back we got some more things settled as far as where we wanted them. There are still bags of clothes and boxes of other stuff that are closed and haven't been opened. However I feel good about how much progress we've made since we are just now hitting the mark of being here for 24 hours.

There isn't really a rush to get everything done right now but I still want to do bit by bit each day so we can relax.

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