June 30, 2014

A Tad Bit Annoyed

Ugh... There is just too much going on. Yesterday Master said I could skip my post because I felt just wiped out. And currently I am waiting on a phone call for a phone interview for a job, so I figured I would start my post since I'm anxious about it and this gives me something to do. They can call anywhere from 10 minutes from now to an hour from now. It feels like waiting for the cable guy to show up since they want you to set aside an "x" amount of time aside for whenever the hell they show up. So I'll be sitting on pins and needles until the phone rings. I'm really hoping they call sooner rather than later. I'm probably not going to be able to finish this post right now, which is fine. I would want to say how the phone interview went anyway rather than posting it and adding an update later.

Anyway, yesterday we went out to Grandpa's house. My dad said he could use some help and we were bored so sure why not. The odd thing is that we showed up first, so we hung out with my uncle for a while before my dad showed up.

My uncle told me about his visit with Grandpa that day and apparently it did not go well at all. Apparently the night before they had to take Grandpa to the hospital because his blood pressure dropped suddenly and the nursing home couldn't get it back up. The hospital stabilized him as best they could and then sent him back to the nursing home. Later that day my uncle went back and Grandpa had fallen two more times. Not due to blood pressure but because he keeps trying to walk around by himself. He was also hallucinating and went into the bathroom saying that he had to start the grill because he was having a family reunion. He went over to the sink and acted as if he was turning on the grill. Then he sat down on the toilet thinking it was a lawn chair. There were some other things too but I don't really want to go into them. He is down to 141lbs. Basically he is a skeleton with skin on him. My uncle also said that when Grandpa has his shirt off you can literally see the outline of the pacemaker/auto-defibrillator. That's horrible.

I was a tad bit annoyed only because my dad said he had needed our help but all we did was visit and my dad looked through some paperwork. That was it. I mean I enjoyed the visit but still... I also got a little annoyed because my dad had said he needed our help with the dining room table and a couple of other things but when we got there we noticed that they were already gone.

If you say you're going to need our help and you keep pushing it off but rather than telling us you need it done you just do it without us, that seems rude to me. It's not like we can afford all this gas money when I think I'm actually going to be helping you and nothing ends up happening. So next time I'm just going to tell my dad that I need some gas money to come down. Simple as that. It sucks but I have to do the same thing when I go down to help my mother. It's not exactly fair for me to ask her and not him. Not to mention that I have to try to keep gas in the car in case I get a last minute interview scheduled.

I was also a little annoyed that in regards to my grandfather going to the hospital my mom called to tell me about it after hearing it from my uncle rather than my dad doing so. When I got there to visit, my uncle told me about it but still... The visit was a last minute thing so it's not really like they knew I was definitely coming down and that they would just tell me when I got there. I think my dad has pretty much given up and is just basically not thinking it's important to update anyone unless Grandpa dies.

I'm doing my best to not cause waves. Everyone is upset enough and I don't want to add to it but at the same time I am annoyed about it. I didn't feel annoyed last night but this morning while I'm sitting here waiting for the phone to ring for the phone interview I did become annoyed. After all, I have nothing to do at this exact moment but to think.

And now I'm sitting here staring at the clock, willing my cell phone to ring. So I will continue this post at some point this afternoon/evening.

Well... it's later in the evening now so I might as well finish up the post.

The call finally came through literally five minutes before the "time slot" they had set aside was up. And it was rather anti-climatic. I've had phone interviews before and normally they are more in depth. This felt like the woman was reading off of a survey card. Very brief yes or no questions. When I attempted to explain a couple of things she seemed annoyed. At the end of the five minutes I was actually on the phone with her she told me that she would send the information along to the recruiter and I would hear from them either by phone or e-mail within the next two days. The way she worded it it sounded like it would be regardless of whether or not they wanted me to continue in their interview process. However, if my Thursday morning I haven't heard anything I'll assume it's not going to go anywhere. 

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