April 15, 2014

Scatter Brained

My mind feels like mush. It has been for the past few days. We had a 75° day not too long ago and then it was rain, then it was rain and rail, then it was snow. Now? Now it's just chilly and gray out. As a result my body aches and pains have been all over the place. My brain can't seem to get jump started and just... blah.

Some stresses have been relieved. We were waiting on a few things to be resolved and they finally have been. Unfortunately I am still doing job hunts. I haven't had a job offer yet although I have had a few interviews. And I have a data entry test on the 29th for a job that would be really hard but really rewarding and pay more than I was making before. I'm hoping that goes well.

Master is still waiting on an answer regarding that pet project of His. He is getting more and more anxious. I understand why. I know He wants to move forward with it ASAP but I also know that the response He is waiting on is from someone who has a lot on their plate and had said that he would look at it at some point this week. It's only Tuesday. Don't get me wrong I want to know too since we have both put a lot of effort into it. It's just not something we can push overly much because I don't want Him to be shot down simply by said person being annoyed by the "hounding" as it were. Master has only sent one "reminder" message and is now sitting on His fingers. Hopefully He'll hear something soon.

Today was stressful as fuck thanks to our bank not informing us of something that they damn well should have. I have it sorted out, mostly, but now I'm waited for them to resolve it on their end which can take 2 to 5 business days. *sigh*

No real updates on Grandpa. It's basically more of the same. I'm pretty much going on a "No news is good news" mindset right now. That doesn't stop me from jumping a little bit every time the phone rings. I don't immediately panic but I do jump a bit and wait to see what pops up on the Caller ID.

Ugh... even typing this short post is dragging for me. My brain is scattered as hell. The weather by Sybil shit is not helping at all. Just.. blah.


  1. how did you meet again?

  2. I'm sorry, do you mean how did Master and I meet?

  3. We actually met in a general chat room and a group of people from that chat room that lived in the general area decided to meet up in person. The rest is history. :)